Juices and Minerals for Cancer

Minerals for Cancer.

Green Juices and Calf Liver Juice are used in some alternative cancer therapies.
Iodine,calcium, potassium and phosphorous are important minerals in any diet which is aimed at beating cancer.
Green juices, such as the famous wheat grass juice which is rich in the life-giving chlorophyl, contain high amounts of these minerals.  Green juices help to restore the healthy balance of minerals in the liver.
The liver normally should be potassium rich, but when it is malfunctioning through cancer, it stores too much sodium and impurities. Normally, the tissues are higher in sodium and the liver and other organs higher in potassium.  When this balance gets upset, we get sick. So – one easy but important strategy to help the body get well, is to restore this balance. It is important to leave out salt whilst you are on a programme designed to beat cancer or arthritis or other disease:  This is because salt is sodium.  It upsets the healthy balance of potassium/sodium and depletes potassium in the liver.  Raising those potassium levels is imperative if you want to overcome disease.
Green juice, and calf liver juice, can do so much in helping the body to beat cancer and any other disease. Green juices are antiseptic and disease-repellant. Apart from helping to remove toxins from the liver and neutralize them for their safe exit, green juices are potassium rich and contain important digestive enzymes which also help to counteract cancer and heal the body. They are vitamin rich and mineral rich.
Just about all the nutrients you need to live are contained in fresh wheat grass juice which is prepared from home grown wheat grass. Supplementing this green juice programme with calf liver juice ensures that you have ample supplies of iron, and the important Vitamin B complex such as B 6 and B 12 which are sometimes deficient in vegetarian diets. See my post on how to make calf liver juice:  Basically, it is chopped up, put into a glass jar, and cooked gently in a saucepan of water for several hours.  It is important to put a tea towel or other piece of thick cotton onto the bottom of your saucepan for your glass jar of liver to sit on.  Otherwise it will crack.
However:  Many soils are deficient in iodine, which means that vegetables grown there will be deficient in this mineral. So painting a little iodine onto the soles of the feet, or onto the scalp, is a good idea to prevent iodine deficiency.  This should be done twice a week if you are treating cancer – just a couple of dabs painted onto the skin and left there is all that is necessary.  Alternatively, you could use Lugol’s solution daily – this is a very weak preparation of iodine, designed to be taken orally.
Dr Ann Wigmore, a medical doctor who cured herself of cancer by using mainly wheat grass juice, went on to cure many people in her cancer clinics using her wheat grass method.
After an initial cleansing period of several weeks on wheat grass or other vegetable juices, other foods such as raw egg yolk can be introduced.
Walter Last used two raw egg yolks per day on his almost all raw food, fresh juice regime. His diet was basically wheat free, yeast free, dairy free (except for butter), sugar free and yeast free. It was almost meat free too, except for fresh calf liver juice which was taken in small amounts, a teaspoon or two at a time, through the day. Most food should be taken uncooked, in salads and juices, with only moderate amounts of vegetables being cooked.
One favourite cooked item of Dr Gerson’s diet was a large plate of oatmeal porridge, eaten every morning.  This was introduced after the initial cleansing using juices, raw food and castor oil and enemas.
Dr Gerson believed that having a large bowl of porridge which was ALWAYS accompanied with a grated raw apple, helped the digestion to function normally.  Eating a really good breakfast such as this, combined with raw apple, provided excellent bulk of high fiber which cleansed the intestines.  This regular high fiber breakfast trains the intestines to become efficient in their job of assimilation and elimination.

The Apple Diet


This post is going to tell you  about the benefits of fasting on apples.

The apple diet is a cleansing diet.  The fame of the humble, healing apple goes back for centuries. Dr Max Gerson used the apple as part of his famous cancer treatment, and it is still used today by people who follow the Gerson treatment.

The apple diet is one of the simplest, one of the most pleasant, and one of the best ways in which you can detoxify your body of chemicals and slush.

Apples are such a great food. They are rich in pectin,  vitamin C, potassium and other trace elements. They have an enormous amount of good quality fiber. They have an alkaline efect on the body, so you can reduce acidity by eating an apple after a meal. Eating an apple after a meal also helps you to absorb vitamins, iron, calcium,  and other minerals from your food. Apples are great food as snacks, too;  instead of going for that pastry or cookie, you could eat an apple, or even a few slices while you watch television or prepare dinner.

Apples are great for the teeth, of course. Children should all be given one apple at least per day.

The Apple Cleanse Diet is simple: All you do is eat raw apples for a few days. You can munch away at whole apples, or you can grate the apple up,  skin and core and all. In the Gerson diet for treating cancer and other immune diseases,  a whole organic apple is grated up each morning, to have on the big plate of oatmeal porridge, which is the only cooked item used in the initial cleansing period on the Gerson diet.

Three days of  straight apple eating is a standard period for a cleanse, but if you do not feel up to it, then do only one day on the apples. You will find that each time you repeat this one day or so on the apple diet,  you get a little stronger, your resistance will improve, and tackling the diet will become easy.

You can eat just as many as you like. This is a great exercise for all those who wish to lose weight, or who have eating addictions: no need for guilt on the amount of apples you eat – there are absolutely no limits.  Eating lots of apples just on their own WILL NOT MAKE YOU FAT. You will LOSE fat instead, if you can eat apples, and only apples, for three days at a time.

Your digestive system, especially your bowels, will benefit from the bulk of the fiber in the apple diet.  This bulk thoroughly cleanses the bowel of effete matter and any toxins it may be harbouring. The honorable apple contains high amounts of pectin, especially in the pips, and peptin has a great healing effect on the tissues of the body, including the intestines.

Your nervous system will benefit from a day or two on apples.

Your liver, gall bladder and kidneys and bladder will also benefit from a few days of eating only apples. If the apple diet is done regularly, say one day a week, or three days every few weeks, then you will be gradually diminishing any toxic deposits in these organs.

The same goes for the brain: after a few days on the apple diet, you will notice that your brain is much sharper, and so is your eyesight. The nutrients in apples help feed the nerves which affect the eyesight and brain. Because the apple diet cleanses the blood, there are less toxins in the blood which feeds your brain and eyesight: this, in itself, causes a rejuvenation of brain and eyesight.

Note- before attempting the apple diet,  ask your health practitioner if you  can safely do this diet, especially if you have any medical condition for which you are getting treatment.

Do not continue the apple fast for more than three days at a time.  Apples are great food, and they are wonderful for taking toxins out of the body and healing it:  However, after using apples to restore a healthy body,  you need  to include proteins , oils and fats, calcium-rich foods, and  iodine and iron in the diet again. A normal, healthy diet which includes proteins and plenty of fresh and cooked green vegetables should follow the apple diet.

The apple diet is made most effective in its detoxification effects when a bowel wash is done. If you have never done a cleanse before, then you might have large amounts of toxins to expel, and these can make you feel sick initially. Colonic irrigation  at a clinic is a good idea if you can afford it. The more you persevere with fasting on apples on a regular basis, the less toxic your body will become.