Can I Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss And Good Health?

Natural Remedy For Losing Weight:

Apples, and Apple Cider Vinegar, are age-old remedies which have been commonly used to help normalize weight, regulate the bowels, strenghten the heart and over-all, to improve the health.

The Apple Diet is a great cleansing techique to follow for a few days.  Eating only raw, grated  apples for three days can help to reduce the weight considerably.

Apples are a wonderful food. They are an extremely nourishing, healthful food which helps the health in a myriad of ways.

However, while eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away, using vinegar made with apples may not suit all people

It is not recommended that people suffering long-standing candida use apple cider vinegar.  They should stick to eating fresh apples, if fruit sugar is tolerated, and most certainly should avoid fermented foods of any kind, including apple cider vinegar.  See the section below for an explanation on how yeast allergies can occur.

What are the healthful effects of eating apples, or using apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar, which is made from the whole apple, skin, pips and all, contains all of the valuable nutrients inherent in the apple, but you have to remember that it is a fermented food which may not suit everybody.

Apples, or cider vinegar, have the ability to neutralize an acid body and restore the pH level to normal.  They are useful in preventing hypertension and they can help to lower high blood pressure.

Apples have the ability to lower blood cholesterol.

Apples, and Apple Cider Vinegar, are rich in potassium, phytochemicals and other agents which strengthen the immune system and help prevent cancer.

Apples are good for the heart.

The pips of the apple contain laetrile, also called amygdalin, or Vitamin B17, which is used in some natural programmes to treat cancer and other degenerative disease.  You can eat a few pips each day to help prevent such diseases.  Eating some apple pips each day could also be helpful in reducing weight.

For the average healthy person who does not suffer candida problems, cider vinegar does not have any harmful side effects, as do some other methods for reducing weight.  Normal people of a robust constitution can safely use a daily dose of apple cider vinegar for weight control without any fear of adverse reactions.

Cider Vinegar as a daily tonic and remedy to reduce fat: 

It is best to take your apple cider vinegar for weight loss first thing in the morning, before breakfast or coffee. Take two tablespoonsful in a glass of hot water.

Apple cider vinegar, taken each morning, will help to expel any parasites living in the intestines or elsewhere.

It is an acidity regulator which helps to balance the acid-alkaline ratio of the body, known as the pH level.

It helps to neutralize harmful toxins in the vital organs and blood.  The liver, gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys and intestines all benefit from the antiseptic and nourishing effects of apple cider vinegar, taken on a regular basis.

Cider Vinegar is beneficial for all parts of the body:  It helps strengthen the bones and nerves.  It helps eyesight.  It strengthens the brain and it can help prevent and improve alzheimer’s disease.

It is wonderful for the hair.  Taking apple cider vinegar daily, and rinsing the hair with it after each wash, helps encourage hair growth.

Applying it to the hair while wet after washing gives the hair a lovely sheen and helps to prevent head lice from settling in.

When Not To Use Apple Cider Vinegar or Vinegar Of Any Kind:

Having said that, some people are extremely sensitive to yeasts of all kinds, and their systems are not suited to take vinegars of any kind.

An extreme sensitivity and aversion to yeasts can arise if a person has suffered major damage due to toxic chemicals,  such as heavy metal poisoning, or asbestos poisoning, or poisoning from apoxy resin or agricultural chemicals.

This is not a common problem, but if you have been exposed to large amounts of these toxins, or perhaps herbicides and pesticides, then chronic candida can strike, in which case you need to avoid even apple cider vinegar for a while.

Candida feeds on yeasts of all kinds, including those which are used in the making of vinegar.  So, in the case of chemical poisoning, when candida overgrowth is chronic, it may be that you have to wait to detoxify somewhat before cider vinegar can be tolerated even as an external treatment.  Some people may never tolerate it.

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Lupus Cured With Detox Chelation Therapy

Natural Remedies For Lupus

Without radiation, without surgery, without chemotherapy:

Lupus can, and has, been cured through natural treatments, without chemotherapy drugs or surgery.  This will be the focus of this post.

Lupus disease can mysteriously appear in individuals whose families have no history of the disease.  The case discussed in this article proves how toxins in the blood can cause the disease to arise.

I have already written an extensive post on how Lupus can be treated naturally:  For ideas on natural treatments, which include natural ways of detoxification, take a look at this post for further reading

Some homeopathic  practitioners have written that they have cured Lupus through a combination  of various homeopathic remedies and diet. Homeopathic medicine can help to rid the body of the harmful chemicals it is withholding:  These toxins can cause sicknesses of many kinds, including Lupus.

Some of the remedies used by these homeopathic writers are mentioned in my above article.

Heary Metal Poisoning Caused Lupus: 

The account of the woman who recovered from Lupus, after she was treated for heavy metal poisoning, is one of the most interesting, because it proves the point that chemical poisoning can indeed cause Lupus.

Her account also proves that people can be cured of Lupus.

This patient had declined all conventional therapies to treat her Lupus, such as radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.  She was still seeking some alternative to these orthodox practices, when:

By accident, she happened to be tested for heavy metal poisoning when she went for standard blood tests for her Lupus condition.  The blood tests for Lupus do not usually include metal poisoning, so it was wonderfully fortuitous that the so-called error was made to check her blood for heavy metals.

When the tests came back, it was clear that she had extremely high levels of mercury and lead in her blood.  She was retested to make sure the results were correct.  Yes, they were correct.  She had dangerous levels of these heavy metals pumping around her veins.

So she sought out a doctor who would address this issue.  She was subsequently given chelation therapy, which is a method of detoxification to remove harmful chemicals and heavy metals from the blood.

After an extensive year-long course of chelation treatment to rid her body of the heavy metals, namely Plasmapheresis and Ozone therapy, she was found to be cured of Lupus disease.

You can read the account of her history on this link:

Cured Lupus Without Chemotherapy or Surgery

Note:  Oxygenating herbs are very useful for treating Lupus naturally.

Herbs For Treating Lupus:

Black Walnut, Juglans nigra, is noted in Louise Tenney’s book as being an herb for treating Lupus.  Black walnut is a great oxygenator of the blood, whilst possessing strong antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitical properties.

The outer green husk of the Black Walnut is rich in organic iodine, which is a powerful antiseptic.

Taheebo, Pau d’Arco, Tabebuia avellanedae, is another great antiviral, antibiotic herb for reducing Lupus symptoms.  Louise Tenney says that it is used successfully in some South American hospitals for treating cancer.  It is rich in iron and acts as a tonic to boost the immune system.

Vitamin C in the form of calcium ascorbate or Ester C, has the ability to kill off Lupus.  You can take the tablets 1000mg per tablet.  Dose would need to be high – between 4000mg to 10,000mg per day, depending on bowel tolerance.

Intravenous Vitamin C in the correct dose for body weight would be the best way to treat the disease, in my opinion.  Intravenous Vitamin C is an effective treatment for many kinds of cancer.

You need to see your alternative health therapist or doctor to arrange for a treatment of intravenous Vitamin C for the treatment of Lupus.

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Celery and Tuna Detox Diet

Detoxification using Celery

I have first hand experience with asbestos, heavy metal, and formaldehyde poisoning.

This diet worked for myself when I was so seriously ill with asbestos and heavy metal poisoning that I almost died.

I don’t know anyone else at all who has done this diet:  I don”t think it would be advisable for cancer.

Chemical poisoning had occurred in my body so suddenly, that there was not time for cancer to develop.  The situation was a matter of life and death: There was not time to muck about with specialists, and so I had to quickly devise some diet which would keep me alive but not make my condition any worse.

I had cleared a burned out house and section which I had bought.  The house, which had an asbestos roof, and tons of lead paint, very common on Waiheke Island of yesteryear,  had burned down while under contract, and instead of taking this as a dire warning from spirit to leave the place alone, I bought the house for the section value, and set about clearing it.

This was certainly my undoing, and very near the end of my life.  My young son was also affected quite badly, as he had accompanied me onto the section every day when I went about clearing it.

After several weeks of clearing the exploded asbestos and melded plastic and paints, I was collapsing at the drop of a hat.  I had to stop going onto the property completely, and had to abandon the project of rebuilding the house.

I had ulcers in the soft tissue of my mouth and nose, and almost constant diarrhoea.  My digestion had  very nearly stopped completely due to chemicals and consequent candida infection.  There was almost nothing I could eat now.

Just the touch of a piece of fruit onto the mouth brought about a wave of thick, white candida thrush immediately, and this covered the tongue and sides of the mouth.  Bleeding of this tissue was the next thing to occur. I could feel the candida travelling through my whole digestive system after just a whiff of any sugar or fruit. The standard carrot juice detox was completely out of the question, as carrots are so sweet.

Anyway – after collapsing onto the street in busy Queen Street, Auckland City,  I was taken up to Auckland hospital. Collapse in Queen Street, where busy traffic vented out their lead-laden fumes, happened because my overloaded system simply could not take even a breath of any more pollutants.

I was lucky I had my son with me this day. He had already procured me some aspirin from a shop as I lay paralysed on the ground, on the street, by the time the ambulance arrived.  On Waiheke island, we had discovered that aspirin alleviated the feelings of collapse a little.  This had happened one afternoon when my neighbour offered me some aspirin as I lay in agony, unable to move off the floor.  Garlic was another remedial measure.  And Kawakawa leaves, freshly chewed, also worked to avert complete collapse.

Anyway, by the time we got up to the hospital in the ambulance, the aspirin had begun to work and I was able to walk in unaided.  A specialist saw me.  Without doing blood tests or blood pressure, he listened to my heart, which was still racing abnormally in an effort to rid the blood of the poisons.  He listened to my heart and told me I had a ‘condition’ called tachycardia, a condition which i would have to take medication for, for the rest of my life.

It might be worthwhile for people to note that I DID NOT HAVE A HEART DISEASE, YET THE SPECIALIST AT THE HOSPITAL WAS PROMPTING ME TO BEGIN MEDICATION FOR TACHYCARDIA.  I have not had tachycardia since I recovered:  I only had symptoms of tachycardia because of the asbestos, lead, mercury, formaldehyde, and other chemicals which i had ingested from the burned out house and section.

I believe that many people who have been diagnosed with certain conditions, especially heart conditions, do not really have these conditions for life.  Chemicals can bring on malfunction of the heart, liver, kidneys, nervous system, and brain, as well as give you cancer.  Often, detoxifying the body will restore the heart function, and that of the other organs, to normal.

I tried to tell him that i was sick because of chemicals, but he would not listen.  I knew my heart was healthy, as having 5 babies had put me through heart and blood pressure tests each time, and these were always healthy.

So – no one would listen to my reasoning.  No professional within my reach would help me or be able to help me more than myself, I was sure.   I was the one who knew what had caused this illness, and I was the one who would have to experiment and persevere in order to recover and get well.  Though at the time, I doubted that I would ever be able to eat normally again.

I sold everything up and went to Australia with my two younger children, where we lived simply in a caravan park and I struggled for my life. This was a period of much drawing, painting, reading, and building with Leggo blocks, for them. And a long period of recovery for me. However, I was grateful to be alive.

I discovered that the only foods, initially, which did not cause rampant candida to overtake my whole system, was celery and tinned tuna fish in oil.

Mostly, i ate celery – lots of it each day, with small amounts of tuna three or four times a day.

For a few weeks, this is all that i could eat.

After a bit, I found I could take small amounts of almonds, although in the beginning, these were slightly problematic in that the candida returned temporarily after eating these.

Other foods which were tolerable under very hygienic conditions were fresh lettuce and sprouts.  However, the problem with sprouts is that yeasts begin to grow on these the minute you begin soaking them.  And commercial sprouts have been sitting in their bags for a time, so they are riddled with yeasts.  Any food which had a trace of sugar or was yeast infected, proved to bring on an attack of candida, which consequently led me to collapse.

Eventually, after 6 months of eating almost nothing else except celery and tuna fish in oil, I got better.  After about this time I found I was able to eat almonds, lettuce and sprouts more comfortably.  Although cooked food was still better left until much later in the piece.  Eventually, I was able to eat cooked broccoli.  I remember this day – the first cooked food which did not bring on an attack of candida.

During all this time, I was using castor oil every second day to rid myself of poisons.  I did this for at least three months. As the time progressed, i think that I did not take it every second day, but I certainly took castor oil at least once a week.

Other things i found helpful were caprylic acid. This is not good to take for long periods, though, as it is hard on the kidneys.  Consequently, I took this only as an emergency measure, when something had given me an attack of candida.

Non-acidic Vitamin C:  Calcium ascorbate powder, which is a non acidic form of Vitamin C, was also really effective.  I took this every day – between 1000 mg and about 3000 mg per day.

Other aids were:  garlic, kawakawa leaves, and the occasional aspirin helped me through.  Aspirin was taking, like caprylic acid, only in emergency.  I found both these to be helpful, but both caused kidney pain, and so they had to be used with moderation.

And of course,, with the castor oil trearment, i used enemas as well – with small amounts of sea salt.