Bernhard Peterson: Psychic Healer

Spiritual Healer Bernhard Peterson
Tribute To Our Friend
Bernhard Peterson, psychic healer, artist, musician and entertainer, gypsy lover, grandfather and friend to many, has just passed away, on the 30 December, 2010.
Everyone who knew him on Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand,  will remember Bernhard, his great sense of humour  his huge warm personality,  and that enormous, wonderful, life giving grape vine which grew in his house.  Bernhard just loved grapes.

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Bernhard’s daughter Kirsten, who is also a spiritual healer, who lives in Denmark,  kindly sent me a message on this site this week, to let me know. I had felt that he was close to passing, as another friend in spirit had told me that Bernhard had pneumonia on the 28th December, 2010, and could I send him healing.  Bernhard had told me a few weeks ago that his circulation was very poor and could I please send healing to help this.
Bernhard lived for many happy years with his wife Dagmar on his beloved Waiheke Island, the ‘Jewel of the Hauraki Gulf’, in Auckland, New Zealand.  This was where I had the very good fortune to meet Bernhard,play beautiful music with him,  learn from him, and become his friend.
Bernhard very kindly let me and my two young boys, now in their late twenties, live in his lovely wee cottage at Palm Beach, rent free, while he and Dagmar took a three month trip to Tahiti, where he was having one of his annual art exhibitions.  This was the very last trip he would make to Tahiti to sell paintings.
It was fantastic to be part of that final trip.  My cousin Peter had turned up from Australia, and we all helped to pack up
paintings for their safe journey by plane to Tahiti, where they would all find new homes and environments to grace, and new people to form relationships with.
It was all very exciting, but there was an element of sadness, too:  Like a very large family who had lived together their whole life, these beautiful paintings were about to have one last big party together, at the Tahitian gallery, after which they would all be sold, and a new life begun. Some might be lucky enough to be sold together with one of their friends, but most would be sold alone, and end up in another collection with a whole lot of other artists’ works.  Their father, their creator, Bernhard, was of course a little sad at the prospect of releasing them all into the unknown, especially since this was to be the last, final, exhibition.
The gallery in Tahiti has supported Bernhard’s work over many years. Tahiti was another favourite place of Bernhard’s:  Bernhard was the father of the famous Gauguin in another life, which, Bernhard said, explained why he seemed to have an innate ability to paint in the impressionistic, colouristic style of the famous Gauguin.
Bernhard has been communicating with me psychically for a long time now, but these correspondences have taken on another lease of life in the past 15 months or so. This is since taking up using the pen for divination instead of using a pendulum.  Bernhard was encouraging me to switch to the pen at least 15 years ago.  It has taken all this time for me to make the switch-over, but nevertheless, Bernhard was absolutely thrilled that I finally did it, and that I had devised a method which worked.  Most of all, he wanted me to teach Dagmar the method, so that he could communicate with her:  He said that she was sad because he could not communicate any more in the ‘normal’ way, but that she would be happy once she understood that he WAS still there, still thinking, still functioning as a psychic healer with important work to do, in the  albeit body which had carried him through almost a century of life.
And so I taught Dagmar the method via emails, so that she could communicate with her beloved Bernhard.
This was my gift to Dagmar and Bernhard, which is really nothing compared to what Bernhard has done for me, nothing compared to the impact he has had on my life.  I was a healer before I met Bernhard, though with still an extremely rocky patch to live through, but Bernhard increased my abilities by bringing me into IMMEDIATE contact with spirit, simply by using the WILL.  This illustrated just how accessible this heavenly, divine, miraculous healing power really is.
Bernhard’s gift of healing, and his willingness to impart his divine knowledge and skill, has increased my knowledge of the spirit world dramatically, and empowered my healing work in ways which one cannot really describe.
Bernhard, I cannot thank you enough.
Bernhard sent me a message yesterday, which illustrates how his sense of humour has not waned any:
Bernhard: :HELLO MY FRIEND”, he always starts out.  Then came:
and just as his message was finishing, a few lines further, one of the jolly gypsy inspired pieces we used to play together, he on violin, me on piano, came over the radio.  And therein lies another story – because – only a few days ago, the same week Bernhard passed away, my CD player suddenly packed up its CD function forever.  It has been going perfectly well for years.  When it suddenly expired, forcing me to listen to National Radio instead, which is not necessarily a bad option, I knew something was ‘up’.  Spirit was telling me something.  Well, I think the radio would have been Bernhard’s preference anyway.
Bernhard, you are amazing.