Antibiotic Medicine Harmed By Herbicides Including RoundUp

Toxic Chemicals Weaken Antibiotic Medicine As Well As Homeopathic Medicine

It was not surprising to hear on Radio New Zealand news just before Easter, that scientists have found that the efficacy of antibiotics is dramatically reduced by herbicides such as the glyphosphate-containing RoundUp weedkiller.

RoundUp and other toxic herbicides and pesticides, I find, have a dramatic effect on digestion, because they interfere with the natural digestive flora and enzymes in the body.

Candida infections, and bladder and kidney inflammations can result after being exposed to toxic chemicals which kill off the beneficial bacteria within the body, and change its natural, healthy,  pH level.

Other chemicals such as those found in printing inks and clothing dyes, and arsenic-treated timber, can also have a damaging effect on the health for the same reason.

It is a logical conclusion to draw, then, that if the natural and beneficial organisms living in the body’s digestive system can be killed off by toxic chemicals such as weedkiller and pesticides, that the organisms present within antibiotic medicines are likely to be affected too.

Many commonly used drugs are also likely to behave differently on the body when the digestive system is not functioning properly, as is the case when the useful digestive flora is damaged because of exposure to herbicides such as glyphosphates and neonicotinoid poisons or other harmful chemicals.

The efficacy of herbal medicines and homeopathy is also affected when a person has been exposed to chemical poisons such as weedkillers and pesticides.  Homeopathic preparations themselves are very sensitive to such poisons, and can be weakened if left in an area which has been made toxic for some reason.  People who use toxic chemicals, or even antibiotics and other pharmaceutical products, on a regular basis will find that Homeopathic medicines are not as effective as they are said to be, because of the negating effect of stronger chemicals.

It is now well known that antibiotics are losing their strength as disease-combatting medicines, because bacteria are becoming resistant to them.

And now it has been proven that RoundUp and other herbicides and pesticides are also diminishing the effect of antibiotics in curing disease.

Plenty of reasons, then, for governments world-wide to curb the free and irresponsible use of herbicides and pesticides.  They are not necessary for healthy agriculture:  We have survived thousand of years without these modern chemicals which are having an adverse effect on our environment and good health.

And nor is it necessary to use antibiotics and modern drugs.  They do have a purpose, of course, but often a simple herbal or homeopathic remedy will do just as well, or better, without the unwanted side effects you can expect from many modern drugs.

There are many good reasons to consider natural methods of farming and orcharding, as well as the use of Homeopathic remedies, Vitamin C therapy, Vitamin A therapy, and herbal medicine as alternatives to using vaccination antibiotics and other potentially harmful medicines.

Natural Remedies and Homeopathic Alternatives to Antibiotics:

Of course you need to consult your doctor if you or your child are suffering some infection.  Consult a registered homeopath for advice on what to use as an alternative to vaccination or immunization.  It is important to use just the right remedy for an illness, or for prevention.  So do consult an expert.

Here are some suggestions for you to discuss with your doctor or naturopath or homeopath.

Homeopathic Urtica Urens is a reputable medicine for kidney and bladder infections, especially if it is combined with the age-old remedy of drinking plenty of cooled, boiled water throughout the day.

Homeopathic Belladonna is used as a preventative for Scarlet Fever, or to treat it.

Homeopathic Ledum can be used as a preventative for Tetanus, or to use after an injury on farms or where horses have been kept.

Homeopathic Arsen Alb is excellent as a flu prevention, or to minimize the effects of flu if flu is already present.  There is no risk involved with using Arsen Alb for flu prevention, whereas the flu vaccination can be a risky thing.

Vitamin C in megadoses is a proven remedy to reverse illness. Swine flu, cancers of many kinds, and many other conditions of ill-health respond to Vitamin C therapy.  2000mg of non-acidic  vitamin c taken every hour or two will be quick to reduce flu symptoms in an adult.  Reduce the dose for a child.

Natural Remedies

Culpeper says of Sage that it ’causes the hair to become black’.

Garden sage has many therapeutic uses.

In the garden, its flowers provide medicine and nectar for the bees, as well as a herbal tonic to the neighbouring plants.

It is well-known as an aid to oral hygiene.  It has strong antiseptic qualities and is supposed to whiten tooth enamel.

Sage is still used today in some tooth-pastes.  It is reputedly one effective remedy for bleeding gums,  and improving gum health:  The crushed fresh leaves are massaged several times a day onto the gums and teeth.

The tea is gargled to relieve sore throats, colds and flu,  and ulcers in the mouth.

It can be effective to reduce fevers, and has been used in the past for thyphoid fever. (see ‘Herbal Remedies  and Homeopathy’ published by Geddes and Grosset.)

It is a valuable nerve medicine, and is a useful stomach remedy for improving a weak appetite.

Natural Herbal Hair Dye and Tonic:  Sage can help restore healthy hair and improve the colour.

Strong sage tea encourages hair growth and darkens the hair, if it is used on a regular basis. Many herbalists describe it in their writings:  see John Heinerman’s ‘Encyclopedia of Fruits Vegetables and Herbs’.

Rosemary is another wonderful herb which can help hair growth, but it does not have such a darkening effect on the hair, as sage does.

Recipe For Sage Hair Dye:  Here is a simple, natural hair dye and tonic which you can try.  It is perfectly safe to use, as it does not contain any harmful additives such as you might find in commercial dyes for darkening the hair.

Take two cups of fresh sage leaves and put into a stainless steel saucepan.

Add one cup of dry black tea leaves

Add half a cup of cider vinegar and eight cups of water.

Simmer very gently, with no lid, for one hour on a very low heat.  You should have around half the original quantity of liquid left at the end of an hour.  If you need to add a little more water, make sure you do so well before you finish simmering the brew.  If you add more water at the end of the simmering, then your mixture will not keep so well.

Take off the heat after an hour of simmering.  Set aside to cool.

Once your sage mixture has cooled properly, strain it off.

To the liquid remaining add the same amount of vodka.

Put into a bottle with a screw-top lid and store in a cool place.

Massage around a tablespoonful of the sage infusion into the hair each day.  Use more or less, depending on how much hair you need to cover.

Massage the sage tonic well into the roots of the hair as well, so that it feeds the scalp and hair follicles.  Massaging the scalp with the sage tonic will help the hair to grow again.

The oils in the sage leaves will put a natural shine to the hair.

Once the hair is sufficiently darkened, which may take several weeks, you can reduce the amount of applications each week.  Once or twice a week may be enough to maintain the darker colour.

Sage is really very good for the hair in so many ways.

Alternative Sage Tonic Without Alcohol:  You could make up your sage tea without the alcohol if you wish.  Only, remember that your mixture will not keep for longer than a week, and it must be kept in the fridge.  You could make up a lesser amount, enough to last a week, and then make up a fresh brew of tea for the following week.

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Wake Up New Zealand America’s TPPA Puts Agriculture At Risk

March Against TPPA 7th March 2015

These protest marches against TPPA really are a statement against corporate greed in New Zealand.  The TPPA will serve to profit those huge multi-national corporations, such as Monsanto, Bayer, Du Pont and Syngenta, whilst minimizing our own profit. More for them, and less for us.

The price of food is bound to go up.

Disappointing that the turn-out yesterday to the Nation-wide protest against TPPA was so low.  The marches over the country did not attract anything like the numbers who have protested against ocean oil drilling, or the sale of assets marches.

The low response to the anti TPPA protest is largely because most New Zealanders still do not have a clue about the TPPA.  Many have never heard of it.

And this ignorance is just what is intended by our New Zealand National government, and the drivers for TPPA from America.

How come the public has no knowledge about the TPPA and what it will do to our way of life?

The title is a nebulous one, for a start. ‘TPPA’ has been chosen deliberately to disguise the reality of the proposed movement which will have our rights whittled away.

We have so many abbreviations for this and that in government departments .  SIPS,  WINZ, MAF,  Who cares if there is another one?

But the media – newspapers, TV and radio, have been primed to keep any discussion about TPPA to a minimum.  I did hear that ‘Campbell Live’ ran a good programme about the erosion of rights, and the economic impact for New Zealand.  But nought else on TV, radio or newspaper.

And so, in Hamilton, there were only around 200 demonstrators, by the looks of the photos on Facebook.

And in Auckland, where the protesters usually come out in their thousands to support a just cause, were only 1500 to 2000 at the most.  The low turn-out shows how TPPA means nothing to the average New Zealander.

Not that protesting has had any influence thus far on this government.  The majority of people were against the sale of public assets, and despite many marches of huge numbers, petitions to government, etc, they still charged on ahead to sell off public assets which our predecessors have worked hard for.

New Zealand Growers Will Suffer With TPPA:  Because of TPPA, virtually everybody in agriculture will be at risk of being sued.

Our heritage seeds and trees are all at risk  Because of Monsanto’s huge presence in agriculture, their modified seeds are taking over, which is putting our heritage seeds and trees and plants at risk..  Many old varieties of seed and fruits have died out because of the monopolization of the big agriculture companies.

Expect To Be Sued If You Lose A Heritage Crop Due To a Rogue Patented Variety

Losing our heitage plants is one thing – but having to pay for the contamination and loss of our own crops, because patented rogue seed has taken over our crops, is another.

TPPA will put us under American law, which means any of us can be sued for our crops accidentally being contaminated by genetically modified patented seeds, such as those which Monsanto produce.

In America, some of these big companies are employing people to go around the countryside testing all crops.  If it is found that cross-pollination with their patented varieties has occurred, then you will be fined or sued.

Is This What We Want? Aready, innocent farmers, in America and other countries, are being sued by Monsanto and other agri-giant companies because their seeds, or a cross-pollinated version of them, have been found on the farmer’s property.  This will happen in New Zealand too, if the TPPA comes into force.  We will have to abide by American law which favours these big seed and chemical giants.

The situation is most bizarre and corrupt.  Monsanto, Syngenta and DuPont, among other seed producing corporations, have their seeds virtually all over the world now.  They proliferate naturally, by wind and birds carrying the seeds to other locations, away from their original planting sites.

The farmer who grows his own heritage varieties of seed is not protected at all if his or her crops become contaminated by Monsanto’s genetically altered patented seeds.  The law is on Monsanto and the other big companies’ side.

Freedom Of Speech Will Be A Thing Of The Past: The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, known as The TPPA agreement, will severely curtail our Freedom Of Speech and weaken our human rights.

We will not be allowed to discuss the ill-effects of any poison, such as the glyphosphate-containing RoundUp, or neonicotinoid poisons which cause bee colony collapse disorder, killing bees and other pollinating insects.  Because if we do make a statement against the use of these toxic chemicals, then we stand to be sued by those overseas chemical manufacturers of the said chemical, for loss of sales, loss of revenue.

Such is American law.

They will say ‘there is no proof’ or ‘prove it’.  But without sharing our stories about the ill-effects of toxic chemicals, there will be no body of case studies to examine, and we will be none the wiser, except for the ‘research’ which they tell us to be true.

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Bayer Says Stop Campaign To Save Bees Or We Will Sue

Bee-Killing Insecticides Banned In Europe, But Now Bayer Sues

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

Nicotinoid Insecticides Kill Bees And Harm Humans

March Against Monsanto Planned New York 23 May 2015

Organic USA Farmers Sue Monsanto For Contamination Of Crops

Here is an interesting document entitled ‘Negotiating Healthy Trade In Australia – Health Impact Assessment of the Proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.’  Read about how food labelling could be affected, and how alcohol and tobacco advertisements might be affected to the detriment of the nation’s health.

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Bayer Says Stop Campaign To Save Bees Or We Will Sue

Environment Crisis: Bees Are Dying By The Millions

SumOfUs, who are working hard to save the bees, have been threatened by Bayer because of their campaign to stop the use of harmful-to-bees pesticides.

Bayer is already on the warpath of the European Commission, who have banned some insecticides because of the evidence which shows them to be harmful to bees.

Bayer want the European Commission’s ruling overturned so that they can continue right on with making and selling and profitting from their evil toxic sprays.  I wrote about Bayer’s incredibly irresponsible response to the EC’s ruling on:

Bee-Killing Insecticides Banned In Europe, But Now Bayer Sues

Heading for a Major Environmental Disaster:  We need bees and pollinating insects to fertilize our crops, orchards and gardens.  Without enough of these pollinators there will be world-wide famine and we will all starve.

Many insecticides and herbicides currently on the market are killing bees by the millions, as well as many other pollinating insects.

Alexis Hope wrote me last week:  ‘The short haired bumble bee in NZ has gone extinct in the UK where it was originally imported from. They’re trying to reintroduce it from NZ back to the UK.
There are other varieties which have died out that can’t be reintroduced. Tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers (that whole night shade family of veg) are all pollinated by bumble bees from buzz polination. Something honey bees can’t do.’

Neonicotinoid insecticides are mainly to blame for the rapid decline in bee numbers across Europe, America and New Zealand.

Of course, there are other factors involved in the phenomenon of a declining bee population, such as lack of diversity in agriculture, and climate change, but there is plenty of evidence to show that neonicotinoids really do affect bees in a devastating way.  Read my post on Bee Colony Collapse Disorder from way back in 2011:

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

Nicotinoid Insecticides Kill Bees And Harm Humans

The trouble is that these multinational corporations, which manufacture the harmful agricultural chemicals used the world over, do not wish to stop profiting from the sale of their harmful chemicals.  It is a multi-billion dollar industry.

So these big greedy companies are fighting all the way to keep their products on the market.

Save The Bee campaigners SumOfUs have received a letter from Bayer which threatens legal action unless SumOfUs stop their campaign to save the bees.  SumOfUs desperately need funds to help fight the legal battle against ‘the deep-pocketed Bayer’ on the issue of their campaign to protect the bees.

See if you can donate a little.  SumOfUs, who have influence because of their international following and their website ‘voice’, are fighting this legal battle for the rest of us.  If we all give just $5 or $10, we are doing our bit to help gain a good result. Go to SumOfUs website and search for Bees:SumOfUs sued

Read about  New Zealand parliament’s concerns over bee welfare and their suggested moratorium on the use of neonicotinoid poisons .  Thankyou Alexis for posting me this link:

Alexis wrote me:

‘While the Nats go to war, looks like the Greens are trying to stop the use of neonicotinoids in NZ.’

Sue Kedgley respectfully requests
“Stop the use of pesticides that are implicated in bee deaths until an ERMA reassessment finds that they do not pose a risk to bee health.”
“It is argued that, unlike older pesticides that evaporate or disperse shortly after application, neonicotinoids incorporate themselves into the plant’s tissues and emits toxins from its roots, leaves, stems, pollen, and nectar.”
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Bee-Killing Insecticides Banned In Europe, But Now Bayer Sues

Environment:  Food Chain At Risk.

Below, see the petition to sign, to keep bee-killing poisons out of our environment and protect environment.

Neonicotinoid insecticides were recently banned in Europe, in 2014.  But now Bayer, who makes some of these bee-killers, is sueing the European Commission to have the ban overturned.

Bayer and Syngenta are two of the largest companies in the world which market agricultural chemicals.  They both claim that the decision made by the European Commission to ban bee-killers is unfair.

To bleat ‘Unfair’ somewhat weakens the severity of the issue at hand – we are not squabbling over marbles here.  The earth is being poisoned and ruined for future generations by these irresponsible and greedy companies who don’t care a stuff about our health, or the health of the bees, or the planet.

They stand to lose billions of dollars because their insecticides have been banned, and so they are fighting for the right to keep poisoning our environment with their unnecessary and dangerous chemicals.

The European Commission instigated the ban on Neonicotinoid insecticides and other substances because of the overwhelming scientific evidence which proves these poisons to be destructive  to the bee population.

That they harm bees is one very good reason to ban these insecticides.  The other reason why they should be banned is because they also harm humans, animals, birds, natural fauna, trees and anything which lives.  Toxic agricultural chemicals have a lot to do with the increasing instances of cancer, arthritis, Parkinson’s and other immune system dysfunctions.  The nervous system is affected badly by toxic insecticides and herbicides.

World Famine:  This could be the result if Bayer wins their lawsuit against the European Commission.  Insecticides such as Neonicotinoids, which are derived from nicocotine, and even herbicides such as Monsanto’s Glyphosphate-containing RoundUp poison, are devastating the bee population.

Without the bees, our crops will not produce, and nor will the fruiting trees around the world. World wide famine will be the end result without bees and all the other pollinating insects which are at risk from the use of toxic chemicals.

Sustainable Agriculture:  Everybody the world over needs to get into sustainable, organic agriculture instead of using chemicals.

Sustainable agriculture also means not allowing the big pesticide and herbicide companies to manipulate our seeds, so that we are forced each year to buy new seed from them.  They are working towards a situation where we will only have their genetically modified, one-off seeds available.  In this situation, they will have TOTAL control of the food sources.  Unbelievable profits for them if everybody has to buy their patented seeds every year.

World Famine:  This is a dangerous situation, as it means if they make errors, and seeds go wrong, we could all starve, if we don’t die from cancer first.

These big pesticide-herbicide companies are causing many problems with food supply already.  Their control over the food supply is not the solution to poverty in the world, it serves only to profit them immensely.

We must fight for the right to harvest and use our our own seed, and the right to buy and use traditional, heritage seeds from people who are keeping the old, self-perpetuating varieties alive.

Monsanto is one of the major culprits in the war to gain complete control over seed production and usage. As I write this article, people are being sued by Monsanto for breaking their rules.

Bees Die From Pesticide:  Read more on how destructive pesticides actually are:  millions of bees were found dead on a single Canadian farm in December, 2014.  Go to

Only a minute amount of Neonicotinoid-containing substance is required to drastically affect the health of a hive.  Read my post of a few years back which reports the scientific evidence showing that exposure to homeopathic doses of Neonicotinoids made bees fall sick with viral diseases such as viroa. I use the term ‘homeopathic’, because the quantities which were used in this test were so small as to be undetectable as the original substance.

The scientists knew that the bees had been exposed to minute traces of the insecticide.  These bees fell prey to ‘Bee Colony Collapse Disorder’, whereas the bees who had been protected from the minute doses of insecticide did not get sick.

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

Bees Killed By Insecticide

Robot Bees will not be the answer.  This is a ridiculous idea which some scientists, obviously working for the Big Insectide companies, have come up with.  We won’t be fobbed off with the erroneous idea that robot bees will be just as good as real, live bees.  For a start, bees work in our gardens for free, whereas, for sure, we would have to pay for these robot bees to work our gardens, trees and crops. So robot bees will profit the big pesticide companies yet again.

Robot bees is a horrible idea.

Nature cannot be replaced.  These arrogant big chemical companies, who profit from the poisoning of the planet, pretend to play God with their desire to rule and manage the world.

Here is the link for the petition to sign:  To keep the European Commission’s decision to ban all bee- harming insecticides.

Someone sent an email to me recently which said ‘Don’t knock pesticides and herbicides.  We have come a long way since the starvation days of the Irish Potato Famine…….These chemicals have their purpose.’

Not true at all, dear writer.

The Irish Potato Famine was a political thing.  It came about because of poverty brought about by the British  confiscation of land, and the Corn Laws, another British device which kept the Irish people so poor that all they could afford to eat was potatoes.

The Irish Potato Famine did not occur because of a lack of pesticides.

One third of the Irish population was reliant solely on potatoes.  So around one third of the population died from starvation when the potato crop was stricken.

Poverty lead to lack of biodiversity, i.e. there was no range of different crops and fruits.  All people had to plant was potatoes.

With monocultures of crops, where thousands and thousands of acres are sown with the same crop, disease is always a problem.  I doubt that poisonous chemicals would have been the answer.  Anyway, what is wrong with the ancient, organic , bio-diverse methods of agriculture which have kept the human race going for thousands of years?

Such lack of biodiversity is not only to blame for the potato blight which ruined the crops, but for so many of the population starving and dying.

The Irish Potato Famine was political in that it was a very convenient thing for the British:  It kept the Irish ‘situation’ under control.  The people were, if they hadn’t died already,  too sick to fight for their rights.  The British could easily have sent over food, knowing that the potato crops had failed, and that the people would starve.  But, instead, they let them starve.

Back to sustainable agriculture:

Get back to organic ways of gardening, farming and agriculture.  This is the only safe way to go, for the good of the earth’s soil and all that lives on it.

This is an erroneous idea, that we need chemicals such as Nicotinoids to control insects, or Glyphosphates, such as is used in Monsanto’s ‘RoundUp’, to control weeds, nor their genetically-modified seeds.

Sustainable Agriculture:  Organic farming and orcharding, and organic gardening, is the only way to preserve the bees and produce good, healthy food which will not poison us in the long run.

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Glyphosate In RoundUp Banned In Holland

Dutch Government Bans Over The Counter Sales Of Glyphosphates, Including RoundUp.

Mexico and Russia have already banned Monsanto’s ‘RoundUp’ herbicide, and other Glyphosphate products.  France and Brazil are also planning to follow in the footsteps of Mexico, Russia and Holland, by banning Glyphosphates.

In Holland, the Party For The Animals has  been campaigning for a ban on glyphosphate-containing herbicides such as RoundUp, as well as neonicotinoid insecticides.  From the end of 2015, no more glyphosphates will be sold in garden centres in Holland for private use.

This move  to restrict the use of Glyphosphate-containing herbicides shows great promise for our future health. I hope that New Zealand will join the other countries which are about to follow suit with a RoundUp and Glyphosphate ban, as well as a Neonicotinoid ban.  However, what the world needs is a complete ban on such harmful poisons as Glyphosphate and Nicotinoids.

Nicotinoid poisons are used in many insecticides, and, like Glyphosphate, kill bees and other useful little insects, butterflies and moths.

These substances are a very great danger to our environment and to our health.  The extent of the damage is impossible to predict, but it is known for a fact that Neonicotinoid poisons are a primary cause of ‘Bee Colony Collapse Disorder’.  Read my earlier post about ‘Bee Colony Collapse Disorder’ and the relationship to Neonicotinoid poisons.

All chemical herbicides and insecticides are harmful to our own health, as well as the health of all animals, insects, birds, and trees, which inadvertantly affects the general health of the planet.

New Zealanders, generally speaking, are too trusting of the assurances of chemical and drug companies.  They use RoundUp and other dangerous herbicides and insecticides without any regard for their own health, or the health of the people who will be subjected to their toxic spraying procedures.  They believe that they must be safe, otherwise you would not be able to buy them. Wrong.

RoundUp, and other harmful Glyphosphate-containing products have been sold over the counter for years, in user-friendly packaging, with the assurance from the garden centre assistants that the stuff is pretty harmless.

My own family of farmers and orchardists have obstinately stuck for generations now, to the mistaken ideas that poisonous chemicals are necessary for food production, and that they do not pose a problem for our health at all. Meanwhile we watch family members succumbing to cancer, alzheimer’s, and mysterious fatal diseases of the nervous system.

Of course, the assurances given by the chemical and drug companies about the harmlessness of ‘RoundUp’ and other toxic chemicals is a fallacy.

RoundUp is surely a major poison in our environment, and is the cause of many on-going health problems, as well as degenerative diseases such as Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Osteoporosis and other diseases.

Glyphosphate in RoundUp can also cause mental and emotional troubles, such as depression, insomnia, and skin diseases. It also affects the eye-sight, as I have found.  Read my earlier post on RoundUp and Candida for more information about ill-health and RoundUp.

RoundUp is also killing off our valuable wild herbs called ‘weeds’, the very herbs which are needed by bees and other insects to stay healthy, and which serve as medicine for the soil itself,.

Monsanto and other chemical companies which make and profit from the sales of Glyphosphate herbicides have much accounting to do for their deliberately misleading blurbs about the innocuous effects of their product.  The situation is not too much different to the cigarette companies  who have mislead people about the ‘harmless’ effects of smoking for over a period of around 50 years or more.  Now we know for a fact that smoking is very dangerous for the life and health of the individual smoker, as well as the people nearby who inhale second-hand smoke.  As if we couldn’t tell without the evidence anyhow.

Crops Will Still Be Sprayed:  But still there is much work to be done, in Holland and elsewhere, as this law change and resulting restriction on Glyphosphate-RoundUp sales will only affect the common householder.  Farmers and orchardists, and councils and government bodies will still have the right to use Glyphosphate poisons where and when they choose.

The crops will still be sprayed, as will the grass verges around the towns and parks, and bushwalk reserves.

This is an unknown quantity, but even with the proposed ban on private Glyphosphate use, probably more than 75% overall of the current RoundUp or Glyphosphate usage will still be poured into our environments and onto our food crops.

We need an outright ban on all toxic chemicals used in agriculture,  not just on Glyphosphate and Neonicatinoids.  Sustainable, organic agriculture is the only way to go.

Sustainable Food and Sustainable Agriculture

‘Sustainable Pulse’, is a website which is aimed at protecting the health of people, animals and planet.  It promotes organic systems of weed and insect control instead of chemical controls, and endeavours to increase awareness about the dangers of using toxic chemicals on our crops and in our environment.

Here is an excerpt from ‘Sustainable Pulse’ about the dangers of Glyphosphate, which is a component of commonly used RoundUp.  This was posted on 4th April, 2014.

‘Glyphosphate is increasingly associated with health problems such as infertility, birth defects, damage to the nervous system, Parkinson’s disease and several forms of cancer. In addition to health risks for humans, the usage of chemical pesticides can also lead to loss of biodiversity and difficulties with purifying drinking water.’

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