Castor Oil Pack

The Castor Oil Pack for Healing

The Castor Oil Pack is a valuable healing medium.  The Castor Oil Pack  was recommended by Edgar Cayce, the psychic healer, to many of the sick people who came to see him for psychic readings regarding their health.

Dr Max Gerson used  the castor oil pack in his clinics as part of his treatment to heal cancer and other disease.  He also advocated the taking of two tablespoons of castor oil every second day for his cancer patients.

In New Zealand, the well-known Austrian healer, Walter Last, helped many people recover from cancer and other diseases with the help of castor oil.

Castor Oil Packs help to remove toxins from the  body.  The action of the castor oil penetrates through the skin and into the body organs.  It has the effect of increasing qi, or energy, and releasing pent-up energy and negative elements from the tissues.

The Castor Oil pack not only  helps to  remove toxins from the body tissues, it  helps remove mucous and other matter from the intestines.  It aids nutrition, because it  assists  the assimilation of vitamins and minerals in the digestive tract.  It helps to heal internal disturbances.  It helps to counteract the effects of radiation.

To Make a Castor Oil Pack:

The two requirements are Castor Oil and a piece of flannel.  But some other things are necessary in using the castor oil pack.  This is the method:

  • Castor Oil:  a 50ml bottle will be enough.
  • A  piece of flannel or white linen.  For general use on the stomach area, you will need a piece of flannel about the size of a computer keyboard.  This will be folded in half so that you end up with a nice squarish pad.

Note: Do not use any coloured cotton, linen, or flannel.  The cloth must be white.  And do not use any synthetic material. The cloth must be pure cotton, or linen or woolen flannel.  This is because castor oil is such a potent detoxifyer, that it will react with the chemical dyes and synthetic fiber chemicals:  It will draw these out, instead of acting on the poisons in your body. This will have a counter-healing effect, so don’t do it.

  • You also need a tin or a jar with a lid to be used for storing the castor oil pack in.
  • You wil also need a piece of plastic to cover the pack with, and an old towell to go over that.
  • Simply pour over a cup of castor oil onto the pad.  You might need more or less, depending on the size of cloth you have selected, and the thickness of this cloth.  Cover the whole of the cloth and let the cloth soak up the castor oil.

To Use: Warm  up the pack gently in the tin or jar by  putting  this into a warm  oven for about five minutes.  Do not microwave, as this energy remains within the microwaved article, which will be harmful to your vital energies.  Microwaving will destroy some of the valuable properties of the castor oil.   Castor oil is  very sensitive to microwave radiations.   Take care not to burn the castor oil, or to cook it.  It should not be so hot that you cannot touch it comfortably with your bare hands when you take the container from the oven.  Just warm.

Alternatively, you can use the pack cold, with a covering of plastic and then an old towel, and use a hot water bottle,  which is not too hot, on top of that. This works just as well, but the cold castor oil straight on the stomach is uncomfortable to begin with.

Place the pack over the stomach area, or the area which needs the treatment.  You can fold the cloth down so that it fits onto the area.  Be generous with the size – it is good to treat as much of the stomach as you can, covering the liver area and all of the lower belly. This will benefit the liver, kidneys, bladder, reproductive parts, and the intestines.  Put over the plastic,  then wrap the towel around.

How Long to Leave on the Castor Oil Pack:

The Castor Oil Pack works best if you  leave it on for at least three hours at a time.  Over night is best.

The Three Day Treatment:  If you have cancer, or some other serious internal disease such as  a nervous condition,  then  you should keep the castor oil pack on the stomach  overnight, and repeat for three days in a row. Then leave off the pack for three consecutive days before beginning the three day treatment again.  You can continue ad infinitum with this routine of three days on, three days off, until the disease  has improved and your good digestive function  is restored. Keep a good sized castor oil pack specifically for the treatment of the stomach area.

In serious disease, with pain, you can safely leave the pack on for the whole of the three day period, taking the pack off only to shower. Then, of course, a three day period without the pack must be sustained.

It is a recommended by all the famous healers that enemas be used during the period of castor oil pack use, so that the toxins which are released via the castor oil treatment will be expelled quickly.

Useing the castor oil pack on the  stomach area is helpful even if the cancer is not within this area, as digestion is improved, and toxins eliminated, which helps improve your digestive qi, increase energy flow,  and to improve your immunity.  An improved  immune system will  help you in conquering the disease and recovering.  The area with the cancer or other disease can be treated seaparately with another, separate pack which is of the size requred.

When you have finished using the pack, put the pack into the storage container  which you are going to keep specifically for  your castor oil pack. It can be used over and over again.  Of course, eventually, you should replace the pack, especially if you are using it frequently, but a castor oil pack should last for months when it is kept in an air tight container.

Note:  Do not share the Castor Oil Pack.  One pack for one person is the motto.  The one pack can be used many times over by the one person.  You might need to add more castor oil to moisten it up,  say add some more castor oil once a week, if you are using the pack frequently.  Eventually you should discard the castor oil pack and make up a fresh one if you are using the three day on, three day off plan.  One pack will last indefinately kept in a tin or a jar.

4 thoughts on “Castor Oil Pack”

  1. Hello,
    Do you think it would be alright to do the castor oil pack with a heating pad that has emf protection like the “TheraPad Jade Stone Heating Pad with EMF Filtering and FIR Heat” or the “Therasage (Jade) Far Infrared Heated Healing Pad”?
    I have been reading “The Oil That Heals” and it mentions the importance of the heating pad, although I have my concerns about the EMF issue.

  2. Hello Louise – Thanks for your question and the points you have raised about using castor oil packs with ’emf protection’. I personally don’t know these products, but I would steer clear of anything with additives of any kind. Pure, unadulterated castor oil has been used as a healing medium for literally thousands of years. It does not need any other thing added to it for it to be an effective medicine and healer. I think these extras are added as a marketing ploy, myself. I would avoid them. Let’s hope the FDA and world authorities on health do not decide to ban castor oil, simply because they do not make money on it. Recently, in Britain, many herbal remedies which have been traditionally used for centuries to treat cancer and all sorts of immune dysfunction problems, have been banned – declared as ‘unsafe’. They have outlawed comfrey which is a valuable medicine, formerly available at no cost to the common people. I expect that they will try to do the same with castor oil, as it is an inexpensive, natural, healing medicine.
    Anyway – back to the question – I think it is best to use pure, natural, castor oil.

  3. PS – You can use heat on the natural castor oil packi. Simply put a warm hot water bottle over the pack. First, put plastic over the castor oil pack so that the oil does not reach your hot water bottle or your bedding. Regards, M

  4. could I use a piece of a white flannel bed sheet? I cannot find the wool flannel. Will this help with parasite problems? & also ovarian cyst problem? thank you.

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