Homeopathic Medicine Under Threat In New Zealand

Alternative Medicine Undermined By Drug Companies

Did you know that many doctors all over the world effectively use homeopathic remedies.  There are many medical doctors who have studied homeopathy extensively, and who prefer to use homeopathy instead of  conventional drugs.


The thing which drug companies hate most of all is preventative medicine and alternative medicine of any kind.  They especially hate homeopathic medicine, because  it represents a very real threat to allopathic medicine:  Just as there is a drug for every different complaint in allopathic or conventional medicine, , so there is a specific remedy for every illness, every infectious disease,  for every body-type  and emotional type, in the homeopathic tradition.

But homeopathic medicine is also a preventative medicine, and this is a factor which makes drug companies very jealous.  Homeopathy is an extremely sophisticated medicine, which common drugs just cannot compete with.  Also, given the right treatment in homeopathic medicine, after the patient has been stabilized, there is not usually any need for on-going ‘medication’.  So homeopathic medicine is not profit-driven.

This is the antithesis of the modern drug experience:   Drug companies and their acolyte doctors would have us believe that their drugs are necessary for the ‘rest of your natural life’, once you begin taking them.  This dependency on their drugs means that drug companies and those doctors who prescribe their drugs,  are assured of  on-going profits, of course.

Homeopathy is a real threat, because remedies are made just so cheaply, that there is not really a lot of money to be made from them.  This, again, contrasts vastly with commonly prescribed drugs which are often very costly.

There was an article in last  Sunday’s Herald, 24th April, 2011,  by Dr Shaun Holt, who wants to see all doctors prohibited from using homeopathic remedies.  The drug companies must just love this man. He is the kind of doctor that drug companies get to do their ‘research’, because he is biased in the first place, on the side of the drug companies.   Even the “Lancet” has articles by drug-company friendly doctors who are paid to do research which is  jacked up to suit the marketing needs of the drug companies. It makes me wonder who funded Shaun Holt’s  books on ‘research’ into natural medicines.

Now, Shaun Holt really seems to know nothing about homeopathy.  He calls it ‘quackery’, yet  I would bet my bottom boots that he has never ever consulted a homeopathic practitioner to try a prescribed remedy for any given complaint, and that he has never followed a patient’s progress through a treatment from an experienced homeopath.

He calls it ‘quackery’, yet there is a long tradition of homeopathic medicine in the United Kingdom which predates his modern drugs by a long shot.  The Royal family have always had their own  residential private homeopath.  There is a Royal College of Homeopaths in London, endorsed by the Queen,  and several well reputed hospitals which prescribe homeopathic medicine instead of the usual drugs which are marketed by profiteering drug companies.

Side Effects of Medications:  As we all  know, commonly marketed drugs are often found to have adverse effects on people when they are used long-term. The adverse side effects of commonly prescribed drugs often lead to complications where other, worse diseases become established.  Thousands of people die each year in the United States of America, from having been given the wrong medication, or too much of it, or from complications due to prescribed drugs. This is a big problem –  Yet where is the lobby to get THESE drugs banned?

Nobody Dies From A Homeopathic Overdose or from being given the wrong homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic remedies do not propose a danger to people’s health in the same way as allopathic drug treatments do, yet,   very very wrongly, we have the likes of Shaun Holt campaigning to have homeopathic remedies banned in doctor’s surgeries.

Homeopathic Medicine is, by contrast to commonly used drugs, a much safer way to go.  Of course, sometimes common drugs are needed, if homeopathy has not cured a condition:    When a patient has been used to a life-time of taking poisonous drugs, and the immune system has become severely weakened, then homeopathic medicine may not work.  These patients might need ‘more of the same’ of the drugs that they are used to.

But for most people who have not abused their systems with excessive or long-term usage of prescription medicines, which generally just mask a condition of ill-health,  then homeopathic medicine can be just the thing to restore you to health,  cure an ailment and really fix what is wrong with you.

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