Castor Oil And Ginger For Weight Loss

Ayurvedic Treatment For Weight Loss

Here is an interesting but rather nauseous recipe for reducing weight.  It uses castor oil and ginger tea and is recommended for people who are 40lbs or more overweight.

Note: NOT recommended for young women who wish to emulate the half-starved look of a magazine model. This recipe is meant for people who have serious weight issues.

I discovered this new use of castor oil in “Prakruti – Your Ayurvedic Constitution”, a book by Dr. Robert E. Svoboda, published by Geocom Limited, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1989. See page 97.

The method of Max Gerson’s, which uses castor oil every second day, is familiar to me for treating serious degenerative illnesses such as cancer.  I believe that Dr Gerson’s castor oil method would also work for obesity.

But the method of Dr Svoboda’s described below might work even more quickly to get rid of any unwanted fat.

Method For Using Castor Oil And Ginger Tea:

Dr Svoboda’s recipe uses a tablespoon of castor oil each morning, taken on arising.  This is continued for six weeks. The castor oil is swallowed down at once with a cup of strong ginger tea which is made from powdered ginger.

Apparently, castor oil and ginger tea taken this way does not encourage looseness of the bowels.  But it will start to eat away the fat layers, which is what we want if we are more than 40lbs overweight.

I think that taking castor oil and ginger each morning would have an effect on the appetite, making you less hungry.  This quenching of the appetite might be one of the key ways in which the castor oil and ginger tea method works.

Merrilyn’s new book is out on Amazon: Read more about Castor oil treatments:

Exercise:  Remember to exercise properly whilst you are on a weight loss programme.  You need at least 30 miinutes of solid exercise several times a week, and preferably each day.

Water Tea and Coffee: Fluids should be cut down so that you drink only when you are thirsty.  Coffee should be cut down, or cut out if you can, since it is dehydrating.  Coffee drinking has the effect of producing protective fat around the gut, in order to protect the liver which becomes dehydrated with too much coffee drinking.  I know from experience that this is so.

You do not need to carry a water bottle with you everywhere like the athletes do.

Dr Svoboda recommends reducing water intake to the bare minimum whilst on your weight loss programme.

Eat Nourishing Foods In Moderation: Do not starve yourself to lose weight.  Crash diets are not the answer, and neither is cutting out fats.  We need fats to stay healthy, because fats are needed to process other foods and vitamins. Try and eat balanced meals with good quality protein, green vegetables, small portions of root vegetables.

Eat plenty of sprouted grains.

All cooked grains can be used in moderation except for wheat.  This should be cut out completely. Switch to rice and cornmeal in place of wheat.

Wheat is one of the main causes of obesity, as well as many other health problems.  Walter Last maintained in the 1970’s that New Zealanders were sick principally because of their diet which consists of too much wheat, sugar,bread, milk and cheese.

Read Merrilyn’s post on the benefits of soy for reducing weight:

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Avoid Chilled Foods:   Ice cream should be avoided, as should all other cold foods. This is because the body regards cold foods as a reason to put on weight, in an effort to preserve heat. It will act defensively to counteract the cold foods and drinks by increeasing fat layers.  Dr Svoboda thinks that cool air-conditioned rooms should be avoided for the same reason.

Hot Is Good:  Anything which heats the body up is beneficial for losing weight:  saunas, jogging or other exercise which makes you sweat, and the ‘hot’ spices such as ginger, turmeric, chilli pepper, curry dishes, and warm herb teas.

All these things, exercise, the hot spices, the herb teas,  heat the body up whilst  increasing  blood circulation, which is helpful in losing weight.

Avoid Oversleeping:  Dr Svoboda believes that sleeping to excess is one of the chief causes of obesity in people.  He suggests slowly, over several weeks,  reducing the amount of hours spent sleeping to not more than six per night.  He also says that one should never have naps in the day time whilst you are trying to lose weight.

If you cannot sleep at night, then you should get up and do something, or read for half an hour.  But you should avoid eating anything, or making a cuppa. Keep your fast going through the night, until you take that castor oil swallowed down with your cup of ginger tea in the morning.

Try and go to bed at the same time each night, and arise at the same time each morning, preferably around 6 AM.

More Uses For Castor Oil:  This post was published in May, 2015.

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2 thoughts on “Castor Oil And Ginger For Weight Loss”

  1. Hi there

    Is it not dangerous to drink castor oil for six weeks? Or am I understanding the concept wrong of drinking castor oil.

  2. Yes, it would most likely be dangerous to drink castor oil as you suggest. You need to read more – see what is recommended by Dr Gerson or any other authority on the use of castor oil.
    Castor oil was used by Dr Gerson as a treatment for cancer – but the dose was two tablespoons every second day – in combination with a special diet and enemas for cleansing.
    You would never take this amount of castor oil on a regular basis unless you were on a specific treatment for cancer or some other disease, and only under the guidance of a suitably qualified health practitioner.
    For a general cleanse, older generations used an occasional dose of castor oil, perhaps once a week, or once a month.
    Visit a naturopath to check on whether or not you should use castor oil at all.

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