Spiritual Healing

The Power of Prayer

Spiritual Healing, which is virtually healing done with the power of prayer, and good intention,  is something we are all capable of doing, or learning how to do.

All that is required, really, is an openness to the power of the Creator and the Holy Spirit, the Angelic forces, and our Guides.  Then we allow this wonderful power of Spirit  to flow through us, the vehicle, so that this healing energy may be absorbed to heal our own  physical and spiritual condition.

This great healing power which comes from Spirit can be  transmitted to another person who requires healing, whether that person is present, or far away.

It is good practice to set aside the same time each day for meditation and prayer and reflection on spiritual matters.  This increases our ability to perform spiritual healing, and enhances our own spiritual progress.

It helps our Angel friends and Guides if we can set a specific time for our prayer and meditation, as they know we will be receptive to them at the time we have allocated. Our connection to the Heavenly forces becomes stronger with regular meditation and prayer practice.

How our ability to help others is increased by meditation and prayer: These things help us to become more focussed, give us a sense of good purpose and direction, and increase our vitality so that we have something to impart to others in need.

Simple Spiritual Healing Routine

It is a good idea, before beginning any healing, to tune up your own vital force with prayer and appropriate breathing exercise.  Here is a simple exercise for increasing Prana, or vital energy.  This routine tones up the meridians which helps to increase vital healing energy. It was formulated by a medical doctor who also used  spiritual healing and acupressure as healing forces.

Healing Exercise For Increasing Prana

  • 1) Stand facing the sun.  Put the hands on the solar plexus and breathe in deeply, imagining that you are taking in the vital energy from the sun into your solar plexus.
  • 2) Do ten long, deep breaths, inhaling through the nose, keeping the hands gently pressed into the solar plexus. Breathe out slowly each time, feeling the air as it moves through the chest, throat and nasal passages.  Count each breath in to yourself, and say OM to yourself mentally, as you breathe out.
  • 3) The Kow Tow:  After ten long inhalations, clasp the hands together and place the clasped hands over the solar plexus.
  • Breathe in a deep breath as you bend forward, performing  a Kow Tow movement.  Bend forward towards the sun until you are  looking to the ground in the full Kow Tow.  Hold for a second, then breath in as you come up to the erect position again.  Keep the hands, which remain clasped during all the Kow Tow movements, over the solar plexus.
  • Do three Kow Tow movements, breathing IN each time you bend forward, and out as you come up.
  • 4) Next, put the thumbs under the armpit, between the join of the arm and the chest.  A meridian line runs through here which is energized by this exercise. Breathe in a deep breath as you press the thumbs under the armpits.  Stand up on the toes as you breath in, and exhale as you come down on the toes again.  Do three times.
  • 5) Next, put the right thumb over the indent to the side of the right eye.  Put your left thumb at the back of the neck, just ot the left side of the base of the scull.  Hold the thumbs in these postitions for half a minute, then release.
  • 6)  Put the clasped hands back over the solar plexus and stand quietly as you breathe in three more slow breaths, exhaling slowly and fully each time.

That’s it.  You are ready for your healing session, or to go about your day.  Ideally, this exercise should be performed regularly in the morning, at noon, and in the evening.  Even if you are not performing a healing, this exercise does wonders for improving the function of all the vital organs, increasing Prana, and relaxing the mind.

Giving Spiritual Healing  To Another Person: There are many different techniques for  giving spiritual healing to  help a person. Here is just one simple method:

After doing the special breathing exercises for Increasing Prana above,  say a prayer for the person you are helping.  If the person is with you, have the person sit in a chair in front of you, relaxed and with eyes closed.

After a short prayer, put your hands gently on the shoulders.  Leave them there for a minute while you feel the healing power from Spirit coming from your hands and into the person you are helping.

Bring to mind the condition which needs help, if you know it.

I find it is especially helpful to stand at the side of a person who is seated on a chair, the recipient of the healing.  Put your right hand on the temples, stretching the thumb out to one side of the brow, and the little finger on the other side of the brow.  Put your left hand at the nape of the neck, holding it gently.

You can keep this position for a few minutes, as you concentrate on sending healing energy into the person through your hands.

When you feel that the time is right, start slowly  drawing your hands away from the person.  You can hold the hands out several inches from the brow for several more minutes, sending healing, but not touching the brow at this stage.

Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum Dowsing is a fascinating thing.  A simple pendulum such as a glass crystal from a Chinese Two Dollar Shop will work, so long as the pendulum can swing unhindered and evenly. Once you get the hang of it, the pendulum  can give you a negative or a positive to almost any question. The usual patterns are:   clockwise for a positive, and anti clockwise for a negative. It is possible to use the pendulum for almost any question:  you can swing the  pendulum  over an item of food to let you know whether or not that food is suitable for you or not.   You can find lost items such as jewellery, or library books, with the use of pendulum dowsing. The most valuable  use  of the pendulum is in the  Divine purpose of  spiritual healing.

Water Diviners  use dowsing methods  for finding water underground, except that a ‘divining rod’  is used instead.  The use of a rod works better in this case, because the rod can point downwards at the exact point where the water is to be found, whereas a pendulum cannot be so decisive  in pin-pointing locations.

Whilst you are still learning how to use the pendulum, you may not get correct answers.  The pendulum may swing about willy nilly and not tell you much at all, in the beginning.  But after a time, when you get some skill into it, you will find that your results are correct, or near the mark, 90-100% of the time.

So where does this information come from?  How does the pendulum know what an outcome will be to a certain situation, whether something will be beneficial for you or not. Or with two people you have just met – how can the pendulum tell you whether these two  people are related,  or if their parents are still alive,  how old they are,  or what their condition of ill health is, without  your knowing anything about their history?

The answer is hidden intelligence.  Whether you believe the Angels are responsible, or whether these Angels are known to you or not,  or whether it is an unknown ‘Guide’, makes no difference really.  However, it has become apparent to me over many years of using the pendulum, that often the presence behind the power of the pendulum is actually someone I know.  These people have all passed over and are  ‘on the other side’,  except for one person who visits me from time to time.  I thought he had left the physical world and thought that he was sending me messages from there,  so you can imagine how surprised I was  to find out that he is still alive.

My friend, we shall call him Gottlieb, is a spiritual healer.  He has always  had an amazing gift of healing, dowsing for a diagnosis, and then applying his spiritual healing.  He has always  been capable of astral travel, of putting himself in another place or country just by an effort of will:  so it is not surprising, really, that he was coming to visit me from as far afield as Queensland, Australia, and not from Heaven, where I expected him to be.  I live in New Zealand.

You can read about more of the details of this very unusual happening in my post entitled “Spiritual Healing and the Pendulum’.

Pendulum Dowsing can be used in diagnosis to help healing.

My friend Gottlieb used a slightly different method,  more like the method of the water diviner, which he has taught me how to use.  This is done with a fine pen held in the hand over an anatomical chart.

Gottlieb uses this method to perform the most unusual but most effective type of healing. The pen is the tool which the guiding spirits use to indicate on the chart what acupressure points are to be used in order to help a person who needs healing. The advantage of using a pen, instead of a pendulum, is that you can pin-point the acupressure points needed to facilitate a healing with accuracy.

Divine  healers in the Heavenly realms are capable of guiding us to the specific acupressure points, for individual requirements, so that acupressure  can then be performed  on these  specified points to aid healing. My friend Gottlieb has gifted healers who help him with this  Divine diagnosis from their place in Heaven.

The pen diagnosis can be for the person who is sitting with you, or it can be for some absent person.

I am still using the pendulum, though,  for divining messages from my friends, including Gottlieb, and will continue to do so until I am sure that I have mastered the other method. Gottlieb  contacted me last night via thought waves which I received via my pendulum.  He really wanted me to talk about this healing method, so that many more people can begin to use it.

This is how I got  Gottlieb’s messge with my pendulum:   I hold the pendulum over  the letters of the alphabet.  The person who is wanting to ‘come through’  usually spells out their  name to begin with, although this occasionally is skipped. I move my pendulum around over the letters of the alphabet which are drawn in a large circle about the size of a large dinner plate. The  pendulum swings over the letters which spell the words which begin to form sentences.  Sometimes the sentences are not complete, but usually they are complete phrases.  Everybody has their own individual style, and turn of phrase, in life, and this is carried on even unto death, which of course is not death, really.  Our friends are now full time  in another realm, although they can visit us from time to time. Gottlieb has been  spending a lot of time in this other realm, and it is easy for him to manifest anywhere at all, just as the spirits are capable of.

Gottlieb really wishes I would get on and  master the pen method, as this would be a lot faster than divining messages with the pendulum. I will get there, Gottlieb.

Take my word for it:  Divination and the idea of Heavenly guides is regarded as madness by most people, but many people will be doing the same thing within a few years.  In the 1970’s and even in the 80’s, people thought that you were mad if you complained that an herbicide such as 245T, or Roundup,  was affecting your health.  People said that you were imaging it.  Because there were no visible  immediate physical effects, people denied that it was happening.  Nowadays, information has spread, and many people do accept  that toxins in our food and general environment  really are causing ill health, as well as wrecking our environment.   This is no new thing now.  It is accepted as fact.

Well, in about five  years time, it will be the same story: Dowsing methods will be  the means to contact spirits, living people, and Divine Intelligence. People will be able to talk to the sick, those who cannot speak because of brain damage caused by stroke or paralysis, or  alzheimer’s. It will be an accepted thing, and many people will be doing it. Then, when we have all developed a bit more on the psychic level, we won’t even need a pendulum to guide us anymore,  as we will be capable of communicating directly with spirit, and understanding what needs to be done.

I think the pen diagnosis will always have a part to play in diagnosing acupuncture and acupressure points for the purposes of Divine Healing.

Medicine Buddha Mantra

Usui Reiki Healing  and  the Medicine Buddha Mantra.

I have just read the Reiki Healer, A Complete Guide to the Path and Practice of Reiki, 2004,  by Lawrence Ellyard.  This book has given me much informaton on the practice of Reiki healing, including  the Medicine Buddha Mantra, and  some other Buddhist Mantras which are listed below in this article.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the history and the practice of usui reiki. It is published by Lotus Press, P.O. Box 325, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin 53181. The author Lawrence Ellyard teaches Reiki Healing and has a teaching practice  in Australia. Lawrence is happy to answer any queries on the practice of Reiki.

Medicine Buddha is a Buddhist Archetype common to the Mahayana and Vajrayana Bhuddhist traditions. These traditions of Medicine Buddha are known in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and  in Japan, within the Shingon Buddhist tradition. Medicine Buddha is the central deity used in the Reiki system of healing.

The Medicine Buddha Mantra is used to invoke the Archetypal Deity, Sangle Mendela. This is the Medicine Buddha, the Buddha of Healing. His Mantra, as given in the book called Reiki Healer is:


The translation for this mantra, as given by Lawrence Ellyard  is:  “Thus gone, healer, great healer King, accomplish healing, let it happen’.

The Medicine Buddha Mantra is an especially powerful mantra, even when used on its own without the added transmission of empowerment from a qualified Lama. However, it is recommended by qualified reiki therapists, including Lawrence Ellyard,  that a Lama  from a Mahayana or Vajrayana Buddhist center bless you and your use of the mantra before you begin to use it.

Basically, the Medicine Buddha healing ritual involves visualising the Blue Medicine Buddha above the head of the person who is receiving the healing.  The Medicine Buddha is visualised facing in the same direction as the person receiving healing.  If this  is yourself, then you imagine the Buddha a tenth the size of yourself, sitting above your head, looking frontward, as you are.  If you are giving healing to someone else, then you imagine the recipient with the Blue Buddha above the head of that person.  If the recipient is facing you, then both the Buddha and the recipient will be looking towards you.

Whilst saying the mantra, one visualizes the healing energy coming down towards the recipient, as if  a thousand tiny blue healing stars are falling down and being absorbed into the crown chakra of the recipient.  From there, the powerful healing rays being eminated from the Blue Buddha continue down through the body to the heart chakra, where they are retained.

The heart chakra is considered the most vital chakra in Medicine Buddha philosophy, as the heart is at the core of our functioning and our emotions.  It is important to nourish and develop a good heart if we want to develop spiritually and develop compassion.

Why is Medicine Buddha also known as the Blue Buddha? I have made my own assumptions here:  It is easy to work out why Medicine Buddha is sometimes referred to as the Blue Buddha…………….

The Medicine  Buddha is The Buddha of Healing. His other name, in Tibetan Buddhism, is ‘Sangye Mendela’, which is translated as ‘King of lapis lazuli radiance’.

Lapis lazuli, which is the color of Medicine Buddha, is a semi precious gemstone which has a distinctive, radiant,  intense dark blue color.

Healing Gemstone:  Lapis lazuli has always been regarded as a healing gem. It  is used in India and in other parts of the world to aid healing and to invoke healing power. It is associated with the planet Uranus in some schools of color therapy and astrology.

Lapis Lazuli is thought to be helpful in enhancing and balancing the spiritual chakra of the body. This is the Crown Chakra, which is sensitive to the vibrations emanated from Lapis Lazuli. Visualizing the color of lapis lazuli  in meditation is supposed to encourage higher thought and promote healing and spiritual aspirations. This  perhaps explains why the Medicine Buddha is the color of Lapis lazuli, and  why Medicine Buddha is sometimes referred to as the ‘Blue Buddha’.

Other Buddhist Mantras, some of which are given in the book called  Reiki Healer are:

  • OM MANI PADME HUNG.  This is a powerful healing Mantra, as it evokes the Buddha of Compassion. In some texts which teach Thai Massage,  this is written as OM MANI PADME HUM.  This Mantra is still widely used today, especially in Tibetan Buddhist practice. It is also used as a healing prayer by some practitioners of Thai massage, and other healing modalities,  to evoke the qualities of the Buddha of Compassion before beginning a healing.   The Mantra  originated  in the Sanskrit language, in ancient India.  Translated, it means, literally:  “Om jewel of unfolding Hung’.   A more beautiful translation, taken from the Thai usage, is:  ‘May the jewel of the lotus flower send out a light of love and compassion to unite all existence as one’. This mantra is to the Buddha Avalokiteshvara. His Archetypal Deity is ‘Buddha of Loving Kindness and Compassion’.
  • OM MANI PADME HUM: (in addition to the above) The OM sound is the  universal vibration of all existence.  MANI is the diamond, the jewel which represents clarity of mind and purpose, resulting in wisdom.  PADME is the lotus flower, the symbol of beauty, purity and compassion. The Lotus flower is the miracle of light and wonder which blooms after arising out of the muddy depths of unclean water. This represents the evolvement of the  human spirit.  HUM is a heart open to all, one which unifies through love, kindness and compassion.
  • OM AMI DEWA HRIH. Translated, this means: ‘Om Lord of Limitless Light  Hrih’.  This mantra is to the Buddha Amitabha. His Archetypal Deity is ‘Buddha of Limitless Light, Guardian of Dewachen (Pure Realm).  This Mantra is recited to assist the journey of a deceased person to the realm of Dewachen. Prayers are offered within the first 30 minutes of death, on the third day, after seven days after the event of death, then on the same day of death each week,  up to the seventh week, which is 49 days. The procedure is fully described by Lawrence Ellyard in his book Reiki Healer.
  • OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA. Translated, this means: ‘Om Liberitous, Liberate now’.  This mantra is to the Green Tara Buddha. This Archetypal Deity is ‘Buddha of Great Liberation’.
  • OM BENZA SATO HUNG. Translated, this means: ‘Om Diamond Being Hung’.  This mantra is to the Buddha Dorje Sempa. His Archetypal Deity is ‘Buddha of Purification (Diamond Mind).
  • OM ARA PA CHA NA DHIH. There is no literal translation for this mantra in English, but the Mantra represents ‘Perfect Wisdom’ This Mantra is to the Buddha of Wisdom Archetypal Deity.
  • OM GATE GATE PARAGATE PARASAMGATE BODHI SOHA. The translation for this is: ‘Om gone, gone, gone completely beyond, awakening, let it happen’. The Archetypal Deity is ‘Mother of all Buddhas. This Mantra is to the Buddha Prajinaparamita.

Spiritual Healing and the Pendulum

Using Divine Power To Gain Insights:  This is a story about something quite remarkable which recently happened to me. You might call the experience a development in extra-sensory perception.

I have been using the pendulum for many years. In the days when I was bringing up my family and using homeopathic medicine as an alternative to conventional medicine, I found the pendulum extremely useful in deciphering which of the many available remedies were the best choice for any given ailment.

Pendulum Diagnosis:  The pendulum worked miracles – there was rarely a need to go to doctors or even naturopaths, as the pendulum was always reliable in obtaining the correct remedy, often in conjunction with dietary measures and added vitamin and mineral supplements.

In those days, while I accepted that the pendulum worked by some force outside of myself, I did not really understand too much about why or how it worked: it just did. Over the years my perceptions grew as my sensitivity developed. Then, when I lost heart and took to the wine bottle for about three years, the ability to use the pendulum or decipher anything relevant from an astrological chart vanished completely. These abilities did not return until I had physically and mentally recovered my health.

Just before this very disruptive period of my life, I had the extreme good fortune to meet and befriend a very talented psychic and spiritual healer who has influenced my life greatly. This was Gottlieb, from Denmark,who lived on the same island as I did, off the coast of Auckland in New Zealand.

Gottlieb used a pen to divine messages from his friends in spirit. He used this method to pin-point the acupuncture points for massage on  an anatomical chart. Just as my guidance for using homeopathic remedies was apparently flawless, Gottlieb had the same results with his pen diagnosis. His method, though was very speedy, as he didn’t have to wait while a pendulum responded: the pen could pin-point the exact locations to be massaged, perhaps five or six points within about 12 seconds. Sometimes he treated these points immediately, but very often, he gave instructions to the person to massage these specific points for a certain amount of days, or weeks, at a specific time of the day.

Gottlieb was trying to teach me this method of healing. He felt this method was a far better tool for healing than using a pendulum. However, I am still using the pendulum, although I expect that one day I WILL get around to developing the pen diagnosis technique.

My friend left our lovely Waiheke Island about the same time as I did. He went to sunny Queensland where I visited him several times over a period of about six years. Then, a year or so after the last visit, friends told me that he had died. He was well into his 80’s. I have often felt his presence with me, especially to do with spiritual healing, and sometimes when meditating, or whilst musing on a painting which he loved.

Recently, I had a vivid image, just as I closed my eyes, of myself in the company of three or four other people. They were watching me use the pendulum around a small round table which had the letters of the alphabet on it. Now, since I was awake, I was certain that this idea had just been put there by somebody – my friends in spirit. There must be something they want to tell me, I thought, so I’d better just get on and do as they suggest. In the past, I have often turned a blind eye towards spiritual assistance when it has been offered to me, only to realise not too far down the track that my Angels were trying to help me all along. Not so this time:  Right away, I wrote the letters of the alphabet around the edge of a round stool which I had beside the bed, and got my pendulum out.

The results were ASTOUNDING. My dear daughter who passed into spirit thirty odd years ago came through with reassuring advice for me. My dear father-in-law came through, with his typical dry humour. Other friends and relatives gave their names and followed with several sentences of reassurance. But the most persistent of the visitors was my friend Gottlieb. The pendulum swung about ever so strongly whenever he came through. He was just incredibly excited by the possibility that I could teach this method of communication to his dear wife, who is still living in Queensland. Every few days he would ask if I could get onto finding her so that I could tell her that I had communicated with him. “SHE WILL BE SO HAPPY. SHE WILL BE ABLE TO TALK TO ME. SHE FEELS SO HELPLESS AT THE MOMENT, SHE IS VERY SAD AND IS NOT TAKING THIS VERY WELL’

I tried phoning several friends from Waiheke Island who might know her address. No luck. They hadn’t seen either her or Gottlieb for about twelve years. Gottlieb then told me to find her on the computer, on a specific site which details health practitioners in Queensland. I did not have access to a computer at this point, so I put his request temporarily  to the back of my mind.Then, a couple of weeks later, my sons set me up with a computer at my new residence. Hooray – now I can write again. As I sat there about to begin writing, I felt something urgent coming from my Angel friends. I got my alphabet chart and my pendulum out. Straight away, the message came ‘GOTTLIEB SAYS HELLO MY FRIEND. NOW YOU CAN FIND INGRID ON THE COMPUTER’. Then he related a message which he wanted me to send to Ingrid: ‘INGRID – YOU ARE THE HEART OF MY EXISTENCE HERE. I LOVE YOU’. DO NOT BE SAD………… ‘

I went to the computer. The result from the search was equally astounding: Immediately, her name came up on the site where he told me I could find her.So I sent her a message right away to her email address. Very soon, a message came back. She was pleased to hear from me, ‘BUT YOU MUST HAVE YOUR WIRES CROSSED, BECAUSE GOTTLIEB IS STILL ALIVE. I WAS SITTING WITH HIM ONLY AN HOUR AGO’. She went on to say that he has alzheimer’s now, or some similar condition,that he lives in a rest home and that he has lost his power of speech. He cannot speak to her. She was very distressed as he has been ill recently. She said she felt helpless.

I was absolutely blown away: Messages from spirit were expected, but I hadn’t conceived of the idea of someone who is still alive being capable of sending powerful impulses via the pendulum. And these thoughts from across the great water divide. But now it all made sense: it was just as he had described. Ingrid could not communicate with him, and she WAS feeling helpless. He wanted her to know that he was still thinking of her, and that he still was active as a healer, only purely in the spiritual sense, as his physical being has more or less shut down. The essence of it all was that he wanted her to know that he loved her, and that he would still be able to communicate with her just as he had communicated with me, since I would teach her the method.

Over several days Ingrid and I communicated via email. Eventually I persuaded her to try the method I had used. I convinced her that Gottlieb would help her with the use of it, just as he had helped me, and that that was purely the reason he had contacted me in the first place.She drew up a chart with the alphabet on it. Sure enough, she obtained immediate results when she went to visit him with her chart.. He began by spelling his name. The following day he began with his name again. Astounding. I knew they were making a true connection, as I hadn’t filled her in on the details of how he began, but he always began his messages to me by spelling out his name.

Gottlieb had extraordinary powers of healing and of psychic force when he was living on Waiheke. Those powers have obviously not diminished in the slightest, even though he is not capable of physical effort any longer, cannot speak, and presumably has alzheimer’s And even when he is fully in the spirit world, I expect he will communicate with us just as helpfully and effectively as he is doing right now from over the sea.

Alzheimer’s and Pendulum Communication

Psychic Healing and Communication:  People who have alzheimer’s, or brain damage, still have their core part of their mind still intact. To the visitor, friend or relative, doctor or nurse, often an alzheimer’s patient seems beyond any power of comprehension, as the patient may simply sit there, with no outward recognition of any visitor and with, seemingly, no appreciation of what efforts the visitor or care-giver may be making on behalf of the patient. These poor people have often  lost the ability to speak and move, which might indicate to the observer that they are absolutely ‘in another world’. In a sense, this is true, as people whose physical being has shut down get to expand their consciousness into realms which most of us have not yet seen. They may seem dead on a physical level, but the main part of their existence continues just the same.

I have recently been made aware that a very good friend of mine who lives overseas is very much alive and well in his mind, although he has alzheimer’s, or a similar condition. My friend Gottlieb has been in care for some time now. I had been told a year or so ago that he had died, and so I hadn’t bothered to make the effort up to see him in Queensland where he has resided with his wife for about ten years or more.

Now Gottlieb knew I used the pendulum to a fairly high degree of success in some fields, although  I had never used it to spell out words direct from spirit before.He knew I would eventually cotton-on to the idea. This is why he made me the target for his directive which was to contact his wife, reassure her, and teach her how to communicate with him through this new method of pendulum use. His wife also uses a pendulum.  I am sure the new idea was partly inspired by Gottlieb in order to equip me with the skill to convey messages to his wife. His input into my own learning has thus developed my skill of pendulum use, because now I am able to divine messages from spirit.

Gottlieb always had a psychic force, a wonderful healing energy about him which was imparted to you as you either sat with him or received his hands-on spiritual healing. I have been aware of his healing presence about me from time to time. I assumed he was coming from the spirit world because I had been told he had died. But this was not the case, as I was to discover later. There were several people who were keen to communicate with me, including my daughter who died more than 30 years ago, and other family members and friends. Gottlieb, however, came through with the most energetic pendulum swing, and with clear, precise messages, just as he always did. He implored me to get in touch with his wife, as she was sad. A few weeks went by. I had not been able so far to track her down. The messages kept coming through to find her. A message came telling me I would find her on the computer under addresses of  Australian Healers, but I still had no computer set up to get this done. Then a few weeks later, within half an hour or so of my sons setting up a computer for me and getting on line, Gottlieb had a message for me. It was, again, very specific: GOTTLIEB SAYS HELLO MY FRIEND. AND NOW YOU MUST CONTACT INGRID ON THE COMPUTER

I found her immediately and sent her an email. The most exciting thing for me was that she told me Gottlieb was STILL ALIVE. He was unable to communicate with Ingrid because of his deteriorated physical condition which had affected his speech. He had alzheimer’s and was thought to be past understanding anything, and quite beyond doing any healing.

This was not the case – apart from the messages concerning his wife and the necessity to teach her this method of communication, he had, at an earlier date, given me a specific remedy  via the pendulum for a remedy to cure a skin complaint. The active ingredient was tamarind. I had never heard of tamarind used in the way he described, but research showed me he was definitely on the right track.It has turned out to be effective.

I believe that many people with alzheimer’s may be able to communicate via this method. It is worth the effort, if you have a loved one in care who cannot communicate for any reason at all, to try this approach to see if you might receive their thoughts. They most probably will already know yours. It is certainly reassuring to see that the spirit of the person, the intelligence beyond the physical brain, is still alive and well and active, even when the physical body is not.

So Ingrid followed the method I described and learned how to decipher messages from Gottlieb. She was very happy with the result, which in turn has given Gottlieb peace of mind. Gottlieb still continues to convey messages of healing, love and reassurance to his friends.