Bernhard Peterson: Psychic Healer

Spiritual Healer Bernhard Peterson
Tribute To Our Friend
Bernhard Peterson, psychic healer, artist, musician and entertainer, gypsy lover, grandfather and friend to many, has just passed away, on the 30 December, 2010.
Everyone who knew him on Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand,  will remember Bernhard, his great sense of humour  his huge warm personality,  and that enormous, wonderful, life giving grape vine which grew in his house.  Bernhard just loved grapes.

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Bernhard’s daughter Kirsten, who is also a spiritual healer, who lives in Denmark,  kindly sent me a message on this site this week, to let me know. I had felt that he was close to passing, as another friend in spirit had told me that Bernhard had pneumonia on the 28th December, 2010, and could I send him healing.  Bernhard had told me a few weeks ago that his circulation was very poor and could I please send healing to help this.
Bernhard lived for many happy years with his wife Dagmar on his beloved Waiheke Island, the ‘Jewel of the Hauraki Gulf’, in Auckland, New Zealand.  This was where I had the very good fortune to meet Bernhard,play beautiful music with him,  learn from him, and become his friend.
Bernhard very kindly let me and my two young boys, now in their late twenties, live in his lovely wee cottage at Palm Beach, rent free, while he and Dagmar took a three month trip to Tahiti, where he was having one of his annual art exhibitions.  This was the very last trip he would make to Tahiti to sell paintings.
It was fantastic to be part of that final trip.  My cousin Peter had turned up from Australia, and we all helped to pack up
paintings for their safe journey by plane to Tahiti, where they would all find new homes and environments to grace, and new people to form relationships with.
It was all very exciting, but there was an element of sadness, too:  Like a very large family who had lived together their whole life, these beautiful paintings were about to have one last big party together, at the Tahitian gallery, after which they would all be sold, and a new life begun. Some might be lucky enough to be sold together with one of their friends, but most would be sold alone, and end up in another collection with a whole lot of other artists’ works.  Their father, their creator, Bernhard, was of course a little sad at the prospect of releasing them all into the unknown, especially since this was to be the last, final, exhibition.
The gallery in Tahiti has supported Bernhard’s work over many years. Tahiti was another favourite place of Bernhard’s:  Bernhard was the father of the famous Gauguin in another life, which, Bernhard said, explained why he seemed to have an innate ability to paint in the impressionistic, colouristic style of the famous Gauguin.
Bernhard has been communicating with me psychically for a long time now, but these correspondences have taken on another lease of life in the past 15 months or so. This is since taking up using the pen for divination instead of using a pendulum.  Bernhard was encouraging me to switch to the pen at least 15 years ago.  It has taken all this time for me to make the switch-over, but nevertheless, Bernhard was absolutely thrilled that I finally did it, and that I had devised a method which worked.  Most of all, he wanted me to teach Dagmar the method, so that he could communicate with her:  He said that she was sad because he could not communicate any more in the ‘normal’ way, but that she would be happy once she understood that he WAS still there, still thinking, still functioning as a psychic healer with important work to do, in the  albeit body which had carried him through almost a century of life.
And so I taught Dagmar the method via emails, so that she could communicate with her beloved Bernhard.
This was my gift to Dagmar and Bernhard, which is really nothing compared to what Bernhard has done for me, nothing compared to the impact he has had on my life.  I was a healer before I met Bernhard, though with still an extremely rocky patch to live through, but Bernhard increased my abilities by bringing me into IMMEDIATE contact with spirit, simply by using the WILL.  This illustrated just how accessible this heavenly, divine, miraculous healing power really is.
Bernhard’s gift of healing, and his willingness to impart his divine knowledge and skill, has increased my knowledge of the spirit world dramatically, and empowered my healing work in ways which one cannot really describe.
Bernhard, I cannot thank you enough.
Bernhard sent me a message yesterday, which illustrates how his sense of humour has not waned any:
Bernhard: :HELLO MY FRIEND”, he always starts out.  Then came:
and just as his message was finishing, a few lines further, one of the jolly gypsy inspired pieces we used to play together, he on violin, me on piano, came over the radio.  And therein lies another story – because – only a few days ago, the same week Bernhard passed away, my CD player suddenly packed up its CD function forever.  It has been going perfectly well for years.  When it suddenly expired, forcing me to listen to National Radio instead, which is not necessarily a bad option, I knew something was ‘up’.  Spirit was telling me something.  Well, I think the radio would have been Bernhard’s preference anyway.
Bernhard, you are amazing.

Acupressure Healing via Divination.

Spiritual Healing using Acupressure.

A bit more on the magic of that pewter tea pot of my Gran’s:

I have just been to see my beloved family in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.  My elderly relative has had a problem with his foot for some time now.  It just has not healed, although he has been under specialist treatment for quite a while.  Now he is on strong antibiotics which he has to continue taking for the next three months.

When I arrived at the house, it was just as I had perceived it from a distance, miles away in Auckland, where I live. An awful feeling of sadness was about the house, as if we were all bound for Davey Jones’ locker: even the garden had lost much of its colour, as he has removed many of the plants in order to save work. It was as if  those demons gloom and despair were about to completely overwhelm the house and its inhabitants.  I for one will feel sad when these dear people finally depart, but this negative energy seemed unnecessary:  there was something in the air which was definitely reversible, I felt.

Needless to say, after the very simple acupressure treatment, and giving instructions for this treatment to be done each day at night, the sad negative feeling had dissipated, and a feeling of joy was evident, both in myself, in the dear family member who was the recipient of the healing, and also in my niece’s state of mind:  She had accompanied me over, with her wee dog, to visit our family.

I think, more than anything, that a spirit of hope can be imparted with an acupressure healing which has been inspired by Spirit Helpers.  With a condition which does not heal with orthodox treatment, one can get very depressed and feel quite  powerless if you do not have the understanding that Spirit can help you.  After putting  our faith in the medical profession, having taken their advice and medication, yet seeing  that the  condition is not improving, then, without that sense of the Almighty to help us,  we can feel an aweful sense of hopelessness  and despair which is counterproductive to healing and the enjoyment of life.

But even if the condition is not to be healed totally, with our Creator being in charge of our entry and exit to and from this world, much can be done to alleviate sadness and depression with Spiritual Healing. For a start, toning up the meridian lines aids the circulation of the blood, and revitalises the nervous system,  which does much to counteract depression.

One important aspect of Spiritual Healing is that the recipient actually gets to feel that connection which you have made with Higher Power, and this can be a rejuvenating and transforming experience, especially to those who have not experienced Spiritual Healing before, or who have forgotten about this Higher Power.

Family members in spirit, and also my dear friend and helper Bernhard Petersen, have been prompting me to pay a visit to the Bay, to see  my dear niece, and also to see if I could get to perform a healing, using Bernhard’s method of pen diagnosis for tuning in to the acupuncture points which need toning up.

As pointed out in other articles on Spiritual Healing, the pen is a mighty tool for locating the exact acupressure points which require healing, far better than a pendulum over a chart, as this cannot pin-point the exact location of a point as accurately as the fine tip of a pen.

With this method of Bernhard’s you are actually combining an ancient art  of  meridian healing with the added healing power from Spirit Helpers.

I have been sending absent healing for a bit, using Tibetan Buddhist methods, and just simple Christian prayer with the aid of the dear Holy Mother.  Of course, besides Bernhard,  my Grandmother, Rosy, Jack, Father Pat, and my other dear friends have had an enormous input in using me as a tool for healing, as I am sure they are also using other family members. But here, at last, I was finally given the opportunity to perform a very short Spiritual Healing with the addition of acupressure healing.

I really felt that the cause of the problem with my relative  related to an imbalance of the meridian lines, and that a simple treatment which ‘got’ to all the main meridians would help enormously in improving his state of mind as well as his physical well-being.

The Points Used To Tone Up the Circulation:

This simple acupressure treatment might benefit others who have circulatory problems with leg problems. It can be done in conjunction with any medication you are taking, and will not interfere in any way with medications.

It is very quick and easy to do. Just two minutes sitting up in bed at night is all that is required of your time. Three presses at each point is all that is needed.  It is the regularity of the treatment which is the important thing.

Circulation was the thing which needed to be addressed:  the sore foot which would not heal is not getting enough blood flow to heal it. When meridians are out of kilter, sometimes there is nothing that will cure the symptoms, other than physically and/or spiritually correcting and empowering these energy lines.

Do One Leg at a Time, Working from the Ankle upwards as stated:

We began with the inside of the ankle bone – below the bone, slightly to the front of it, and then about two inches above that. Only three presses are necessary with this type of treatment.  So – three presses to the lower ankle spot, three above it, then three presses into the middle of the ankle bone at the top of the foot, where the foot joins the leg.

Then we moved halfway up the calf muscle to the inside of the leg.  Three points to the middle of the calf muscle.  Then three presses towards the outside of the leg, on the shin bone, on the outer edge, again, about halfway up the leg.

Then we moved to the knee cap. Three presses just underneath to the left of the knee cap, then three to the right, lower side of the knee cap.  Then the same to the top of the knee cap – three presses to the upper right side of the knee cap, three press to the upper left side of the same knee cap.

Then at the back of the knee, at the centre of the crease of the back of the knee.  Three presses again.

Then we did three deeper presses into the very centre of the front of the thigh bone. Halfway up from the knee cap to the top of the leg.

From here, do the other leg.

After treating the other leg with the same points,  we moved up to the chest, to the sternum:  Three presses at the base of the centre of the rib cage in the middle of the chest, directly between the two nipples.

Move up the middle of the chest, halfway up to the centre point of the chest. Again, do  three presses.

Move up to the top of the chest, to the throat.  Press the bone below the adam’s apple, on the upper side of the bone so that you are pressing down on the bone, in the hollow beneath the adam’s apple, pressure directed towards the chest.

Finish the central meridian line with three firm presses to the chin, at the very centre of the chin, on the bone below the lip.

Then move out to the soft spot in the dip below the collar bone, just before the arm is joined to the trunk.  Three presses in this hollow.  Do the other corresponding spot on the opposite side.

Then move down to the inside elbow crease..  Bend your arm to find the spot, then give three presses into the inside of the elbow crease.

Then give three presses to the outside of the elbow, where the funny bone is to be found.

Move down on the same arm to the top side of the wrist, three  finger widths up  from the crease at the wrist, and about two finger widths  in from the thumb side  of the wrist. Hold your wrist  with the thumb on top, and the second and third fingers underneath the wrist.  This gives pressure to the underside as well. Three presses here.

Then move to the final point, between the thumb and forefinger.  This is the ‘Hoku’ point, and this is very good for overall health – for ‘fixing what’s wrong with you’.  It is helpful in hiccups, constipation, toning up circulation, improving vitality, kidney function and goodness know what.  Three presses here.

Go back to the other arm and finish off the points at the elbow, as stated above, then the point above the wrist on the upper side, then the Hoku point.  Three presses again, on every point.

Finish the whole treatment with three clockwise circular motions around the stomach, over the solar plexus area.   Move the hand in a wide, generous circle around the  outside of the navel.   Three movements, and you’re done.

Cho Ku Rei: I finished the treatment off with a Tibetan Buddhist Healing  Symbol known as the Cho Ku Rei,  which does help to facilitate healing, and encourages Spirit Helpers to give their aid.  I did this over the forehead…..You draw this symbol by making a line from left to right.  Start above the left eye and draw your finger to the centre of the forehead.  Keep your finger on the brow, but ……Change direction with the line, coming down the centre of the forehead, to just above the nose.  Keeping your finger on the brow just above the nose, move in a circle towards the right, heading upward over the right eyebrow,  and then scrolling back over the original mid line which you drew down over the nose.  Keep the movement going in a circle, so that your scroll crosses the top of the midline, and heads back around and down towards the bottom part of the midline again, near the nose.  You draw three circles and end up on the same side  of the centre line as the original line inward .

Of course, we will have to wait for about six weeks for the condition to be healed.  But meanwhile, the depression will have been eradicated, and a feeling of empowerment instilled which must surely aid healing.  The Heavenly Spirit Helpers will be at his side to help with both physical and mental and emotional  healing just as long as he has the faith to keep up the practice every day.

Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum Dowsing is a fascinating thing.  A simple pendulum such as a glass crystal from a Chinese Two Dollar Shop will work, so long as the pendulum can swing unhindered and evenly. Once you get the hang of it, the pendulum  can give you a negative or a positive to almost any question. The usual patterns are:   clockwise for a positive, and anti clockwise for a negative. It is possible to use the pendulum for almost any question:  you can swing the  pendulum  over an item of food to let you know whether or not that food is suitable for you or not.   You can find lost items such as jewellery, or library books, with the use of pendulum dowsing. The most valuable  use  of the pendulum is in the  Divine purpose of  spiritual healing.

Water Diviners  use dowsing methods  for finding water underground, except that a ‘divining rod’  is used instead.  The use of a rod works better in this case, because the rod can point downwards at the exact point where the water is to be found, whereas a pendulum cannot be so decisive  in pin-pointing locations.

Whilst you are still learning how to use the pendulum, you may not get correct answers.  The pendulum may swing about willy nilly and not tell you much at all, in the beginning.  But after a time, when you get some skill into it, you will find that your results are correct, or near the mark, 90-100% of the time.

So where does this information come from?  How does the pendulum know what an outcome will be to a certain situation, whether something will be beneficial for you or not. Or with two people you have just met – how can the pendulum tell you whether these two  people are related,  or if their parents are still alive,  how old they are,  or what their condition of ill health is, without  your knowing anything about their history?

The answer is hidden intelligence.  Whether you believe the Angels are responsible, or whether these Angels are known to you or not,  or whether it is an unknown ‘Guide’, makes no difference really.  However, it has become apparent to me over many years of using the pendulum, that often the presence behind the power of the pendulum is actually someone I know.  These people have all passed over and are  ‘on the other side’,  except for one person who visits me from time to time.  I thought he had left the physical world and thought that he was sending me messages from there,  so you can imagine how surprised I was  to find out that he is still alive.

My friend, we shall call him Gottlieb, is a spiritual healer.  He has always  had an amazing gift of healing, dowsing for a diagnosis, and then applying his spiritual healing.  He has always  been capable of astral travel, of putting himself in another place or country just by an effort of will:  so it is not surprising, really, that he was coming to visit me from as far afield as Queensland, Australia, and not from Heaven, where I expected him to be.  I live in New Zealand.

You can read about more of the details of this very unusual happening in my post entitled “Spiritual Healing and the Pendulum’.

Pendulum Dowsing can be used in diagnosis to help healing.

My friend Gottlieb used a slightly different method,  more like the method of the water diviner, which he has taught me how to use.  This is done with a fine pen held in the hand over an anatomical chart.

Gottlieb uses this method to perform the most unusual but most effective type of healing. The pen is the tool which the guiding spirits use to indicate on the chart what acupressure points are to be used in order to help a person who needs healing. The advantage of using a pen, instead of a pendulum, is that you can pin-point the acupressure points needed to facilitate a healing with accuracy.

Divine  healers in the Heavenly realms are capable of guiding us to the specific acupressure points, for individual requirements, so that acupressure  can then be performed  on these  specified points to aid healing. My friend Gottlieb has gifted healers who help him with this  Divine diagnosis from their place in Heaven.

The pen diagnosis can be for the person who is sitting with you, or it can be for some absent person.

I am still using the pendulum, though,  for divining messages from my friends, including Gottlieb, and will continue to do so until I am sure that I have mastered the other method. Gottlieb  contacted me last night via thought waves which I received via my pendulum.  He really wanted me to talk about this healing method, so that many more people can begin to use it.

This is how I got  Gottlieb’s messge with my pendulum:   I hold the pendulum over  the letters of the alphabet.  The person who is wanting to ‘come through’  usually spells out their  name to begin with, although this occasionally is skipped. I move my pendulum around over the letters of the alphabet which are drawn in a large circle about the size of a large dinner plate. The  pendulum swings over the letters which spell the words which begin to form sentences.  Sometimes the sentences are not complete, but usually they are complete phrases.  Everybody has their own individual style, and turn of phrase, in life, and this is carried on even unto death, which of course is not death, really.  Our friends are now full time  in another realm, although they can visit us from time to time. Gottlieb has been  spending a lot of time in this other realm, and it is easy for him to manifest anywhere at all, just as the spirits are capable of.

Gottlieb really wishes I would get on and  master the pen method, as this would be a lot faster than divining messages with the pendulum. I will get there, Gottlieb.

Take my word for it:  Divination and the idea of Heavenly guides is regarded as madness by most people, but many people will be doing the same thing within a few years.  In the 1970’s and even in the 80’s, people thought that you were mad if you complained that an herbicide such as 245T, or Roundup,  was affecting your health.  People said that you were imaging it.  Because there were no visible  immediate physical effects, people denied that it was happening.  Nowadays, information has spread, and many people do accept  that toxins in our food and general environment  really are causing ill health, as well as wrecking our environment.   This is no new thing now.  It is accepted as fact.

Well, in about five  years time, it will be the same story: Dowsing methods will be  the means to contact spirits, living people, and Divine Intelligence. People will be able to talk to the sick, those who cannot speak because of brain damage caused by stroke or paralysis, or  alzheimer’s. It will be an accepted thing, and many people will be doing it. Then, when we have all developed a bit more on the psychic level, we won’t even need a pendulum to guide us anymore,  as we will be capable of communicating directly with spirit, and understanding what needs to be done.

I think the pen diagnosis will always have a part to play in diagnosing acupuncture and acupressure points for the purposes of Divine Healing.