Antibiotic Fucidic Acid Linked To New Strain Of MRSA Superbug

Natural Remedies As Alternatives To Antibiotics

Common infections such as impetigo, also known as ‘school sores’ could once be treated quite simply with gentian violet until around 2000, when the drug companies suddenly insisted that this remedy be removed from the chemist shops, or pharmacies, in New Zealand and Australia.

Drug companies had realized how much money they would make if this inexpensive, long-lasting  and harmless remedy was made unavailable to the general public, and their more expensive, short-life products marketed in its place.

Their reason for taking it off the shelves was that it could be ‘misused’, which could make it ‘dangerous’, they said.  Ridiculous.  Gentian violet has been used for perhaps hundreds of years.  It is very effective, and perfectly safe to use as a remedy for all sorts of skin complaints.

No-one has ever died from ‘misusing’ Gentian Violet.

If we had been allowed to continue using Gentian Violet instead of antibiotic remedies such as Fucidic Acid, then the untreatable superbugs such as the MRSA might not have surged to the extent that they have.

The removal of gentian violet from the shelves of the chemist shops happened alongside a co-ordinated promotion for other pharmaceutical preparations.  It was a hard-sell campaign for marketing new pharmaceutical preparations for skin diseases.

It did not matter what pharmacies or chemist shop you tried, these New Zealand and Australian pharmacies all tried to sell you other, much more expensive remedies than the good old gentian violet.

Note:  Disappointing to see that alongside the article in the NZ Herald which told us about the new strain of untreatable disease, CAUSED by an antibiotic, was a wee promotion for another type of antibiotic, namely one which is being used as a vaccination for pneumococcal disease.

About the NZ Herald Article on Wednesday, March 18th, 2015:  Who made the decision to put that plug for another vaccination there, in the same outlined space which warned about the dangers of antibiotics (vaccinations are antibiotics).  This vaccination plug really weakens the message of the article on its left, which warns about the imminent life-threatening dangers of antibiotic use.  That is why this wee promotion blog for vaccinations was placed next to the warning article – to suit the medical profession and drug manufacturers.

Don’t you see that there will be a danger with THIS vaccination antibiotic too?

All vaccination antibiotics will eventually have a similar effect to Fucidic acid:  All antibiotics, including vaccination/immunization antibiotics, will eventually weaken the immunity of the population, which will make people more susceptible to infections all over again.

Antibiotic vaccinations and immunizations might wipe out some types of infections, but this phenomenon  will encourage other, more virulent types of infections to occur.

AND – Just because the incidence of pneumococcal disease has fallen since the vaccination was added to the range of antibiotics given in 2008, New Zealand, does not necessarily mean the vaccination is having an effect:  These viruses and bacterial infections have natural cycles where they are more virulent, cycles which create an epidemic.

All that the drug companies, and their medical partners in subterfuge, need to do to convince the populace that their vaccines are working, is to measure the incidence of the said disease in its off-peak period.

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Read the post before this one, which gives more detail on the research findings of Fucidic acid:

Antibiotic Causing Untreatable New Hospital Super-Bug In NZ


Stop 1080 Poisoning Or We Will Add It To NZ Infant Formula

Environment And Health Concern

Today’s NZ Herald on Wednesday, 11th March, 2015, published a front-page article on the potential threat made by 1080 protestors to New Zealand-made infant formula.

The threat has been made by someone, or a group of people, who objects/object to the national government’s stance on 1080 poison.

If the government does not stop its distribution of 1080 by the end of the month, then the protestors say they will poison infant formula with 1080.

This national government currently condones the nation-wide poisoning of New Zealand by the pesticide 1080, and they refuse to back down on their plan to keep using it despite all the evidence which proves it to be devastating to the environment.  It gets into the water-ways and, eventually, into our food.

Although the amounts in water and in our food might be very small, or considered ‘safe’ by the authorities, it has been shown that even small amounts of toxic substances such as neonicotinoids have a devastating effect on bees, for a start.  It is very likely that small amounts of 1080 and other poisonous chemicals in our environment could cause the outbreaks of cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disese, and asthma in sensitive people:  Just as the whole of a hive can be affected by miniscule amounts of insecticide, whole groups of people could be affected similarly.

Read my posts about scientific evidence which shows how minute doses of neonicotinoids can cause bee colony collapse disorder.

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

Bayer Says Stop Campaign To Save Bees Or We Will Sue

Nicotinoid Insecticides Kill Bees And Harm Humans

Homeopathically, 1080 will have an effect of some sort, no matter what dilution it finds itself in:  there is always a cause and effect, just as the neonicotinoid insecticide predisposed bees to a virus, resulting in bee colony collapse disorder on a massive scale throughout Europe.

The Labour government similarly ignored the effects of the ‘apple moth’ spraying over Auckland in the early 2000’s. This poisoning lasted several years, with regular, expensive full-page advertising in the New Zealand Herald newspaper which told us the spray was safe, until Victoria University of Wellington finally proved conclusively that the stuff was indeed making Aucklanders very sick.

After the initial three weeks of the programme, when letters were received objecting to the spray being used, the NZ Herald published a statement saying that no more discussion would be entered into on the issue.  From that point, no adverse comments or any articles were published about the apple moth spray’s toxic effects.  We who objected to the spray being used, and there were thousands of us, were effectively silenced by the media who were obviously obeying orders from above.

Thanks to Victoria University, the spraying was stopped, eventually.

Too late for some:I was forced to leave Auckland, as were many other people, because of the ‘apple moth’ spraying which occurred on a regular basis over the summer months.

More recently, in 2012, Brodifacoum was laid on the Whangaparaoa Shakespear Park.  Within a week, around 20,000 of dead seagulls were found washed up on the shores of Maraetai Beach, which is only a short drive away from Orewa Beach near Whangaparaoa.  The dead birds were blamed on a storm at sea.

To add 1080 poison to infant formula would certainly be a horrendous and murderous act, but I must say that the ploy has attracted the attention of the media in no uncertain way, which is probably the intention of the threat, in my opinion.

Media attention on the matter of toxic herbicides and pesticides is what we need.  They are usually very reluctant to bring agrichemicals to the fore of their attention:  Big business conveniently dictates the topics of our media to their advantage.

1080 is a dreadful poison which kills all animal and bird life which comes into contact with it.

Last year sometime, around June, 2014, I went with a friend to climb Mount Te Aroha, the mountain of love, only about 30 kilometres away from where I live.

There were signs at the bottom of the walkway up the mountain which warned against taking dogs up, and which advised sticking to the path, because 1080 had been laid there recently.

We climbed a good way up – about a third the length of the pathway to the top – but we did not see ONE bird, nor did we hear any bird calls during our half-hour walk up.  And no sign of bird-life at all on our walk back down.

1080 is a devastating poison, and we are only using it in New Zealand because of manipulations by the chemical company who makes it, and our environmentally blind government.

There is big money tied up in using such chemicals on a grand scale, where literally thousands of hectares of land all over the country is being poisoned.

You simply cannot ‘go bush’ to ‘get away from it all’ any more:  Chances are, the secluded spot you dreamt about will be more toxic than the city you left behind.

Wake up, New Zealand.  Already, we seem powerless to prevent mass poisoning of our lands and bush, but if TPPA is passed, we will not even be allowed to talk about our fears, lest we get sued by the megagiant makers of toxic agricultural chemicals.

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Can I Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss And Good Health?

Natural Remedy For Losing Weight:

Apples, and Apple Cider Vinegar, are age-old remedies which have been commonly used to help normalize weight, regulate the bowels, strenghten the heart and over-all, to improve the health.

The Apple Diet is a great cleansing techique to follow for a few days.  Eating only raw, grated  apples for three days can help to reduce the weight considerably.

Apples are a wonderful food. They are an extremely nourishing, healthful food which helps the health in a myriad of ways.

However, while eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away, using vinegar made with apples may not suit all people

It is not recommended that people suffering long-standing candida use apple cider vinegar.  They should stick to eating fresh apples, if fruit sugar is tolerated, and most certainly should avoid fermented foods of any kind, including apple cider vinegar.  See the section below for an explanation on how yeast allergies can occur.

What are the healthful effects of eating apples, or using apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar, which is made from the whole apple, skin, pips and all, contains all of the valuable nutrients inherent in the apple, but you have to remember that it is a fermented food which may not suit everybody.

Apples, or cider vinegar, have the ability to neutralize an acid body and restore the pH level to normal.  They are useful in preventing hypertension and they can help to lower high blood pressure.

Apples have the ability to lower blood cholesterol.

Apples, and Apple Cider Vinegar, are rich in potassium, phytochemicals and other agents which strengthen the immune system and help prevent cancer.

Apples are good for the heart.

The pips of the apple contain laetrile, also called amygdalin, or Vitamin B17, which is used in some natural programmes to treat cancer and other degenerative disease.  You can eat a few pips each day to help prevent such diseases.  Eating some apple pips each day could also be helpful in reducing weight.

For the average healthy person who does not suffer candida problems, cider vinegar does not have any harmful side effects, as do some other methods for reducing weight.  Normal people of a robust constitution can safely use a daily dose of apple cider vinegar for weight control without any fear of adverse reactions.

Cider Vinegar as a daily tonic and remedy to reduce fat: 

It is best to take your apple cider vinegar for weight loss first thing in the morning, before breakfast or coffee. Take two tablespoonsful in a glass of hot water.

Apple cider vinegar, taken each morning, will help to expel any parasites living in the intestines or elsewhere.

It is an acidity regulator which helps to balance the acid-alkaline ratio of the body, known as the pH level.

It helps to neutralize harmful toxins in the vital organs and blood.  The liver, gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys and intestines all benefit from the antiseptic and nourishing effects of apple cider vinegar, taken on a regular basis.

Cider Vinegar is beneficial for all parts of the body:  It helps strengthen the bones and nerves.  It helps eyesight.  It strengthens the brain and it can help prevent and improve alzheimer’s disease.

It is wonderful for the hair.  Taking apple cider vinegar daily, and rinsing the hair with it after each wash, helps encourage hair growth.

Applying it to the hair while wet after washing gives the hair a lovely sheen and helps to prevent head lice from settling in.

When Not To Use Apple Cider Vinegar or Vinegar Of Any Kind:

Having said that, some people are extremely sensitive to yeasts of all kinds, and their systems are not suited to take vinegars of any kind.

An extreme sensitivity and aversion to yeasts can arise if a person has suffered major damage due to toxic chemicals,  such as heavy metal poisoning, or asbestos poisoning, or poisoning from apoxy resin or agricultural chemicals.

This is not a common problem, but if you have been exposed to large amounts of these toxins, or perhaps herbicides and pesticides, then chronic candida can strike, in which case you need to avoid even apple cider vinegar for a while.

Candida feeds on yeasts of all kinds, including those which are used in the making of vinegar.  So, in the case of chemical poisoning, when candida overgrowth is chronic, it may be that you have to wait to detoxify somewhat before cider vinegar can be tolerated even as an external treatment.  Some people may never tolerate it.

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March Against Monsanto Planned New York 23 May 2015

Why Is Monsanto So Toxic To Farming?

Monsanto’s monopoly of agriculture will see the end of sustainable, self-perpetuating agriculture if we are forced to buy their patented, genetically fucked-up seeds each year.

This article is a follow-up from the previous article,

Organic USA Farmers Sue Monsanto For Contamination Of Crops

They, and other big seed and agrichemical companies such as DuPont and Syngenta, will be the richer for monopolizing agriculture, whilst the people will be the poorer for having to pay annually to use their seeds.

We Will All Have To Pay For All Seeds – Reusing last year’s seeds will not be an option unless the tight and punitive control exerted by these big corrupt companies is ended.

The trouble is that genetically modified patented seed is spreading so rapidly throughout the world, there will be no original seeds left before long.  This will mean that Monsanto and such companies will be able to make EVERYBODY pay for ALL seeds, because the legality of the matter allows them to fine people, even when a farmer’s heritage seeds have become accidentally contaminated by patented, genetically modified seed.

Heritage Strains Are Disappearing.

Companies such as Monsanto are putting our Heritage Plants and Seeds at risk:  Heritage seeds are disappearing because of the predominance of Monsanto’s biotech, genetically modified seeds.

Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds are migrating onto organic farms, and non-biotech farms, which have their own seeds.  The result is cross-pollination of Heritage seeds and all other non-biotech seeds. These seeds are genetically changed, which means the original plant is lost.

Monsanto Gaining Stronghold On Agriculture: The ruthless litigious approach towards all competitors, including organic farmers, is resulting in a monopoly of our agricultural system by the Biotech giants Monsanto, DuPont, and other huge corporations.

Monsanto has so far taken 145 farmers to court for what they claim is ‘patent infringement’ of seed usage since 1997.   They have won all 145 cases which has seen them benefit by over 23 million dollars in damages.

The TPPA – Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is a very real threat to agriculture and to Free Speech in New Zealand, and all the other countries involved.  The TPPA will put us under USA law, which means the big seed and agri-chemical companies will be able to sue anyone here who gets in the way of their profit and domination of the seed industry.  Read more about how it will affect us if it goes ahead:

We need to act now to prevent farmers and householders from being sued if Monsanto seeds have accidentally migrated onto farms or backyards, and to protect the right to grow whatever seeds we choose.

We want to be able to reuse seeds, whether or not they originate from Monsanto’s biotech laboratories.  Monsanto prohibits the saving of seed for the next year’s crop.

Say No To Monsanto’s Harmful RoundUp Weedkiller:  Act now to stop Monsanto and other chemical and seed giants from marketing harmful glyphosphate chemicals such as RoundUp.

Now Monsanto has developed seed strains which are resistant to the effects of RoundUp.  These seeds are marketed as ‘RoundUp Ready’.  Not only do you have a patented seed which you will have to pay for each year, you are encouraged to buy their RoundUp glyphosphate, which is extremely destructive to human health, natural flora and fauna, and especially to bees.

RoundUp and similar toxic weedkillers affect our immune systems very badly.  A weakened immune system can lead to cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, and many other diseases.

It’s immediate effect is on the helpful bacteria in the bowel:  They are destroyed, which means that candida can overtake the ‘good’ bacteria.  Candida infections pave the way to serious disease if you suffer long-standing candida trouble.

If you are being regularly exposed to glyphosphate-RoundUp and such chemicals, which often happens with council spraying programmes, or it is continually in your food supply, then you are at risk of cancer and other diseases, because of the digestive flora being out of balance.

RoundUp can seriously affect your health.

Join in the action against Monsanto and other seed and agrichemical giants by attending this protest.

New York City Free Schools and FoodJustice have organized this huge demonstration against Monsanto.  The date is the 23rd May, 2015.

See the links below for details of this must-not-miss protest against Monsanto.

On the facebook page which advertises the march against Monsanto, the caption reads:

‘They have poisoned the food supply through negligence and undermined the farming system through monopolization.’

Yes, and if I lived in New York, I would be sure to join this march.  I hope New Zealanders get together on the same day to protest against Monsanto’s monopolization of agriculture in NZ, and also against their continued use of the glyphosphate-containing RoundUp weedkiller, which is made by Monsanto.

RoundUp Glyphosphate weedkiller is used by New Zealand municipal authorities all over the country, as well as on dairy farms, orchards, and around market gardens. Our roadways, grass verges, parks, and nature walks are all sprayed with RoundUp to keep the weeds at bay.

Apart from the poisonous aspect of the stuff, it is a crime to be paying Monsanto for tons of RoundUp each year, when the simple weeding of these areas could give unemployed people a very pleasant job.

The European Commission has recently, in January, 2015, banned the use and sale of Glyphosphate weedkillers, which includes Monsanto’s RoundUp.

Glyphosphates, including RoundUp, have been already banned in Holland and Mexico, and other countries are bound to follow the example of these countries.

Glyphosphate-RoundUp has been proven to be destructive to bees as well as humans, yet Monsanto and other agrichemical companies are defending its use vehemently.

Now, typically, the European Commission is being sued by the chemical giants who claim the decision to ban Glyphosphates is ‘unfair’.

Unfair to them, they think, as they will lose huge profits because of this weedkiller being banned.  Doesn’t it remind you of the claims made by cigarette companies of yesteryear, that ‘there is no evidence to support the notion that cigarette smoking harms your health’?

Or about that other famous lie, where even New Zealand doctors told us here that ‘there was no evidence to prove that 2,4,5T was harmful to humans’, after it had been banned elsewhere, and while our fields and dairy lands continued to be poisoned with the stuff.   2,4,5T was used in VietNam war-time of the late 1960’2 and early 70’s with devastating effects – known to soldiers as ‘Agent Orange’.

The only reason 2.4.5.T was left available in NZ for so long was because Dow Chemicals were making the stuff right here in NZ,in New Plymouth.  And therein lies another tale of disastrous consequences.

Extremely selfishly greedy for profit, irresponsible, and downright corrupt, to want to keep marketing poisons such as RoundUp and other harmful agrichemicals, when all evidence proves them to be bad for plants, animals and nature generally.

Support the action against Monsanto and other agressive agriculture chemical giants by joining the march if you can.


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Glyphosate In RoundUp Banned In Holland

Dutch Government Bans Over The Counter Sales Of Glyphosphates, Including RoundUp.

Mexico and Russia have already banned Monsanto’s ‘RoundUp’ herbicide, and other Glyphosphate products.  France and Brazil are also planning to follow in the footsteps of Mexico, Russia and Holland, by banning Glyphosphates.

In Holland, the Party For The Animals has  been campaigning for a ban on glyphosphate-containing herbicides such as RoundUp, as well as neonicotinoid insecticides.  From the end of 2015, no more glyphosphates will be sold in garden centres in Holland for private use.

This move  to restrict the use of Glyphosphate-containing herbicides shows great promise for our future health. I hope that New Zealand will join the other countries which are about to follow suit with a RoundUp and Glyphosphate ban, as well as a Neonicotinoid ban.  However, what the world needs is a complete ban on such harmful poisons as Glyphosphate and Nicotinoids.

Nicotinoid poisons are used in many insecticides, and, like Glyphosphate, kill bees and other useful little insects, butterflies and moths.

These substances are a very great danger to our environment and to our health.  The extent of the damage is impossible to predict, but it is known for a fact that Neonicotinoid poisons are a primary cause of ‘Bee Colony Collapse Disorder’.  Read my earlier post about ‘Bee Colony Collapse Disorder’ and the relationship to Neonicotinoid poisons.

All chemical herbicides and insecticides are harmful to our own health, as well as the health of all animals, insects, birds, and trees, which inadvertantly affects the general health of the planet.

New Zealanders, generally speaking, are too trusting of the assurances of chemical and drug companies.  They use RoundUp and other dangerous herbicides and insecticides without any regard for their own health, or the health of the people who will be subjected to their toxic spraying procedures.  They believe that they must be safe, otherwise you would not be able to buy them. Wrong.

RoundUp, and other harmful Glyphosphate-containing products have been sold over the counter for years, in user-friendly packaging, with the assurance from the garden centre assistants that the stuff is pretty harmless.

My own family of farmers and orchardists have obstinately stuck for generations now, to the mistaken ideas that poisonous chemicals are necessary for food production, and that they do not pose a problem for our health at all. Meanwhile we watch family members succumbing to cancer, alzheimer’s, and mysterious fatal diseases of the nervous system.

Of course, the assurances given by the chemical and drug companies about the harmlessness of ‘RoundUp’ and other toxic chemicals is a fallacy.

RoundUp is surely a major poison in our environment, and is the cause of many on-going health problems, as well as degenerative diseases such as Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Osteoporosis and other diseases.

Glyphosphate in RoundUp can also cause mental and emotional troubles, such as depression, insomnia, and skin diseases. It also affects the eye-sight, as I have found.  Read my earlier post on RoundUp and Candida for more information about ill-health and RoundUp.

RoundUp is also killing off our valuable wild herbs called ‘weeds’, the very herbs which are needed by bees and other insects to stay healthy, and which serve as medicine for the soil itself,.

Monsanto and other chemical companies which make and profit from the sales of Glyphosphate herbicides have much accounting to do for their deliberately misleading blurbs about the innocuous effects of their product.  The situation is not too much different to the cigarette companies  who have mislead people about the ‘harmless’ effects of smoking for over a period of around 50 years or more.  Now we know for a fact that smoking is very dangerous for the life and health of the individual smoker, as well as the people nearby who inhale second-hand smoke.  As if we couldn’t tell without the evidence anyhow.

Crops Will Still Be Sprayed:  But still there is much work to be done, in Holland and elsewhere, as this law change and resulting restriction on Glyphosphate-RoundUp sales will only affect the common householder.  Farmers and orchardists, and councils and government bodies will still have the right to use Glyphosphate poisons where and when they choose.

The crops will still be sprayed, as will the grass verges around the towns and parks, and bushwalk reserves.

This is an unknown quantity, but even with the proposed ban on private Glyphosphate use, probably more than 75% overall of the current RoundUp or Glyphosphate usage will still be poured into our environments and onto our food crops.

We need an outright ban on all toxic chemicals used in agriculture,  not just on Glyphosphate and Neonicatinoids.  Sustainable, organic agriculture is the only way to go.

Sustainable Food and Sustainable Agriculture

‘Sustainable Pulse’, is a website which is aimed at protecting the health of people, animals and planet.  It promotes organic systems of weed and insect control instead of chemical controls, and endeavours to increase awareness about the dangers of using toxic chemicals on our crops and in our environment.

Here is an excerpt from ‘Sustainable Pulse’ about the dangers of Glyphosphate, which is a component of commonly used RoundUp.  This was posted on 4th April, 2014.

‘Glyphosphate is increasingly associated with health problems such as infertility, birth defects, damage to the nervous system, Parkinson’s disease and several forms of cancer. In addition to health risks for humans, the usage of chemical pesticides can also lead to loss of biodiversity and difficulties with purifying drinking water.’

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