Homeopathy Remedy For Hangover

Natural Remedy For Hangover With Homeopathic Treatments.

I do not drink alcohol any more.  I have the same problem as Peter from Coronation Street. In our New Zealand episodes,  which are about a year behind the UK,  Peter has just started sneaking alcoholic drinks and pretending to his family, and Leanne, that he is not drinking.  But everyone discovered the disturbing truth on Thursday:  He got drunk at the opening party for his and Leanne’s new bar.

Oh dear. …..There, but for the Grace of God, go I.  Peter, we were all wishing that you wouldn’t take that first drink.  Anyway – Here is ‘one for you’,  Peter. Let’s hope this  fixes that sore head that you’ll have in the morning. The best Homeopathic remedy to take for Hangover, which is also used  to treat depression, irritability, constipation and some digestive problems,  is Nux Vomica.

Homeopathic Nux vomica is a remedy which is recommended in several homeopathic manuals for helping hangover, and for treating alcoholism..   It is even mentioned in the book “New Choices In Natural Healing” which is put out by ‘Prevention” magazine.  My copy is 1995, published by Rodale Press, Pennsylvania, USA. In this book, Dr Mitchell Fleisher recommends Homeopathic Nux vomica for hangover, in a 6C or 12C potency.  He suggests taking a dose every three or four hours until the symptoms of hangover  improve. You can buy these potencies, 6C, and 12C,  from most health shops.

Remedies For Alcoholism:

These are taken from the well regarded Homeopathic manual,  “The Prescriber”, by John H. Clarke, M.D., who does not give any remedies for the hangover, but instead, gives several for the treatment of the cause of the problem:  Alcholism.

Nux vomica appears at the top of  Dr Clarke’s list as a treatment for alcoholism.

This great book, “The Prescriber”, was first published in the 1950’s.  It is such a valuable book, and there was so much demand for it in the Homeopathic profession, that it was reprinted in 1995 by Jain Publishers in New Delhi.

Dr John H. Clarke recommends  total abstinence and Nux vomica 3, 4h. for treating alcoholism when there is morning vomiting with tremulousness.

He recommends Avena 5.3, gtt. v. 8h,  followed by Zinc. 6, 4h. when there is irritability combined with nervous depression. Total abstinence would again be required.

When there is chronic vomiting with a white-coated tongue, he uses Homeopathic Antimon. tart. 6, 4h. Total abstinence is again needed to recover.

If there is cirrhosis of the liver he recommends   Sulphur 30 or 200.

Homeopathic Quercus 3-3x, 4h. is the remedy which Dr Clarke recommends for ‘Old drunkards”. Quercus is the botanical name for ‘oak’, and the remedy  is made from the old oak tree.

These remedies would need to be made up by a homeopathic chemist.  However, they give you an idea as to the remedies which may still work in the 30C potency:  These are readily available in most health shops:  The 30C potency is what you can buy without going to see a professional Homeopath.

Note:  Without the Homeopathic chemist, Homeopaths cannot survive.  As Dr Clarke points out in his “The Prescriber”, it would be impossible for one person to make up all his own remedies, even if he had the skill, and the plant, and mineral materials needed were available to him.  Many homeopathic chemists have closed down, and so there is a risk that Homeopathic medicine might disappear.  We urgently need new Homeopathic pharmacists  to keep the tradition of Homeopathic medicine alive.  Food for thought for young people who might consider training as a Homeopathic chemist.  There will be a dire need in a few years.

Can Homeopathy Help Pre-Menstrual Tension?

Homeopathy:  Alternative to Prescription Medicine and Other Drugs.

Homeopathy does not work for everybody: Your Pre-Menstrual Tension might not be helped by Homeopathy if you have had a life-time of taking prescription medicines such as vaccinations, anti-biotics, paracetamol and other analgesics.  The use of such medications and other drugs, such as tobacco, alcohol and marijuana, might have caused  your system to  have become de-sensitized to Homeopathic Remedies.  But for many people, Homeopathy provides a safe, natural,  and non-addictive substitute for many prescription medicines.  And the beauty of homeopathy is that once you get improvement, you generally stop taking the remedy, which means that there is not an on-going dependence on Homeopathy, which there often is on prescription medicines.

The other marvellous thing about Homeopathy is that if you strike on the right remedy to help your complaint, all your other associated, and perhaps unassociated, health complaints generally get fixed up at the same time. (I like this old spelling of marvellous – it is only recently that dictionaries dictated that it should be spelled with only one ‘l’)

So – Here are some Homeopathic Remedies to help prevent Pre-Menstrual Tension. These are just a few of the possible natural homeopathic remedies which might help PMT.  There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of Homeopathic Remedies.  I will list just several of the more well-known remedies which you might like to experiment with.

It is recommended that you see a Homeopathic practitioner, or an Ayurvedic practitioner, if your condition is serious.  However, for the people whose symptoms are uncomfortable more than terribly distressing, experimenting with one or two Homeopathic Remedies   might be very helpful in reducing your  symptoms of Pre-Menstrual Tension –  PMT.

Aconite: This remedy is famous for the SUDDEN onset of symptoms.  If your headache has come on quickly, and feels worse for moving, then Aconite might be good.  It can be useful for people whose periods are scanty or late.  It often goes with a distended stomach and fluid retention.  If you get stomach troubles before the period, or any kind of gastro-intestinal disturbance, then Aconite could help.  With Aconite, there is often restlessness, especially at night, and pain which is worse in the evening or at night.  The person does not like the painful part, usually the stomach, or back, to be touched.  Often sneezing goes with the Aconite patient.

There is a remedy called ABC, which is a mixture of Aconite, Belladonna, and Chamomilla which you could try.  These remedies are known to complement each other, and are useful for treating many common conditions, including some cases of  Pre-Menstrual Tension.  Homeopathic Remedies which complement Aconite are Coffea and Sulphur.  Sulphur is often used as a folllow-up remedy to Aconite, to finish off the process of healing.

Other common remedies which are sometimes used for PMT are: Coffea, Chamomilla, Bryonia,  Nat. Mur,  Pulsatilla and Sepia…

to be continued…….

Homeopathic Medicine Can Help Eyesight

Eyesight Problems

The Eyes Are The Barometer Of The Body, The Mirror Of The Soul.  The health of the nervous system is reflected in the eyes.  Eyes are the most sensitive part of the body, and so the condition and health of the eyes can tell you how strong and healthy the rest of your body is.  Eyes are the first thing affected if you are exposed to chemical pollutants of any kind.  People who are exposed to excessive amounts of radiation usually suffer blindness, even if they do not succumb right away to cancer.

Today is June 2nd 2011. I am pleased to say that my eyesight is recovering again, with the help of homeopathic medicine.  My eyesight has taken a bit of a beating the past few months, and this resulted in a sudden alarming condition which affected the vision in the left eye.

Well, there are several  factors which I think contributed towards the sudden deterioration:  For a start, I have been using the computer on almost a daily basis.  This is not good for anyone’s eyesight, and I think is even worse than watching TV for long periods, as the screen is so close to the face.

Radiation Damages Eyesight: The second thing which really affected my eyesight, and the general nervous system, was the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster:  Although i live in New Zealand, which many ‘experts’ say will not be affected by the nuclear fall-out from Japan for years and years, there WAS radioactive pollution which came here.  We had two clouds of it – the first arrived about the 20th march, around 10 days after the tsunami tragedy.  This lasted around 10 days again.  Then there was a break of around 10 days or so, and another burst of the pollution hit the Auckland area.  This affected the eyesight very profoundly, causing a blurring of the vision and very sore burning eyes.  These symptoms were accompanied by running nose, immense stabbing headache, nerve pains, painful bone pains, breathing difficulty, depression and lethargy.  Heart and circulation were also affected.

I stayed inside as much as possible during these periods, and refrained from drinking tap water, milk and freshly picked green vegetables.

After the pollution left, I still had some of the symptoms.  Lungs still felt corroded, and the bone pains continued to a certain extent.  It was as if a virus had suddenly invaded my body and would not leave.  Then, I had a friend come to me from Spirit who literally said in my ear ‘Bryonia’.  Well, I have not kept remedies in the house for years now.  I find that i am sensitive to remedies, even as they sit in their bottles, especially if a few of them are kept together in a cupboard.  So I did not take the Bryonia right away.  Eventually, with several more messages to take homeopathic Bryonia, I went and bought this specific remedy.  As soon as I began to take it, all the uncomfortable and distressing symptoms of chest, lungs and heart disappeared. I continued the remedy for around three days and then discontinued, as the symptoms had all vanished.

The third major mishap which affected my eyesight was that the owners of my rental accommodation sprayed very toxic chemicals around the house. This came a couple of months after the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster of 11 March, 2011, just as I thought things were improving environmentally, at least.  These were pesticides to kill ants, and herbicides to kill weeds.  Chemicals affect eyesight very badly – I believe everyone’s eyesight is damaged to some extent when herbicide and pesticide chemicals are used near to one’s house or work-place.

Insecticides and Pesticides  Damage Eyesight: These are designed to affect the nervous systems of insects and rodents, and so these chemicals will also affect the nervous systems of people.  Even though you do not physically ingest the chemical through food, as insects and rodents do, simply breathing it in from the air around you, and touching traces on surfaces of your house and clothing, your nervous system and its very vulnerable eyesight will be affected for the worse.

So – all symptoms of radiation sickness disappeared with Bryonia, except for the eyesight which was still not completely recovered.

As well as all the chemical pollutants coming my way, I had an ‘accident’ where I scraped my left eyeball with my nail – I attribute Saturn retrograde over my Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Libra to my propensity to physical and mental stress during this time:  Saturn will be retrograde until the 13th June, less than 2 weeks away.  Hooray…… At first, there seemed to be no apparent damage to the eyesight.  I thought nothing more about this.  Until….

Just less than 2 weeks ago, i awoke to find my eyesight impaired in the left eye.  A large black scar was right across the centre of my vision in this eye.  The other complaint with the left eye was a continual twitching of the eye lid.  I rested, and took dietary remedial measures.   A few days later, just as soon as it had appeared, the black scar disappeared.  But I awoke to find that it seemed to have exploded into many, many black dots which were all about the left side of the left eye.  The twitching of the eye muscles continued.

I did some research into homeopathic remedies.  I went over to the health Shop to purchase my chosen remedies.  The only remedy  on my list which they had for the eyes was called homeopathic Euphrasia 30c.  I took this one, and put my order in for several other remedies, which I will tell you about tomorrow.

Anyway – I immediately began taking the  homeopathic Euphrasia. It had the immediate effect of soothing the nerves.   The twitching of the eye lid stopped within about 12 hours of beginning taking the remedy.  The same day, in fact.  Whereas the eye had involuntarily twitched for about a week, it stopped after I began taking the Euphrasia, before the day was out. Three days later after taking Euphrasia and continuing it for three days,  my eye-sight is almost back to normal.  The many black dots have just about disappeared.

However, the eye still feels as if it is slightly congested inside the eye, and so I am continuing treatment for a bit:

I have switched to homeopathic Agaricus Muscarius 30c, 2nd June 2011.  Along with the impaired vision, I had incredibly stiffness of the spine and back muscles which came on quite suddenly.  There was also some aching in the shin bone, and some rhinitis in the left sinus area, the same side as the affected eye.  Well, Agaricus Muscaria is a specific for all of these symptoms, as well as for black spots over the field of vision, , colour blindness,  night blindness, and strange flying objects in the field of vision.  Agaricus Muscarius has the ability to strengthen the optic nerve, which good vision depends upon.

My vision is improving by the day with the Homeopathic Agaricus 30c treatment.   I am so glad that I chose to use homeopathic medicine to try to cure the eye ailments, before going to the eye specialist as friends suggested.  If I had done that, I would have been given some medication to stop the twitching, and glasses for sure, but the root cause of the problem would not have been addressed.

It is early days yet, and who knows – I might still end up going in to see the eye doctor…….But so far, so good……

P.S. Time To Stop Treatment:  By Sunday the 5th June 2011, I had the feeling that Agaricus had done its work – that no more progress would be made with Agaricus Muscaria.  However, I continued to take it for that Sunday and the following Monday, despite the sense that I should stop.  I wanted to see what would happen.  That Sunday night I began to feel quite restless, and a sadness seemed to be with me. The next day, by the evening, when I had the last dose, there was no doubt that Agaricus had done its work.  Some of the symptoms which Agaricus had cleared up for me, like the stiff spine, aching shin bones, sinus trouble, sneezing, etc, were evident after that last dose Monday night.  It made me also feel suddenly incredibly restless again, slightly depressed and anxious at the same time.  I felt the blood pressure building up around the eye again, and also around the left ear.   So that was it: Now I must STOP the medication, because it had done its work:  Any more would reverse the progress made.   I took a couple of cups of black tea to antidote the remedy, which it did immediately.  Coffee is usually the thing to antidote a remedy, but I did not want to take the chance, in case the coffee added to the slight hypertension and other symptoms which I was experiencing.

Black tea worked a treat as an antidote to Agaricus. Black tea stopped the effect of the Agaricus just as soon as I swallowed a few sips of tea.  I think black ceylon tea would work as an antidote to many homeopathic remedies. Now I know that three days treatment of Agaricus Muscaria 30c is enough. I  stopped taking Agaricus Muscaria on the fifth day of taking this remedy, when three days would have been enough.  This remedy followed three days on Euphrasia.

My eyesight is almost back to normal. The bone aches, twitches of eyelids, eczema, and all other symptoms have disappeared because of taking the two remedies which I took principally to heal my eyesight.


Homeopathic Medicine Under Threat In New Zealand

Alternative Medicine Undermined By Drug Companies

Did you know that many doctors all over the world effectively use homeopathic remedies.  There are many medical doctors who have studied homeopathy extensively, and who prefer to use homeopathy instead of  conventional drugs.


The thing which drug companies hate most of all is preventative medicine and alternative medicine of any kind.  They especially hate homeopathic medicine, because  it represents a very real threat to allopathic medicine:  Just as there is a drug for every different complaint in allopathic or conventional medicine, , so there is a specific remedy for every illness, every infectious disease,  for every body-type  and emotional type, in the homeopathic tradition.

But homeopathic medicine is also a preventative medicine, and this is a factor which makes drug companies very jealous.  Homeopathy is an extremely sophisticated medicine, which common drugs just cannot compete with.  Also, given the right treatment in homeopathic medicine, after the patient has been stabilized, there is not usually any need for on-going ‘medication’.  So homeopathic medicine is not profit-driven.

This is the antithesis of the modern drug experience:   Drug companies and their acolyte doctors would have us believe that their drugs are necessary for the ‘rest of your natural life’, once you begin taking them.  This dependency on their drugs means that drug companies and those doctors who prescribe their drugs,  are assured of  on-going profits, of course.

Homeopathy is a real threat, because remedies are made just so cheaply, that there is not really a lot of money to be made from them.  This, again, contrasts vastly with commonly prescribed drugs which are often very costly.

There was an article in last  Sunday’s Herald, 24th April, 2011,  by Dr Shaun Holt, who wants to see all doctors prohibited from using homeopathic remedies.  The drug companies must just love this man. He is the kind of doctor that drug companies get to do their ‘research’, because he is biased in the first place, on the side of the drug companies.   Even the “Lancet” has articles by drug-company friendly doctors who are paid to do research which is  jacked up to suit the marketing needs of the drug companies. It makes me wonder who funded Shaun Holt’s  books on ‘research’ into natural medicines.

Now, Shaun Holt really seems to know nothing about homeopathy.  He calls it ‘quackery’, yet  I would bet my bottom boots that he has never ever consulted a homeopathic practitioner to try a prescribed remedy for any given complaint, and that he has never followed a patient’s progress through a treatment from an experienced homeopath.

He calls it ‘quackery’, yet there is a long tradition of homeopathic medicine in the United Kingdom which predates his modern drugs by a long shot.  The Royal family have always had their own  residential private homeopath.  There is a Royal College of Homeopaths in London, endorsed by the Queen,  and several well reputed hospitals which prescribe homeopathic medicine instead of the usual drugs which are marketed by profiteering drug companies.

Side Effects of Medications:  As we all  know, commonly marketed drugs are often found to have adverse effects on people when they are used long-term. The adverse side effects of commonly prescribed drugs often lead to complications where other, worse diseases become established.  Thousands of people die each year in the United States of America, from having been given the wrong medication, or too much of it, or from complications due to prescribed drugs. This is a big problem –  Yet where is the lobby to get THESE drugs banned?

Nobody Dies From A Homeopathic Overdose or from being given the wrong homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic remedies do not propose a danger to people’s health in the same way as allopathic drug treatments do, yet,   very very wrongly, we have the likes of Shaun Holt campaigning to have homeopathic remedies banned in doctor’s surgeries.

Homeopathic Medicine is, by contrast to commonly used drugs, a much safer way to go.  Of course, sometimes common drugs are needed, if homeopathy has not cured a condition:    When a patient has been used to a life-time of taking poisonous drugs, and the immune system has become severely weakened, then homeopathic medicine may not work.  These patients might need ‘more of the same’ of the drugs that they are used to.

But for most people who have not abused their systems with excessive or long-term usage of prescription medicines, which generally just mask a condition of ill-health,  then homeopathic medicine can be just the thing to restore you to health,  cure an ailment and really fix what is wrong with you.

Homeopathics for Gluten Sensitivity

Homeopathic Remedies

If you have celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity, or suspect that you might, then it could be very worth your while going to visit a reputable homeopath.

DSCO 1835

Homeopathy has helped many people who have digestive problems, including wheat sensitivity and gluten sensitivity.

Vaccinations have, and still do, cause allergic reactions in some people, with on-going sensitivity to certain foods as the result.  Vaccinations are problematic for many people.  They are thought to be responsible, in part, for the problem of obesity in the young, for arthritis and cancer conditions in some people, and alzheimer’s in the elderly and the not-so-young.

These are very good reasons to explore the alternatives to vaccination, such as homeopathic and herbal remedies.  For example – Homeopathic Thuja is one very good medicine which can help reduce or negate the bad effects of vaccinations.  This might be one remedy to try if you are suffering allergies, and gluten sensitivity.  Best to consult with your homeopath about this.

While homeopathic self diagnosis is ok for common complaints such as colds and flu, where you can safely administer your own medicine in most cases, you  do really need to see a professional homeopath for complex conditions such as gluten sensitivity,  as it is important to have just the right remedy if you wish to effect a cure.

I would like to point interested readers to a fairly new book on homeopathic medicine entitled “The New Materia Medica’.  This is by Dr Colin Griffith, MCH, RSHom., published by Watkins Publishing, London, 2007. Dr  Colin Griffith studied at the College of Homeopathy and is a founding member of the Guild of Homeopaths.  He has lectured in America, Canada, Japan and Greece and lectures on a regular basis at the Centre for Homeopathic Education, Regent’s College, London.

His books ‘Companion to Homeopathy’ and ‘The Practical handbook of Homeopathy’ are highly regarded in the profession.

In ‘The New Materia Medica’, “The Future of Homeopathy”,  Colin discusses many new remedies for many different health complaints and temperaments.  There is a small section which mentions several remedies which might be useful in treating gluten sensitivity. Of course, not everybody with gluten sensitivity can be ‘cured’ or even helped with homeopathy, but some people have made a full recovery with professional homeopathic help.

Dr Griffith has done much research into the new remedy ‘Okoubaka‘.  In his book, he compares Okoubaka  to other known remedies and gives some combinations which he has found successful.

I include these suggested remedies in this post with the idea that they might be of interest to practitioners, if they are not already aware of their potential in helping gluten sensitive people. Page 414 gives the following information:

Lycopodium:  This can be useful when allergy symptoms are manifested in the intestines, liver, nasal passages and the lungs.  Depression resulting from gluten toxicity can also benefit from Lycopodium.

Kali-bich:  Dr Griffith says that this remedy rivals Okaubaka in that it has ‘yellowness and stickiness of its discharges’, except that the symptoms of wheat and gluten aaggravation is not so severe, and the patient is not so ‘ungrounded and agitated’ as is the Okoubaka patient.

Med-am:  This remedy can support the progress of Okoubaka when the patient has succumbed to the ‘sycotic miasm’.  Med-am covers a similar range of mental and emotional symptoms, but it is not usually associated with toxicity from chemical poisoning or gluten reaction.

Pulsatilla:  This is more for patients with no thirst and for warmer blooded individuals than Okoubaka. Okoubaka and Pulsatilla people tend to lack motivation, but Pulsatilla is characterized by meekness.

Thuja:  This can have discharges and also have poor motivation.  Insecurity and putting on a brave act go with this remedy.

Sulphur:  Okoubaka could be used after Sulphur when indicated.