Radiation Causes Bone Loss

Cancer Patients And Bone Loss

Radiation is damaging to the cells of the body.  Radiation can cause cancer, as well as bone loss.

Alternative Cancer Therapies are available.  Consider carefully before you agree to incorporate radiation therapy as part of your cancer treatment.

Intravenous Vitamin C As Cancer Treatment:  Pam Stevens recovered from Breast Cancer, mainly by using high doses of Vitamin C and  an alkaline diet.  Lymphatic drainage  therapy was another important part of her therapy, which helped her to beat the disease.  Pam describes the details of her recovery in her book “Breast Cancer:  Why Women Are Dying Needlessly’. PMS Publications, Albany Auckland, 2007.
In the beginning, when she first discovered that she had cancer, she  had her breast removed.  She began taking Tamoxifen, an alternative to chemotherapy.  She did not want to have either chemotherapy or radiation ‘treatment’, as she was convinced by reading literature on the subjects, that these treatments were going to damage her body and undermine her ability to recover.
She has a chapter in her book on how radiation causes bone loss.
Pam Stevens is not a fan of radiation therapy at all, and says that the  New Zealanders  who could not have radiation therapy because of a radiaographer’s strike were ‘the lucky ones’.
She questions the logic in spending thousands of dollars each year to send people to Australia for specialist radiation treatment.

We have been brain-washed into thinking that radiation is a necessary  and vital part of cancer treatment as a matter of course.  Public perception does not match the reality, that radiation treatment is known to be destructive to body cells  and that 80% of all people who are diagnosed with cancer, die.
Professor Ted Bateman, PhD, and his colleagues at Clemson University, have proved that bone loss results from radiation. Tests were done on mice with just one radiation dose of two Gy.  This resulted in between 29 and 39% of bone loss in the mice, no matter what type of radiation was used. This is a similar dose to what is given in cancer treatment, although some treatments use far higher doses than this, perhaps between 70 and 80 Gy.
Professor Bateman’s experiment shows conclusively that severe bone loss can result from even just one dose of radiation.  Many people report fractures after having had radiation treatment.
Pam quotes the common phrase “Doctors recommend it all the time so it must be alright”
This reminds me of something which happened years ago when I was expecting my first child.  My gums began to bleed somewhere during the second half of the pregnancy.  I was seeing the medical people at St Helen’s Hospital in Auckland.  I told them that my gums were bleeding and asked them what I could do.  The answer from the doctor was “Oh – don’t worry about it.  90% of the women who come in here have bleeding gums’.
I endeavoured to find out what the cause was myself.  The angels were with me, and I was led up to this little fusty old room in Queen street, where an old healer saw patients.  He had some books out on a table for reading there, or for purchase.  As I leafed through one book on natural cures, I came across a remedy for bleeding gums:  Vitamin C was the answer.  What’s more, the book gave a perfectly natural source, which meant I could cure myself without having to even purchase Vitamin C tablets.  Our budget was stretched at this time, as evidenced by the bleeding gums, which meant we were not eating enough raw fruits and vegetables.  Nor could we afford Vitamin C tablets.
The book said to scrape the inside  pith of a grapefruit or a lemon, about two tablespoonsful. It said  that this was  one of the richest sources of Vitamin C and Vitamin K, both of which help to prevent scurvy,  stop haemorrhages, nose bleeds, and gum bleeding.  EAT SOME EVERY DAY was the advice.  I began doing this, and the bleeding stopped immediately.  Natural Vitamin C from the pith of grapefruit, cured my bleeding gums.
Intravenous doses of Vitamin C   Was Used As An Alternative To Radiation and Chemotherapy.  This treatment cured Pam Steven’s breast cancer.

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