How To Get Calcium From Natural Food

Natural Calcium Supplements

Do you know that you can get enough calcium from your food, even if you do not use dairy products?

As a matter of fact, vegetarians who are strict enough to exclude dairy products  usually have better calcium absorption, and a higher bone density than people who eat meat and dairy foods. That is if they are supplementing their diets with natural, calcium rich foods.

Dairy-Free Calcium Foods: Making dairy free milks out of almonds, or sesame seeds, or sunflower seeds is an excellent way to provide your body with the calcium it requires.   Milk made out of these ingredients nutritious and has a healthy alkaline effect on the body.

You can use any one, or a combination of these seeds.  You can also add the odd chopped Brazil nuts, hazelnuts,  or a few cashews to enrich the milk.  Brazil nuts are high in selenium, so they are a good addition to your home-made, dairy-free milk.

Sesame Seeds Are Calcium Food:  Sesame seeds are one of the richest calcium foods.  One good handful is supposed to supply 1200mg of calcium and magnesium, which is more than you get in a glass of milk. Sesame seeds are also rich in essential fatty acids, which help brain and nerve function, and keep the skin and other organs healthy.

Put some in your dairy-free milk mix, and add to your home-made smoothies.  You can use the whole, or ground seed on your porridge each morning.  Get into the habit of adding  a  sprinkle over salads and cooked food.

You need to chew up the sesame seeds well to get the maximum benefit from them.  If your teeth are not so good, then you can grind your sesame seeds up in a coffee grinder, or blend them into a banana smoothie.

Sesame seeds are a wonderful food to add to your daily diet:  They will complement a vegetarian diet and are an excellent supplement for those in need of extra calcium nourishment.  Using just one generous handful per day will surely benefit your health

Sunflower Seeds Are Calcium Food: Sunflower seeds are also rich in calcium, as well as essential fatty acids. To get the best out of sunflower seeds, it is best to eat them raw. You can grind your sunflower seeds up into a meal to put on porridge, or to sprinkle over a salad or cooked food.

They are great to add to a smoothie for extra calcium.  If you are making a smoothie, then soak your sunflower seeds for 15 minutes before blending them up.

If you are making sunflower seed milk, then soak them for 15 minutes before blending.

Coconut and Coconut Milk: Coconut is extremely rich in calcium, protein,  and essential fatty acids.  Have you thought just how the Pacific Island people have grown into such a healthy, tall, strong people without the traditional cow which Europeans have relied  on as a calcium and protein source?  Pacific Island people eat a lot of fish, which supplies calcium and other nutrients, but the daily component of the diet is coconut milk.

Sardines and Mackerel: Small fish which are eaten with the bones are very good for their calcium value.  Try to eat some every day, unless you are on a strict vegetarian diet which excludes fish, in which case you will eat more of the alternative calcium foods such as sesame seeds and sunflower seeds

Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage:  All the brassica family are very high in calcium.  These are very healthy, not just because of their high calcium content, but because  they are alkaline foods, and they provide your system with lots of healthy fiber. Other brassicas are cauliflower and kale.

Fast Home Remedies for Acne

Fast Home Remedies for Acne

Merrilyn’s Three Day Porridge Cleanse.  This treatment works  mainly  by healing the acne from the inside by cleansing the liver – you eat  porridge to help assist cleansing, and nourish the body whilst you are doing it.  With this treatment, determination is the key factor, as its success relies on your persistence in avoiding other cooked foods and dairy products.

This treatment is designed to rid the body of all those harmful poisons which it is harbouring, as it is these, essentially, which make you sick. The theory is that if you cleanse  the intestines, which cleanses  the blood, and you provide nourishing and cleansing foods to the digestion after that, then the skin and all other organs should  function normally again.

The following procedure is a treatment which has been successful with some poeple.  However, you should visit your doctor or health professional for advice if you have an ongoing problem with acne. Sometimes an antibiotic, Chinese medicine,  a traditional Tibetan Buddhist remedy,  homeopathy, or some other modality might be needed to treat the acne, especially if there is some underlying inherent cause such as a hormonal imbalance.

Day One:   Eat the following high fiber food at breakfast,  between 7 and 8 am each day. It is good to get into a routine for breakfast.  Try to keep to the same time, as this helps the digestion.

Oatmeal Porridge:  Make up a big plate of oatmeal porridge for breakfast- about a cup or two of porridge.  Grate a large apple up whole, preferably an organic apple, and put this on top. Add four or five chopped dates for sweetening.  Add two tablespoonsful of olive oil, or grapeseed oil, or a knob of butter, and a tablespoonful  of ground linseed/ flaxseed and  a tablespoon of sesame seeds.  Eat the lot without any added sweetening or milk. If you add milk or sugar to this porridge, you spoil the cleansing effect.

The high fiber of this breakfast provides the start of your cleanse. If you are still hungry after this, then fasting on apples will enhance the effect of your cleanse. Eat another apple, or some grapes.  But no more cooked food for the day.

On the first day, at ten o’clock take one tablespoon of castor oil, followed by a cup of black coffee.  If you like, you can use a herbal tea instead, like chamomile or pepperment. If you feel nauseous after the castor oil, then drink more herbal tea.  Peppermint tea helps to quell nausea.

On the hour, every hour through the day, eat an apple,  eat some grapes, or take a glass of carrot or apple  juice.

Of course you can do this cleanse without using enemas, but enemas are strongly recommended, especially if the body has become very toxic.  Auto intoxication can occur from eating too many processed foods, and not enough fiber or raw food.  Or you may be sensitive to the gluten in wheat which can cause the bowel to malfunction:  this causes toxicity in the body.  You might have been exposed to chemical poisons over the years which have accumulated in your liver.

You  really need to use an enema within five hours of taking the castor oil. Dr Max Gerson found that using an enema quickened up the healing process, because it ridded the body quickly of all the poisons which begin to escape from the liver once you take the castor oil. Home enemas are inexpensive and easy to perform.  However, if you really cannot bring yourself to irrigate your own bowel, then go to see a professional for a colonic irrigation.

For lunch, make up a big salad of any raw vegetables that you fancy.  Lettuce and sprouted mung beans, avocado,  grated carrot, grated beetroot, chopped spinach – any of these is good. You can take a glass of carrot juice  or apple juice with this.

For tea, make another big salad of raw vegetables.  Take another glass of carrot juice or apple juice.

Day Two:  Follow the same procedure as for day one, but do not take any castor oil on the second day.

Day Three:  Follow the same procedure as for day one, but increase the castor oil dose to two tablespoonsfuls.

Fourth Day – How to break  the Three Day  Cleanse:  Keep eating the oatmeal porridge in the morning.  Start eating brown rice at meal times. Keep eating plenty of salads at midday and for the evening meal, but add good quality protein to the meal, with the addition of cooked green vegetables.

Aim at eating more protein in the diet, with plenty of green vegetables, and less of the grain carbohydrates.

Try to stay off dairy products, except for butter.  Dairy products create mucous in the body which clog up the digestive system.  Avoid wheat products, especially bread which is risen with yeast.  Bread eating in Western diets  is another cause of so much illness. 

Avoid all products which have yeast added, or which are fermented. This includes all alcohol, vinegar,  and products which have yeast added, like soy sauce, tofu and tempeh.  Tomato sauce is made with vinegar, so it is best left alone until you recover properly.

Substitute rice for bread:  Eat a plate of brown rice with some protein, oil, and some vegetables instead of munching on a slice of toast or bread. Have some brown rice ready cooked ready in the fridge to use each day as a wheat substitute.

Eggs are good for the skin.  Eggs contain protein, and lots of vitamins.  Eat several each week, unless you have an allergy, or your doctor has instructed you not to eat them.  Raw egg yolk is even better than eating the whole egg when you are on a diet of maximum nutrition.  Egg yolk contains natural lecithin, which helps you to digest fats.

Fish is nourishing to the skin hair and nails.  Sardines, mackerel, salmon, tuna, are all good as tinned fish, but you can eat any fresh fish- hopefully it comes from clean unpolluted waters.

Eat plenty of green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, silver beet, cooked cabbage, raw lettuce and sprouted grains and seeds.

Eat several pieces of raw fruit a day.

Eat a handful of sesame seeds at least once a day for extra calcium. One heaped tablespoon contains about 1200mg of calcium and magnesium.

Avoid drinking too much coffee.  Avoid drinking tea made with milk in it, as milk becomes hard to digest once it is mixed with milk. This causes strain on the liver, and the result is undigested protein material which polllutes your bowels and your skin.  Black tea is better.  Drink more green tea and herbal teas.

Avoid alcohol and other drugs.

Drink  several glasses of water during the day, or freshly pressed carrot or apple juice diluted with water.

Herbal Teas and Hot Water:  Drinking  medium-to-hot water on its own, or in a herbal tea, or a green tea, helps to cleanse toxins out of the system, and is very beneficial for acne.  If you drink three or four  herb teas or green tea in a day, then you can  drink less tap water.  Vary your teas a little – two cups of green tea in a day is enough.  Try some chamomile or rose hip for variation.

Treat the acne affected area with probiotic yogurt or fresh kiwifruit juice.  Put either of these on the skin each day and leave for at least an hour if you can.  Continue  with daily treatments, while you follow your special acne cleansing diet above, until the acne has cleared up.

Herbal Steambaths can be helpful in treating acne, in combination with other treatments such as the liver cleanse above.  Use fresh or dried herbs such as sprigs of lavender or rosemary or calendula.  Put between 1/2 to 1 cup of fresh herbs in a bowl.  Pour over boiling water. Leave to cool for a minute, so that the water is not actually boiling.  Then use as a steam bath:  cover your head with a towel, and keep the head several inches over the bowl so that the pores of your skin will benefit from the steam.  This cleanses the pores, and the steam and the active herbal vapours help to reduce infection.

Take care not to get too close to the hot water – you do not want to burn either your lungs or your skin. Steambath for about 5 minutes, or less if it is uncomfortable.

Best Calcium Supplement

Home Made Calcium/Magnesium Tonic is a rich source of natural calcium and magnesium.

Two teaspoons a day of our natural home made calcium supplement will provide you with the equivalent amount of calcioum in a glass of milk, or a handful of sesame seeds.

A handful of sesame seeds has about 1200mg of calcium and magnesium. whichis thought to be a reasonable dose for healthy people.  If you have celiac disease, then you really need twice this amount.

This is where an extra dose of something like the home made calcium tonic comes in useful, as you can easily obtain the rest of your calcium requirements from taking a teaspoon or two of this each day.  A teaspoon of dolomite powder gives you double the quantity of calcium and magnesium.

Calcium Protects against Cancer: Calcium is an essential component in the diet. Deficiencies of calcium can lead to cancers developing. Research has shown that diets rich in calcium foods help protect against cancers, especially cancer of the colon, which is an extremely common type of cancer.

Calcium Builds Stong Bones and Teeth, Hair and Nails. Calcium is, of course, essential for the building of strong bones and teeth, hair and nails, and is important for the  functioning of the central nervous system. Good calcium absorption in the body helps build a strong immune system, which protects you against disease and sickness.

Home Made Calcium/Magnesium Tonic: The best calcium/magnesium  supplement is one which you can make yourself, at home, with the most basic of ingredients. These ingredients are:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Egg shells from organic, free-range eggs.

All you do is take your egg shells, after your family have eaten that great egg omelette, and put them into a screw top jar. Crumble them up a bit, so that they break down more easily.

Cover the crumbled egg shells with pure, organic apple cider vinegar. Put the lid on the jar, and wait for your home-made calcium/magnesium tonic to mature.

You can begin to use the mixture after a day or so, when the apple cider vinegar will have dissolved much of the calcium and magnesium from the egg shells.

Take a couple of teaspoons night and morning, or more if you have a condition such as osteoporosis, where calcium has already begun to leach out of the bones.

The egg shell calcium tonic with cider vinegar is the best liquid calcium supplement. It is the perfect way to take extra calcium, as it is  easily assimilated, and is rich also in magnesium, which helps your body to assimilate calcium properly. It also contains traces of zinc and other trace elements which are essential for good health.

Keep the mixture in the fridge for up to a week, and then make up some fresh calcium/magnesium tonic.