How To Make Comfrey Tea.

Comfrey The Miracle Herb: I love Comfrey.  It helps all manner of conditions such as broken bones, irritable bowel syndrome, is a marvellous herb for skin and hair, and acts as a digestive tonic in mild doses.

Update:  I have just visited my sister in Napier, June 2014, and I was delighted to see that she has planted an orchard of about 25 trees.  Around the base of each tree she has planted comfrey, as the comfrey helps to draw up minerals from the soil which in turn benefits the fruit trees. Comfrey works symbiotically with the fruit trees.

So it looks like the ban on comfrey has been forgotten in the meantime.  Thank God.

Earlier, I wrote: The ban on it should be lifted, as Comfrey is such a valuable household medicine, which is why I am actively promoting Comfrey.  There is a danger that Comfrey will become a forgotten herb, because of the powerful drug companies having banned Comfrey.  We must not let them have their way and let the herb fall into decline.  Their ruling has resulted in Comfrey not being talked about – it is a ‘No No’ because the drug companies decided this is how it should be. Governments have been persuaded by the drug companies to ban or restrict Comfrey, in effect, so that the drug companies may benefit.  Why was Comfrey banned?  “They” gave the reason that Comfrey may cause cancer.  Comfrey was fed to pigs over three months, so the report which I read said, and this resulted in the pigs getting cancer.

I really do not believe that there is any danger of Comfrey causing cancer under normal usage, such as in Comfrey tea.  You would have to eat an awful lot of it for it to be a danger.  “They” probably fed these pigs nothing else but Comfrey for three months.

Carrots and Vitamin A Poisoning: If you feed any animal a diet of  only carrots for three months, these animals would perish.   And I know this for a fact, unfortunately, because of my own experience.  I once was on a carrot juice diet, and thought that I would feed the carrot pulp to my very greedy rooster, who, of course, dominated the roost, and the food scene.

I thought that the carrot pulp would cut down on the food bill for my rooster.   But alas:  After he had had about a week on this diet of mainly carrot pulp, he suddenly got ill.  The skin on his legs turned yellow.  He became paralysed, and the poor creature  had to be destroyed.  This was a terribly sad lesson for me.  I had to learn to be more generous, and not to worry about wastage such as carrot pulp.

Comfrey Is No More Poisonous Than Carrots:  Carrots can make you die if you eat enough of them, because of their high Vitamin A content:  If you eat only carrots, your skin becomes yellow, and you end up with Vitamin A poisoning.  So will green potatoes cause disastrous effects.  But governments do not ban carrots, or potatoes because of their POTENTIAL hazard to the health.  It is the same with Comfrey – yes, there is a POTENTIAL danger, and you would suffer if you had a steady diet of it, and ate nothing else. But people are no more likely to over-use Comfrey than they are green potatoes, or carrots.

There was never any link with Comfrey and cancer, at least not until the drug companies discovered Comfrey’s miraqcle ingredients, the main one being Allantoin, a cell-proliferant,which they desired for themselves. So  the drug companies ban Comfrey, but they do not ban carrots. THEY can use the marvellous ingredients of Comfrey in their drugs and cosmetics, but they deprive us of the natural source, so that they may profit from having hijacked the herb.

There is a danger that people might forget how good a herb Comfrey really was, and is, because of their ban world-wide on the growing of Comfrey, and the sale of the fresh or dried herb.

So – another promotion for Comfrey:   Comfrey tea is high in silica which benefits the bones, hair, nails, teeth, the skin, the nervous system, and aids the healing of wounds. It can be used to help chest ailments such as bronchitis.  It contains allantoin, which aids healing. Comfrey  has iron for the blood, Vitamin B12 for the nerves and the general health, and is a soothing tonic for the digestive system and the nerves.

Here is How To Make Comfrey Tea: Cut up two leaves of Comfrey.  Put into a pot and pour over a pint of boiling water.  Let the mixture infuse for a couple of minutes, as you would ceylon tea, and then pour. You can use these leaves once more, as long as you use them within two or three hours.  After that, they will begin to ferment, which is not good.  The comfrey pulp may be put over any skin abrasion to aid healing.

Help Irritable Bowels

How To  Help Irritable Bowel Syndrome
A Gluten Free Diet:

  • Avoid all wheat such as bread and pasta, and all foods which contain gluten. Avoid barley and rye also, as these contain gluten.

Avoiding gluten means avoiding many commercially prepared products such as baked beans and cornflakes, unless the product specifically tells you that it is gluten free. Wheat is used to thicken baked beans, and corn flakes are often flavoured with malt which contains gluten.

  • Omit dairy foods from the diet as well, except for butter, unless you have a reason for avoiding butter. Instead of using dairy products, use coconut milk and cream in your cooking, and prepare home-made nut and seed milks for use on porridge, for cooking, and in smoothies.
  • Do not use processed foods such as margarine.
  • Avoid all food which has preservatives in it.
  • Avoid all sugar, dairy milk and cheese, wheat, and fermented foods.  Candida is often the cause of irritable bowel syndrome, and sugar, dairy products,  yeasts and even gluten in wheat can feed candida overgrowth. It is important to avoid sugar for a time, as well as wheat.
  • Do not use artificial sweeteners to replace that sugar.  Sorbitol and mannitol are damaging to the liver and kidneys.

It is really important to avoid all yeast, as in bread and alcohol,  sugar, and all condiments such as tomato sauce, oyster sauce, or soy sauce, as these all contain yeast ferment:  Vinegar is a fermented food, and this must be avoided, at least until you have recovered.
Alcohol is a sugar food as well as a yeast food:  Quit alcohol.
Quit smoking, if you are a smoker.

  • Cook Your Own Food: It is best to prepare all your meals at home.  This way, you can be sure that no preservatives, no gluten, dairy or sugar or yeast products will end up in your food.
  • Adopt a High Fiber, Alkaline Diet.  Use more green vegetables in the diet, both raw and cooked.  Sprout mung beans and alfalfa so that you have them on hand to use daily.  Use brown rice as a wheat substitute.  You can use meat, chicken and fish in moderation.  Freerange eggs are good.  Try to procure organic free range meats and eggs.  Sunflower seeds and sesame seeds will provide extra protein and calcium.
  • Use Ginger as a Medicine: Half a teaspoon of powdered ginger  roots taken each day can help irritable bowel syndrome. This can be added to honey, or made into ginger tea.
  • Freshly grated ginger root can also be used to make a tea.  Use half a teaspoon of fresh grated ginger to a cup of hot water.  Let this sit for ten minutes, then drink the tea before your meal.
  • Peppermint Tea, fennel tea, chamomile and hops are also helpful to sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome.  You can experiment with these to see which of these work best for you.
  • Garlic helps to combat candida:  Add garlic to your cooking, and add crushed raw garlic to your oil salad dressing.  Do not use garlic if it causes tummy upsets.
  • Cut down on your coffee drinking:  Caffeine in coffee can over- excite the system, including the bowel.  Caffeine also interferes with the balance of intestinal flora, which causes candida to proliferate in the bowel.:  This can be a cause of irritable bowel syndrome.
  • It is a good idea to have a professional colonic cleanse at a colonic irrigation clinic.  Home enemas are also good, if you know how to use them, but getting a thorough cleanse done professionally cannot be beaten.  Sometimes irritable bowel syndrome occurs simply because of congestion in pockets of the bowel.  This does not stop bowel movements entirely, but causes a partial blockage where toxins gather.  Water colonics can get rid of this toxic material so easily.  You might find that your bowel settles down after the effete matter has been removed from it.

Gentle massage of the tummy with olive oil can help.  End with three clockwise circles around the outside of the solar plexus area.

Uses For Castor Oil

Castor oil Benefits Health in many ways.  It can be used as a detoxifying agent;  It can be used to clear residue from the liver and gall bladder and eliminate gall stones;  It can be used as part of treatment for cancer;  It can be used to improve digestion;  It helps the nervous system;   It can be used as an eye salve to prevent cataracts and to treat cataracts in the early development of this disease;  It can be used to improve the skin;  and it is an essential ingredient in quality lipsticks.

Castor Oil is now used widely as part of a natural treatment for cancer and other degenerative disease such as multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, alzheimer’s,  and other chronic illnesses.

Herbal medicine dates back to the ancient Sumerians.  There are written records which herbs such as laurel, caraway and thyme were used by this civilization.  Castor oil, coriander, garlic, mint and opium were used by the ancient Egyptians, according to current herbal texts.

Although castor oil, obtained from the castor oil bean, has been used for thousands of years in the healing arts of the Ancient Egyptians, Ayurvedic practitioners and Chinese and Tibetan medicines,  it became popular again through the writings of Edgar Cayce and  Dr. Max Gerson. These healers  reinvented it as an effective treatment for many diseases in the earlier part of  the 20th century. Max Gerson is famous for his use of castor oil in his treatment of cancer.

Castor oil  is effective, not just in  treating cancer and other disease,  but in treating candida and poisoning of any kind.  One of the best ways to detoxify the body from exposure to chemicals, and to treat candida,  is with castor oil and high doses of non-acidic vitamin C. Of course, these two items are not taken together, but are separated from each other in the dosage.
Taking a small amount of castor oil before breakfast can have a beneficial effect on the health.  If you take it fairly regularly, then you will absorb some of the oil into your body, which will help the vital organs,  help the skin and hair, and help the healing of long-standing  conditions. 

Conditions which may be helped by taking a few drops of castor oil each morning before breakfast are: colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema,  psoriasis, arthitic bone ache, weak eyesight, and falling hair.  Of course, adequate diet and exercise and meditation must also be sustained to effect proper healing.  Don’t forget the enema when using castor oil internally. Even with a small dose of castor oil, an enema once or twice a week is recommended.
Castor-oil-jelly formula:  This mixture is ideal for  treating skin conditions and for using as a hair and scalp conditioner.  It helps clear up dandruff.  It  can also be used  internally, one tablespoon of chopped jelly before breakfast taken for three consecutive days.  This can be used as a treatment to help clear the gall bladder of stale bile.  Don’t forget the enema if you use the castor oil jelly internally.

However, it is best to take castor oil in the usual way, one to two tablespoons at a time, if you have a serious disease such as cancer, or require a laxative effect, as castor oil taken in this jelly form is not potent enough to detoxify the bowel as well. Note that this uses gelatine which is an animal product.  If you are vegetarian, you will have to find a vegetable gelatine instead.  A good option is to use  agar agar, which is a sea weed.  This  is very nutritious and will set just as well as gelatine.

Note: Castor oil jelly made with either gelatine or agar agar  will keep no more than about three days in the fridge.  If you haven’t used the jelly  after three days, then use it only  externally,  for hair and skin treatments, as suggested below.

Reminder:  Most packaged gelatine  has sulphur dioxide added as a preservative, which means it should not be taken too often.

Castor Oil Jelly is as a great  Skin Treatment and Hair Conditioner:  Just apply the warmed, melted castor oil jelly  to the hair, and to the skin which needs nourishment or healing.   Let it set hard, then wash off in the shower under warm water. The face benefits from the castor oil jelly treatment, as it works to tighten the skin and to cleanse the tissues.  This castor oil jelly treatment also works to help cure acne.

  • Put four tablespoons of fairly  hot water into a half pint sized bowl.
  • Sprinkle on one and a half tablespoons of gelatine or agar agar powder.   Let this sink, and then stir it in until it has dissolved.
  • Let the mixture cool a little.  It should be warm, but not cold for the next step.
  • Now stir in one and a half tablespoons of castor oil. As the mixture cools, you will need to keep mixing so that the castor oil gets emulsified properly into the gelatine mixture.
  • When it is nice and thick, and just about to set, pour the mixture into a flat small dish about six inches in diameter, so that you can easily  cut slices of the castor oil jelly  once it has set.

To use, simply cut a slice of the castor oil jelly and take each morning on an empty stomach,  before your breakfast.  I think one or  two tablespoonsful  of the jelly is a good amount to use, but you can decide on the dose yourself. Just cut up a slice into small pieces, just big enough to swallow down in chunks with your cup of herbal tea, or ceylon tea, or coffee.

Cut up the rest into slices and put in a screw top jar. Keep the remainder in the fridge. Take every morning until finished.

Castor Oil And Ginger For Weight Loss

Home Remedies for Constipation

Cures for Constipation

The key causes of constipation are lack of exercise and lack of fiber in the diet.

There are many natural home remedies for constipation. This post will list a few of the best ones which do not cost the earth, and are easy to apply. Several of these are fairly regular kitchen and fruit items.

Sometimes exposure to chemicals causes candida overgrowth. If this is the cause of constipation, then it is best to use the castor oil laxative.  Avoid the tamarind recipe, as yeasts in dried tamarind will disagree with you until you have recovered. The kiwifruit recipe is also best avoided by people with chronic candida, as the high sugar content will cause the candida bacteria to proliferate, that is, until you have improved your immune system

Exercise is Important to Prevent Constipation: We will give you a couple of very effective exercises to do each day as well, so that the problem is less likely to recur.

Prevent Colon Cancer and Varicose Veins:  Keeping the intestines clean by eating high fiber foods is the best way to help avoid colon cancer and varicose veins.  Constipation is often the cause of these complaints. Eating fiber foods like fruit and vegetables provides the body with calcium enrichment, as the Vitamin C in fresh fruit and vegetables helps you to absorb the calcium from your food: Vitamin C and  Calcium are both  elemetst which help to prevent colon cancer.

Better Absorption of Nutrients will be the result of curing constipation. When your bowels are clogged up with old effete matter, the walls of your intestines are not in a fit state to absorb the nutrients in your food and supplements.  People need more supplementation of nutrients when suffering constipation, because the intestines cannot do their job of processing and absorbing  enough food nutrients out of the diet, even if the diet is a good one.

Get your intestines clean, remedy constipation, so that you get the optimum nutrition from your diet. You can still have constipation, that is, clogged bowels, even though you have a bowel motion each day.  It is a good idea to clean out those pockets of stored rubbish once in a while, with a remedy such as  we have listed below.

Cure constipation, and you have less need of vitamin and mineral supplements.  Curing constipation will help your immune system to function optimally.

Kiwifruit  Home Remedy for Constipation:  This is the nicest remedy of all.  It is sweet and delicious. (not for people with chronic candida)

  • Kiwifruit are loaded with Vitamin C and provide excellent soft fiber for the intestines. Anyone who has NOT had constipation but has indulged in the eating of half a dozen kiwifruit in one sitting will have had first hand experience of the result:  That is, that the bowels are loosened tremendously, and a good clean- out is effected.

If your condition is not severe, then you would only need to take about two or three kiwifruit every morning, before you eat the rest of your breakfast.  This will regulate the bowels, and no harm at all will come from it, even if the motions are a bit loose.

Apple and Potato Cure for Constipation: This  home  remedy  for constipation has cured many people of bowel troubles, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, when an appropriate diet which excludes all problematic foods like dairy products, wheat, and sugar was adopted concurrently.

  • Grate one whole organic apple, with its skin still on, and one medium sized organic potato. Make sure that there is no green on the potato skin, as this is a toxin which can do harm to the liver.  Mix these two together.
  • Eat the whole lot in one sitting, every bit of  the apple and potato mixture.  Eat it 20 minutes before breakfast, then repeat the procedure before the evening meal.
  • This home remedy  for constipation is very good for people who have mucous build up in the intestines, with discomfort and distention in the stomach region.
  • This is a very healing mixture which can be helpful in treating mild cases of colitis and inflammation of the bowel.
  • Do this remedy for three days at a time, then take a break for three days, or until you need to use it again.
  • You need the three days on the diet so that the bowel will be cleaned thoroughly.
  • This home remedy for constipation provides plenty of bulky fiber to help the bowel heal and cure constipation.  Taking this quantity of fiber on a regular basis  is a good way to  jump-start and train the intestines to do their job better.

Note:  If you have had pain, discomfort, distended stomach, and/or bleeding in the stools, then you must see a health practitioner right away for a diagnosis and correct treatment.

The Quick-Fix Home Remedy for Constipation: This is an emergency remedy, and is really only suitable for people who have a strong constitution.  Do not use this remedy if you have candida, or arthritic or rheumatoid conditions, or osteoporosis, or any other illness.

  • Tamarind, which is used in Indian cuisine, is an excellent way to relieve constipation if the situation is severe and you wish to take a fast acting remedy before starting your high fiber diet.
  • Tamarind is a quick-acting laxative.
  • The Tamarind and Lemon Remedy for Constipation: Simply take a small teaspoon of tamarind paste and stir it into a cup of warm-to-hot water.  Add the juice of half a lemon, and drink the lot.  Spoon out the tamarind fiber at the bottom, and eat this too.
  • Tamarind is especially high in Vitamin C.
  • It works very quickly.  However, it is very acid in its effect, and may not suit everyone. Tamarind also has oxalic acid in it, which draws out some calcium from the intestines.  Eat a good meal which contains some calcium food right after drinking the tamarind tea.
  • If you don’t have a meal ready, then you need to take some alkaline food right after drinking the tamarind and lemon tea to restore the body’s pH level to normal. Have ready two cups of milk, or a banana which has a teaspoon of ghee oil or olive oil added to it, and have these foods within about 20 minutes of taking the tamarind tea. Milk is a good food to take after tamarind tea, as it is high in calcium. It can be either dairy milk,  sesame seed milk or some other seed or nut milk.

The Castor Oil Laxative:   Home Remedy for Constipation. Castor oil has been used for thousands of years as a healing agent, and as a cure for constipation.  Castor oil is really a wonderful healing oil, because it has the power to attract and draw poisons out of the liver and  gall bladder, as well as having a clearing effect on the bowel.

For this reason, the castor oil treatment is favoured by many for the treatment of cancer and other degenerative disease.  The  best method in using Castor Oil Treatment for constipation is the following, in my experience.

  • First –  a high fiber breakfast. Between seven and eight o’clock:  Eat a bowl of oatmeal porridge which has a whole raw apple grated onto it.  Add a tablespoon of ghee, butter, or olive oil, and some dates for sweetening. Do not use milk or sugar.
  • At ten o’clock, take two tablespoons of castor oil with a cup of black coffee in the morning.  If you prefer, you can use tea, or chamomile tea.  You really can take the castor oil at any time, but by taking it  sometime after breakfast, you will gain the most benefit from the castor oil. Castor oil, taken at ten o’clock, is recommended by Dr Gerson in his cancer therapy treatment.
  • It is recommended that an enema follow this castor oil treatment.  It should be taken within five hours after taking the castor oil.  This bowel wash is repeated more often when you are treating serious disease like cancer.

Yoga Exercise to Prevent Constipation. Here are a couple of suggestions for some very simple and straightforward exercises to do to prevent constipation.

  • Churning the Mill. Even if you do nothing else in the way of exercises, if you religiously practice this just a few times as soon as you get up, and just before you go to bed, you will feel the benefit.
  • Sit on the floor with the legs spread apart as wide as they will go without undue strain.
  • Clasp your hands together.
  • Reach forward over the left knee towards the feet with the clasped hands, the arms outstretched as far as they will reach. Breathe out as you do so.
  • Now, bring those clasped hands from the left leg, slowly over to the right leg, the body bent forward, the hands clenched, the arms stretched out over the leg.
  • Breathing in, bring the hands back along the leg towards the body, keeping the arms stretched out.  You have to then lean backward so that your arms can stay rigid over the top of the thigh.
  • Move back to the left leg and continue, breathing out as you lean forward, and breathing in as you lean back and bring the arms up the leg.
  • Repeat. Do five or six round to start, then do the same amount in the other direction.
  • Build up to  between ten to twenty rounds in each direction, so that you do forty altogether, if you can. Do not strain or force yourself to do more than is really comfortable. Check with your doctor or health professional to make sure this is OK for you.

If you stick to the programme, provided you are fit enough to do so, and practice this exercise morning and night every day, your constipation will disappear.

Yoga Leg Raises:  This is a more gently exercise.  Do this if you think the above Churning the Mill is too much for you.  You can do both if you like.

  • Lie on the floor. Hands at the side of the body.
  • Breathe a deep breath in and hold the breath.
  • While you hold the breath, slowly raise both legs up together so that the toes are pointing to the ceiling.
  • Hold the legs in this perpendicular position while you breathe out.
  • Take another full breath in and out while you hold the legs up.
  • Now breath in and hold the breath whilst you slowly bring the legs down in a controlled movement towards the  floor.
  • With the legs on the floor, release the breath.  Take another breath in and out and repeat the exercise.
  • Do just three times to begin with, and no more than five at most.

This is a good exercise for improving circulation, for helping varicose veins and for helping to avoid constipation.  Do first thing in thge morning and again at night.

Detox Diets

Fasting and Cleansing:  It is very important to regularly cleanse the body by a fast of some kind, especially in this modern age, when so many people die of cancer and other degenerative disease. These diseases can be helped, or even cured, by different diets which are really types of cleansing diets to help the body  eliminate  the toxins which are causing the disease.

In the case of treating cancer, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or even conditions like irritable bowel syndrome,  cleansing diets are adapted to become maintenance diets. These diets give maximum  nutrition to sustain the body and build the immune system so that it can stave off the disease.  At the same time, the cleansing diet maximises the  elimination process so that toxins are expelled quickly from the body. Enemas are an important part of the treatment if you have a serious disease like cancer. These are also very helpful if you undertake a simple cleansing diet such as one of these given below, especially if your body is in a toxic state and/or you have never folowed a cleansing diet before.

If don’t want to use an enema, you could visit a colonic clinic. They will rinse out the bowel for you.  Colonic cleansing by a professional is not cheap, but it is well worth the money to have most of the poisons washed away. It really gives you a new lease on life. If you opt for this, then I recommend going to the clinic on the third day of your fast or cleansing diet.

If cleansing diets are new to you, then it is best that you do your chosen diet for just one day to begin with, especially if you are not going to use an enema. This is because you will be carrying poisons in the body which have been building up over a lifetime. The sudden release of these toxins from the liver and other organs, into the intestines and into the bloodstream,  can make you feel sick, and this is why elimination is quickened by the use of an enema in treating disease or even when following a cleansing diet.

Three days is a fairly standard time for a cleansing diet, but you can build up to this by doing your cleanse in steps: Of course, if you have a serious disease, then you will need to follow a maintenance diet over a long period of time until you recover. Details of maintenance diets will follow this post on ‘Detox Diets’. Also look at my posts on ‘Ridding the Body of Cancer’ and ‘Preventing Cancer” for information regarding maintenance diets.

A DETOX DIET-TO START WITH:  Follow the chosen method for one day to begin with. This will be, for instance, one day on the grape diet. Then eat fairly normally for two or three days, but omit dairy foods, sugar and wheat including bread. Then do two days in a row on the diet. Then two or three days again on the no-dairy, no-sugar, no-wheat diet. Then do three days at a stretch back on the cleansing diet.

There are numerous different ways in which you can cleanse the body of toxins.  Here are a few easy-to-follow cleansing diets with which you can experiment. There are enough to choose from so that you may never get bored by following just one approach. See which one you might find easiest to tackle.

THE GRAPE DIET. This is a favourite of mine and many people I know. Bernard Petersen, an extremely talented psychic healer who lived on Waiheke Island in New Zealand used this diet frquently. Bernard lived to a great old age, into his 90’s, and was still active as a healer until the end. Incidentally, Bernard didn’t believe in using enemas. Grapes were enough for him. He loved grapes, and ate them daily when they were in season. This was easy, because they grew all over the underceiling of the roof in his porch, so that you could sit there in the sun, chatting to Bernard, and munching on grapes to your hearts content.

The grape diet is very simple: All you do  is eat as many grapes as you fancy, whenever and as often as you like. A diet purely of grapes can be sustained for many days, but you need to build up to this. Grapes are very nutritious – high in IRON and Vitamin C, and they are high in ROUGHAGE which cleanses the whole digestive system very effectively.  They ideally should be like Bernard’s grapes – unsprayed and totally organic.

THE APPLE DIET. You need to have a supply of, preferably, organic apples. Granny smiths are good, or you might prefer a sweet red apple. The method is the same as that for the grape diet – you eat as many as often as you like. You won’t get fat on either of these diets. In fact, they are very good for people who are losing weight. You will lose weight if you were to regularly use either the grape or the apple cleanse, especially if you  follow the prescription of no-dairy, no-wheat, no-sugar when you come off the cleansing diet.

Apples , like grapes, are very cleansing and healing. They are rich in Vitamin C and potassium. If your teeth are not good, then you can grate the apples up, skin and all,  just before you eat them. This is just about as good as chewing the whole apple: all the goodness of the apple is still there if you eat it immediately after grating, and the volume of roughage just the same.

POTASSIUM BROTH. For this one, you eat no solid food. Instead, you take the vitamins and minerals from cooked vegetables into the body via a broth. On the morning of your fast or cleansing diet, take a large saucepan and cut up several potatoes with their skins on. Add onions, leeks, greens such as cabbage, broccoli, or brussels sprouts, garlic,  beetroot, carrots, in fact any vegetables you can find. Try to use some roots as well as greens. Don’t use aluminium. Cover the cut up vegetables with water, bring to the boil, and simmer slowly for an hour. Leave the vegetables in the broth for a few hours before draining off. You can start drinking it  after an hour of simmering. Drink one or two cups  every hour, on the hour, for the whole of the day – and nothing else.

This is a radical cleanser which provides  the necessary vitamins and minerals to heal the body. Build up with the Potassium broth fast by doing a day at a time. Ask your doctor or health practitioner about this one if you are on any type of medication or if you have a heart condition.

MUNG BEAN BROTH. This is used in ayurvedic medecine. Mung beans are easy to digest. They act as a gentle cleanser of the liver, gall bladder and intestines. Take two cups of mung beans and soak for three hours in a litre  of water. Simmer until soft. Take the broth with its cooked beans whenever you feel hungry .Cook more beans if you are doing more than one day on this diet. Eat nothing else except for the mung bean broth.

THE LEMONADE DIET:    We call this simply the lemon diet in New Zealand. Lemons are very cleansing. Lemons act as an antiseptic within the body  and  contain lots of Vitamin C which helps in detoxing the body and in healing.

Simply squeeze half a dozen lemons into a large jug. Put quarter of a teaspoon of cayenne, half a teaspoon of powdered ginger, and two teaspoons of powdered garlic into the lemon juice. If you are not diabetic, then you can add half a cup of honey or maple syrup. Dissolve with one cup of boiling water. Add two litres of water. Stir well. Drink one large glass every hour on the hour through the day. Don’t drink any tea or coffee, and don’t eat at all for the whole day.

The lemonade diet is very effective in treating colds and flu. It is antiseptic and breaks down mucous. It helps also in strengthening bone and dissolving bone deformities when done on a regular basis, say one or two days a week, with the maintenance diet to follow.

CASTOR OIL. Castor oil has the ability to attract harmful poisons such as petrochemicals, insecticides, etc. For this reason, it is used by many healers for the treatment of cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, arthritis and other disease. Two tablespoons of castor oil are taken in the morning with one cup of black coffee. This must be made from real coffee grounds.If you would rather, you could use Chamomile tea instead. This works just as well as coffee in stimulating the liver into expelling toxins. If you feel sick after the castor oil, then sip on peppermint tea until you feel better. An enema is recommended with the castor oil treatment. This should be taken within five hours of taking the castor oil. Castor oil is most effective if, after taking the castor oil, you eat only raw apples, whole or grated, or grapes, or drink fruit juice or carrot juice at hourly intervals.

CARROT JUICE. If you have a juicer, then you can fast for a day or so on carrot juice and other vegetable juices. Try to get organic carrots, especially if you are juicing, as agro-chemicals are concentrated in the juice.

Carrot juice is often used in the treatment of cancer and other disease. However, carrot juice is best avoided if you are treating candida. Stick to greens  for cleansing if you have candida.

The APPLE AND POTATO CURE. This is a great one for people who don’t feel they can sustain a fast or a detox diet for even a day. With this diet, you can eat more or less what you like, within reason.You simply grate one medium apple with its skin on, plus one medium-sized potato. Mix the two together, and eat half an hour before breakfast.

Follow the same procedure for dinner – one apple grated with one medium-sized potato. Eat half and hour before each meal.

Follow this diet for anything from three days to several weeks. It is extremely healing for the bowel walls because of the pectin, vitamins and alkaline nature of raw apples and potato. It is effective as a cleanser because of the quantity of pure roughage in the mix.

Preferably, avoid dairy, wheat and sugar while you are cleansing on this diet. If you follow this treatment for a week or two, your bowels will not only be clean but be well regulated. It is good for the treatment of any bowel problems such as irritable bowel syndrome and colitis. Many people have reported success in treating bowel disorders with this detox diet.

The ONE-DAY BEETROOT AND APPLE DIET. This is all you eat for the whole day. All you do is grate apples and beetroot together, which makes a very palatable combination. Use the same amount of each.Some olive oil can be added if you wish. Make up enough so that you have plenty to munch on throughout the day. Whenever you are hungry, eat a helping of the grated beetroot and apple. Beetroot is helpful in treating cancer and other diseases. It is high in iron and other minerals and vitamins.

The ON-GOING BEETROOT AND APPLE DIET. For a slower-acting detox you can use the beetroot and apple combination as an ongoing addition to your everyday diet. Preferably, avoid dairy, wheat and sugar if you are doing a week or so on this diet. You can follow the same procedure as for the apple and potato diet. Eat a quantity of the beetroot and apple combination half an hour before breakfast and again half an hour before dinner. This is very nourishing, will help your digestion and tone up the bowel if it is done for a week or so. It is a great cure for constipation, as is the apple and potato diet.