Prayer And Apricot Kernels Have The Power To Heal

Jason Vale Cured Himself of Cancer Through Prayer and Apricol Kernels

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Jason Vale was ‘given up for dead’ by the medical authorities, with ASKINS tumours and renal cancer which they believed would kill him.  However, Jason did not die, but began praying in earnest, with the help of his Church.

He also changed his diet, using Vitamin B17 rich  apricot kernels and plenty of fresh juices.  Jason healed himself completely of his cancer, through Prayer and naturopathic treatment.  Now, Jason is about to be tried by the FDA for promoting the use of apricot kernels on his website.  This is basically because the pharmaceutical companies do not want the news about Vitamin B17, called Laetrile, or Amygdalin, let out, because Laetrile is a direct threat to their drug empires which promotes the use of  their very costly chemicals and radiation for the treatment of cancer.  If you can get well without using their drugs, then the drug empires will loose out on their profit.

Of course, it must be remembered that apricot kernels should be taken in moderation, as they contain cyanide, which can poison you to death, if you were to take enough.  But so can carrots kill you, if you eat too many for too long.  I have used apricot kernels myself, as part of a special detox diet to cure a breast lump.  The recommended dose was between 3 and no more than 9 apricot kernels per day, starting off with just 2 or 3 kernels for the first week or so.  I did get up to around 9, but felt better when the dose was lower than this.  By the time I had reached the maximum, and begun to lower it again, the breast lump had reduced by half.

Drug companies, through the FDA, have been exerting their power to have all naturopathic, homeopathic, and other alternative treatments ousted from the public domain, so that their pharmaceuticals reign supreme.  They pick on Apricot kernels to have them banned, yet their harmful drugs such as Fosamax, which can cause paralysis of the jaw bone, femur fractures,  vomitting, and so on, is still dished out every week by thoughtless doctors.  Even when a patient is dying, the drug companies, through the FDA, will do all they can to stop him from trying alternative treatments, such as megadoses of Vitamin C, or Laetrile used with a cleansing diet, as a last resort to get well.  Why?  They do not want him to become well on these alternative treatments, because his becoming well might discredit their pharmaceutical treatments which did not work to effect a cure.

Jason Vale’s supporters are hopeful that they will win his case.   They claim that  pharmaceutical companies, and the FDA, have known for many years that a deficiency of Laetrile, Vitamin B17, causes cancer.   Tumours can be incited to grow if there is a deficiency of this Vitamin B17, which is found in apricot kernels and other nuts and seeds.  Laetrile  or Vitamin B17 was used in the Gerson therapy for cancer in the 1950’s, by Dr Anne Wigmore in the 1970’s, and by many people who use dietary and cleansing procedures for reversing cancer.  Dr Max Gerson, who healed thousands of people suffering from cancer and other serious diseases, was driven out of Americal by the FDA, with the help, no doubt, of the FBI. ‘Federal’ is the operative word.

Pray that Jason Vale’s team will beat the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies.

Today is Tuesday 14th February, 2012.  There are so many unpleasant and very worrying things happening in the world right now.   Jason Vale’s case is just one of them.  The big corporations are driving to have our democratic rights weakened, one way or another. gets arrested in New Zealand because of a Hollywood-driven campaign against him,  and all his belongings and money get swiped before he has even been proved to be a criminal. Julian Assange is put away because he told the truth about American war crimes and other military ‘secrets’.

Pharmaceutical companies have the monopoly on medicine, and are out to discredit and illegalize many alternatives to allopathic medicine, such as homeopathy.  The pharmaceutical companies, through the powers of the FDA, are driving to have websites such as Jason Vale’s taken down, because of the threat these alternative medicine sites pose to the drug companies.   Laws are about to change in NZ and all over the world which will stop us from circulating home grown vegetable seeds, so that we have to buy every seed we need from the big seed companies.  This will mean that the big corporations have the complete control of the food banks, if we are forced to become dependent on them for our fruit and vegetable seeds.

New Zealand’s land, hydro electric power companies, water rights, and other valuable assets, are being sold off before we even get told that these public assets have been put on the market.

Poverty reigns in Nigeria, which is the biggest exporter of crude oil of any country in the world.  This should be one of the richest nations, with all the wealth created from the oil.  But Nigeria is among the poorest of  nations in the world, with many children starving to death each day.

All over the world, big business interests are taking precedence over the needs of the community and the common people.  Protests against corporate greed are mounting, yet still, governments of the world, and the big corporations which drive these governments, are not listening.

In the election, we vote against the party which is promoting all these actions with potentially disastrous consequences, yet somehow our votes just lose out, because of clever publicity tactics done at the last minute by the ruling party, and strategies which will see their policies rule, despite the majority of people being against them.

So – what to do?  There are too many important things to write about.  The condition of the world, and the dwindling power that we have to change anything, seems so incredibly depressing, that many people have simply given up the fight.  It seems pointless to fight, because ‘they’ will win anyway, by hook or by crook.

Jason Vale prayed for healing.  And this is what we must all do now, to pray for the healing of the world.  We must pray for honesty and fairness and compassion in our own hearts, and in the hearts of those who rule the wealth of the world, and especially for healing in the hearts and minds of the pharmaceutical company leaders,  who hide their knowledge, and often promote harmful drugs, and agricultural chemicals which make people sick.  These big corporations, in pharmaceuticals, in the entertainment industry, in agriculture, are working to have our democratic rights, including the power of free speech and lifestyle choice, eroded.

The FDA might succeed, again, in keeping healing knowledge from the public, so that apricot kernels and their laetrile remain banned.  But they cannot take away the power of prayer.  Whatever they do to us, we always have the capacity and the power to pray.

Pray. Pray. Pray for Peace.  Pray that greed and injustice done at the top of our so-called civilization, will be eliminated, so that all people have equal opportunity.  So that the wealth of the world is shared.  So that no one country will dominate over another to the disadvantage of a weaker country.  Pray for love in our hearts which will extend to the hardest of  hearts.  Pray that these hard hearts which see money and profit as their god, be softened and enlightened to the right way.

Charity begins at home.  Let’s really try hard to love our neighbours, and to help where we can.

Peace. Love. Charity. Be in my heart today, and in everything I do.

Karuna Devi.


Healing With Your Mind

The Power of the Mind

We all have the ability to heal  ourselves of many complaints.  We all possess the ability to help, and sometimes heal,  the ailments of other people.   The more that you develop your mind, the more effective as a healer you will be. The  potential of the Mind to develop itself is unlimited.

Develop Your Healing Power:

Your ability to practice  Direct Healing, The Laying on of Hands, and Absent Healing, can  be improved by doing certain things. The following recommendations will help you:

Breathing exercises such as yoga, meditation,  and prayers,  a vegetarian diet and a Bhuddist approach to all life which  avoids the use of chemicals which kill, all raise the vibration of  our auras.

Avoiding chemicals in our food,  fasting,  singing or performing music, developing a caring attitude, and simply resolving to keep positive about life all have the effect of increasing  our vital force, or Prana,  enhance the vibrations of our auras,  and  strengthen the Mind.

When our Minds are firm and constant, and we have abundant life force within us,  then we  can be of benefit to people.  We can  raise the vibration of a person who requires healing,  and enhance the vibrations of all beings around us.

Many instances of healing have, and do occur, simply through the Power of Prayer:  The will to heal, and the faith that it will happen, can cause miracles. Faith healing is a kind of Mind-healing which seems to work best when both the healer, or healers, and the recipient have a strong faith. Faith healing and mind healing have a better chance of success if the recipient is open to the Power of Prayer and accepts that a  ‘Higher Power’ can be summoned which can make us well again.

However strong the healing power is, though, some people are simply destined not to make old bones.  Some people are saved through Mind healing such as Reiki, Spiritual Healing and the Power of Prayer,  whilst others are not.

The Church of Christian Scientists (not to be confused with Scientologists) are an interesting sect of the Christian faith, because they do not believe in going to doctors and do not believe in taking drugs for disease.  They literally believe in ‘mind over matter’, and therefore do not give their ailments any time of day.  They refuse  to believe that they ‘have’ a disease, and really refuse to ‘own’ it. This  is quite a different philosophy to the way most people receive orthodox medicine with its propensity to attach a label to whatever complaint we have, and leave it stuck there for life.   Christian Scientists  have the faith that  the Holy Spirit, working through their own Christian healers, will heal them,  following the example of  Jesus, who healed  the sick because of his faith and his strong links with the Godhead.

I once got to play the pipe organ for the Christian Scientist Church  in Auckland when I was eighteen or nineteen.   I always remember it, because I met a woman from my home town, a long way away,  who had a remarkable story which she related to me.  Her husband had been the pipe organist, renowned for his exceptional musical gifts as choir-master and organist, at the same Anglican Church where I had been a choir member, and where I had learned to play the pipe organ as a teenager.  This lady’s  husband had died when I was young.  After her husband’s death, she had developed a rare sort of cancer, she told me.  She became very sick and was given only a few months to live.  This was when she had discovered the Christian Scientists. She switched from being an Anglican, to being a Christian Scientist. She told me that they had cured her years ago, perhaps 10 years prior to my meeting her,  and that she had never had a recurrence of cancer, or any other serious disease  since. She owed everything, she said, to this marvelous Church which had saved her life.

Of course, I cannot prove her story, and I have not seen records of her recovery, but people in my home town verified the story that she had become very ill after her husband died, and that she had left the town and never been heard of since.

Of course, it takes many years of practice for most people to develop impressive healing skills.  But the more that you consciously raise your own vibrational force and your ‘prana’, the more that you practice your  mind healing skills, and  the more often that you WILL yourself to have a healing effect on your own health and that of other people, the more your skills as a healer will develop.

Spiritual Healing

The Power of Prayer

Spiritual Healing, which is virtually healing done with the power of prayer, and good intention,  is something we are all capable of doing, or learning how to do.

All that is required, really, is an openness to the power of the Creator and the Holy Spirit, the Angelic forces, and our Guides.  Then we allow this wonderful power of Spirit  to flow through us, the vehicle, so that this healing energy may be absorbed to heal our own  physical and spiritual condition.

This great healing power which comes from Spirit can be  transmitted to another person who requires healing, whether that person is present, or far away.

It is good practice to set aside the same time each day for meditation and prayer and reflection on spiritual matters.  This increases our ability to perform spiritual healing, and enhances our own spiritual progress.

It helps our Angel friends and Guides if we can set a specific time for our prayer and meditation, as they know we will be receptive to them at the time we have allocated. Our connection to the Heavenly forces becomes stronger with regular meditation and prayer practice.

How our ability to help others is increased by meditation and prayer: These things help us to become more focussed, give us a sense of good purpose and direction, and increase our vitality so that we have something to impart to others in need.

Simple Spiritual Healing Routine

It is a good idea, before beginning any healing, to tune up your own vital force with prayer and appropriate breathing exercise.  Here is a simple exercise for increasing Prana, or vital energy.  This routine tones up the meridians which helps to increase vital healing energy. It was formulated by a medical doctor who also used  spiritual healing and acupressure as healing forces.

Healing Exercise For Increasing Prana

  • 1) Stand facing the sun.  Put the hands on the solar plexus and breathe in deeply, imagining that you are taking in the vital energy from the sun into your solar plexus.
  • 2) Do ten long, deep breaths, inhaling through the nose, keeping the hands gently pressed into the solar plexus. Breathe out slowly each time, feeling the air as it moves through the chest, throat and nasal passages.  Count each breath in to yourself, and say OM to yourself mentally, as you breathe out.
  • 3) The Kow Tow:  After ten long inhalations, clasp the hands together and place the clasped hands over the solar plexus.
  • Breathe in a deep breath as you bend forward, performing  a Kow Tow movement.  Bend forward towards the sun until you are  looking to the ground in the full Kow Tow.  Hold for a second, then breath in as you come up to the erect position again.  Keep the hands, which remain clasped during all the Kow Tow movements, over the solar plexus.
  • Do three Kow Tow movements, breathing IN each time you bend forward, and out as you come up.
  • 4) Next, put the thumbs under the armpit, between the join of the arm and the chest.  A meridian line runs through here which is energized by this exercise. Breathe in a deep breath as you press the thumbs under the armpits.  Stand up on the toes as you breath in, and exhale as you come down on the toes again.  Do three times.
  • 5) Next, put the right thumb over the indent to the side of the right eye.  Put your left thumb at the back of the neck, just ot the left side of the base of the scull.  Hold the thumbs in these postitions for half a minute, then release.
  • 6)  Put the clasped hands back over the solar plexus and stand quietly as you breathe in three more slow breaths, exhaling slowly and fully each time.

That’s it.  You are ready for your healing session, or to go about your day.  Ideally, this exercise should be performed regularly in the morning, at noon, and in the evening.  Even if you are not performing a healing, this exercise does wonders for improving the function of all the vital organs, increasing Prana, and relaxing the mind.

Giving Spiritual Healing  To Another Person: There are many different techniques for  giving spiritual healing to  help a person. Here is just one simple method:

After doing the special breathing exercises for Increasing Prana above,  say a prayer for the person you are helping.  If the person is with you, have the person sit in a chair in front of you, relaxed and with eyes closed.

After a short prayer, put your hands gently on the shoulders.  Leave them there for a minute while you feel the healing power from Spirit coming from your hands and into the person you are helping.

Bring to mind the condition which needs help, if you know it.

I find it is especially helpful to stand at the side of a person who is seated on a chair, the recipient of the healing.  Put your right hand on the temples, stretching the thumb out to one side of the brow, and the little finger on the other side of the brow.  Put your left hand at the nape of the neck, holding it gently.

You can keep this position for a few minutes, as you concentrate on sending healing energy into the person through your hands.

When you feel that the time is right, start slowly  drawing your hands away from the person.  You can hold the hands out several inches from the brow for several more minutes, sending healing, but not touching the brow at this stage.