Natural Vitamin C Is Best/Apple, Cranberry, Camu Camu

Synthetic Vitamin C

Synthetic Vitamin C does really have an important role to play. I think it is a valuable thing to keep in the house for those times of emergency, when no medical help is available.    It can be used to avert infection in many cases.  Ear infections often respond to large doses of Vitamin C, as well as a booster of Halibut liver oil, containing Vitamin A and D.  Colds and flu often respond to a boost of Vitamin C, and a little help with Halibut liver oil.  Large amounts of intravenous Vitamin C has been used to combat such serious conditions  as swine flu.

Deficiency of Vitamin C can occur when people do not eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables.  This commonly results in a condition called scurvy, which is basically a break-down of the connective tissue.  Eczema and other skin conditions sometimes result from a lack of Vitamin C in the diet.  Lack of Vitamin C in your diet can result in the cartilages becoming weaker, as well as the bones becoming more brittle and fragile.  This can make you more prone to injuries of the ligaments, and fractures.

For Maintaining Good Health: Nothing beats having plenty or fresh fruit and vegetables in the diet, which are rich in natural Vitamin C.

Vitamin C To Treat Disease: Many people take intravenous Vitamin C, or simply large doses of calcium ascorbate powder, or Ester C,  which are  non-acidic forms of Vitamin C, to help combat cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, and other degenerative disease.

Natural Vitamin C is so essential in preventing and treating serious disease.  All diets should consist of raw fruit and vegetables to help keep disease and sicknesses at bay. Vitamin C is such an important element for keeping good health, and for curing sickness,  and this is why raw food diets, or diets which incorporate a large quantity of freshly pressed raw vegetable and fruit juices are used in the nutritional treatment of  cancer and other disease.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which means that it has the power to negate and remove many of those poisons in the body which have caused  diseases  like cancer to set in.

I have just come across an article put in the paper by Matakana Superfoods, who are in New Zealand.   They say that most of the world’s synthetic Vitamin C is now produced in China, which might make some products dubious in quality.  Their recommendation is to take natural Vitamin C which has been produced organically.

Natural organic Vitamin C which is commonly derived from fruits such as  apples, blackcurrant, cranberry,  kiwifruit,  strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, is going to be easier for your body to assimilate than synthetic Vitamin C,  because it is natural. Also, there are other important agents, and enzymes found in natural fruits, and Vitamin C obtained from those fruits, which are not found in synthetic Vitamin C.  These other naturally occurring nutrients and phytochemicals  have a synergistic effect on each other, providing more health benefits to the body than the synthetic counterpart.

Camu Camu is one of the most recent additions to the list of natural Vitamin C’s.  This is a fruit which is grown in the Amazon region.  It is reputed to have the highest amount of Vitamin C of any fruit known, so this article says. Camu Camu is very rich in phytochemicals.  Matakana Superfoods are selling a natural Vitamin C which is derived from the Camu Camu fruit.

Here is the comparative list given by Matakana Superfoods on Vitamin C content:

Camu Camu   2800mg/100g

Blackcurrant   200 mg/100g

Kiwi Fruit   90mg/100g

Strawberry   60mg/100g

Orange   50mg/100g

Lime   30mg/100g

Blueberry  10mg/100g

Apple   6mg/100g