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Soya Can Help Prevent Cancer And Heart Disease

April 24th, 2015

Natural Remedies Cancer Prevention:  Soya Beans have enormous health benefits.  They contain plenty of fibre and rich amounts of cancer-preventing phyto-chemicals.   They also have good amounts of Co-Enzyme Q10. These factors have all been shown to reduce the risk of breast, colon and prostate cancers, as well as heart disease and Alzheimer's. Eating soya foods on a daily basis is also a preventative for obesity, osteroporosis, and for lowering cholesterol levels. Soya oil is one of the richest foods in Co-Enzyme Q10.  It has 9.2 milligrams per 100 grammes. Amount Of Soy Needed To Help Prevent Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease: 25 grammes of soya each ...

What Foods Have Co-Enzyme Q10 And Why Do We Need It

April 24th, 2015

Natural Remedies We all need Co-Enzyme Q10, which is an anti-oxidant.  What do anti-oxidants do?  Anti-oxidants help by preventing putrifaction within the body.  They do this partly because of their ability to neutralize toxins. Co-Enzymes are plant compounds which work with enzymes in the body to assist in digestive  and other functions.  Some Co-Enzymes contain vitamins themselves, and some of these help to manufacture other important vitamins in the body. Co-Enzyme Q10 is especially important for heart health, as well as brain health, but all muscle and nerve cells benefit from coQ10. Dr Sinatra from the New England Heart Centre in Manchester, Connecticut, (see ...

Soya For Weight Loss And Lowering Cholesterol

April 18th, 2015

Natural Remedy For Weight Loss Use Soya Milk To Replace Dairy Milk Dairy milk, wheat flour, and sugar are, I believe, the worst foods imaginable.  They all contribute to bloating of the stomach, often caused by intestinal worms, and general obesity issues. I fully recommend replacing all these problematic foods with other, healthier, options.  You can start with buying soya milk instead of dairy milk.  Make sure you get the GE Free kind of milk, which has been made from UNgenetically modified beans. Japanese people, who traditionally eat a good amount of soy in their daily diets, are seldom fat. Of course, they eat ...

Soya Can Help Prevent Cancer

April 17th, 2015

Natural Remedies Prevention of Breast Cancer In 'Natural Alternatives To Dieting', author Dr Marilyn Glenville has quite a lot to say about the benefits of including GE-free soya in the diet. Soya is cholesterol-free and a complete protein in itself.  It is the only edible bean which contains all the eight essential amino acids, which makes it an ideal protein food for vegetarians.  Soya is the perfect substitute for dairy milk. Soya not only helps you to lose weight, it can help prevent cancer, says Dr Glenville. She refers to research done recently: Japanese women, whilst they remain on their traditional diet which includes soya ...

Polio Virus Ten Year Cycle And Vitamin C Versus Vaccination

April 14th, 2015

Polio Virus' Ten Year Cycle Spreads To Cairo From Pakistan, 2013. Vaccinations Do Not Necessarily Work: Statistics can be manipulated.  In convincing the public on the efficacy of a vaccination programme, all that researchers who promote vaccinations need to do is to make sure the vaccine was introduced during the peak of a disease's cycle, then, later,  measure the rates for that disease during the natural low period of its cycle.  Statistics will then tell you that the vaccination or immunization programme is working. Better nutrition and living conditions are the reason for most infectious diseases more or less disappearing in civilized countries.  ...
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