Gallbladder Cleanse With Apples Olive Oil And Lemon Juice

Natural Remedy For Treating And Preventing Gall Stones Or For Constipation

Here is a very effective and easy-to-do method for preventing gall stones.  It will expel existing small gall stones and help to break up larger stones.  Do it just once in a while to keep the Gallbladder free of stones and stale bile.

It is also useful as a detox which will help to remove toxic chemicals from the digestive system. This makes it a helpful treatment for chronic cases of candida, especially when exposure to toxic chemicals has occurred.

Of course, do see your doctor or naturopath if you are experiencing any pain to do with the Gallbladder.

The raw apple, olive oil and lemon treatment is also effective for stubborn cases of constipation.  Because of its great detox effect, it is a good thing to do occasionally for prevention of bowel cancer and other maladies caused by auto-intoxication, such as arthritis.

Walter Last recommends a similar method for expelling gall stones, and I have tried it myself with good results.

So – one of the best methods for a Gallbladder flush:

Raw Apple, Olive Oil and Lemon Juice Gallbladder Cleanse.

Three Days On Apples:  Begin the treatment with eating only raw, grated apples for three days.  Raw apple, grated with its skin still on, cores and all, has a wonderful healing effect on the digestive system.  It is roughage-packed, full of Vitamin C and other antioxidants, as well as phytochemicals which help prevent cancer.

You can eat some whole apples as well with the diet, but grate them also, so that you eat plenty as a salad at mealtimes.
Each night while you do the raw apple days, take one tablespoonful of olive oil with some lemon juice – and a spoonful of lecithin if you have it.
Don’t worry if you don’t have lecithin, as the oil and lemon will work as a cleanser, even without it.
On the third apple day, take 1/2 cup of olive oil with 1/2 cup of lemon juice, mixed together.  Swallow the lot down in one dose.  It is surprisingly easy to take when lemon juice is combined with the olive oil.

There is an option of using orange juice instead of the lemon, but lemon juice is more acidic, more antiseptic, and is a  quicker-acting remedy.
Straight after you have swallowed your Olive Oil and lemon drink, lie on the right side for 2 hours with a pillow under the hips.

The Castor Oil Pack
The other thing you can do on the days you are eating only raw apple is to use Castor Oil on a
pack.  You put this on the outside of your stomach/gall bladder area.
Easy to make – first buy a bottle of castor oil.  Pour around 2 tablespoons over a white cotton or woollen cloth – not too big – just big enough to cover a good area of the stomach.
You leave the Castor Oil Pack on all night with a plastic over it, and something around the outside, like tightish pants, to hold it there.  You can loosely bandage it in place if you want to.
Every night, on the nights you take your raw apple, put the Castor Oil pack on the stomach.  Leave it on for the whole night.

Save the castor oil pack each morning to use again the following night.  Put a little more oil on occasionally to keep it moist.

You do three nights on, and take it off during the day.  Even after you have taken the Olive Oil and Lemon to eliminate stones, you can keep up the routine with the Castor Oil Pack to ensure the healing of the Gallbladder.
The same routine pattern applies after you have finished the raw apple and olive oil treatment- Three nights in a row with no pack. Then three nights on again with the pack.

You can use the Castor Oil Pack indefinitely in this way – 3 nights on, 3 nights off.  No pack during the day-time.

Good Foods To Aid Gallbladder Function and Prevent Gallstones:

Drink plenty of water each day.  Less coffee and tea, and more water.

Eat fewer animal fats and products.  Eat more of the healthy Omega-3 fatty acids which are contained in oils such as Olive Oil, fish oils, and linseed or flax oil.  One to two tablespoons of any one of these oils per day is a good preventative measure against developing gall stones.

Try to incorporate olive oil as a daily commodity in the diet.

Eat plenty of fibre-rich foods, such as fruits, green vegetables, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds.  More fibre in the diet will take away the unwanted cholesterol from the system.  Since gall stones are apparently made up of, mainly, cholesterol, more fibre is essential to prevent stones from forming.

Apples and pears are especially good for the Gallbladder, as well as for improving bowel function.

Try to avoid wheat products, such as breads and cakes.  Avoid pasteurized dairy milk and switch to either raw milk, if it suits your digestion, or soya milk.

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Castor Oil Pack



More Ideas For Using Castor Oil

Natural Remedies

Castor Oil, extracted from Ricinus Communis, is a Miracle Healer.

In the West, we use only the Castor Oil which has been extracted from the raw bean.  The plant itself is extremely poisonous and must never be used internally.

But in many parts of the world, the plant is used as an external treatment for certain ailments, most notably for problems of the chest and lungs.

John Heinerman, in ‘Miracle Healing Herbs’, reports that a traditional Italian remedy uses castor bean leaves splashed with vinegar, applied externally, for the treatment of chest inflammation.

In parts of Africa and the Ivory Coast, a similar method is used for pneumonia and fevers:  The body is rubbed over with Castor Bean leaves to relieve these problems.

The leaves, according to research documented by the ‘Journal of Ethnopharmacology’, (5:117-37, 1982),  see Heinerman,  contain components which have been proven effective against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Aspergillus niger, which are thought to be the cause of some respiratory infections.  This would explain why rubbing the leaves of the Castor Bean tree on and around the chest could be an effective herbal remedy for treating lung infections:  The active ingredients from the leaves are absorbed through the skin to deal with the infection.

In Haiti, orange leaves are infused in Castor Oil for treating bronchitis.  Heinerman does not tell us how this is used, but I should think it would be applied externally to the chest.

Oral Castor Oil Treatment For Cancer and other Degenerative Disease: Castor Oil, taken internally, has been extensively used in the treatment of cancer.  Dr Max Gerson made famous the Castor Oil treatment for cancer and other diseases, such as arthritis and diseases of the nervous system.  Castor Oil, taken in a 2 tablespoon dose every second day, was a major component of his cancer therapy, along with daily enemas and an almost all raw-food diet.

Gall Stones can be removed with diet in conjunction with Castor Oil therapy.  see posts below.

The Castor Oil Pack is a widely used remedy which can help with a variety of health problems.  It helps improve digestion greatly, and will help bowel function, when the pack is left on the stomach overnight.  The castor oil pack is invaluable for people recovering from cancer and other degenerative diseases. It can also help to reduce cancerous growths, in combination with a regenerative diet and programme.

The pack is generally left on for three nights in a row, then left off for three nights.  This routine can be followed indefinitely.

Candida Treatment:  Castor Oil treatments can help get rid of yeast infections.  It helps to restore the beneficial organisms in the bowel, whilst controlling the less desirable ones, such as candida albicans.

For Constipation, Castor Oil offers a speedy cure. It is an effective and very efficient laxative which clears the bowel of effete matter, including intestinal worms.

Castor Oil eliminates toxins from the liver, and flushes out the gall bladder.  The liver treatment is very important in curing degenerative diseases such as cancer.

Castor Oil has the capacity to draw out poisons from the body, wherever they may be.  Elements of the castor oil get transported through the blood into every tissue of the body, where it will do its work or repair.

Castor oil, according to the Spiritual Medium and Healer, Edgar Cayce, helps with the distribution of nutrients throughout the body.  This is one main reason why it is such a valuable remedy for all sorts of maladies, including cancer and other serious ailments.

Skin Tonic: The skin benefits from the occasional, or regular, use of Castor Oil taken internally. The oil can also be applied directly to the skin as a cosmetic aid, or for the treatment of viral skin infections and cold sores of the herpes variety.

Castor Oil For Improving Eyesight: Even the eyes benefit from the use of Castor Oil.  Taken orally, and applied externally to the eyes on a regular basis, minor cataracts and other lesions can be dissolved, and dim eyesight can be improved. Of course, the efficacy of the treatment will be affected by the diet.  Plenty of Lutein-rich foods will be a good idea.

Castor Oil can even help with serious weight loss.  Taken once a week for several weeks, it can help in weight loss because of its ability to clear out toxins, which results in better assimilation of nutrients from your food.  Better assimilation of food can reduce the desire for unnecessary eating.

Castor Oil And Ginger For Weight Loss

Castor Oil can be used as a lubricant for steel in the absence of petroleum oils.  It can be applied to rakes, spades, and other tools to help prevent them rusting.

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Weight Loss Research Shows Thunder God Vine Slows Appetite

Natural Remedies

Harvard Medical School has just published a paper in the science journal ‘Cell’ on 20th May, 2015 which indicates the Chinese herb ‘Thunder God Vine’ could be very promising for curing obesity.

Radio New Zealand gave us a report on the new findings today, Saturday 23 May, 2015, just before 1PM.

With the numbers of obesity growing throughout the world now – over a third of the population is supposed to come under the obese category – the need to find a non-toxic and effective remedy for weight loss is becoming urgent.

A selection of herbal remedies, known to be helpful in weight loss, were used in the recent Harvard studies:  The one which came top of the list for its effectiveness was the Thunder God Vine.  It has the remarkable capacity to slow down the appetite because of a compound called Leptin.

Leptin warns the brain that you have had enough to eat. People who are deficient in Leptin eat too much because they still feel hungry, even after eating a full meal.

This ancient herb, which is native to China, Korea and Japan, has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries.

Research on mice at Harvard has proved that Leptin in the Thunder God Vine reduced appetite, causing weight loss.  A reduced food intake resulted in a 45% weight loss over several weeks of taking the herb each day.

And there have been no toxic effects observed in the use of the herb.

The Leptin within the Thunder God Vine looks to be very promising for curing obesity:  It has the capacity to awaken the appetite centre in the brain, so that instead of ignoring those signals to stop eating, when you already have a full tummy, the brain will have the right response.  With the help of Leptin from the Thunder God, you should feel full after a meal, and not want to overeat.

Of course, the herb will not be enough on its own in maintaining a healthy body.  Adequate exercise must be taken.

Food choices should still be sensible ones, with sugary foods, wheat flour breads and cakes all omitted from the diet Yeast products should be avoided too.

It is really best to avoid dairy foods as well, and use soya milk instead of dairy milk. Remember that the pastures where dairy cows graze have been sprayed with many chemicals, and these chemicals get absorbed in concentration in the cow’s milk.  Some of these chemicals can cause cancer and other health problems, such as obesity and depression. See the paragraph on herbicides and pesticides below.

Another negative aspect of dairy milk is that it is spoilt for human consumption by pasteurization. Pasteurized milk is difficult to digest properly, and many people  have a problem with it.  Dairy milk, and especially pasteurized dairy milk, causes mucous to form in the intestines, and this milk makes a home for intestinal parasites, or worms.

If the milk is not digested properly, then it causes bloating in the bowel, which causes the stomach to swell.  Wheat products can do the same thing.  Wheat bread is especially bad when it is made with yeast, as the yeast tends to continue fermenting in the intestines.

Food additives in the way of colourings, preservatives and flavourings, are a must to avoid.  Many of these chemicals have very damaging effects on the health, as well as the appetite.

Another thing to be careful to avoid is herbicides and pesticides, as these can interfere with the body and brain functions in many ways which are damaging to health.  The glyphosphate weedkiller such as RoundUp is very bad, and I believe that the world-wide use of this is one major cause of obesity.  It damages the natural intestinal flora, killing off the beneficial bacteria and increasing others, such as candida albicans, which causes yeast infections.

Basically, RoundUp and many other agricultural chemicals alter the balance of organisms in the bowel.  When candida gets out of control, it means you do not digest your food properly, your immune system is weakened, and you are likely to fall sick.  Deficiencies in nutrients can arise, which can lead you to be continually hungry.

When these chemicals are sprayed continually around your environment, then you really are in trouble.

The other thing that some of these herbicides and pesticides do is alter the hormonal secretions:  The pineal and pituitary glands, I find, are noticeably affected.  These centres seem to become inflamed and disconnected from the brain after exposure to weed-killer such as glyphosphate-containing RoundUp.  These important energy centres can get out of control, doing their own thing regardless of what the body needs. The disturbances in their normal functioning can cause a feeling of alienation from the world, as well as depression and appetite disturbances.

Last, but not least, meditation and yoga can help enormously to de-stress the body and brain.  Yoga Nidra, an ancient practice of relaxation, is a wonderful technique which can relax the brain,  allowing you to reprogramme yourself, devoid of the emotional clutter which prevents you from really enjoying your life.

Natural Remedies

Culpeper says of Sage that it ’causes the hair to become black’.

Garden sage has many therapeutic uses.

In the garden, its flowers provide medicine and nectar for the bees, as well as a herbal tonic to the neighbouring plants.

It is well-known as an aid to oral hygiene.  It has strong antiseptic qualities and is supposed to whiten tooth enamel.

Sage is still used today in some tooth-pastes.  It is reputedly one effective remedy for bleeding gums,  and improving gum health:  The crushed fresh leaves are massaged several times a day onto the gums and teeth.

The tea is gargled to relieve sore throats, colds and flu,  and ulcers in the mouth.

It can be effective to reduce fevers, and has been used in the past for thyphoid fever. (see ‘Herbal Remedies  and Homeopathy’ published by Geddes and Grosset.)

It is a valuable nerve medicine, and is a useful stomach remedy for improving a weak appetite.

Natural Herbal Hair Dye and Tonic:  Sage can help restore healthy hair and improve the colour.

Strong sage tea encourages hair growth and darkens the hair, if it is used on a regular basis. Many herbalists describe it in their writings:  see John Heinerman’s ‘Encyclopedia of Fruits Vegetables and Herbs’.

Rosemary is another wonderful herb which can help hair growth, but it does not have such a darkening effect on the hair, as sage does.

Recipe For Sage Hair Dye:  Here is a simple, natural hair dye and tonic which you can try.  It is perfectly safe to use, as it does not contain any harmful additives such as you might find in commercial dyes for darkening the hair.

Take two cups of fresh sage leaves and put into a stainless steel saucepan.

Add one cup of dry black tea leaves

Add half a cup of cider vinegar and eight cups of water.

Simmer very gently, with no lid, for one hour on a very low heat.  You should have around half the original quantity of liquid left at the end of an hour.  If you need to add a little more water, make sure you do so well before you finish simmering the brew.  If you add more water at the end of the simmering, then your mixture will not keep so well.

Take off the heat after an hour of simmering.  Set aside to cool.

Once your sage mixture has cooled properly, strain it off.

To the liquid remaining add the same amount of vodka.

Put into a bottle with a screw-top lid and store in a cool place.

Massage around a tablespoonful of the sage infusion into the hair each day.  Use more or less, depending on how much hair you need to cover.

Massage the sage tonic well into the roots of the hair as well, so that it feeds the scalp and hair follicles.  Massaging the scalp with the sage tonic will help the hair to grow again.

The oils in the sage leaves will put a natural shine to the hair.

Once the hair is sufficiently darkened, which may take several weeks, you can reduce the amount of applications each week.  Once or twice a week may be enough to maintain the darker colour.

Sage is really very good for the hair in so many ways.

Alternative Sage Tonic Without Alcohol:  You could make up your sage tea without the alcohol if you wish.  Only, remember that your mixture will not keep for longer than a week, and it must be kept in the fridge.  You could make up a lesser amount, enough to last a week, and then make up a fresh brew of tea for the following week.

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Home Made Eucalyptus Oil For Chest Troubles, Colds Or Sore Joints

Natural Remedies

Eucalyptus Oil, which is a wonderful herbal remedy for colds and flu, coughs, sore chests and sore joints, used to be a stand-by in the medicine chests of yesteryear.

Eucalyptus oil, which is made from the Australian Gum tree, is beneficial to the lungs and the circulation of the blood when it is massaged into the affected areas. Rheumatism and arthritic joints, as well as varicose veins, can benefit greatly from a gentle massage of warmed Eucalyptus and Olive Oil.

But now the herbal eucalyptus oil has been sadly removed from the pharmacy shelves, along with many other very useful and comparatively harmless remedies we used for a myriad of afflictions.

The reason for the removal of Eucalyptus from the shop shelves is, I am sure, because home remedies are being discouraged by the pharmaceutical companies.  Every time we use a home remedy instead of going to the doctor to get a prescription for some drug or another, both the doctor, and the pharmaceutical company whose drug he/she  would have chosen, lose out on a sum of money.

So – now we have been denied access to eucalyptus oil from the health or chemist shops, we must make our own.

Here is a very simple procedure for the making of a home-made eucalyptus oil.  It is not anywhere near as strong as the beautiful tincture of Australian eucalyptus oil  which many of us  used to use for colds and flu, pleurisy of the lungs, or for rubbing on arthritic joints.  But you will find the effect of this home-made oil almost as good.

Here is how you make it, in only 10 minutes.

I keep a young gum tree in a pot for the purpose of using it medicinally.  Pick about four or five nice young leaves off your gum or eucalyptus tree.

Cut up the leaves with scissors, using the stalky bits of the leaves as well.

Put the cut leaves into a small iron saucepan and cover them with olive oil.  About half a cup of olive oil should suffice.

Put the pot onto the stove and heat up the oil and eucalyptus leaves.  Use a moderately hot plate for this, and take care not to burn your olive oil.

When the oil is almost simmering, turn the stove off, but leave the saucepan on the hot plate so that the leaves can marinate in the hot oil for a while.

After around ten minutes, the oil will be cooled enough, and ready to use.  Spoon off a tablespoonful or as much as is needed for immediate use.

This eucalyptus oil is very soothing for a sore, congested chest.  Rub it into the ribs at the side and cover the chest area in the front. Massage the oil into the collar bone area as well. Then do the back of the chest.

I find that I need to wash off most of the oil after twenty minutes or so. After that time, the eucalyptus oil seems too intense for comfort. But twenty minutes is enough time for the active ingredients in the combination of olive oil and eucalyptus to have a favourable effect on the lungs, as well as a tonic effect on the circulation.