Stop 1080 Poisoning Or We Will Add It To NZ Infant Formula

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Today’s NZ Herald on Wednesday, 11th March, 2015, published a front-page article on the potential threat made by 1080 protestors to New Zealand-made infant formula.

The threat has been made by someone, or a group of people, who objects/object to the national government’s stance on 1080 poison.

If the government does not stop its distribution of 1080 by the end of the month, then the protestors say they will poison infant formula with 1080.

This national government currently condones the nation-wide poisoning of New Zealand by the pesticide 1080, and they refuse to back down on their plan to keep using it despite all the evidence which proves it to be devastating to the environment.  It gets into the water-ways and, eventually, into our food.

Although the amounts in water and in our food might be very small, or considered ‘safe’ by the authorities, it has been shown that even small amounts of toxic substances such as neonicotinoids have a devastating effect on bees, for a start.  It is very likely that small amounts of 1080 and other poisonous chemicals in our environment could cause the outbreaks of cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disese, and asthma in sensitive people:  Just as the whole of a hive can be affected by miniscule amounts of insecticide, whole groups of people could be affected similarly.

Read my posts about scientific evidence which shows how minute doses of neonicotinoids can cause bee colony collapse disorder.

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Homeopathically, 1080 will have an effect of some sort, no matter what dilution it finds itself in:  there is always a cause and effect, just as the neonicotinoid insecticide predisposed bees to a virus, resulting in bee colony collapse disorder on a massive scale throughout Europe.

The Labour government similarly ignored the effects of the ‘apple moth’ spraying over Auckland in the early 2000’s. This poisoning lasted several years, with regular, expensive full-page advertising in the New Zealand Herald newspaper which told us the spray was safe, until Victoria University of Wellington finally proved conclusively that the stuff was indeed making Aucklanders very sick.

After the initial three weeks of the programme, when letters were received objecting to the spray being used, the NZ Herald published a statement saying that no more discussion would be entered into on the issue.  From that point, no adverse comments or any articles were published about the apple moth spray’s toxic effects.  We who objected to the spray being used, and there were thousands of us, were effectively silenced by the media who were obviously obeying orders from above.

Thanks to Victoria University, the spraying was stopped, eventually.

Too late for some:I was forced to leave Auckland, as were many other people, because of the ‘apple moth’ spraying which occurred on a regular basis over the summer months.

More recently, in 2012, Brodifacoum was laid on the Whangaparaoa Shakespear Park.  Within a week, around 20,000 of dead seagulls were found washed up on the shores of Maraetai Beach, which is only a short drive away from Orewa Beach near Whangaparaoa.  The dead birds were blamed on a storm at sea.

To add 1080 poison to infant formula would certainly be a horrendous and murderous act, but I must say that the ploy has attracted the attention of the media in no uncertain way, which is probably the intention of the threat, in my opinion.

Media attention on the matter of toxic herbicides and pesticides is what we need.  They are usually very reluctant to bring agrichemicals to the fore of their attention:  Big business conveniently dictates the topics of our media to their advantage.

1080 is a dreadful poison which kills all animal and bird life which comes into contact with it.

Last year sometime, around June, 2014, I went with a friend to climb Mount Te Aroha, the mountain of love, only about 30 kilometres away from where I live.

There were signs at the bottom of the walkway up the mountain which warned against taking dogs up, and which advised sticking to the path, because 1080 had been laid there recently.

We climbed a good way up – about a third the length of the pathway to the top – but we did not see ONE bird, nor did we hear any bird calls during our half-hour walk up.  And no sign of bird-life at all on our walk back down.

1080 is a devastating poison, and we are only using it in New Zealand because of manipulations by the chemical company who makes it, and our environmentally blind government.

There is big money tied up in using such chemicals on a grand scale, where literally thousands of hectares of land all over the country is being poisoned.

You simply cannot ‘go bush’ to ‘get away from it all’ any more:  Chances are, the secluded spot you dreamt about will be more toxic than the city you left behind.

Wake up, New Zealand.  Already, we seem powerless to prevent mass poisoning of our lands and bush, but if TPPA is passed, we will not even be allowed to talk about our fears, lest we get sued by the megagiant makers of toxic agricultural chemicals.

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