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Antibiotic Fucidic Acid Linked To New Strain Of MRSA Superbug

March 22nd, 2015

Natural Remedies As Alternatives To Antibiotics Common infections such as impetigo, also known as 'school sores' could once be treated quite simply with gentian violet until around 2000, when the drug companies suddenly insisted that this remedy be removed from the chemist shops, or pharmacies, in New Zealand and Australia. Drug companies had realized how much money they would make if this inexpensive, long-lasting  and harmless remedy was made unavailable to the general public, and their more expensive, short-life products marketed in its place. Their reason for taking it off the shelves was that it could be 'misused', which could make it 'dangerous', ...

Stop 1080 Poisoning Or We Will Add It To NZ Infant Formula

March 11th, 2015

Environment And Health Concern Today's NZ Herald on Wednesday, 11th March, 2015, published a front-page article on the potential threat made by 1080 protestors to New Zealand-made infant formula. The threat has been made by someone, or a group of people, who objects/object to the national government's stance on 1080 poison. If the government does not stop its distribution of 1080 by the end of the month, then the protestors say they will poison infant formula with 1080. This national government currently condones the nation-wide poisoning of New Zealand by the pesticide 1080, and they refuse to back down on their plan to keep ...

Can I Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss And Good Health?

March 9th, 2015

Natural Remedy For Losing Weight: Apples, and Apple Cider Vinegar, are age-old remedies which have been commonly used to help normalize weight, regulate the bowels, strenghten the heart and over-all, to improve the health. The Apple Diet is a great cleansing techique to follow for a few days.  Eating only raw, grated  apples for three days can help to reduce the weight considerably. Apples are a wonderful food. They are an extremely nourishing, healthful food which helps the health in a myriad of ways. However, while eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away, using vinegar made with apples may not suit all ...

March Against Monsanto Planned New York 23 May 2015

January 30th, 2015

Why Is Monsanto So Toxic To Farming? Monsanto's monopoly of agriculture will see the end of sustainable, self-perpetuating agriculture if we are forced to buy their patented, genetically fucked-up seeds each year. This article is a follow-up from the previous article, They, and other big seed and agrichemical companies such as DuPont and Syngenta, will be the richer for monopolizing agriculture, whilst the people will be the poorer for having to pay annually to use their seeds. We Will All Have To Pay For All Seeds - Reusing last year's seeds will not be an option unless the tight and punitive control exerted by ...

Glyphosate In RoundUp Banned In Holland

January 12th, 2015

Dutch Government Bans Over The Counter Sales Of Glyphosphates, Including RoundUp. Mexico and Russia have already banned Monsanto's 'RoundUp' herbicide, and other Glyphosphate products.  France and Brazil are also planning to follow in the footsteps of Mexico, Russia and Holland, by banning Glyphosphates. In Holland, the Party For The Animals has  been campaigning for a ban on glyphosphate-containing herbicides such as RoundUp, as well as neonicotinoid insecticides.  From the end of 2015, no more glyphosphates will be sold in garden centres in Holland for private use. This move  to restrict the use of Glyphosphate-containing herbicides shows great promise for our future health. I ...
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