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Castor Oil, extracted from Ricinus Communis, is a Miracle Healer.

In the West, we use only the Castor Oil which has been extracted from the raw bean.  The plant itself is extremely poisonous and must never be used internally.

But in many parts of the world, the plant is used as an external treatment for certain ailments, most notably for problems of the chest and lungs.

John Heinerman, in ‘Miracle Healing Herbs’, reports that a traditional Italian remedy uses castor bean leaves splashed with vinegar, applied externally, for the treatment of chest inflammation.

In parts of Africa and the Ivory Coast, a similar method is used for pneumonia and fevers:  The body is rubbed over with Castor Bean leaves to relieve these problems.

The leaves, according to research documented by the ‘Journal of Ethnopharmacology’, (5:117-37, 1982),  see Heinerman,  contain components which have been proven effective against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Aspergillus niger, which are thought to be the cause of some respiratory infections.  This would explain why rubbing the leaves of the Castor Bean tree on and around the chest could be an effective herbal remedy for treating lung infections:  The active ingredients from the leaves are absorbed through the skin to deal with the infection.

In Haiti, orange leaves are infused in Castor Oil for treating bronchitis.  Heinerman does not tell us how this is used, but I should think it would be applied externally to the chest.

Oral Castor Oil Treatment For Cancer and other Degenerative Disease: Castor Oil, taken internally, has been extensively used in the treatment of cancer.  Dr Max Gerson made famous the Castor Oil treatment for cancer and other diseases, such as arthritis and diseases of the nervous system.  Castor Oil, taken in a 2 tablespoon dose every second day, was a major component of his cancer therapy, along with daily enemas and an almost all raw-food diet.

Gall Stones can be removed with diet in conjunction with Castor Oil therapy.  see posts below.

The Castor Oil Pack is a widely used remedy which can help with a variety of health problems.  It helps improve digestion greatly, and will help bowel function, when the pack is left on the stomach overnight.  The castor oil pack is invaluable for people recovering from cancer and other degenerative diseases. It can also help to reduce cancerous growths, in combination with a regenerative diet and programme.

The pack is generally left on for three nights in a row, then left off for three nights.  This routine can be followed indefinitely.

Candida Treatment:  Castor Oil treatments can help get rid of yeast infections.  It helps to restore the beneficial organisms in the bowel, whilst controlling the less desirable ones, such as candida albicans.

For Constipation, Castor Oil offers a speedy cure. It is an effective and very efficient laxative which clears the bowel of effete matter, including intestinal worms.

Castor Oil eliminates toxins from the liver, and flushes out the gall bladder.  The liver treatment is very important in curing degenerative diseases such as cancer.

Castor Oil has the capacity to draw out poisons from the body, wherever they may be.  Elements of the castor oil get transported through the blood into every tissue of the body, where it will do its work or repair.

Castor oil, according to the Spiritual Medium and Healer, Edgar Cayce, helps with the distribution of nutrients throughout the body.  This is one main reason why it is such a valuable remedy for all sorts of maladies, including cancer and other serious ailments.

Skin Tonic: The skin benefits from the occasional, or regular, use of Castor Oil taken internally. The oil can also be applied directly to the skin as a cosmetic aid, or for the treatment of viral skin infections and cold sores of the herpes variety.

Castor Oil For Improving Eyesight: Even the eyes benefit from the use of Castor Oil.  Taken orally, and applied externally to the eyes on a regular basis, minor cataracts and other lesions can be dissolved, and dim eyesight can be improved. Of course, the efficacy of the treatment will be affected by the diet.  Plenty of Lutein-rich foods will be a good idea.

Castor Oil can even help with serious weight loss.  Taken once a week for several weeks, it can help in weight loss because of its ability to clear out toxins, which results in better assimilation of nutrients from your food.  Better assimilation of food can reduce the desire for unnecessary eating.

Castor Oil And Ginger For Weight Loss

Castor Oil can be used as a lubricant for steel in the absence of petroleum oils.  It can be applied to rakes, spades, and other tools to help prevent them rusting.

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