Natural Remedies and Foods To Help Prevent Gall Stones

Cut Down On Animal Fat:  A diet low in animal fat is recommended.  However, this does not mean that you avoid fat altogether.  Fats are needed for a healthy body, because they provide nutrients which cannot be found in other foods.  Also, if you cut out all fats, then the gall bladder becomes lazy, and it begins to diminish its output of bile.   When this happens, your ability to digest any fats will be impaired.  Cutting out all fats can actually LEAD to the formation of gall stones.

The secret to avoiding gall stones is balance in the diet: an alkaline  diet which includes enough of the nutrients which combat the formation of gall stones should be adopted.  Also, it is important that enough exercise be taken on a daily basis.  Keeping the weight down is important for the prevention of gall stones, although thin people can also get gall stones when their diets are not right, or they have been years on medications such as warfarin which interfere with the body’s ability to counteract ill health, and instead, contribute towards degeneration and weakness of the body and its functions.

You NEED your gall bladder.  So look after it.  Many people get the gall bladder  whipped out at the drop of a hat, rather than take the trouble to get rid of the stones which have formed in it.  Getting the gall bladder taken out means that your system will be devoid of this important fat-processing organ, which means that your body will not get the fats that it needs for maintaining healthy joints, nerves, heart, and brain.

Taking extra lecithin is helpful  to the gall bladder, because it increases the phospholipid concentration in the gall bladder.  Lecithin is found naturally in egg yolk, but it is also found in soy beans, from which granulated lecithin is made.  Eating two raw egg yolks daily, on their own, or in salad dressing, is recommended in some natural therapies for treating degenerative disease.  This can be helpful also in maintaining a healthy  gall bladder.  The lecithin in egg yolk helps to emulsify fats, which lessens the work of the gall bladder.  Fats, which are essential to good nerve, brain and heart health,  have to be emulsified first,  so that they can be easily digested by the body.

Olive oil is helpful to the gall bladder.  Using olive oil each day can help to prevent gall stones from forming.  This is because the olive oil stimulates the bile flow.  Using olive oil daily will also help any small stones in the gall bladder to be passed through the exit duct.  Olive oil is helpful in the digestion of fats, because it helps to increase the production of lipase, a digestive enzyme which  breaks up fat molecules.  Olive oil can be  used in combination with lemon juice as a treatment to rid the gall bladder of gall stones.

Eat plenty of pears.  These are very soothing to the mucous membranes and to the gall bladder.

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