Homeopathic Medicine Can Help Eyesight

Eyesight Problems

The Eyes Are The Barometer Of The Body, The Mirror Of The Soul.  The health of the nervous system is reflected in the eyes.  Eyes are the most sensitive part of the body, and so the condition and health of the eyes can tell you how strong and healthy the rest of your body is.  Eyes are the first thing affected if you are exposed to chemical pollutants of any kind.  People who are exposed to excessive amounts of radiation usually suffer blindness, even if they do not succumb right away to cancer.

Today is June 2nd 2011. I am pleased to say that my eyesight is recovering again, with the help of homeopathic medicine.  My eyesight has taken a bit of a beating the past few months, and this resulted in a sudden alarming condition which affected the vision in the left eye.

Well, there are several  factors which I think contributed towards the sudden deterioration:  For a start, I have been using the computer on almost a daily basis.  This is not good for anyone’s eyesight, and I think is even worse than watching TV for long periods, as the screen is so close to the face.

Radiation Damages Eyesight: The second thing which really affected my eyesight, and the general nervous system, was the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster:  Although i live in New Zealand, which many ‘experts’ say will not be affected by the nuclear fall-out from Japan for years and years, there WAS radioactive pollution which came here.  We had two clouds of it – the first arrived about the 20th march, around 10 days after the tsunami tragedy.  This lasted around 10 days again.  Then there was a break of around 10 days or so, and another burst of the pollution hit the Auckland area.  This affected the eyesight very profoundly, causing a blurring of the vision and very sore burning eyes.  These symptoms were accompanied by running nose, immense stabbing headache, nerve pains, painful bone pains, breathing difficulty, depression and lethargy.  Heart and circulation were also affected.

I stayed inside as much as possible during these periods, and refrained from drinking tap water, milk and freshly picked green vegetables.

After the pollution left, I still had some of the symptoms.  Lungs still felt corroded, and the bone pains continued to a certain extent.  It was as if a virus had suddenly invaded my body and would not leave.  Then, I had a friend come to me from Spirit who literally said in my ear ‘Bryonia’.  Well, I have not kept remedies in the house for years now.  I find that i am sensitive to remedies, even as they sit in their bottles, especially if a few of them are kept together in a cupboard.  So I did not take the Bryonia right away.  Eventually, with several more messages to take homeopathic Bryonia, I went and bought this specific remedy.  As soon as I began to take it, all the uncomfortable and distressing symptoms of chest, lungs and heart disappeared. I continued the remedy for around three days and then discontinued, as the symptoms had all vanished.

The third major mishap which affected my eyesight was that the owners of my rental accommodation sprayed very toxic chemicals around the house. This came a couple of months after the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster of 11 March, 2011, just as I thought things were improving environmentally, at least.  These were pesticides to kill ants, and herbicides to kill weeds.  Chemicals affect eyesight very badly – I believe everyone’s eyesight is damaged to some extent when herbicide and pesticide chemicals are used near to one’s house or work-place.

Insecticides and Pesticides  Damage Eyesight: These are designed to affect the nervous systems of insects and rodents, and so these chemicals will also affect the nervous systems of people.  Even though you do not physically ingest the chemical through food, as insects and rodents do, simply breathing it in from the air around you, and touching traces on surfaces of your house and clothing, your nervous system and its very vulnerable eyesight will be affected for the worse.

So – all symptoms of radiation sickness disappeared with Bryonia, except for the eyesight which was still not completely recovered.

As well as all the chemical pollutants coming my way, I had an ‘accident’ where I scraped my left eyeball with my nail – I attribute Saturn retrograde over my Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Libra to my propensity to physical and mental stress during this time:  Saturn will be retrograde until the 13th June, less than 2 weeks away.  Hooray…… At first, there seemed to be no apparent damage to the eyesight.  I thought nothing more about this.  Until….

Just less than 2 weeks ago, i awoke to find my eyesight impaired in the left eye.  A large black scar was right across the centre of my vision in this eye.  The other complaint with the left eye was a continual twitching of the eye lid.  I rested, and took dietary remedial measures.   A few days later, just as soon as it had appeared, the black scar disappeared.  But I awoke to find that it seemed to have exploded into many, many black dots which were all about the left side of the left eye.  The twitching of the eye muscles continued.

I did some research into homeopathic remedies.  I went over to the health Shop to purchase my chosen remedies.  The only remedy  on my list which they had for the eyes was called homeopathic Euphrasia 30c.  I took this one, and put my order in for several other remedies, which I will tell you about tomorrow.

Anyway – I immediately began taking the  homeopathic Euphrasia. It had the immediate effect of soothing the nerves.   The twitching of the eye lid stopped within about 12 hours of beginning taking the remedy.  The same day, in fact.  Whereas the eye had involuntarily twitched for about a week, it stopped after I began taking the Euphrasia, before the day was out. Three days later after taking Euphrasia and continuing it for three days,  my eye-sight is almost back to normal.  The many black dots have just about disappeared.

However, the eye still feels as if it is slightly congested inside the eye, and so I am continuing treatment for a bit:

I have switched to homeopathic Agaricus Muscarius 30c, 2nd June 2011.  Along with the impaired vision, I had incredibly stiffness of the spine and back muscles which came on quite suddenly.  There was also some aching in the shin bone, and some rhinitis in the left sinus area, the same side as the affected eye.  Well, Agaricus Muscaria is a specific for all of these symptoms, as well as for black spots over the field of vision, , colour blindness,  night blindness, and strange flying objects in the field of vision.  Agaricus Muscarius has the ability to strengthen the optic nerve, which good vision depends upon.

My vision is improving by the day with the Homeopathic Agaricus 30c treatment.   I am so glad that I chose to use homeopathic medicine to try to cure the eye ailments, before going to the eye specialist as friends suggested.  If I had done that, I would have been given some medication to stop the twitching, and glasses for sure, but the root cause of the problem would not have been addressed.

It is early days yet, and who knows – I might still end up going in to see the eye doctor…….But so far, so good……

P.S. Time To Stop Treatment:  By Sunday the 5th June 2011, I had the feeling that Agaricus had done its work – that no more progress would be made with Agaricus Muscaria.  However, I continued to take it for that Sunday and the following Monday, despite the sense that I should stop.  I wanted to see what would happen.  That Sunday night I began to feel quite restless, and a sadness seemed to be with me. The next day, by the evening, when I had the last dose, there was no doubt that Agaricus had done its work.  Some of the symptoms which Agaricus had cleared up for me, like the stiff spine, aching shin bones, sinus trouble, sneezing, etc, were evident after that last dose Monday night.  It made me also feel suddenly incredibly restless again, slightly depressed and anxious at the same time.  I felt the blood pressure building up around the eye again, and also around the left ear.   So that was it: Now I must STOP the medication, because it had done its work:  Any more would reverse the progress made.   I took a couple of cups of black tea to antidote the remedy, which it did immediately.  Coffee is usually the thing to antidote a remedy, but I did not want to take the chance, in case the coffee added to the slight hypertension and other symptoms which I was experiencing.

Black tea worked a treat as an antidote to Agaricus. Black tea stopped the effect of the Agaricus just as soon as I swallowed a few sips of tea.  I think black ceylon tea would work as an antidote to many homeopathic remedies. Now I know that three days treatment of Agaricus Muscaria 30c is enough. I  stopped taking Agaricus Muscaria on the fifth day of taking this remedy, when three days would have been enough.  This remedy followed three days on Euphrasia.

My eyesight is almost back to normal. The bone aches, twitches of eyelids, eczema, and all other symptoms have disappeared because of taking the two remedies which I took principally to heal my eyesight.


Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Poor nutrition, inadequate water and lack of eye-movement exercise can cause a weakening of the eye-sight.

Environmental hazards like formaldehyde, which is found in compacted chip-wood for floors, will cause your eye-sight to deteriorate quite rapidly if you are daily exposed to the toxin. If you live in a house which has a particle board floor, then over time, your eye-sight will deteriorate, your memory will suffer, and you will probably become depressed with all of this as well.

However, provided you are not constantly being exposed to poisons, then these following ideas will help you to improve your eye-sight.

Of course, daily general exercise such as swimming, walking, cycling, or yoga, will help the general health, and your chosen daily exercise will help your eye-sight too, because this will get that blood circulating. A healthy flow of blood has the effect of better nourishing the eyes with the fluid, proteins, minerals and vitamins which they need for their healthy functioning.

Merrilyn’s new book is available on Amazon.  More tips on this for improving the overall health.


Exercise also helps to keep the blood clean by working the abdominal muscles: this aids the removal of effete matter from the intestines, so that the blood which reaches your eyes will be free of harmful toxins.

But more about the eye-movement exercises:  Much improvement in eye-sight can be observed (excuse the pun) when such simple exercises as the ones out-lined here are done on a daily basis. They really are so dreadfully easy to do, and can take almost no time at all if you practice them whilst travelling on a bus, or whilst watching a bit of T.V. Don’t do them while sitting in your car, though, as you may become so absorbed in your exercises that you fail to see that green light.

Many of us city dwellers who have desk jobs, or who pore over books or computers all day long, or mozie around the house once the children have flown the coup, do not use our eye muscles, or the change of focus mechanism, anything like half as much as what we should. Our eyes become lazy, as we get used to working within the same frame of focus for much of the day.

Extreme vertical or horizontal movements of the eyes are made redundant as we fix our gaze on our screens, with something like a short 15 degree angle only being all that is necessary to catch sight of the keyboard, and this at more or less the same distance as the screen from the eyes, which means that the eyes have to do very little re-focussing. Our heads become kind of frozen into a forward-leaning posture when we are thus stuck at a desk or a piano or a television, which does not give us much of a range of distances and angles for the eyes to explore.

Now there is a definite relationship between the movement of the eyes and the nasal and sinus passages:

When the eyes become lazy, the nerves and muscles which prompt the sinuses into releasing mucous become lazy too. The result is sinus trouble – a congestion in the nasal area, which directly affects the nerves of the eyes and your vision. Weak eye-sight is often the direct result of sinus congestion.

You can test this theory for yourself by doing a few rounds of these yoga breathing eye exercises. You will notice that the sinus passages will release fluid as you do these exercises. You should keep up the practice for several minutes, with variations, until the sinus passages are cleared of mucous. The muscles and nerves of the eyes will thus be toned up, especially if you practice the exercises on a daily basis, and this will have the effect of strengthening your eye-sight.

CIRCULAR MOTION OF THE EYES:  You can do this exercise either sitting or standing. Do not strain the eyes by pushing them too hard initially. Begin by looking straight ahead. You do not move the head for this exercise, but rather make the eyes do all the work. Look up as far as you can to the ceiling. Slowly bring the eyes down in a circular motion, stretching out the angle to the side as far as you can to catch sight of the objects to the side of you. Keep moving the eyes slowly until you are looking downwards as far as you can to the floor. Keep the head erect – eyes do the work. Come upwards to the left side slowly, again, reaching out as far as you can with the eye movement so that you see all objects as far to the left as you can. Keep moving slowly upwards. This is one round. Do three rounds, then reverse the direction to do three anti-clockwise movements.

PALM THE EYES To give the eyes a little rest, rub the palms of the hands vigorously together. Put your warmed hands over the closed eyes for a minute. Breathe evenly and deeply, imagining the vital force from your hands going directly into the eyes to strengthen and heal them.

VERTICAL EYE MOVEMENTS Now slowly look upwards. Stretch upward with the eyes as much as you, can without straining, or course. Breathe in as you reach upwards with the eye movement, breathe out as you slowly draw the eyes down to the floor. Breathe in as you raise the eyes to the ceiling. Do three rounds.

HORIZONTAL MOVEMENTS. Moving the eyes slowly, again whilst keeping the head still, look to the far right. Bring the eyes back to the center and then slowly move the gaze to the far left, trying to focus on something each time. Come back to the center. Repeat three times. Coordinating the breathing with the exercise gives more power to the exercise. Breathe in as you look to the side, and out as you return the gaze to the center.

HEAD ROLLS. This exercise stimulates the blood flow to the brain and to the eyes. It also helps the flow of chi down the spine. Simply drop the head forward onto the chest. Breathing in slowly, slowly move the head towards the right shoulder. Keep moving slowly upwards, rolling the head gently backwards, over the top of the spine, and over to the left shoulder. Your lungs should be full of air now. Slowly begin dropping the head down from the left shoulder as you breathe out. Keep moving down until the head touches the chest. Repeat three times, then reverse the direction.

HEAD DROPS Now, breathing out, drop the head sideways onto the right shoulder. Breathing in, lift the head back up to the erect position. Do three times. Drop to the chest as you breathe out, lift up as you breathe in. Repeat three times. Drop the head the same way to the left shoulder, slowly, three times. Drop the head backwards as far as is comfortable. Bring to the erect position and repeat slowly twice more.

DIAGONALS Next, look up to the very top right corner of your field of vision. Bring the focus downwards to the centre so that you are looking straight ahead. Keep moving the eyes in a diagonal direction until they are looking down at the left hand corner. Come back slowly to the centre and continue up towards the top right hand corner. Repeat until you have done three rounds. Repeat the whole exercise beginning at the top left hand corner. It is, again, more beneficial if you can coordinate the breathing with these exercises. Breathe in as you look up, and breathe out as you draw the eyes to the floor. Keep the breathing fluid and steady, with fluid and steady eye movements accompanying the breathing.

ACUPUNCTURE given to relieve sinus congestion will very often have the effect of sharpening your focus and improving short and long focussed vision. Visit a registered acupuncturist to get advice on this. Alternatively, you could do self-acupressure to help the situation. See our post on acupressure for the eyes.

Help Your Eyesight

How to Help Your Eyesight:

As is the case in treating any degenerative disease, the most important things to consider are detoxification and nutrition, with appropriate exercise and a stress-free life-style if you can get it.

Many people who have  degeneration of the eye-sight simply give up hope of restoring their eye-sight, believing that they have to live with the condition as it gradually worsens with each passing year. But there is much that can be done to prevent and treat eye conditions such as macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma , especially if you can recognize the warning signs early in the piece.

Early signs might be that you have lost clear focus, or the vision has become distorted. There might be a black, empty spot in your field of vision, or several small black dots.

Raw Food:  Raw foods should form the bulk of the diet, as these help the detoxification process, whilst providing plenty of essential enzymes, vitamin C, and other nutrients which are needed for the reparation of the eye cells.  If you cannot stomach too much raw food, then  eat your vegetables lightly steamed.

Detoxification :   There are many different techniques for detoxification. I recommend castor oil, taken in a two tablespoon dose every second day to help with the cleansing process. Castor oil also has remarkable healing properties which will help your eye-sight to restore itself, even when taken internally, as in a cleansing technique.   It helps carry the nutrients throughout the body, which ensures that your eyes, too, will get benefit from them.

An Ayurvedic remedy for the eyes is to put just one drop of castor oil into each eye last thing at night, before you shut your eyes to sleep.  This remedy is reputed to be helpful in preventing cataracts of the eye, and also in treating them, if you catch the cataract at the early stage.

Castor oil acts as a pathway, bridgeing the gaps where cells have been damaged so that nutrients can be carried across  the damaged cells, to assist their recovery. Taking a dose of castor oil once a week or so can help your eyesight.

Nutrition : Diet is all-important in treating and preventing macular degeneration and other disease. As we shall see, green vegetables and carrots top the list of vegetables for nourishing the eyes.

Lutein is thought to be the most valuable nutrient to prevent macular degeneration. It is found in leafy green vegetables such as kale, spinach, silver beet and comfrey.

Broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, green peas, celery and broad beans are also high in lutein. Ideally, we need to include a good helping of one or two of these greens with at least one meal a day for enough cell-repairing lutein to reach the eyes and work its healing.

Comfrey is especially high in lutein, silica and other cell-enhancing elements which are valuable in restoring eye- sight. If you can get some, take a cup of comfrey tea daily. The weak, cooled tea can be used as an eye wash and the mushed, cooked and cooled leaves used as a poultice on the eyes for five minutes several times a week. If you cannot get comfrey, try using borage leaves instead, and prepare and use as a tea in the same way as for comfrey, only do not use borage as an eye poultice. Cucumber slices placed over the eyes for five minutes have a healing effect on the eye tissues.

The other essential ingredient for eye health is carotene. The greens mentioned above all contain carotene as well as other essential minerals and vitamins. However, you just can’t beat carrots for improving the eye-sight, and this is why carrots were fed to the fighter pilots during the second world war. Eating carrots daily improved the night vision of the pilots. Follow suit and eat carrots every day to experience the optimum in vision which your eyes offer you.

Fish oils and proteins are essential for the maintenance of good eye-sight. You really need those Omega 3 fatty acids to keep your eyes and brain healthy.  The eyes respond well to a protein-rich diet, especially when high fibre and lutein-rich greens accompany the meal.

Nuts and fish are some of the best nutritive protetins for the eyes and brain. Small fish such as sardines in oil, and mackerel, are very good because you get additional calcium from eating the bones. Iodine is important for eye health: eating fish and fish oils will give you an iodine boost as well. Olive oil, grapeseed oil  and avocado- oil or fruit, all contain fats which benefit the eyes.

Two raw egg yolks taken daily with your meal, or in a smoothie, will help the eye tissues to restore themselves.  Egg yolk contains lecithin, which is needed to process fats and oils.  Do not use the egg white raw. This dietary supplement is very good for people who do not eat meat, or who are on limited diets to treat serious conditions. Walter Last recommended raw egg yolk for people as part of a diet to treat cancer and other degenerative disease. Raw foods formed the basis of this diet, with the addition of calf liver juice. If you were keen to follow a strict regime such as this, you would need to have the support and advice of a trained naturopath or health professional. I would recommend the castor oil regime, taken every second day, with raw food, raw egg yolk, and almonds forming the basis of the diet. If it is done carefully and faithfully, this diet, I believe, will cure even macular degeneration. Read Dr.Max Gerson’s book to get some nitty gritty on the success of this type of treatment.

Eating garlic with meals helps to clear the sinuses which thus has a beneficial effect on the eyesight. Any of the allium family, that is, garlic, leeks, onions, spring onions, or chives, help to keep bacteria at bay and stimulate not only the digestion but also the brain and the eye nerves.

Vitamin B 12 has been found to be of major importance in treating eye disease. It can halt the worsening of an eye trouble. Glaucoma patients, especially, have benefited from a standard dosage of a B 12 supplement. The B vitamins are essential because they help you  lower stress experience.

Take Vitamin C in a non-acidic form daily: Two divided doses of 500 mg to 1000 mg each. Vitamin C has the added benefit, apart from its healing properties, of acting as a mild tranquilizer and stress reliever. Stress hinders recovery, so allow yourself time for everything, including meditation, or yoga, so that you do not become stressed.

Too much coffee, or alcohol, and medicinal drugs, can cause macular degeneration or a general weakening of the eye-sight. Caffeine should be avoided or reduced to a minimum to protect your vision from becoming impaired. If you already have sight deterioration, then you are best to completely eliminate caffeine and alcohol, and medicinal drugs if your doctor allows it, from your diet.

Coffee and alcohol have the effect of dehydrating the body, which affects the eyes and the brain. Make sure you drink adequate amounts of good water each day, instead of going for the stimulants. Your eye-sight will reward you.

You can become a tea tippler rather than a coffee drinker: Polyphenols which are found in tea work as anti-oxidants and have been proven to have anti-cancer properties. Regular tea which contains tannin, is more healthy than de-caffeinated tea, as the polphenol content is higher in the untreated product. Cold, used tea bags of either green tea, or ceylon tea, also have a healing effect on the eyes when used as a pack for five minutes. You can do this several times a week, or even daily, to help regenerate eye tissue and revitalize the nerve functions.

Green Tea helps eyesight:  Green tea is a general tonic for the nervous system.  Building and maintaining a healthy nervous system benefits your eyesight.  You can take anything from two to ten cups a day.  Personally, I think that two cups a day is enough, but research done in New Zealand has shown that ten cups of green tea a day provides enough epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or EGCG to be effective in the regulating of the glucose mechanism, and so we can assume that ten cups a day of green tea is O.K.

Rose hip tea, if you can get it in tea bags, is another very good thing to use (cooled) over the eyes once you have enjoyed your cup of herb tea. Rose hips contain high amounts of vitamin C. Even when dried and infused, the dregs still contain traces of vitamin C and other agents which aid healing.

Castor Oil and Ghee Oil:  These oils have a healing effect on the eyes.  They can be applied as a pack and left over the eyes for a period;  or one drop of either oil can be put into the eyes at night-time.  Both these oils are used in ayurvedic medicine and have been used to prevent cataracts and stop them from worsening.  Castor oil and ghee oil have a lubricating and soothing effect on the eye tissues.