Gluten Sensitivity, Cancer and Allergies Related To Vaccinations, Preservatives and Other Chemicals.

Food Additives, Agricultural Chemicals, and Vaccinations  all weaken the immune system, and are the likely reason for the fact that asthma, gluten intolerance and other allergies are on the rise.  More and more people are finding that they have allergic reactions after eating bread and other foods which have gluten in them.  In New Zealand, where agricultural science prides itself on being ‘ahead’ of the rest of the world in terms of machinery and chemicals to control weeds and insects, more and more people are suffering from asthma, hay fever, eczema, cancer, and other conditions each year.

More People are Becoming Sick in Civilized Countries:    New Zealand has the highest incidence of asthma of anywhere in the world. New Zealand also has one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the western world.   These diseases are becoming prolific in so-called  CIVILIZED countries – countries which use modern chemical ways to manage weeds, countries where vaccination of children is the norm,  and countries where ready-made commercial items such as bread, cake and meats are part of the average diet.  These commercial items all have preservatives and other food additives in them, unless you have bought an organic product with no chemical additives.

This should tell us something immediately, without having to wait for relevant research to be done to prove a point. What is the difference between the life-styles and  foods people eat in a poorer country, where little or no cases of asthma, cancer and allergies are found, and the foods and life-styles of people from a richer country, where disease of all kinds is on the rise?  –  The answer is No chemicals of any kind, unless the marketing of these products has already begun by those big international corporate drug and chemical companies who seem eager to pollute every last bit of the planet.

It is  everything to do with ‘life-style’, which is not just living a healthy life in the outdoors, but a life-style where there is an absence of agricultural chemicals, no food additives, and no modern vaccinations and other drugs. Healthy people are found in the pockets on earth where people do for themselves much more,  spending time outside growing food without chemicals, and without  using medical drugs and vaccinations.

Healthy people living a healthy life-style without chemicals are generally strong and have a natural immunity to most disease, in which case there should be little need for modern drugs.   Of course antibiotics do have their place in emergency situations, but I am an advocate for the homeopathic alternatives to vaccinations, drugs and medications, and, of course, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A, should there be a need  for assistance in combatting infections.  Homeopathy, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and herbal options for treating infections and preventing disease should be used for illness whenever possible, as these things do not harm the immune system as do vaccinations and other antibiotics.  Many children who were healthy before vaccinations suddenly have developed allergies and sensitivity to gluten after being given vaccinations.

The  agricultural poisons we pour onto our soils, including artificial fertilizers,  which get into our food, and poison the air and the waterways, are having an adverse effect on our health.

Vaccinations and food additives  are further undermining the health of our children, and ourselves.

Actually, there is enough research around already, which shows that vaccinations, agricultural chemicals including artificial fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, all affect the health and the immune system, making us more vulnerable to infections of various kinds, and predisposing us towards  cancer and allergies.

I have noticed that bought baking products from our ‘New World’ supermarket, such as bread, doughnuts, cake, biscuits, pastries and chocolate, have a worse effect now than these foods, bought from the same supermarket, did a couple of years ago. I get a strong headache fairly soon after eating any of this shop’s baking now, similar to the effect of foods with monosodium glutamate in them.  I suspect that they are now  using some ready-made flour product which has unknown rising agents and preservatives in it –   Whereas previously, they made their own baking mixture up, which had less of the harmful additives in it.

These products have heightened my gluten intolerance.  All preservatives, colourings and other artificial food additives have an immediate effect on the bacteria in the bowel – they act like antibiotics, killing off the good bacteria in the bowel along with the bad ones.  This affects digestion adversely.  You may find that you seemingly are intolerant to gluten, when all along, it may be that the preservatives and other food additives in bought bread and baking are the real cause behing your sensitivity to wheat.

The other factor, of course, is that agricultural chemicals are used in the growing of wheat, unless the farmer is using organic no-chemical methods to grow his food.  These chemicals get into the very fibre of the wheat, and these chemicals have a synergistic effect with other chemicals which are used in food processing, such as the bleach which is used in processing wheat flour.

Home made bread,  made from organically-grown and organically processed wheat may in fact be OK for many people who are otherwise allergic to wheat which has been grown and processed by normal chemical means.  However, once someone has become sensitive to gluten and other allergens, it can be very hard to reverse the condition.

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