How To Make Up Your Own Soothing Healing Mantra

My second book, published in the 1980’s by Benton-Guy Publishing, Auckland, New Zealand, included a section on mantras, and Rudolph Steiner’s method for using consonants in a special order for a specific effect.  This is a precis of the information from that book.

The Power Of Words can be used to heal the body and to soothe the mind.  There are endless  combinations of words to choose from.  Each combination has a specific vibration and a specific energy force, which means that words, carefully chosen, can be used to help specific needs.

“In the beginning was the word, and the word was God” – or Good. So the Bible emphasizes the power of the word.  Sound Healing using chants is one effective way to draw the life force into the body, thus strengthening all body organs, the emotions, and the mind.

Mantras for the purpose of  soothing and quietening the mental and physical impulses can be made more potent by  using a special  selection of letters which have been shown by Rudolph Steiner to  impart a healing and quietening vibration to the participant.

Here is an order of lettering which Rudolph Steiner used to obtain a soothing effect in a mantra.  Of course, there will be many other options, but this is one of  the orders which Rudolph Steiner, the famous German Christian mystic and intellectual, found to be most effective.

The order of lettering  which Rudolph Steiner suggests for quietening the mind is:  D, F, G (as in Go), K (as in Can), H.

You can make up a mantra using these letters, and here is how you do it:  You simply take the ‘D’ and use this to begin a word.  Then, the second word of your mantra will start with “F’;  The third word will start with ‘G’, and so on.

You can use some of the letters more than once in a row if you so wish:  This will change the vibration to some extent, but I find that this can intensify the soothing effect, as in some of the examples shown below.  Try to invent a phrase which has a positive and happy meaning, such as the following phrases, which are  mostly my own inventions, by the way, and not those of the great mystic Rudolph Steiner.

Daffodils Foxgloves Gardenias Chamomile  Heavenly Hollyhocks

Delight Forever in Giving Kindly and Happily

Delight Forever in Giving Kindly Kings Honeysuckle

Dreams of Flowers and Golden Gardens and Kind Hearts and Hollyhocks

Delight in the Fruits of Giving with Kindness and Happiness

Dreamily Fairies Fly Golden and Crimson-winged around the Holly

Dispel Fear because God Gives Courage which Heals

Dancing Fearlessly Grecian Godesses Cavort with Hilarity with Hugo  (don’t know about this one having such a soothing effect – It might cause you to laugh.  As you can see, it can be a lot of fun making up these mantras)

Drifting Flying Graciously Grimelda’s Kite Hurries Homeward

Dandelions, Forget-me-nots, Gentian Violet, Comfrey and Hellibore

The idea is to take your chosen mantra, or the one you have invented, and say it repeatedly for several minutes.  Emphasize the beginning of the words which have the specially selected letters. You can repeat your mantra before bed, to help you get a good night’s sleep at night.  You can practice the reciting of your chosen mantra just prior to doing a meditation if you wish.

Experiment with these mantras – You will see, if you try them out, that this Rudolph Steiner  system of lettering really does have a soothing effect on the mind and the nervous system.

Bernhard Peterson: Psychic Healer

Spiritual Healer Bernhard Peterson
Tribute To Our Friend
Bernhard Peterson, psychic healer, artist, musician and entertainer, gypsy lover, grandfather and friend to many, has just passed away, on the 30 December, 2010.
Everyone who knew him on Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand,  will remember Bernhard, his great sense of humour  his huge warm personality,  and that enormous, wonderful, life giving grape vine which grew in his house.  Bernhard just loved grapes.

More about the healing power of grapes in Merrilyn’s new book, available on Amazon:

Bernhard’s daughter Kirsten, who is also a spiritual healer, who lives in Denmark,  kindly sent me a message on this site this week, to let me know. I had felt that he was close to passing, as another friend in spirit had told me that Bernhard had pneumonia on the 28th December, 2010, and could I send him healing.  Bernhard had told me a few weeks ago that his circulation was very poor and could I please send healing to help this.
Bernhard lived for many happy years with his wife Dagmar on his beloved Waiheke Island, the ‘Jewel of the Hauraki Gulf’, in Auckland, New Zealand.  This was where I had the very good fortune to meet Bernhard,play beautiful music with him,  learn from him, and become his friend.
Bernhard very kindly let me and my two young boys, now in their late twenties, live in his lovely wee cottage at Palm Beach, rent free, while he and Dagmar took a three month trip to Tahiti, where he was having one of his annual art exhibitions.  This was the very last trip he would make to Tahiti to sell paintings.
It was fantastic to be part of that final trip.  My cousin Peter had turned up from Australia, and we all helped to pack up
paintings for their safe journey by plane to Tahiti, where they would all find new homes and environments to grace, and new people to form relationships with.
It was all very exciting, but there was an element of sadness, too:  Like a very large family who had lived together their whole life, these beautiful paintings were about to have one last big party together, at the Tahitian gallery, after which they would all be sold, and a new life begun. Some might be lucky enough to be sold together with one of their friends, but most would be sold alone, and end up in another collection with a whole lot of other artists’ works.  Their father, their creator, Bernhard, was of course a little sad at the prospect of releasing them all into the unknown, especially since this was to be the last, final, exhibition.
The gallery in Tahiti has supported Bernhard’s work over many years. Tahiti was another favourite place of Bernhard’s:  Bernhard was the father of the famous Gauguin in another life, which, Bernhard said, explained why he seemed to have an innate ability to paint in the impressionistic, colouristic style of the famous Gauguin.
Bernhard has been communicating with me psychically for a long time now, but these correspondences have taken on another lease of life in the past 15 months or so. This is since taking up using the pen for divination instead of using a pendulum.  Bernhard was encouraging me to switch to the pen at least 15 years ago.  It has taken all this time for me to make the switch-over, but nevertheless, Bernhard was absolutely thrilled that I finally did it, and that I had devised a method which worked.  Most of all, he wanted me to teach Dagmar the method, so that he could communicate with her:  He said that she was sad because he could not communicate any more in the ‘normal’ way, but that she would be happy once she understood that he WAS still there, still thinking, still functioning as a psychic healer with important work to do, in the  albeit body which had carried him through almost a century of life.
And so I taught Dagmar the method via emails, so that she could communicate with her beloved Bernhard.
This was my gift to Dagmar and Bernhard, which is really nothing compared to what Bernhard has done for me, nothing compared to the impact he has had on my life.  I was a healer before I met Bernhard, though with still an extremely rocky patch to live through, but Bernhard increased my abilities by bringing me into IMMEDIATE contact with spirit, simply by using the WILL.  This illustrated just how accessible this heavenly, divine, miraculous healing power really is.
Bernhard’s gift of healing, and his willingness to impart his divine knowledge and skill, has increased my knowledge of the spirit world dramatically, and empowered my healing work in ways which one cannot really describe.
Bernhard, I cannot thank you enough.
Bernhard sent me a message yesterday, which illustrates how his sense of humour has not waned any:
Bernhard: :HELLO MY FRIEND”, he always starts out.  Then came:
and just as his message was finishing, a few lines further, one of the jolly gypsy inspired pieces we used to play together, he on violin, me on piano, came over the radio.  And therein lies another story – because – only a few days ago, the same week Bernhard passed away, my CD player suddenly packed up its CD function forever.  It has been going perfectly well for years.  When it suddenly expired, forcing me to listen to National Radio instead, which is not necessarily a bad option, I knew something was ‘up’.  Spirit was telling me something.  Well, I think the radio would have been Bernhard’s preference anyway.
Bernhard, you are amazing.

Healing Chants and Mantras

Sound Healing: Mantras.

Mantras have the power to transform the body, mind and spirit. Using mantras in sound healing is a form of spiritual healing which can be used to treat specific conditions, balance the chakras and elevate the consciousness. Reciting or singing mantras on a regular basis can have a positive influence on your health and your sense of well-being.  The sound of your own voice resonating through your body has a powerful effect on the physical body and the aura.  This is why singing songs is also beneficial for the body.

The most famous and most widely used mantra is the OM chant. This is a universal sound which is used in Tibetan Budhism as well as in many other countries and cultures. The Amen sound of Western Christianity has a similar vibration to the Oriental-derived OM chant.

The OM Chant is a good all rounder:which covers physical and emotional needs. Om helps to balance out the chakras so that the energies are well distributed through the body. Chanting OM on a regular daily basis will give a boost to the nervous system, providing more oxygen to the brain, enhance the digestion, help balance the endocrine system, improve the circulation, relax the mind and body, and provide spiritual upliftment.

There are Tibetan Buddhist Chants which correspond to each chakra, or energy centre of the body. Om relates to the spine and solar plexus.

Eng relates to the nasal passages, ears and brain. First discovered this magical chant in an article by a medical doctor of the 1950’s: He had discovered Tibetan Buddhism sound healing chants and wrote a treatise on their practical use. ENGcan be chanted for short periods on its own to help combat ear ache, ear infections and sinus congestion. Be careful not to overdo the chanting: If you are not used to chanting, you could very well over=excite the brain and nervous system by doing too much at a time. Just a minute of chanting ENG, or OM for that matter, is enough to begin with. These chants help toxins to become released in the body, so if you have toxins to be cleared, you might get a big rush of them into the blood stream which could be distressing. Short and sweet is the thing. Dp just a little at a time, and build up as you feel you are able.

Some modern correlations of the Tibetan-derived chants have been given in a book on sound healing by Jonathan Goldman.

1st Chakra, the Root Chakra: This writer suggests that UH, as pronounced in Huh, be used to stimulate and balance the base chakra He suggests making the UH sound seven times whilst conctntrating on the base, or root chakra which is at the lower centre of the trunk line, above the pubic bone. This chakra is called the ‘root’ chakra, because it is the one most connected with earth with being grounded, and the basic functions of life.

The 2nd Chakra, or sacral chakra, is situated about two to three finger widths below the navel. This chakra is more related to reproduction, the production of sexual hormones, and the creative impulse. The OOOO sound resonates to the sacral chakra. Again, seven times, no longer than a minute’s worth, is enough chanting to begin with.

The 3rd Chakra, or solar plexus chakra, is found slightly above the navel. This is the centre of the nervous system and is the controlling force of the entire body. Good digestion requires that this energy centre is kept well charged. In Buddhism, this is the seat of the soul.

OH is a compatible sound to make to resonate with the Solar Plexus vibration.

The 4th Chakra, or heart Chakra, issituated in the middle of the chest, between the nipples. Tjhis, as the name would suggest, governs heart as well as lung function. It is also associated with love, compassion and forgiveness. This is the spot where Jesus is shown with a bleeding heart in the Catholic religion. AH is a agood sound to make to resonate with the heart chakra.

The 5th Chakra, or Throat Chakra, is situated at the centre of the throat. This controls communication, speech, voice production, hearing, memory, thyroid function and lymphatic drainage, EYE is a compatible sound to make for the throat chakra resonance.

6th Chakra, or Third Eye chakra: This governs spiritual awareness, psychic ability, dream recall, imagination and helps calm the brain. AYE is the sound to make for the third eye chakra. Only chant this sound for a minute, as any longer could hyperactivate this centre if you are not used to chanting. Om also heightens this chakra and will help enhance spiritual awareness.

7th Chakra or Crown Chakra: This is at the crown of the head, and is the centre of spiritual development. Most people do not have a fully opened crown chakra, which means that most people have not realized their highest spiritual potential yet. EEE is the sound which corresponds to the Crown Chakra.

Healing With Your Mind

The Power of the Mind

We all have the ability to heal  ourselves of many complaints.  We all possess the ability to help, and sometimes heal,  the ailments of other people.   The more that you develop your mind, the more effective as a healer you will be. The  potential of the Mind to develop itself is unlimited.

Develop Your Healing Power:

Your ability to practice  Direct Healing, The Laying on of Hands, and Absent Healing, can  be improved by doing certain things. The following recommendations will help you:

Breathing exercises such as yoga, meditation,  and prayers,  a vegetarian diet and a Bhuddist approach to all life which  avoids the use of chemicals which kill, all raise the vibration of  our auras.

Avoiding chemicals in our food,  fasting,  singing or performing music, developing a caring attitude, and simply resolving to keep positive about life all have the effect of increasing  our vital force, or Prana,  enhance the vibrations of our auras,  and  strengthen the Mind.

When our Minds are firm and constant, and we have abundant life force within us,  then we  can be of benefit to people.  We can  raise the vibration of a person who requires healing,  and enhance the vibrations of all beings around us.

Many instances of healing have, and do occur, simply through the Power of Prayer:  The will to heal, and the faith that it will happen, can cause miracles. Faith healing is a kind of Mind-healing which seems to work best when both the healer, or healers, and the recipient have a strong faith. Faith healing and mind healing have a better chance of success if the recipient is open to the Power of Prayer and accepts that a  ‘Higher Power’ can be summoned which can make us well again.

However strong the healing power is, though, some people are simply destined not to make old bones.  Some people are saved through Mind healing such as Reiki, Spiritual Healing and the Power of Prayer,  whilst others are not.

The Church of Christian Scientists (not to be confused with Scientologists) are an interesting sect of the Christian faith, because they do not believe in going to doctors and do not believe in taking drugs for disease.  They literally believe in ‘mind over matter’, and therefore do not give their ailments any time of day.  They refuse  to believe that they ‘have’ a disease, and really refuse to ‘own’ it. This  is quite a different philosophy to the way most people receive orthodox medicine with its propensity to attach a label to whatever complaint we have, and leave it stuck there for life.   Christian Scientists  have the faith that  the Holy Spirit, working through their own Christian healers, will heal them,  following the example of  Jesus, who healed  the sick because of his faith and his strong links with the Godhead.

I once got to play the pipe organ for the Christian Scientist Church  in Auckland when I was eighteen or nineteen.   I always remember it, because I met a woman from my home town, a long way away,  who had a remarkable story which she related to me.  Her husband had been the pipe organist, renowned for his exceptional musical gifts as choir-master and organist, at the same Anglican Church where I had been a choir member, and where I had learned to play the pipe organ as a teenager.  This lady’s  husband had died when I was young.  After her husband’s death, she had developed a rare sort of cancer, she told me.  She became very sick and was given only a few months to live.  This was when she had discovered the Christian Scientists. She switched from being an Anglican, to being a Christian Scientist. She told me that they had cured her years ago, perhaps 10 years prior to my meeting her,  and that she had never had a recurrence of cancer, or any other serious disease  since. She owed everything, she said, to this marvelous Church which had saved her life.

Of course, I cannot prove her story, and I have not seen records of her recovery, but people in my home town verified the story that she had become very ill after her husband died, and that she had left the town and never been heard of since.

Of course, it takes many years of practice for most people to develop impressive healing skills.  But the more that you consciously raise your own vibrational force and your ‘prana’, the more that you practice your  mind healing skills, and  the more often that you WILL yourself to have a healing effect on your own health and that of other people, the more your skills as a healer will develop.

The Healing Power Of Spirit In Action

How To Develop The Gift of Spiritual Healing:

This post contains excerpts from Murdo MacDonald-Bayne’s book on spiritual healing which was first published in the United Kingdom, in 1947, by  L.N. Flowler & Co. Ltd.

This famous book, entitled ‘Spiritual and Mental Healing’, was reprinted in a new revised paperback edition in 2006,  by Mystica Publications Ltd, P.O. Box 13-581, Christchurch, New Zealand.

For a copy of the book, email:  [email protected]

Murdo macDonald-Bayne was a Spiritual Healer who helped many people during the course of his career, either to completely cure a disease, or to help alleviate the condition of sickness.

Murdo MacDonald-Bayne’s  eloquent description of the process of spiritual healing is instructive to all those who wish to begin developing the natural ability which we all possess, the ability  to heal.

In the transcripts of lectures which Murdo gave towards the end of his career, he  gives instructions for spiritual healing.  He explains how to give healing with the recipient near you.  He explains how this process of uniting the spiritual body, through positive intention, through ether, to universal mind, can work in healing people,  both near,  as in the laying on of hands, and far, as in absent healing.

His  explains  how Divine Power benefits both body and mind, and that this Divine Power can be brought to a person, so that he is conscious of it, through the effect of stimulating the general nervous system:  This  can  done both mentally, through Spiritual Healing,  and with physical means such as  the laying on of hands, or with acupressure, as in shiatsu or reflexology, when it is applied with a conscious will to improve the vital life force and enhance spiritual awareness.

This is because the nervous system is not just a system which conveys sensation and feeling, the nervous system also conveys the ‘nourishment of  the Spirit through the Mind’, to use Murdo’s expression.

These excerpts are taken from  Lecture Three:

Healing By The Advanced Method is detailed on  p.82 of Murdo’s book.

Murdo explains that Healing can  be performed by preparing the mind, after which an  out-pouring the Healing Power from Spirit is done with a  conscious projection of the Power into the patient.

Murdo advises that the patient sits before you, while you stand a little way, say about two feet,  from him.  The patient is advised to relax and close his eyes.  At this point, the healer consciously  joins his will  ‘to the Will of the Creator’, whilst  the Power is consciously projected  through the patient by your sheer will.  Murdo advises that the  arms are not quite touching the shoulders of the recipient, but that the arms are be stretched out towards the patient, with  the tips of the healers fingers almost touching the recipient’s  shoulders.

Murdo explains that we are not separated from our maker, but that our ethereal bodies merge into the great ethereal matter of the Universe.  He says “Really, our bodies extend everywhere and our minds are an extension of the Mind Principle; therefore your ethereal body and the ethereal body of the patient are mingled together, and also your minds are in tune with the Universal Mind, and by directing the Power, you energise his ethereal body and his mental body correspondingly, according to your own Power and development”.

How Absent Healing is Done With Mind: Murdo goes on to describe the elements given in a previous lesson where he explained the different strata of the mind and how the human mind is linked up with the Universal Mind.  “There is only one Mind in operation but different phases of action are in fact  one Mind. Consciousness is the directing power in mind; it is this knowledge that makes my method in healing at a distance, ‘absent healing,’ so effective”.

Dr Murdo talks about his many successes in absent treatment alone:  He says that there is a result in every case where he has given healing, and that many people in this particular lecture will verify that fact.  At least “there is great alleviation of the trouble”… “if not a complete cure”, he claims.  It is important to have the understanding  “that there is no separation” between yourself and Divine Power, and that this consciousness sets in operation “the subjective activity of the mind of the patient which links up with the Divine Mind”, he says.

It is important for the patient to be relaxed, because  this enables the Power of Spirit to out-pour from the healer to the recipient.

The Healing Power In Action.

Murdo explains the physical effects of spiritual healing, and how the intention of healing helps to link us and the recipient of healing to Divine Power.

Page 48 of Murdo’s book talks about the effects of the healing on the recipient. A “feeling of warmth may be felt by the patient, or he may feel the vibrations in any part of his body, especially at the seat of the trouble”.  Benefits of the healing are that  circulation of the blood are increased, and the mind and body are put into  harmony with each other.

At this point, Murdo stresses that you tell the patient that these good effects are not from yourself doing the healing, but from the Divine Healing Power. He explains that “the warmth that is felt through the system is the natural reaction to the Life Energy pouring through the body; the nervous system responds to the surge of this energy passing through to the extremities, the message is reflected back to the brain and the mind becomes aware of it”.

How Spiritual healing can give a person faith in a ‘power greater than thyself”:  This action and reaction inspires faith in an individual, “so that the personal consciousness of the individual will align itself with the divine Consciousness within, uniting the perfect Divine Life in the mortal life”, he says.

Raise the Vibration of Your Own Mind, Murdo states:  By raising the vibratin of mind, you can ontact the Will and the Mind of the Creator.  This enables your  spiritual mind to ” make contact with the Mind and Will of the Creator”.  He explains that we all have  within us  a spiritual centre “which comes into operation immediately you become aware of it”.

Once you have the awareness  that “your will and the Will of God are united in His Service, a union takes place between yourself and your Creator naturally”. Murdo states that “All things are then possible, because your mind and will and the Mind and Will of the Creator are one in reality.

Life Energy expreses  itself in perfection whenever it is able, Murdo says.  He explains that uniting your own forces with Life Energy enables us to become one with it so that we may use this wonderful Healing Power of Spirit.

It is important to have co-operation of Minds and energies in healing: that co-operation, Murdo says, is beween yourself, the patient, and God.

“The patient must be shown how to tune in to the Life Energy so that he can become aware of the Mighty Healing Power which is waiting to serve us at all times”.

Murdo emphasises that spiritual healers must develop a positive attitude, and never allow themselves to become depressed. A positive attitude  is required at all times, so that we keep our own vital forces ‘up’ so that we may raise the vibration of those around us, and help and heal when needed:

Murdo:  You must use constructive thought power. Murdo emphasizes the need for a positive attitude:  One which expects healing to occur. He stresses that we should  never allow ourselves under any circumstances become depressed, because, in fact, there is always something you can do to help a situation.  He says to

  • “remember that it is the Life Energy that is doing the work and not you. All you have to do is to fulfill the laws, the natural laws, the laws of mind and the spiritual laws, then the Life Energy does the work. Therefore it is essential to hold a positive attitude throughout”.

He explains that not every patient will get better – that sometimes people improve, and sometimes  they become worse:

  • This is the law of fluctuation that belongs to the patient and not to the Life Energy at all.
  • Murdo stresses that a patient being anxious inhibits healing.  He stresses the idea of faith, and  to ‘Rest in the Lord.’ ‘Be not anxious’ but wait patiently for Life itself  to reorganize the  tissue structure. “It knows what to do and how to do it. You must fulfill the Law by believing in the perfect Law of Life. A sense of anxiousness is a sense of doubt”.

Having a negative attitude and doubting yourself when healing closes yourself to the Power of Spirit.  You will not realize your true potential in healing if you doubt yourself:  “but when you get an understanding of the Principles underlying this great work you will have that faith which will keep you on the constructive side all the time”.

  • Mortal flesh has no power and so the  condition of your patient  has no power of its own, except the power given it by your patient. So tell the patient this.
  • “Mortal mind is but your reaction to these mortal conditions which exist only in this world of illusion. There is no Reality in them. When the patient begins to recognise these truths there is an awareness of Divinity which brings peace and he realises that his condition has no power, but that it is he who is giving it power by bestowing his attention upon it. The less one thinks of his trouble the quicker it will disappear. Be one-pointed in regard to life and hold fast to it, and a change will soon take place for the better”, Murdo says.

The laying on of Hands: There are various methods of applying the Healing Power, but there is one which has been known and practised tor thousands of years and that is laying on of hands. ‘And He laid His hands upon them and they were healed.’ ‘Take up thy bed and walk.’ If you have not got the strength or the conviction that your patient will be healed when you say to him, ‘Take up your bed and walk,’ it is advisable not to say it, because it may create a doubt in his mind that afterwards may be difficult to remove if no healing is effected.

The application of the Power through the hands is a method through which the Vital Energy is transferred from the healer to the patient, and there are specific rules which should be applied. The solar plexus is the seat of this sympathetic nervous system. Any energy which is passed through the solar plexus energises the entire involuntary processes; It is the centre that particularly affects the cell life of the body. By placing your hand on this centre, Life Energy pours through the whole system and the Intelligence is set into action. When you put your right hand on the solar plexus and your left hand at the seat of the trouble, the force,  then passes through the sympathetic nervous system to the area affected. The blood vessels dilate at the area of the trouble and an intelligent healing action takes place.

………At the lecture, the “Doctor demonstrates by putting his right hand on the solar plexus of the patient and the other hand on the shoulder – and the patient feels a strong current to the shoulder. Blood and energy flow to the area where the left hand is and a warm electrical feeling is experienced. The blood vessels dilate, blood flows to the area and flushes the area with blood. Vital Energy also passes through the whole area, and immediate reaction is obtained; all pain has disappeared and the trouble is eliminated. Doctor now explains that this is no miracle but the action of a definite law in healing…………..

We will now engage in specific treatment by passing the force  throughout the affected area, placing the right hand over the solar plexus and the left hand over the affected part. Now imagine the Power flowing through your right hand, through the solar plexus and making contact with the left hand. Breathe easily and deeply. You will join forces with the will of the patient and direct the patient’s mind to the healing operation, by explaining that the blood is rushing to the affected part, that the arteries and veins are dilated, and the blood, combined with the Healing Power, will eliminate the troubled condition.

Murdo talks about the miracle of healing:  that damaged tissues and organs can be revitalized so that they redevelop and function normally.  Of course, it takes a healer who is spiritually well-developed and certain of his power to do this.  Jesus was one who had this exceptional healing ability:

Murdo:  Tissue material that has been destroyed can be restored to perfect health again. The blood tends to force its way into that tissue and the cells become energised, and naturally a healing takes place. But do not forget that you must unite yourself with the Universal Power and this is best done by an understanding of the Truth.

I told you before about breathing, and I will revive your memory. Breath is life and by breathing rhythmically you build up in your body a reserve of Life Energy which enables you to carry the load necessary to heal. If you have a lamp that can only take 250 volts and you put 5,000 volts through it, it would be smashed. It is the same with you. When you develop yourselves along the lines explained, you will be able to absorb energy through your system amounting to millions of units of Life Energy, so that you can use it not only in your hands, but through your mind also.

In healing, it is important to increase your Prana, your vital energy or life force.This gives you the extra energy which is needed to transmit life force into the receiver.  Breathing exercises help you to unite your spiritual self with Universal Mind and healing forces.

Here is Murdo’s Recommended Method For Increasing The Life Force Through Breathing:

Therefore practise breathing 8-4-8-4. Inhale, 8 hold 4, exhale 8, suspend 4. At the same time you will notice that all the ‘mantrims’ have four words, namely ‘Divine Life Fills Me.’ By repeating them as directed, you set the rhythm which is essential to build up a tremendous amount of Vital Energy in your system, thus more Universal Life Energy can be absorbed and transformed into Vital Energy, like a generator transforming basic Energy into light. We likewise transform Life Energy into Vital Energy. The more Energy you can absorb the more powerful you become.

If you are treating properly you will be making contact with the conscious and subsonscious mind at one and the same time. This is most important, because buy this means you can eliminate instantaneously the mental and emotional conditions attached to the trouble.

Disease has three aspects, mental, emotional and physical, and you will notice that it has no spiritual aspect, because disease does not belong to the spiritual. If you could live in the true spiritual state your troubles would disappear. Very few can do this because we are living in a mortal world, and this is a world if illusion; a world of the senses, for the senses react to conditions that are not True and you accept the error, and because you accept, so it is unto you as you think it is…………

………As I have already said, I have had thirty years’ experience in healing all over the world and I know of no one who has had so vast an experience; I have been in every country in the world and have seen many terrible cases, all so-called incurable, yet 80% of these people are cured. Many of my patients here amongst you, as you know, have been told that they were incurable, yet they have been cured of their troubles. I am speaking now from experience, the greatest teacher in the world. Unless we look for new methods and avenues of healing, we shall still stick in the rut where medical science is now.

There are Miss C’s case, Miss V’s case, Sister E’s case. These are only one or two of many hundreds. It is proof of the fact that it can be done. I am very proud of a little girl M.D., a patient of mine. That little girl had infantile paralysis. She was saved from being like so many others who are now cripples. I treated her also through astral projection every night, and she saw me on nearly every occasion, when I was treating her with other spiritual healers who assisted me.

These are just a few of many cases which reveal this Mighty Healing Power. It is from these experiences that I know of the Truth of the Living God within each and everyone of us. All over the world it has been the same.

Man has three bodies, mental, emotional and physical. These three interpenetrate and affect each other, and when disease is of long standing the tissue structure may be affected. Then it takes longer to effect a cure. When you reach his subconscious mind you reach his emotional and mental activities getting down to the very root of the trouble, changing the negative condition into a positive one, and the Healing Power is set in action. Our own negative thoughts and images prevent the Mighty Power form flowing; these we must substitute for thoughts of Life and Healing.

Doctor demonstrates the Power flowing – everyone in the hall feels it. He now goes on to explain:

This energy which you feel is Universal Energy transformed into Vital Energy. It is absorbed and transformed by my awareness of it. If you deny its existence as far as you are concerned then that is your misfortune. But immediately this negative attitude is eliminated, the barrier is eliminated and the Universal Energy flows through you. Negative thoughts are destructive to your lif’e’s existence in your mental, emotional and physical planes.

Now grasp this Truth: you have three bodies – mental, emotional and physical – through which the Spiritual Power flows. Your mental body is just as much a body as your physical body because it interpenetrates and supports the physical.

It is necessary to be down into the subjective mind; if you cannot reach it in one treatment then you must persevere by knowing the Truth and explaining the Truth. Tell the patient the Truth of his own being, that he is really Spiritual in Reality. The very essence of our being is Spiritual and the foundation of our life is Spiritual. We misuse our mental faculties by creating negative thoughts which our-picture in our mental and physical bodies.

There are laws belonging to the mental, emotional and physical planes that must be observed. We do not break the Law; the Law breaks us when we violate the Law. When we come to the mental part of this Course we will see the mind and all its phases explained in simple language, so that you can understand our mental processes. We will also see our own faults, and then we can remedy them.

Complicated sayings and complicated sentences do not give you the Truth. If you know the Truth it is easy to put it into simple language. To simplify the complicated is the art of genius. To complicate the simple truth is the practice of knaves and fools….