Cho Ku Rei

Tibetan Bhuddist Healing Symbol:  Cho Ku Rei

The Cho Ku Rei is a very powerful healing symbol. It is derived, along with many other healing symbols which have found their way into Reiki healing, and other styles of healing,  from Tibetan Bhuddism. Traditional Tibetan Bhuddist healers still use this symbol today.

Being Bhuddist could help in your utilisation of this symbol, however, you do not have to be Bhuddist to gain benefit from the use of this symbol.  And if you are Christian, or Hindu, or Moslem, or anything else, it will not interfere with your beliefs, but only increase your awareness of the Godhead.

The Cho Ku Rei healing symbol can be used to draw healing forces from the Universe to aid healing of any kind.   It can be used before a healing, or after a healing, or both at the beginning of a healing and at the end.

The Cho Ku Rei can be physically drawn, or it can be drawn in your mind’s eye to facilitate healing.

The Cho Ku Rei for Absent Healing or for Immediate Healing:  The Cho Ku Rei healing symbol can be used to assist your own physical oar emotional healing, or it can be used for another person whom you are treating.  This person can be with you, immediately receiving the healing, or far away, when the healing is known as ‘absent healing’.

It can be used to help the healing of a physical or emotional condition.  It can also be used to help bring peace and stability and happiness in the world.

Use the Cho Ku Rei For Peace: You can draw the Cho Ku Rei over a drawing, or a written request for peace, or simply hold the image in your mind’s eye, while you visualize the unsettled situation becoming more peaceful.

The Cho Ku Rei is a kind of corkscrew movement which intensifies energy within the circular movement.  It is drawn in one continuous movement.  You do not break the line as you draw it.  This is important.

To Draw The Cho Ku Rei Healing Symbol:

This can be drawn anywhere, but I will describe the movements as you would draw them over a recipient’s brow.

  • Begin drawing a line about two inches to the right of the middle of the forehead,  and about two inches above the centre of the right eye.
  • Now, bring your finger which is tracing the Cho Ku Rei into the middle of the brow, in a straight line, so that the finger ends up directly above the nose, about two inches or so away.
  • Now bring the line directly down to the bridge of the nose.  Keep the finger on the person the whole time.
  • Now – for the cork screw movement.  You are going to move your finger up in a circular movement, heading for the middle of the left eyebrow as the person faces you (their right eye-brow).  Keep the circular movement going upwards, then bring it around so that you draw over the centre line which you have already traced.  You follow this movement inwards, repeating the circular corkscrew movement, until you have three corkscrew shapes drawn inside of each other.  You end the movement at the very centre, on the side of the right, which is the side where you began the line inwards at the top.
  • .You can reverse the symbol for a  calming and meditative effect.

For Physical Ailments: The Cho Ku Rei symbol can be performed over the site of a physical ailment, or it can be used over the brow, as given above.

The Cho Ku Rei is difficult to describe.  Look at merrilyn’s post entitle ‘How To Draw The Choku Rei’.  Reading this description of how to draw the symbol might enlighten you as to the method of its execution.

Spiritual And Mental Healing

Spiritual and Mental Healing

This is the title of a wonderful book on the art of spiritual healing by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne.  Murdo MacDonald-Bayne was a well known Spiritual Healer of the 1930’s and 1940’s.

The book ‘Spiritual and Mental Healing’, by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne, has been reprinted recently.  You can purchase the New Revised  Paperback Edition, 2006, through  Mystica Publications Ltd, P.O. Box 13-581, Christchurch, New Zealand.   Their email address is  sales

First published in United Kingdom in 1947 by L.N.Fowler & Co. Ltd.

Murdo MacDonald-Bayne  became a famous Spiritual Healer in the earlier part of the 20th century.  He had extraordinary ability, and  practiced healing  over a period of about 30 years in many parts of the world.   He lived in Tibet for some of that time, and learned something of the healing methods of the Tibetan Buddhist healers.

Here are a few of his pearls of wisdom which are taken from his book. This book has been reprinted in New Zealand: see the address above.

Directing The Power Within The Patient: Excerpts from Lecture Five, which begins on page 73:

On Sickness Being a Mortal Condition, and How Disease does not occur in the Spirit Self:…………..  Immediately you see that that condition is not a condition of the Spirit, but a condition of the mortal state which has no power of its own, then it is easier for you to eliminate the condition.

Murdo stresses that it is important not to perceive sickness as being a permanent condition: ……I quote from his book on spiritual healing:  “Immediately you see a condition as a permanency, this is registered in your own mind, thus creating a barrier against the Healing Power”.   He stresses that the attitude of the healer  towards the patient and towards his trouble is “more than 50 per cent of the cure”.   He says that disease actually has no power of its own, and that we need to invoke the power of the Master for help in dispersing any  disease.  See page 89 for his own words on this.

On Meridians and Reflex Points: Murdo believed the proper function of the  meridians to be very important in keeping good health.  He talks of how reflexology on  the pressure points can help to cure health problems.  On this subject, he says:

“……………….We will see how the reflex points affect a particular organ and how that organ can be stimulated into action by manipulation and reflexing of the reflex point. That comes in the physical part of the Course, when we will deal also with diet, exercises, deportment and the laws of the structural organism. Abnormal pressures on nerve terminals are often the cause of many troubles, and these have to be removed”.

Healing Some Physical Complaints Through Sensible Compensation Methods: Murdo talks about compensation of muscles.  He had a patient who had back pain which would not go away.  When he questioned him about the man’s work, the man said that he carried milk cans, and that he always carried the can in the right hand.  Murdo told him to use the left hand just as much as the right, and the pain went away after a time.

On The  Importance of the Nervous System.

“……………..The nervous system is perhaps the most important physical organism to recognise in healing. It is most imortant because it is through the nervous system you deal actually with the Intelligence. Both nervous systems, the sympathetic and cerebro-spinal, work in unison”.

On the Function of the Solar Plexus:

“……………..The solar plexus is the abdominal brain of the sympathetic nervous system. The motor nerves act upon the muscles and any stimulus to the motor nerves produces physical action. In the case of paralysis you will find the muscles will begin to act, provided that you get co-operation between yourself and the patient, but if the patient does not co-operate with you nothing will happen; the patient must learn to co-operate”.

………………You must be hard and fast regarding these rules, otherwise you are wasting your time. If you do not get co-operation with the patient then there is no movement. Some of you have seen it in patients that come to me; there is actual movement of the muscles; besides that, the sympathetic nervous system acts upon the cell life, circulation of the blood, and functional organism.


How the Nervous System is helped by the Healing Power of the Spirit:  Murdo explains that the  Healing Power of the Spirit is received by the sympathetic  nervous system.  The job of the nervous system is then to distribute this Divine Healing energy to the blood and tissues.

“,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The nerves receive and require nourishment from the blood, they receive and require nerve energy, they convey sensation and feeling, and they also convey the nourishment of the Spirit through the nerve pathways”.

An outpouring of the Divine Energy eliminates negative  conditions and makes us well.  On this subject, Murdo says: . No negative condition exists in the spiritual body; it exists only in the physical, mental and emotional bodies of the mortal self. Your mental body is saturated with your imagination; your emotional body is where you have your emotion reactions.

On Christian thought and St Paul’s teachings, Murdo says

“……………….One Mind, one Universal Substance:  There is but one Body and one Mind. This is what Paul understood by the Body of Christ. Really, our bodies extend everwhere and our minds are an extension of the Mind Principle, therefore your ethereal body and the ethereal body of the patient are mingled together; also, your minds are in tune with the Universal Mind, and by directing the Power you energise his ethereal body and his mental body correspondingly, according to your own Power and development, according to your own belief, according to your own understanding”.

Acupressure Healing via Divination.

Spiritual Healing using Acupressure.

A bit more on the magic of that pewter tea pot of my Gran’s:

I have just been to see my beloved family in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.  My elderly relative has had a problem with his foot for some time now.  It just has not healed, although he has been under specialist treatment for quite a while.  Now he is on strong antibiotics which he has to continue taking for the next three months.

When I arrived at the house, it was just as I had perceived it from a distance, miles away in Auckland, where I live. An awful feeling of sadness was about the house, as if we were all bound for Davey Jones’ locker: even the garden had lost much of its colour, as he has removed many of the plants in order to save work. It was as if  those demons gloom and despair were about to completely overwhelm the house and its inhabitants.  I for one will feel sad when these dear people finally depart, but this negative energy seemed unnecessary:  there was something in the air which was definitely reversible, I felt.

Needless to say, after the very simple acupressure treatment, and giving instructions for this treatment to be done each day at night, the sad negative feeling had dissipated, and a feeling of joy was evident, both in myself, in the dear family member who was the recipient of the healing, and also in my niece’s state of mind:  She had accompanied me over, with her wee dog, to visit our family.

I think, more than anything, that a spirit of hope can be imparted with an acupressure healing which has been inspired by Spirit Helpers.  With a condition which does not heal with orthodox treatment, one can get very depressed and feel quite  powerless if you do not have the understanding that Spirit can help you.  After putting  our faith in the medical profession, having taken their advice and medication, yet seeing  that the  condition is not improving, then, without that sense of the Almighty to help us,  we can feel an aweful sense of hopelessness  and despair which is counterproductive to healing and the enjoyment of life.

But even if the condition is not to be healed totally, with our Creator being in charge of our entry and exit to and from this world, much can be done to alleviate sadness and depression with Spiritual Healing. For a start, toning up the meridian lines aids the circulation of the blood, and revitalises the nervous system,  which does much to counteract depression.

One important aspect of Spiritual Healing is that the recipient actually gets to feel that connection which you have made with Higher Power, and this can be a rejuvenating and transforming experience, especially to those who have not experienced Spiritual Healing before, or who have forgotten about this Higher Power.

Family members in spirit, and also my dear friend and helper Bernhard Petersen, have been prompting me to pay a visit to the Bay, to see  my dear niece, and also to see if I could get to perform a healing, using Bernhard’s method of pen diagnosis for tuning in to the acupuncture points which need toning up.

As pointed out in other articles on Spiritual Healing, the pen is a mighty tool for locating the exact acupressure points which require healing, far better than a pendulum over a chart, as this cannot pin-point the exact location of a point as accurately as the fine tip of a pen.

With this method of Bernhard’s you are actually combining an ancient art  of  meridian healing with the added healing power from Spirit Helpers.

I have been sending absent healing for a bit, using Tibetan Buddhist methods, and just simple Christian prayer with the aid of the dear Holy Mother.  Of course, besides Bernhard,  my Grandmother, Rosy, Jack, Father Pat, and my other dear friends have had an enormous input in using me as a tool for healing, as I am sure they are also using other family members. But here, at last, I was finally given the opportunity to perform a very short Spiritual Healing with the addition of acupressure healing.

I really felt that the cause of the problem with my relative  related to an imbalance of the meridian lines, and that a simple treatment which ‘got’ to all the main meridians would help enormously in improving his state of mind as well as his physical well-being.

The Points Used To Tone Up the Circulation:

This simple acupressure treatment might benefit others who have circulatory problems with leg problems. It can be done in conjunction with any medication you are taking, and will not interfere in any way with medications.

It is very quick and easy to do. Just two minutes sitting up in bed at night is all that is required of your time. Three presses at each point is all that is needed.  It is the regularity of the treatment which is the important thing.

Circulation was the thing which needed to be addressed:  the sore foot which would not heal is not getting enough blood flow to heal it. When meridians are out of kilter, sometimes there is nothing that will cure the symptoms, other than physically and/or spiritually correcting and empowering these energy lines.

Do One Leg at a Time, Working from the Ankle upwards as stated:

We began with the inside of the ankle bone – below the bone, slightly to the front of it, and then about two inches above that. Only three presses are necessary with this type of treatment.  So – three presses to the lower ankle spot, three above it, then three presses into the middle of the ankle bone at the top of the foot, where the foot joins the leg.

Then we moved halfway up the calf muscle to the inside of the leg.  Three points to the middle of the calf muscle.  Then three presses towards the outside of the leg, on the shin bone, on the outer edge, again, about halfway up the leg.

Then we moved to the knee cap. Three presses just underneath to the left of the knee cap, then three to the right, lower side of the knee cap.  Then the same to the top of the knee cap – three presses to the upper right side of the knee cap, three press to the upper left side of the same knee cap.

Then at the back of the knee, at the centre of the crease of the back of the knee.  Three presses again.

Then we did three deeper presses into the very centre of the front of the thigh bone. Halfway up from the knee cap to the top of the leg.

From here, do the other leg.

After treating the other leg with the same points,  we moved up to the chest, to the sternum:  Three presses at the base of the centre of the rib cage in the middle of the chest, directly between the two nipples.

Move up the middle of the chest, halfway up to the centre point of the chest. Again, do  three presses.

Move up to the top of the chest, to the throat.  Press the bone below the adam’s apple, on the upper side of the bone so that you are pressing down on the bone, in the hollow beneath the adam’s apple, pressure directed towards the chest.

Finish the central meridian line with three firm presses to the chin, at the very centre of the chin, on the bone below the lip.

Then move out to the soft spot in the dip below the collar bone, just before the arm is joined to the trunk.  Three presses in this hollow.  Do the other corresponding spot on the opposite side.

Then move down to the inside elbow crease..  Bend your arm to find the spot, then give three presses into the inside of the elbow crease.

Then give three presses to the outside of the elbow, where the funny bone is to be found.

Move down on the same arm to the top side of the wrist, three  finger widths up  from the crease at the wrist, and about two finger widths  in from the thumb side  of the wrist. Hold your wrist  with the thumb on top, and the second and third fingers underneath the wrist.  This gives pressure to the underside as well. Three presses here.

Then move to the final point, between the thumb and forefinger.  This is the ‘Hoku’ point, and this is very good for overall health – for ‘fixing what’s wrong with you’.  It is helpful in hiccups, constipation, toning up circulation, improving vitality, kidney function and goodness know what.  Three presses here.

Go back to the other arm and finish off the points at the elbow, as stated above, then the point above the wrist on the upper side, then the Hoku point.  Three presses again, on every point.

Finish the whole treatment with three clockwise circular motions around the stomach, over the solar plexus area.   Move the hand in a wide, generous circle around the  outside of the navel.   Three movements, and you’re done.

Cho Ku Rei: I finished the treatment off with a Tibetan Buddhist Healing  Symbol known as the Cho Ku Rei,  which does help to facilitate healing, and encourages Spirit Helpers to give their aid.  I did this over the forehead…..You draw this symbol by making a line from left to right.  Start above the left eye and draw your finger to the centre of the forehead.  Keep your finger on the brow, but ……Change direction with the line, coming down the centre of the forehead, to just above the nose.  Keeping your finger on the brow just above the nose, move in a circle towards the right, heading upward over the right eyebrow,  and then scrolling back over the original mid line which you drew down over the nose.  Keep the movement going in a circle, so that your scroll crosses the top of the midline, and heads back around and down towards the bottom part of the midline again, near the nose.  You draw three circles and end up on the same side  of the centre line as the original line inward .

Of course, we will have to wait for about six weeks for the condition to be healed.  But meanwhile, the depression will have been eradicated, and a feeling of empowerment instilled which must surely aid healing.  The Heavenly Spirit Helpers will be at his side to help with both physical and mental and emotional  healing just as long as he has the faith to keep up the practice every day.

Free Spiritual Help

Contacting  Your Guides:  This post is intended to help people understand something of how establishing a connection with a Guide or a loved one who has left the earth plane can assist  spiritual healing.

The Story of the Pewter Teapot:

This story really tells of how my Grandmother Edie, who has passed into Spirit,  has helped to bring  peace and communication to our family, through a tea pot which she used to own.

Our guides really do exist:  They mostly come from the Heavenly realms, although there  are  some highly developed souls such as my friend Bernhard Petersen, who can communicate psychically with you via ESP, or extra-sensory perception, even though they still have a physical body.

I am going to give you a marvellous example of an incident which occurred just this week.

My dear Grandmother Edie has been communicating with me for some time now.  Since I began using the pen, just as Bernhard assured me, the messages have become quicker to notate, since a pen works more quickly than a pendulum in spelling out messages.

Grandma Edie has been an enormous help over these past few months, as have my friends Bernhard, my daughter Rosy, friends Jack and Father Pat, and others.

Anyway – Grandma’s presence is often felt at my side.  Occasionally, I get an actual physical prod, I guess  from Gran, or my daughter.  It’s very gentle, of course, but a prod nevertheless.  If  I am about to make a bad decision, or eat heavy food when I should in fact be fasting to prevent some sickness, I get gentle prods from these unseen friends of mine.

My mother very kindly gave me a silver tea pot which was my Gran’s.  This was about five years ago.  I really treasure this tea pot, as I loved my Gran, and I appreciate the fact that my mother allocated this gift to me when there are five girls younger than me who might have liked it. I had been thinking lots about the tea pot last week, and felt that I must thank my mother for giving it to me:  the relationship with my mother and I has been shaky since day one, really.  But she is getting old and frail, and so I have been trying to think of all the very nice things she has done for me, so that I can give her some praise and, hopefully, help to bring peace to our family situation.

So – almost every day recently, I hve been writing  down a message from Gran.  My other friends, especially Bernhard, are very frequent with their messages also, but Gran seems to be always there no matter who is talking.

I have just gone back to the Spiritualist Church in Ponsonby where I played the organ for many years.  I have been living, studying and working in Wellington for several years, and had lost touch with the people from this Auckland Church.  Three weeks ago several messages came which told me I should return to this Church:  They need you, Merrilyn.  There is a place for you there.  You can do your healing work there……..

The next Sunday, I did not go because I went to visit friends up at Red Beach, in Orewa.  The following Sunday, as I took my messages down, two  very clear messages came through from Bernhard and Gran.  ‘Don’t forget to go to the Church tonight‘ was the last one.  So I got myself ready to go.

I took the bus over and arrived early. It was cold and dark waiting outside on Ponsonby Road. I began to wonder whether they had given up using this particular Church. There was  usually someone  there  to open up at about 6 o’clock, but tonight there was nobody there.  It was several years since I had been there: anything could have happened.

Through  pendulum  communication with spirit, I was told  to wait, that there most definitely would be a service.

Sure enough, at 6.45pm, they began to arrive.  They were so happy that I had returned. They certainly did need me, as they hadn’t had an organist for four years.  It was so wonderful to open up that fabulous old pipe organ and fill the Church with its georgous sound.

I was given a message from Gran from the medium. It is always nice to be given a comforting message.  I was told that there was a mother figure there, which had to be Gran,   but the message  did not tell me anything that I didn’t know already:  I felt that the medium had no idea of my understanding  and receptiveness to  the fact that Gran is there for me EVERY DAY, not just at Church.

The following week, which was just last Sunday, I was given another  message by another medium.  Again, I was told things that I knew already – that I must settle down now, and cease my roamings.  Well, that has been taken care of, because I have completed my degree in Wellington, and have now returned to Auckland where my children are all residing.

But at the end of this message came the line which really struck  home:

‘This lady that is with you – a mother figure – wants you to know that SHE REALLY IS THERE……….Something about a pewter tea pot.  She used to own a pewter pot……. Very special……….It is a good one.’

This was definitely my Gran talking here.  I have her magic tea pot, which I call silver, because it is silver plated.  I didn’t know what the base material was: it might have been pewter, but it could be copper, or some other metal, however,  I thought his message was good enough proof that HE was really receiving a message from Gran,  and that even though he did not understand my own receptivity to Gran, he really did have some expertise in the field of mediumship:   So I thanked him courteously, and told him that he had been ‘spot on’ about the tea pot.

So the following day, Monday, having been prompted by the medium reminding me about the tea pot, I thought I’d better send  that text to my sister.  I asked  her to tell my mother how much the silver tea pot meant to me, and to thank her very very much for giving it to me.

How’s this:  I was just about blown over when my sister Alison, a real boxer, replied by text the very  next day, saying:

  • Heya – Just spoke to Ma.  Said that the pot is good one cos pewter underneath and is so pleased you enjoy having it……God Bless You Alison.

The immedieate outcome of all this is that I am almost on my way ‘down the line’ to see my family. I am leaving in the morning.  Goodness knows what else Grandma has in mind.

Free spiritual help:  If you have any similar stories to share, please do comment below.  I will publish any experiences  which are of interest and which might help others understand something of the nature of Spirit. I will attempt to answer questions, or, if I cannot be of help,  at least put the questions up so that someone else can give us the anxwer.

Preventative Medicine

Preventative Medicine is really what it should all  be about:  far better to prevent a malady of the health rather than wait for it to happen, and then have to seek  drug treatments which are expensive and which, most probably, will not cure the condition anyway.

Just how popular is ‘Preventative Medicine’?  How much do people really care about ‘Preventative Medicine’?

Today is the 30th August 2010, and there are only 11 searches recorded for the day in Google’s search engine for ‘Preventative Medicine’, which is nothing really, considering that there are 177 searches for ‘warfarin’ and 177 for ‘side effects of warfarin’.  Imagine that – 177 people in a day looking up the side effects of warfarin, and only a portion of that – only 11 people all over the world, looking up ‘Preventative Medicine’.

Warfarin in my opinion, is one of the worst modern drugs. It is dished out to people willy nilly, and once you begin taking it, it seems you are on it for life.  I don’t know of ANYONE who has taken warfarin just  for a while until they get better.  Warfarin is a blood thinner.

Now – Calcium Ascorbate is a  natural blood thinner.  So is Garlic a natural blood thinner.  So is Ginger.  So is Cayenne Pepper.  So is grapefruit a natural blood thinner. There are many foods which thin the blood naturally, without having to take Warfarin for life.

One of the bad things about taking Warfarin is that you have to avoid all the naturally occuring blood thinners like grapefruit and other high vitamin C foods. This is not good for the liver or the gall bladder – or anything else, I should imagine.

I know somebody who began taking Warfarin in his early 30’s and has been taking it for almost 40 years.  He has recently had his gall bladder  removed because of cancer, and is now waiting for a liver operation to remove some of the liver, because there is now cancer in his liver.   There was still time  before the last operation for an alternative treatment, if only he had realized, however now that he has entered the cycle of operations which remove  vital organs, or parts of them, his vitality is decreasing rapidly, and so alternative cures would have a hard job revitalizing this man’s body. Also, he has taken Warfarin for so long now that he cannot imagine being able to live at all without it.  He believes his life depends on it.

Why is this?  Why are people not so tuned in to thinking about preventative medicine?

I quote from the 2005  ‘Touch For Health:  The Complete Manual’, written by John Thie, the founder of ‘Touch For Health’,  and his son Matthew Thie.  It is published by DeVorss and Co,  P.O. Box 1389, Camarillo CA 93011-1389:

  • page v of the Introduction reads “…..The Touch for Health book and educational program was my way of providing some simple tools and processes that each of us can use to regain a role and authority in our own care.
  • Today, more than 30 years later, things have by and large gotten worse.  While awareness of these problems has increased, and there is a resurgence of traditional and alternative approaches to healthcare, drug companies have become more aggressive in their advertising, manipulative of research, whether public or private, and there is ever greater emphasis on “conditions” requiring long-term and even life-long medication.  Our profit driven, high-tech medicine, arguably the most advanced crisis care ever developed, has become costly and dangerous, while simpler preventative measures seem to have fallen by the wayside.
  • In fact, the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States.”

These authors give some alarming statistics on the practices of modern American orthodox medcicine. They claim that:

  • “Tens of millions of people unnecessarily take antibiotics, 9 million people are unnecessarily hospitalized, 7.5 million unnecessary medical and surgical procedures are performed, 2.2 million people have adverse drug reactions to prescribed medicines, and 783,936 deaths are caused by conventional medicine each year.

The fact is, that most disease can be prevented.  There are a wide range of alternative health practitioners who can advise on methods to prevent disease becomoing established, and whose methods are effective in treating even more serious disease.  However, preventative medicine is really the key.

The idea is to increase body vitality so that the immune system is strong and your powers of  resistance to disease are working optimally.

Yoga exercise which teaches good breathing,  meditation exercises such as yoga nidra, good diet, positive thinking  including Reiki healing, the Power of Prayer and Spiritual healing, and Music therapy,  are so important in helping to prevent disease.  Acupressure techniques, including  DoIn, Tsubo, Shiatsu, Qi Gong, and the more modern Touch For Health, are all ways in which your Prana, or vital energy can be maximized, and so they are all helpful in restoring health and preventing  disease.

Visiting an Ayurvedic health practitioner, or a Chinese or Tibetan herbalist, or a homeopath are some of the alternatives which can improve the vitality and immunity and prevent a serious disease from setting in.

Our health practitioners, ideally, should recognize the symptoms of a disease early in the piece so that remedial action can be taken, the vitality improved, and a natural recovery is assisted.

Modern medicine, on the other hand, tends to define a disease which people get stuck with, along with the expensive drug which people believe is necessary.

Most people have a reverence and respect for the doctor’s word. The doctor, backed up by the drug company who is making the profit, tells them that they must take a certain drug for a certain condition, and that they will need to keep taking that drug for goodness knows how long.   People  usually don’t know any better,  so they accept treatment without question, and the drug companies like it this way.

Some people like it this way too, as it means they do not have to DO anything about their condition if they believe that a medicine-drug is all that they have to take to manage their disease.  Disease, unless you are unlucky from birth or some unusual  freak event,  often  comes at us  through our own  poor lifestyle choices –  bad living,  poor nutrition and negative thinking.

However, the biggest causes of disease in our modern society are:

Environmental toxins, medical drugs,  poisons and preservatives in our food, and electromagnetic radiation from modern technology such as cell phones and living close to excessively high power sources:  these  all lead to disease.  This is really why alternative therapies  such as detox diets which help you to detoxify chemicals from your body,  and foods and methods which improve your vitality and immune function, are so important in preventing disease.

The authors of ‘Touch For Health’ refer people to the article entitled “Death By Medicine” at