Gallbladder Cleanse With Apples Olive Oil And Lemon Juice

Natural Remedy For Treating And Preventing Gall Stones Or For Constipation

Here is a very effective and easy-to-do method for preventing gall stones.  It will expel existing small gall stones and help to break up larger stones.  Do it just once in a while to keep the Gallbladder free of stones and stale bile.

It is also useful as a detox which will help to remove toxic chemicals from the digestive system. This makes it a helpful treatment for chronic cases of candida, especially when exposure to toxic chemicals has occurred.

Of course, do see your doctor or naturopath if you are experiencing any pain to do with the Gallbladder.

The raw apple, olive oil and lemon treatment is also effective for stubborn cases of constipation.  Because of its great detox effect, it is a good thing to do occasionally for prevention of bowel cancer and other maladies caused by auto-intoxication, such as arthritis.

Walter Last recommends a similar method for expelling gall stones, and I have tried it myself with good results.

So – one of the best methods for a Gallbladder flush:

Raw Apple, Olive Oil and Lemon Juice Gallbladder Cleanse.

Three Days On Apples:  Begin the treatment with eating only raw, grated apples for three days.  Raw apple, grated with its skin still on, cores and all, has a wonderful healing effect on the digestive system.  It is roughage-packed, full of Vitamin C and other antioxidants, as well as phytochemicals which help prevent cancer.

You can eat some whole apples as well with the diet, but grate them also, so that you eat plenty as a salad at mealtimes.
Each night while you do the raw apple days, take one tablespoonful of olive oil with some lemon juice – and a spoonful of lecithin if you have it.
Don’t worry if you don’t have lecithin, as the oil and lemon will work as a cleanser, even without it.
On the third apple day, take 1/2 cup of olive oil with 1/2 cup of lemon juice, mixed together.  Swallow the lot down in one dose.  It is surprisingly easy to take when lemon juice is combined with the olive oil.

There is an option of using orange juice instead of the lemon, but lemon juice is more acidic, more antiseptic, and is a  quicker-acting remedy.
Straight after you have swallowed your Olive Oil and lemon drink, lie on the right side for 2 hours with a pillow under the hips.

The Castor Oil Pack
The other thing you can do on the days you are eating only raw apple is to use Castor Oil on a
pack.  You put this on the outside of your stomach/gall bladder area.
Easy to make – first buy a bottle of castor oil.  Pour around 2 tablespoons over a white cotton or woollen cloth – not too big – just big enough to cover a good area of the stomach.
You leave the Castor Oil Pack on all night with a plastic over it, and something around the outside, like tightish pants, to hold it there.  You can loosely bandage it in place if you want to.
Every night, on the nights you take your raw apple, put the Castor Oil pack on the stomach.  Leave it on for the whole night.

Save the castor oil pack each morning to use again the following night.  Put a little more oil on occasionally to keep it moist.

You do three nights on, and take it off during the day.  Even after you have taken the Olive Oil and Lemon to eliminate stones, you can keep up the routine with the Castor Oil Pack to ensure the healing of the Gallbladder.
The same routine pattern applies after you have finished the raw apple and olive oil treatment- Three nights in a row with no pack. Then three nights on again with the pack.

You can use the Castor Oil Pack indefinitely in this way – 3 nights on, 3 nights off.  No pack during the day-time.

Good Foods To Aid Gallbladder Function and Prevent Gallstones:

Drink plenty of water each day.  Less coffee and tea, and more water.

Eat fewer animal fats and products.  Eat more of the healthy Omega-3 fatty acids which are contained in oils such as Olive Oil, fish oils, and linseed or flax oil.  One to two tablespoons of any one of these oils per day is a good preventative measure against developing gall stones.

Try to incorporate olive oil as a daily commodity in the diet.

Eat plenty of fibre-rich foods, such as fruits, green vegetables, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds.  More fibre in the diet will take away the unwanted cholesterol from the system.  Since gall stones are apparently made up of, mainly, cholesterol, more fibre is essential to prevent stones from forming.

Apples and pears are especially good for the Gallbladder, as well as for improving bowel function.

Try to avoid wheat products, such as breads and cakes.  Avoid pasteurized dairy milk and switch to either raw milk, if it suits your digestion, or soya milk.

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Castor Oil Pack



Colon And Liver Cleanse Helps Candida

Detox With Castor Oil, or Olive Oil, or Grated Apple:  There really is no need to buy expensive products to cleanse the liver and intestines. There are many home remedies which you can use to do this, but the cheapest and most effective  method for a Candida/Colon Cleanse that I know of is the castor oil cleanse which is followed up by a bowel cleanse with water and a little sea salt. All you need is a bottle of castor oil which, in New Zealand, costs between about three dollars to about six dollars, depending on whether you buy it at a supermarket or a chemist shop. Of course, this will last for about seven doses or so, as you only need to take between one to two tablespoonsful in one dose.

The CASTOR OIL treatment, which is usually two tablespoons of castor oil taken in the morning followed by a cup of brewed black coffee without sugar or milk, is effective for ridding candida from the digestive system. Eat only fruit or a bowl of porridge with a grated apple added to it on the day when you decide to do the castor oil treatment. Avoid dairy products, wheat and meat on the day you do your cleanse.

If you are not suffering from some life threatening disease and feel that you are quite healthy, then you can get away with using castor oil and not using an enema. However, even if you are healthy and you do not have too many accumulated poisons in the body, the castor oil cleanse is far more effective if you use a water enema, as this helps to wash away the poisons, which the castor oil expels from the liver, more quickly.

If you do not have some life threatening disease or recurring candida, then you could use the castor oil treatment only occasionally, say once a week, or once a month, whatever you think is necessary. However, if you have recurring candida, allergies or some illness which is debilitating, then you might need to use this treatment more often, and follow a strict dietary programme in order to get well.

Another inexpensive Candida/Colon Cleanse is OLIVE OIL WITH LEMON JUICE. Take this on an empty stomach before you eat a light breakfast of fruit, or juice, or porridge with a grated apple added to it. Use half a cupful of OLIVE OIL. Fill up the cup with LEMON JUICE.  Stir  the two together briskly in a larger cup and swallow the lot as quickly as you can. This treatment is made more effective, as is the castor oil treatment, if an enema is used within five hours of taking the oil. This cleanse is also made more efficacious if dairy foods, wheat and meat are avoided on the day you do your cleanse. Try to eat only raw foods and their juices for the whole day, with a bowlful of porridge  being the only cooked food, eaten with a grated apple. This diet enhances the cleansing effect of the OLIVE OIL AND LEMON treatment, giving an inexpensive candida/colon cleanse.

Drink peppermint tea or chamomile tea directly after using either CASTOR OIL or OLIVE OIL AND LEMON JUICE to alleviate any feelings of nausea.

Both the castor oil treatment and the olive oil and lemon juice treatment, besides both being an inexpensive candida/Colon Cleanse,  are supposed to be helpful,  in expelling gall stones and kidney stones from these organs.

Diet And Detox For Cancer Programme for Anthony

Diet and Detox For Cancer:  Dear Anthony, Your dear sister whom I saw in Wellington has just told me that you have terminal cancer and that you cannot be helped any more by conventional medicine. I am sorry to hear that you are unwell.

You might feel that there is no hope left for your recovery. However, I would like to urge you to at least consider the possibility of beginning a treatment which could save your life. It requires much perseverance and requires you to be consistent with the routines, but apart from the routine nature of it all, it is really quite simple to do if you can put all other worries aside and just get on with it.

First, you need the support of at least one person, family or friend, so that you can devote yourself entirely to the business of detoxifying and getting well. I understand you have that support, so that’s a wonderful start.

Jacqui Davison had terminal cancer and was given only days to live. She had the support of her daughter whose house she was living in at the time. Her daughter persuaded her to begin the Gerson treatment for cancer. The main components of this treatment are enemas and castor oil. Enemas are taken several times a day, the castor oil you take every second day, 2 tablespoons in one dose after breakfast. Juices and raw foods are the other component, with a big plate of oatmeal porrridge at breakfast being the only cooked food you eat for some time. This is eaten with one grated raw apple.

Basically, this is a modified version of Gerson’s approach. I have drawn also from the teachings of Dr Ann Wigmore, Walter Last, Dr Eva Hill and Jacqui’s book and my own experiences to formulate a programme which I have found to be do-able. See if you can begin right away, as Jacqui did when she was told she was soon to die. She recovered completely. Read the other posts I have up on cancer, one called ‘Ridding the Body of Cancer’, one ‘Avoiding Cancer’.

Here is a programme I have worked out for you. I will give you more information tomorrow, but hope to get the basics of the programme posted up today:

7.00am Enema – half a teaspoon of sea salt in 1 litre warm water. The chemist shop in the mall at Karori will get you in an enema device. The idea is to repeat the wash-out several times until the water expelled is clear. After the first rinse, you can use more water in one wash-out – up to 3 pints in one rinse is a safe amount to use, after the first, initial rinse-out. The maxim is generally that if it is comfortable, then you can gradually increase the amount of water from the initial litre. With the first rinse-out, stop as soon as you feel any pressure – expel, and start again.
In the Higginson pack, which the Karori pharmacy will order for you, you will find two white tubes. Use the longer one, as the water needs to reach the lower colon in order to thoroughly cleanse the intestine. It is important to lie flat, or on one side for the water to be able to wash through the intestine.

7.15am Shower.

7.30am Have a glass of freshly juiced apple or carrot juice or a mixture of your choice.

7.45am Do the Rejuvenation breathing excercises which I have outlined under the post ‘Maximize your Prana Intake’. This routine only take 10 minutes. It is an extremely healing routine, as it helps to oxygenate the body whilst creating a peaceful state of mind. Easy to do – simply stand facing north with hands on the ribs. 10 deep breaths to start, then a couple of other variations and the routine is complete.

8.00am Another juice of either carrot, apple, beetroot or a combination. Follow this with a large bowl of porridge – about a cup of oats made the usual way. Grate one whole organic apple over the top and eat the lot, as is, without milk or sugar. A few dates could be added for sweetening, but nothing else. After a few weeks, olive oil can be added, but try to keep the diet very simple for the next three weeks.

9.00am Have a glass of apple, carrot, or a mixture of beetroot and apple juice, freshly juiced.

10.00am Another juice. Then take two tablespoons of castor oil followed by a cup of black coffee. Brew the coffee over the stove – about a heaped tablespoonful coffee grounds simmered for a couple of minutes or so in two and a half cups water. This coffee is not designed to be a treat – the caffeine in the coffee is employed to hurry up the liver in expelling poisons from the body, and to maximize the effect of the castor oil. Swallow one warm cupful immediately upon swallowing the castor oil. Save the remains to use as a coffee enema later. (coffee enemas are useful in alleviating pain)

Take a cup of peppermint tea or chamomile tea after the castor oil and coffee to help reduce nausea. Initially, you will feel very nauseous as the toxins from the liver are expelled, but this feeling dissipates the longer you continue with the castor oil/coffee treatment. This is because the toxins held inside the body become less and less with every passing day of continued treatment, so that there are less toxins to make you feel unwell. When you start to notice that you are not feeling so ill after taking the castor oil and coffee, then you know that you are succeeding. To help rid the feeling of nausea in the early stages of treatment, I found an enema to be necessary within an hour after taking the castor oil.

11.00am Take another juice.

12.00 noon. Rejuvenation Breathing Exercises again – 10 rounds followed by the sequence outlined in ‘Maximize Your Prana Intake’ post.

12.15 Another juice followed by a very large salad made up of any green vegetables such as lettuce, celery, rocket, parsley. Use plenty of freshly sprouted mung beans, alfalfa and other sprouts as the basis for the salad if you can. Sprouted beans and seeds supply the body with protein and are at the same time great detoxifyers which help the body stay alkaline.

Grate a beetroot and a carrot into the salad for variety.

1.00pm Another freshly juiced drink
Do 20 minutes to half an hour of ‘Yoga Nidra’ which is a deep relaxtion exercise based on age-old yoga practice. Look up the post I have on ‘Yoga Nidra”. It is very simple. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to relax the body and mind easily at will. Practice is the key factor. Do it EVERY DAY after lunch. From now on, you have to let all distractions in your life go. Keep up the routine vigilantly until you are well. Social arrangements at the moment should be secondary to your treatment.

2.00pm Another freshly juiced drink. Eat some fresh raw fruit if you are hungry.

3.00pm Another freshly juiced drink. A cup of chamomile tea or another herbal combination could be taken for afternoon tea. Fresh fruit if you are hungry.

Take another enema – one litre warm water with a half teaspoon of sea salt. Do not use table salt as this has chemicals to make it ‘free flow’ which interfere with the body’s healing mechanism.

An enema within five hours of taking the castor oil is IMPERATIVE, especially in the first few months of treatment, as the toxins being expelled from the liver and other organs will be at a dangerous level. With time, as the body expels them, there will be less chance of auto-intoxication from the reabsorption of toxins in the bowel, as there will be fewer toxins to expel. This is why you feel less sick after the castor oil in time, as there are fewer toxins to make you feel sick after several months of treatment.

4.00pm Another fresh juice.

5.00pm Another fresh juice.

Do the Rejuvenation exercises for maximizing prana intake again

6.00pm Another fresh juice followed by another large salad with lots of mung bean and alfalfa sprouts.. Fruit if you are hungry.

Take another enema before bed. If you use a coffee enema, hold in for 10 minutes if you can. Then expel. Then rinse out bowel with warm water.

10.00pm Try to be in bed by ten so that you can do some positive reading and listen to soothing music. Get into spiritual books. Meditate. Pray. Do the breathing exercise for bed which is listed in my article on breathing exercises and sleeping well.

more tomorrow