Regrow Teeth

It is possible to regrow teeth.

Of course, this does not happen over night, but given time, whilst following a very strict dietary regime, it is possible to regrow your teeth.  And your hair, as it happens:

A first hand account of how this can happen is written by Jacqui Davison, who followed the Gerson therapy for cancer sometime in the 1970’s.  I used to have her book, called, I think, ‘How I Recovered  Naturally From Cancer” .  This  book was a great source of inspiration for me when I had a breast lump around the same time, and wanted to use a natural cure.

Jacqui describes in her book how she recovered completely from terminal cancer.  She had a type of melanoma which had near eaten her up by the time she found out about Gerson’s cancer therapy.   She used a natural cure to regain her health.  While she was following this particular diet, without realizing it,  because it all happened so gradually, she grew a whole new set of teeth.

The other miraculous thing which happened was that her she also regrew her hair.  Her hair grew back in abundance, and in her natural colour of her youth, which was surprising, since she had had greying hair when she became ill.

The only teeth which did not regrow were the ones she had had capped at an earlier date:  since there was not nerve left in these teeth to supply blood to the nerve tissue, these teeth could not grow.  But all the other teeth which still had the nerve intact regrew.

Jacqui was bedridden and had been given only a few weeks to live when her daughter persuaded her to begin the castor oil-enemas-juices-raw foods-oatmeal porridge detoxification programme which Dr. Gerson was using with much success at the time,  in his cancer clinic.

Of course, Jacqui had a huge motivation in following the Gerson therapy:  She had terminal cancer.  She was bedridden.  She expected to die within a few weeks, and so had nothing to lose by trying out the detoxification programme which involved using enemas and taking castor oil, two things which most people would prefer not to do.

Jacqui bellieved she was dying.  the doctors had told her there was nothing else that they could do to help her.

Jacqui was fortunate that she had her daughter help her and to encourage her in persisting with the diet and the cleansing process.  Not everybody could sustain the same level of  determination as Jacqui did  in following strict adherance to this extremely disciplined therapy described by Gerson. She says in her book that she did not expect anything to happen by following the treatment, but agreed to do it rather more to pacify her daughter, who was, of course, distraught at the idea of losing her mother.  Following the regime  still demanded a huge effort, even with her daughter to help her administer enemas and make juices.

So the time went by – day by day, using enemas,  and sticking to this strict dietary regime.   At first, Jacqui was  surprised to be still alive  after a week or two had gone by.   This feeling grew into amazement  when she and the family realized after several weeks that Jacqui was getting slightly stronger by the day, and did not appear to be dying at all.

Jacqui did not give any thought to her teeth.  Apparently, the old fillings all fell out, but she was so still so sick that the last thing she thought about was visiting the dentist.  Her motivation was to beat the cancer and live.

After almost a year on the diet, with the use of daily enemas and castor oil taken every second day to detoxify, Jacqui was fully recovered.  By this time she had grown back a full head of hair, and also had new teeth.

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  1. Would it also be possible to repair eroded enamel by nutrition and visualization?

    I have bruxism for a long time and my molars are sensitive and worn. I have six mercury fillings. It would be wonderful to regrow a full set of beautiful white and long teeth.

    In the article, it mentioned that the teeth were capped. Does that mean root canal therapy was performed on those teeth?

  2. Hello Amalhator – Thankyou for your comment. It IS possible to grow new teeth, but it takes a concerted effort on a special diet. Jacqui Davison, who wrote a book on her recovery from cancer, grew new teeth after a year of being on a cancer-recovery diet. But the teeth that were capped did not grow again – the nerve must be intact inside the tooth for the tooth to grow again. Her diet was pretty much the diet which Dr Max Gerson used to treat his cancer patients. This is a mainly raw food diet. I will put up another article today on the subject entitled ‘Regrow Tooth Enamel’. Thanks again for your comment. Regards, Merrilyn.

  3. So if I understand correctly, any tooth with a crown will not regrow? What if the tooth is missing e.g extracted?

    Thank you,

  4. Hi Mike – thankyou for your question. No, you cannot grow a tooth if it has been extracted, or if the nerve has been removed. People who have regrown teeth using this detox method with huge nutrient intake have all had the root of the tooth present. Capped teeth did not regrow. It has taken about a year for the tooth to regrow – but the time frame would depend on how much of the tooth is missing.
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  5. Hi,

    Recently I met with an accident and two of my front teeth broken. the doctor suggested root canal treatment and I agreed for that. Is it possible to regrow new teeth at the same place where the teeth where treated.

  6. Thankyou for your question. It sounds as if the tooth nerve might be damaged – If the nerve has not been removed, then it is possible for a tooth to regrow. It will take a lot of effort, though. It is an all-intensive programme. However, my son’s tooth repaired itself just with a diet which avoided all dairy foods (except for butter), all wheat was cut out, so no bread was eaten, and no sugar. We ate plenty of protein of all kinds – chicken, fish, nuts and seeds and organic free range eggs. With that, you can eat as much raw food as you can. Eat celery or a carrot to finish each meal. This makes the saliva alkaline, cleans the teeth, and helps to keep your intestines clean too.This new tooth enamel took 9 months to form itself with my son, who was only about 11 or 12. It may take a little longer if you are an older person.
    Good luck.

  7. hello merrilyn

    i have started the diet more than one month ago but still see no improvements in my teeths , i understand that is still too early . I also took one spoon of castor oil a day followed by a cup of tea and suplements .

    I had to cover my five front teeths with bonding last week for estethic reasons and also because of sensibility im concerned if the bonding will be a problem for my teeths to regrow ?

    Im starting to get very nervous with my situation and im thinking about a treatment with steam cells but im worried if that may be dangerous for me .

    anyway merrilyn please email me at [email protected] i would like to send you pictures of my teeths and discuss more about my situation with you .

    thank you very much .

  8. Hello Silvio – no promises with this diet – it depends on a lot of factors, like how old you are, whether you have many toxins to clear, and how nourishing are the foods you are eating, and are you eating enough of them.
    I am not saying that everyone who attempts a method such as Dr Gersons will grow new tooth enamel. But it CAN be done. Read Jacqui Davison’s book on how she recovered from cancer. It took a whole year for her to grow tooth enamel – but that was not the object initially. The object was, for her, to get rid of cancer and prolong her life. Understand that people who are faced with death will put a LOT more energy into doing the diet properly, and in detoxifying the body. Both these things are important..
    Cleansing is not a matter of just taking castor oil occasionally. You cannot expect the teeth to regrow after only a month.
    You should see a dental specialist. There are dentists who use natural methods to get tooth enamel restored. Doing the diet takes much perseverance. It is a strict diet. You have to be committed. The reality is that, unless people are facing death, they do not normally summon up the kind of determination required in adopting such a strict diet.
    Do see a naturopath, and also a dentist who uses minerals to help restore tooth enamel.

  9. thank you for the fast answer

    Im 20 years old so that could be something that will help me .

    I tried to find a naturopathic destist in the area where i live but could not find one so i went to a regular destist that i already knew and he said that enamel wont regrown , what i already expected to heard .

    you said that your son got to regrown enamel , his teeths were severely damaged ?

    the boding is my teeths is a problem to regrown the enamel ?

  10. My son was young – about ten years old and the hole in the front tooth was very small. I report what is a very interesting phenomena – that tooth enamel CAN and DOES grow as you go through life. The tooth enamel that you have when you are young cannot possibly last a whole life time of chomping without being replenished somehow by the body’s rejuvenating mechanisms.
    Jacqui Davison who recovered from cancer, was treating her cancer – not trying to grow new teeth. But the end result was that she not only recovered from cancer, she grew new tooth enamel as well. This is because she was following a diet very high in nutrients, which was also very alkaline, and she was also detoxifying the body as well. There are many cases such as hers, where a miraculous regrowth of the tooth enamel has occurred – but, as I have warned – not everybody can do this so easily, as a great amount of effort is required over a long period of time.

  11. Hi Merrilyn,
    I am interested in regrowing tooth enamel as my daughter broke a part of her two upper front teeth. She is the same age as your son when he started to regrow his enamel as I read earlier. This really gives me hope. Could you please tell me how could he follow such a strict diet being so young? I want my daughter to follow such a diet but it seems so hard. But if it really made the difference I will make sure she would. I was also wondering like some one who wrote above if the bonding would hinder the regrowth, or would the regrown enamel could push the bonding off. I read somewhere that people had their fillings pushed out when their teeth regrew. Could this be true? I also made my daughter home- made toothsoap instead of toothpaste, I give her supplements and give her green juice everyday. I still don’t think this is enough, that’s why I’m asking about the diet. Thanks. Please send me your advice on this.

  12. Hi, Im a bit confused I had one of my back teeth (molar) removed about 2 years ago, I think. It was fully extracted as it had gone bad, today i have noticed I have a very minor pain in my gum where this tooth was and i can see on the surface of the gum a piece of bone or tooth, asif its slowly pushing through, only around 2mm wide at the min. What is this?! I know the tooth cannot regrow but what else, is it possible my wisdom tooth is growing in the place this was? I have my top two wisdom come through and didn’t even know if you got them at the bottom, bit freaked out to be honest. Cheers

  13. Hi Toni – You HAVE to see a dentist. I cannot give any advice to help you. All I am doing is report the stories of people who have had success with various diets. Do see your dentist. There is nothing else for it.
    Regards, Merrilyn

  14. Hi Beejal,
    I still haven’t uncovered my copy of Jacqui’s book, but I am sure I still have it in a box somewhere. I have seen it referenced in other books on natural ways to treat cancer, so will look out for one of these references for you. I do not know if it has been reprinted. First thing is to find out those publishing details, which I will endeavour to find for you.
    Thanks, regards, Merrilyn

  15. Hi i’m a final year student in dentistry and i would like to conduct experiments on growing teeth by recent medical advancements . What would you suggest of regarding my research and how should i approach it

  16. Hi Fayyaz. Great you are in your final year of dentistry. Of recent medical advancements in growing teeth, I do not know anything at all. Are you attempting to grow teeth where there is no tooth root? Or are you interested in regenerating the tooth enamel?
    I only know that it is possible to regenerate the tooth enamel where the tooth root is still intact, because some people have achieved this before.

    Jacqui Davison found that the tooth enamel regrew where the tooth root was still intact. Teeth which had been ‘capped’ did not regrow their enamel. The result of her following an intensive dietary-detoxification programme, which she adopted to beat the terminal cancer which she had, was that all the holes in her teeth disappeared after about a year of following her programme. The result was, im effect. ‘a brand new set of teeth’ – except for where root canals had been done.
    She followed the Gerson treatment for cancer as much as possible. This was a basic raw food diet, with juices taken every hour, and some specific additionals. Oatmeal porridge was taken each morning with a grated raw apple. Castor oil was taken every second day, followed by an enema.
    This programme to beat cancer is designed to cleanse the body of impurities, and, at the same time, to stimulate the body’s regeneration process. If the programme is followed faithfully, it has the potential to regrow tooth enamel as well as repair diseased livers, pancreas, kidneys, heart, brain, skin, bones – everything. However, while many people following such a programme have been cured of cancer and other degenerative disease, not all people who try the diet will necessarily recover – or regrow their tooth enamel, for that matter.
    The message is that a diet designed to cleanse the system, and which is high in vitamins and minerals, low in mucous=forming foods, and which is devoid of contaminants such as artificial flavourings, preservatives and agricultural pesticides, etc, will work favourably on the tooth enamel, as well as helping to heal other parts of the body.
    The teeth do benefit from being fed the right nutrients, and the teeth do benefit when chemicals are left out entirely – including toothpaste chemicals – and the teeth do benefit when raw foods are taken in abundance.

    Raw food provides roughage which cleans the teeth, while helping to eliminate bad bacteria in the mouth. Celery, for instance, is a natural antibiotic which helps to destroy bad bacteria as well as providing roughage to cleanse the teeth and the intestines.
    Raw food has an alkaline effect on the body’s system, and this is favourable for good general health. Foods such as bread, wheat products, dairy products, sugar, and meats, have an acid-producing effect on the body, and an acid body produceds disease.
    Alkaline foods obviously help the teeth to stay strong.

  17. Thanks merrilyn…for ur suggestion…u being an eminent person u have spent a lot time for me … Thanks a lot

  18. I can only write from my own experience of adapting the Gerson therapy/diet over 15 years ago, primarily to stop having part of my thyroid surgically removed (a cyst had formed on it). After 18 months, I was given the all clear – I no longer need the operation, but in the process, what also happened, a premolar tooth had started to grow; I understand the premolars usually emerge in your teens, but it appears this one lay dormant for 15-20 years. Given the right conditions, nutrients, growth is possible, and this happened early on in the regime I adapted. Unfortunately, the premolar had to be removed, due to the awkward positioning in my mouth.

  19. Thankyou Lucy – That is a great story about the Gerson therapy reducing that thyroid cyst. And the story also confirms that, as you say, given the right conditions, remarkable things can happen to the teeth. Great feedback on the positive effects of using a modified Gerson diet.
    Thanks again.

  20. Hi again Lucy – thankyou for your email. I had a similar experience with a breast lump. A doctor wanted me to get a biopsy done, but I refused to do even that, believing that an intensive cleansing programme which worked for cancer, should also work for a benign lump. So I never found out whether or not the lump I had was cancerous. However, several of my sisters have had breast cancer, and a niece and a cousin have had ovarian cancer, so it is possible that I had something that may have turned to cancer, if it was not cancer already. Anyway, like you, I found that many of the ‘extras’ on the Gerson programme were not available in New Zealand, so I modified the diet, incorporating Dr Eva Hill’s theories, and Dr Ann Wigmore’s, and Walter Last’s. The result was that the lump went away after three months of eating almost all raw food, alongside the Gerson daily meal of porridge with raw apple, with added supplements such as liver juice and tons of fresh juices.
    Thanks again,

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