Soya For Weight Loss And Lowering Cholesterol

Natural Remedy For Weight Loss

Use Soya Milk To Replace Dairy Milk

Dairy milk, wheat flour, and sugar are, I believe, the worst foods imaginable.  They all contribute to bloating of the stomach, often caused by intestinal worms, and general obesity issues.

I fully recommend replacing all these problematic foods with other, healthier, options.  You can start with buying soya milk instead of dairy milk.  Make sure you get the GE Free kind of milk, which has been made from UNgenetically modified beans.

Japanese people, who traditionally eat a good amount of soy in their daily diets, are seldom fat. Of course, they eat very little wheat, as rice is their staple diet. And they do not eat a lot of sugary or fatty foods, such as we do in the west.

Research has shown that Japanese people eating their traditional diet are many times more healthy than UK or American people:  The incidence of deaths from breast cancer in Japan is only one sixth the rate of breast cancer deaths in the UK.

Soya beans contain phyto-oestrogens.  These are natural oestrogen-like substances which help prevent the harmful cancer-causing oestrogens from becoming active.  Thus, soya beans help prevent cancer, noteably breast cancer.  The death rate of breast cancer in Japan is only one sixth that of the UK figures, according to Dr Marilyn Glenville. (see Alternatives To Dieting’)

The death rate from prostate cancer is also much lower in Japan than USA or UK.

Soya is also thought to help prevent osteoporosis.  Asian people have fewer hip fractures than Westerners of the older age group.  Of course, seaweed and other mineral-rich foods in the Asian, or Japanese diet will have a bearing on the healthier condition of the bones.

Soya Contains No Saturated Fats:  This is a huge plus for those of us who wish to lose a few pounds of flesh.

Replace Dairy With Soya Milk:  By simply switching to using soya milk to replace dairy milk, you will be doing you and your body an enormous favour.  Even if you do nothing else but to include soya milk in your diet,  within a few weeks you should note an improvement in your general state of health, as well as a reduction in fat tissue.

Toxic Chemicals In Food:  Do try to avoid all foods which have additives of any kind – artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives.  These are very bad for the health and are a real problem in producing obesity, diabetes, heart malfunctions and blood pressure problems. I am convinced of this.

Also avoid other toxic chemicals, such as agricultural herbicides or pesticides.  These can affect the thyroid, the hypothalamus gland, and the pituitary, which have a big influence on hormone production.  If they get upset by being exposed to poisonous chemicals, then you can end up with obesity issues such as water retention,  or high blood pressure, or low blood pressure, heart irregularities, and depression.  It is important to avoid toxic chemicals if you want your nutrition-related diet to have a good effect on your health, body, and mind.

Dairy milk, meat, wheat and sugar are very problematic foods which can have a very deleterious effect on the health.  None of these foods is helpful in avoiding cancer or other diseases, least of all obesity.

Soya beans are a wonderful food.  The wee soya bean is the only edible bean which contains all the essential amino acids, of which there are eight.  These eight amino acids make soya a complete protein in itself.  You can live on soya bean protein.

Soya beans also have another great quality which is of help to those wishing to lower their cholesterol levels:  Soya is free of natural cholesterols. Soya milk, and soya products, will not raise your blood pressure.

In fact, eating a quantity of soya beans each day, or using soy products, can actually lower your cholesterol levels, as well as your blood pressure.

Dr Marilyn Glenville says in her book, ‘Alternatives To Dieting’, that soya initially has a dramatic effect on people whose cholesterol levels are very high.  Research, she says, shows that consuming 25mg of soy protein per day definitely helps to lower so-called bad cholesterol.

If you switch to using soy milk instead of dairy milk, then two glasses of soy milk per day will provide you with 20mg of soy protein.  Another quarter of a glassful, and you have your 25mg.

100g of tofu apparently contains around 12 g of soy protein.

Brain And Nerve Food: Soya milk and other soy products are rich in essential fatty acids.  These essential fatty acids are utilized in the assimilation of other vitamins and minerals, many of which are needed for skin, hair, nerve and brain health.

For people wishing to lose weight, for high-blood pressure people, or people with any chronic health problem, soya milk would be a wise choice.

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Natural Remedies

Culpeper says of Sage that it ’causes the hair to become black’.

Garden sage has many therapeutic uses.

In the garden, its flowers provide medicine and nectar for the bees, as well as a herbal tonic to the neighbouring plants.

It is well-known as an aid to oral hygiene.  It has strong antiseptic qualities and is supposed to whiten tooth enamel.

Sage is still used today in some tooth-pastes.  It is reputedly one effective remedy for bleeding gums,  and improving gum health:  The crushed fresh leaves are massaged several times a day onto the gums and teeth.

The tea is gargled to relieve sore throats, colds and flu,  and ulcers in the mouth.

It can be effective to reduce fevers, and has been used in the past for thyphoid fever. (see ‘Herbal Remedies  and Homeopathy’ published by Geddes and Grosset.)

It is a valuable nerve medicine, and is a useful stomach remedy for improving a weak appetite.

Natural Herbal Hair Dye and Tonic:  Sage can help restore healthy hair and improve the colour.

Strong sage tea encourages hair growth and darkens the hair, if it is used on a regular basis. Many herbalists describe it in their writings:  see John Heinerman’s ‘Encyclopedia of Fruits Vegetables and Herbs’.

Rosemary is another wonderful herb which can help hair growth, but it does not have such a darkening effect on the hair, as sage does.

Recipe For Sage Hair Dye:  Here is a simple, natural hair dye and tonic which you can try.  It is perfectly safe to use, as it does not contain any harmful additives such as you might find in commercial dyes for darkening the hair.

Take two cups of fresh sage leaves and put into a stainless steel saucepan.

Add one cup of dry black tea leaves

Add half a cup of cider vinegar and eight cups of water.

Simmer very gently, with no lid, for one hour on a very low heat.  You should have around half the original quantity of liquid left at the end of an hour.  If you need to add a little more water, make sure you do so well before you finish simmering the brew.  If you add more water at the end of the simmering, then your mixture will not keep so well.

Take off the heat after an hour of simmering.  Set aside to cool.

Once your sage mixture has cooled properly, strain it off.

To the liquid remaining add the same amount of vodka.

Put into a bottle with a screw-top lid and store in a cool place.

Massage around a tablespoonful of the sage infusion into the hair each day.  Use more or less, depending on how much hair you need to cover.

Massage the sage tonic well into the roots of the hair as well, so that it feeds the scalp and hair follicles.  Massaging the scalp with the sage tonic will help the hair to grow again.

The oils in the sage leaves will put a natural shine to the hair.

Once the hair is sufficiently darkened, which may take several weeks, you can reduce the amount of applications each week.  Once or twice a week may be enough to maintain the darker colour.

Sage is really very good for the hair in so many ways.

Alternative Sage Tonic Without Alcohol:  You could make up your sage tea without the alcohol if you wish.  Only, remember that your mixture will not keep for longer than a week, and it must be kept in the fridge.  You could make up a lesser amount, enough to last a week, and then make up a fresh brew of tea for the following week.

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