How To Make Up Your Own Soothing Healing Mantra

My second book, published in the 1980’s by Benton-Guy Publishing, Auckland, New Zealand, included a section on mantras, and Rudolph Steiner’s method for using consonants in a special order for a specific effect.  This is a precis of the information from that book.

The Power Of Words can be used to heal the body and to soothe the mind.  There are endless  combinations of words to choose from.  Each combination has a specific vibration and a specific energy force, which means that words, carefully chosen, can be used to help specific needs.

“In the beginning was the word, and the word was God” – or Good. So the Bible emphasizes the power of the word.  Sound Healing using chants is one effective way to draw the life force into the body, thus strengthening all body organs, the emotions, and the mind.

Mantras for the purpose of  soothing and quietening the mental and physical impulses can be made more potent by  using a special  selection of letters which have been shown by Rudolph Steiner to  impart a healing and quietening vibration to the participant.

Here is an order of lettering which Rudolph Steiner used to obtain a soothing effect in a mantra.  Of course, there will be many other options, but this is one of  the orders which Rudolph Steiner, the famous German Christian mystic and intellectual, found to be most effective.

The order of lettering  which Rudolph Steiner suggests for quietening the mind is:  D, F, G (as in Go), K (as in Can), H.

You can make up a mantra using these letters, and here is how you do it:  You simply take the ‘D’ and use this to begin a word.  Then, the second word of your mantra will start with “F’;  The third word will start with ‘G’, and so on.

You can use some of the letters more than once in a row if you so wish:  This will change the vibration to some extent, but I find that this can intensify the soothing effect, as in some of the examples shown below.  Try to invent a phrase which has a positive and happy meaning, such as the following phrases, which are  mostly my own inventions, by the way, and not those of the great mystic Rudolph Steiner.

Daffodils Foxgloves Gardenias Chamomile  Heavenly Hollyhocks

Delight Forever in Giving Kindly and Happily

Delight Forever in Giving Kindly Kings Honeysuckle

Dreams of Flowers and Golden Gardens and Kind Hearts and Hollyhocks

Delight in the Fruits of Giving with Kindness and Happiness

Dreamily Fairies Fly Golden and Crimson-winged around the Holly

Dispel Fear because God Gives Courage which Heals

Dancing Fearlessly Grecian Godesses Cavort with Hilarity with Hugo  (don’t know about this one having such a soothing effect – It might cause you to laugh.  As you can see, it can be a lot of fun making up these mantras)

Drifting Flying Graciously Grimelda’s Kite Hurries Homeward

Dandelions, Forget-me-nots, Gentian Violet, Comfrey and Hellibore

The idea is to take your chosen mantra, or the one you have invented, and say it repeatedly for several minutes.  Emphasize the beginning of the words which have the specially selected letters. You can repeat your mantra before bed, to help you get a good night’s sleep at night.  You can practice the reciting of your chosen mantra just prior to doing a meditation if you wish.

Experiment with these mantras – You will see, if you try them out, that this Rudolph Steiner  system of lettering really does have a soothing effect on the mind and the nervous system.