Healing With Your Mind

The Power of the Mind

We all have the ability to heal  ourselves of many complaints.  We all possess the ability to help, and sometimes heal,  the ailments of other people.   The more that you develop your mind, the more effective as a healer you will be. The  potential of the Mind to develop itself is unlimited.

Develop Your Healing Power:

Your ability to practice  Direct Healing, The Laying on of Hands, and Absent Healing, can  be improved by doing certain things. The following recommendations will help you:

Breathing exercises such as yoga, meditation,  and prayers,  a vegetarian diet and a Bhuddist approach to all life which  avoids the use of chemicals which kill, all raise the vibration of  our auras.

Avoiding chemicals in our food,  fasting,  singing or performing music, developing a caring attitude, and simply resolving to keep positive about life all have the effect of increasing  our vital force, or Prana,  enhance the vibrations of our auras,  and  strengthen the Mind.

When our Minds are firm and constant, and we have abundant life force within us,  then we  can be of benefit to people.  We can  raise the vibration of a person who requires healing,  and enhance the vibrations of all beings around us.

Many instances of healing have, and do occur, simply through the Power of Prayer:  The will to heal, and the faith that it will happen, can cause miracles. Faith healing is a kind of Mind-healing which seems to work best when both the healer, or healers, and the recipient have a strong faith. Faith healing and mind healing have a better chance of success if the recipient is open to the Power of Prayer and accepts that a  ‘Higher Power’ can be summoned which can make us well again.

However strong the healing power is, though, some people are simply destined not to make old bones.  Some people are saved through Mind healing such as Reiki, Spiritual Healing and the Power of Prayer,  whilst others are not.

The Church of Christian Scientists (not to be confused with Scientologists) are an interesting sect of the Christian faith, because they do not believe in going to doctors and do not believe in taking drugs for disease.  They literally believe in ‘mind over matter’, and therefore do not give their ailments any time of day.  They refuse  to believe that they ‘have’ a disease, and really refuse to ‘own’ it. This  is quite a different philosophy to the way most people receive orthodox medicine with its propensity to attach a label to whatever complaint we have, and leave it stuck there for life.   Christian Scientists  have the faith that  the Holy Spirit, working through their own Christian healers, will heal them,  following the example of  Jesus, who healed  the sick because of his faith and his strong links with the Godhead.

I once got to play the pipe organ for the Christian Scientist Church  in Auckland when I was eighteen or nineteen.   I always remember it, because I met a woman from my home town, a long way away,  who had a remarkable story which she related to me.  Her husband had been the pipe organist, renowned for his exceptional musical gifts as choir-master and organist, at the same Anglican Church where I had been a choir member, and where I had learned to play the pipe organ as a teenager.  This lady’s  husband had died when I was young.  After her husband’s death, she had developed a rare sort of cancer, she told me.  She became very sick and was given only a few months to live.  This was when she had discovered the Christian Scientists. She switched from being an Anglican, to being a Christian Scientist. She told me that they had cured her years ago, perhaps 10 years prior to my meeting her,  and that she had never had a recurrence of cancer, or any other serious disease  since. She owed everything, she said, to this marvelous Church which had saved her life.

Of course, I cannot prove her story, and I have not seen records of her recovery, but people in my home town verified the story that she had become very ill after her husband died, and that she had left the town and never been heard of since.

Of course, it takes many years of practice for most people to develop impressive healing skills.  But the more that you consciously raise your own vibrational force and your ‘prana’, the more that you practice your  mind healing skills, and  the more often that you WILL yourself to have a healing effect on your own health and that of other people, the more your skills as a healer will develop.