Can Iodine Cause Heart Palpitations

Heart Palpitations.

Can Iodine cause heart palpitations? Yes, it can, if you use too much at a time.

Iodine For Hair Growth: Iodine, of course, is great for stimulating  hair growth.  But you must not over-do the Iodine.

Heart Palpitations From Iodine: You may  get heart palpitations from iodine if you are very sensitive to chemicals, or you have candida albicans, a yeast infection, or you have  a weakened immune system. In any of these cases  you might experience  a slight toxic reaction, with  heart palpitations, from using even  moderate amounts of iodine on your skin.

Allergy to Iodine:  Avoid Using Iodine if you are getting heart palpitations, and see your health professional.

For most people, using Iodine on the skin is not a problem. A dab or two of iodine applied to the skin is healthy for most people, as this helps prevent iodine deficiency. When iodine  is applied to the skin, it is absorbed into the skin, into the blood, and benefits the thyroid gland so that you do not get goitre and other malfunctions of the glands, and hormone imbalances.

Many Other Things  Can  Cause Heart Palpitations:  The heart has finely tuned electrical impulses all of its own, as does the brain, and so people can get heart palpitations from being too close to electrical appliances when they are going,  or sitting next to an electicity extension cord even while an appliance is not switched on: Alternating currents still  go back and forth along a cord to an appliance even if it is not switched on.

Heart palpitations, therefore,  can result from being in the close proximity of an electrical generator, transformer, or high tension wires, or being too close to other electro-magnetic forces.  These things also affect your brain function, and nervous impulses.

Poor memory can result from exposure to high-level electrical impulses, and even  to being exposed to  low-level radiation over the long term. Radio waves and electromagnetic vibrations from electrical sources seriously do undermine the health.

Cell phones can cause heart palpitations, as can and do  cell phone transmitters.  If you spend too much time being close to these energy fields, then your own electrical impulses will be disrupted, and this will have an effect on the whole nervous system, including the brain, the heart and nervous impulses.

Herbicides and pesticides, even in microscopic amounts on the breeze, can cause heart palpitations.  Being near hidden sites of rat poison can cause heart palpitations.

Potted indoor orchids,  tropical indoor plants, and even vases of flowers, especially if the plants  contain alkaloids as in the case with magnolias, can cause heart palpitations. This is because thewater in the vase leaches out some of the poisons in the plant:  As this water starts to ferment, the potency of the poisons are increased. Bingo.  You have a recipe for causing  migraine and heart palpitations.

Heart Palpitations are a Barometer:  Getting heart palpitations, for myself, is always a warning that something is not right in my environment. Getting palpitations gives you time to reassess your environment and the poisons around you, and gives you an opportunity to correct things before you get sick. This is how I avoid getting sick from poisonous chemicals and electro-magnetic interference – by listening to my heart.  I do not go to the doctor to get something to stop the palpitations, as that will only make the matter worse, and will not address the CAUSE OF THE TROUBLE.  Heart palpitations will cease in a healthy body when the cause is removed.  Having said that – again,  don’t use Iodine if it makes your heart flutter.

So – heart palpitations for me are a good thing, as they alert me to hidden dangers. From there, I have to work out exactly what the contaminant is. Then I can remove the cause.

Using some drugs such as Voltarin, or Warfarin, can cause heart palpitations.  I get heart palpitations if I spend too long in the kitchen, cooking,  near to where a relative of mine keeps his warfarin on the sink bench.

And did you hear the latest about Voltarin?  On the news just last night, Channel One, TVNZ, we heard that you have an  80%  chance of suffering a stroke if you take Voltarin.

These drugs should never be prescribed, in my opinion:  There are plenty of proven natural and herbal remedies available, to use as alternatives.  These alternatives  are safe and are better options than orthodox medications  to prevent stroke and heart attack.  Warfarin and Voltarin, which seem to be prescribed for many people over the age of 55, are very risky medicines indeed, and actually cause a degeration of the vital organs, instead of rejuvenating them.

Avoid Using Iodine If You Get Heart Palpitations: Getting back to the use of Iodine on the skin:  If you experience heart palpitations from using iodine directly on the skin, then you should avoid using it. It could be that a candida infection is the problem, or  that toxic bowels are making you super-sensitive, or that you are using too much Iodine.

However – if in doubt, then don’t use it.  Instead, you should get your iodine straight from the sea-bed, in the way of oysters, mussels, sardines, tuna, and mackerel.  Kelp is another  excellent source of Iodine.

Causes of Candida

What Causes Candida?

The causes of candida are easy to define:  Mainly, it is the chemicals in our environment which cause candida overgrowth. But lack of exercise, poor diet, and emotional trauma often play a part in people succumbing to candida infection.

Exposure to chemicals can weaken the immune system dramatically, so that candida albicans can flouish unheeded in the intestines. These organisms take off like an army, killing off the ‘goodies’ in the bowel, that is, the acidophilus bacteria.

Unfortunately, there are chemicals in many foods which we imagine to be chemical-free.  Toxic herbicides and pesticides are used in the growing of our fruit and vegetables, unless they are certified as organic.  Hormones are added to grains which are  fed to cattle and poultry to fatten them.  Cortisones and antibiotics are given to these poor creatures to prevent or cure illness. We ingest unimagineable quantities of poisons in our food, which all contribute to a weakening of  our precious immune systems.

Weakening of the immune system, which happens with exposure to chemicals, can also result  because of  poor diet and  inadequate nutrition, and this can also cause candida overgrowth.

Lack of fiber in the diet can cause candida overgrowth, as lack of fiber means that all your food will pass through your digestive tract too slowly.  Lack of fiber in the way of fresh vegetables and fruit means that the food in your digestive tract will have a polluting effect on your body, because it will encourage ‘bad’ bacteria such as candida albicans to proliferate in the bowel.

Emotional causes, with the help of a weakened immune system, can cause candida overgrowth.

Radiation and electromagnetic disturbances, which weaken the immune system,  can cause candida overgrowth.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity

We are all sensitive the the effects of electromagnetic fields.  Some people are fortunate enough to recognise the effects of an electromagnetic field immediately they enter it. If the electromagnetic field is a strong one, then they might straight away get palpitations, or tingling up the arms, or  a darting pain in the scalp, or bone ache in the limbs.

They might experience a sudden rise in temprerature, similar to a hot flush. Or they might feel nauseous, have stomach cramps, or get a nose bleed.  They might suffer vertigo, dizziness, and a feeling that their life force is draining away, as if it is being sucked into the earth. Perhaps a little like you might imagine dying to be.

Other people might not experience any of these electromagnetic sensitivity symptoms in such a dramatic way.

However, people do indeed still suffer ill health because of electromagnetic vibrations and radiation when they are exposed to these conditions over a  period of time.

People who live close to strong power sources such as cell phone towers, electrical high tension wires, and radio and television transmitters, or who use cell phones a lot, or who work in highly intense, electrically charged environments, will be seriously undermining their health, in the short term and the long term. 

It is well known that a higher electrical force is cabable of interfering with the current of a less potent electrical force. This has been illustrated  for me with two electrical appliances,  my cell phone versus my CD player:  When a text was received on  the phone, which was on the charger, sitting near the CD player,  this caused the CD player, which was playing a disc, to malfunction.  It would not play, and had to be reset for the disc to play.  Another text came in, and the same thing happened.  The CD lost its train of thought and could not sustain the energy to play the CD.    It is the same with your own sensitive electromagnetic field, your aura – whenever you come into contact with an electrical force which is stronger than your own electrical currents, your aura will be undermined.  This is one major cause of  memory loss and depression, as well as physical sickness such as candida, cancer and arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and other disease.

In Chinese medicine, the weakening of the auric body is equated to loss of Qi. or CHI. Qi is the vital force within us which gives us life, vitality, and optimism.  Healthy Qi levels keep us from getting sick.

Henry McGrath has written a book entitled ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine:  Approaches to Cancer’.  This is published by Singing Dragon, of London and Philadelphia.   Author Henry McGrath mentions a study done in Japan, where it was found that electromagnetic disturbance had increased the chances of children getting leukaemia.  He also mentions that cell phone usage has led to brain tumours.

In another study, in 1929, Gustav Freiherr von Pohl linked the 42 cancer patients in the town of Vilbisburg to negative energies caused by electromagnetic forces which came from underground water courses and natural stress lines in the earth.  He found that all the cancer patients lived within close proximity to electromagnetic forces.

Home Remedy For Acne

Try a Home Remedy For Acne:  Here are some tried recipes for home treatment of acne. These ideas have worked for many people, although this is no guarantee that you will necessarily have success with any of these remedies: there are different strains of bacteria and conditions which cause acne, and so every case is different. What works for one may not work for another.

Go to a doctor or an alternative health therapist if your condition persists, in case there is a hormonal imbalance, thyroid disfunction, candidiasis, or some other underlying condition which predisposes you to acne.

The First Home Remedy for Acne on our list is the 

Chick Pea Cleanser.  This idea comes from Ayurvedic medicine. It has a cleansing effect on the pores of the skin and helps to dry out  acne. It is a good alternative to soap, which tends to make the skin too  alkaline.  Chick pea flour helps to whiten the skin, and has a mild tightening effect.

To Make the Chick Pea Cleanser: Take a portion of chick pea flour and mix it with a little water, just enough to make a smooth paste. Massage this gently into the skin. Rinse off with warm water.

The Chick Pea Cleanser can be followed with another home remedy for acne which will moisturise the skin a little. This Yogurt Turmeric Treatment recipe has added antifungal and antibacterial qualities because of the lactobacilli organisms in the yogurt, and because of the use of turmeric, which is a strong antiseptic. Here is the

Yogurt Turmeric Treatment for acne.

To Make: Simply add one teaspoon of turmeric powder to half a cup of probiotic yogurt, preferably one which has L. acidophilus added to it. Yogurt which still has live probiotics in it, such as L. acidophilus, will contain bacteriocins. These are are compounds which help inhibit the growth of disease producing microbes.  These bacteriocins should, hopefully, help your skin to heal.

Mix well together, then apply to the  yogurt to the areas of skin which are affected by acne. Leave on for 20 minutes, then wash off in warm water. Use for a week, or less if the acne  condition has cleared up.

If you do not enjoy the slightly  yellowing effect of the turmeric in the above recipe, which will wash off within a few days, then omit the turmeric from this recipe. However, the turmeric which remains on the skin is helpful in treating acne.

Kiwifruit Juice Home Remedy for Acne

Kiwifruit has strong enzymes and acids which work well as antifungal and antibacterial agents. Its enzymes also aid digestion.  Kiwifruit is a great healer, both internally and externally. Eat plenty of Kiwifruit to cleanse out the bowels and kill off unwanted organisms. This will help your skin condition.  The beneficial bacteria do not seem to be harmed by Kiwifruit, as digestion improves from eating Kiwifruit.

Use Kiwifruit juice  directly on the skin as another Home Remedy for Acne.  Leave the juice on overnight, and wash off in the morning,  for the best results. Otherwise, you can apply the juice and wait for it to dry before rinsing off.

Another simple Home Remedy for Acne is the Watermelon Treatment. Watermelon also has enzymes which benefit the skin and which work as bacteria inhibitors. Eating watermelon is good for your skin also, as it cleanses the intestines, and also helps the kidneys, which in turn will benefit your skin.

Watermelon Treatment: Simply smear the juice over the skin. Let dry, and leave on overnight. Rinse off in the morning.

Aloe Vera Juice is another home remedy for acne. You can grow this herb at home. The aloe vera juice can be applied to the skin and left on overnight. You can also take aloe vera juice raw as an internal medicine. Aloe vera juice taken internally has proven beneficial to people whose immune systems are weakened. It has helped some people to cure themselves of cancer, in combination with other treatments.

Apple Cider Vinegar sometimes is effective in treating acne. Apple cider vinegar works as an antibacterial agent, and provides potassium, pectin, and other beneficial minerals to help the skin remain healthy. Dab the undiluted cider vinegar onto the affected areas. Note: if your condition is severe and painful, then see your doctor or alternative therapist.

Wine  Paste As a Home Remedy For Acne

This recipe uses wine as an antibacterial agent, with pea flour and egg yolk.

  • Take half a cup of pea flour
  • Add half a cup of red wine. Mix well.
  • Add one egg yolk to the mixture.
  • Finally, stir in two teaspoons of almond oil, or grapeseed oil.

Add a little more wine if necessary. The  constituency of the mixture should be paste-like, but thin enough so that you can apply it easily to the skin.

Apply the wine  paste to the areas which need treatment. Leave on for half an hour, then wash off.

Hot Water Remedy:  Drinking from four to eight glasses of moderately hot water throughout the day can have a beneficial effect on the skin.  Hot water flushes out the toxins from the body quickly, which is why it is so effective in many cases.  Wait until the water has cooled a little. It should be fairly hot, but not straight from the kettle.

Ayurvedic Medicine gives a breathing technique which is worth a try.  This is involves shutting off the right nostril with the thumb, middle finger and index finger resting on the eyebrow center.  Breathe in and out through the left nostril only. Do for about five or six breaths.  Build up to ten breaths in and out through the left nostril.  This has a cooling, pacifying effect on the senses, This  can help soothe the emotions, which is helpful to the acne condition.

Diet for Acne: It is best to avoid dairy products for the meantime. Avoid cheese, especially, as this putrifies in the bowel readily when your digestion is functioning poorly, and this causes a build up of toxins in the body.  Avoid wheat products, especially bread. Wheat turns to sugar very quickly, and this can cause problems with your sugar metabolism, so it is best to avoid wheat. Bread contains yeast, and yeast is best avoided when you are treating acne.  Avoid all yeast products, and foods which have been fermented such as alcohol, miso, tempeh, tofu, vinegars and soy sauce.

Eat brown rice instead of bread and pasta and potatoes, at least until your skin has recovered.

Eat more protein, and less of  the grain foods. Eat plenty of fish, especially those which have omega 3 fatty acids such as sardines, mackerel, tuna and salmon. Eat organic free range eggs.

Eat plenty of high fiber greens such as broccoli, cabbage, celery, spinach, kale and leeks. The brassica family, such as cabbage and broccoli, are high in calcium , iron, and other nutrients which boost the immune system and help the skin.  Eat plenty of onions and garlic. Eat carrots, unless you have a problem with candida.

Take  Non-acidic Vitamin C such as Ester C, or Calcium Ascorbate,  in 1000mg doses. You can take this dose up to four times a day. Use only for several days, to help clear your body of unwanted toxins, then reduce the dose to 1000mg of Vitamin C a day. If you take 1000mg last thing at night, this will help you to sleep well, as Vitamin C is a mild tranquillizer.

Take Halibut liver oil capsules. Use as directed on the label.

Take a Vitamin B Complex.

Take Zinc and Magnesium.

Iodine is essential for healthy skin and for hormonal harmony. Paint a few dabs of liquid iodine onto the scalp or the soles of the feet once or twice a week.

Note: Ask your doctor about taking these supplements, just to make sure. You should not take supplements  without professional guidance if you are on any blood-thinning medication such as warfarin, or aspirin, or other drugs.

Candida Yeast Infection Treatment

Candida Yeast Infection can cause many problems with the health. The range of symptoms resulting from a candida infection is numerous.

Digestive disturbances usually accompany candida infection. These may  include gas problems, bloated stomach, reflux,  constipation and/or loose bowel motions; irritable bowel syndrome sometimes can be the result of  candida overgrowth. Even bleeding can occur if the walls of the intestines have been damaged because of the effect of candida overgrowth.

Other symptoms which may occur are  anaemia, inability to put on weight, eating disorders and cravings, being overweight, ear infections, sinus infection, infections of the urinary tract, vaginal infections, infections in the mouth, acne and eczema,  migraines, insomnia, depression, and addictions.

It is thought that the reason so many people become addicted to alcohol is because of a sugar-craving,  out-of-hand candida culture in the intestines.

Candida infection can be difficult to treat, especially when the infection has become well established. If candida albicans have been allowed to proliferate to the extent that they have colonised the intestines, to the detriment of the ‘good’ and beneficial organisms, and caused damage to the bowel, then the candida yeast is able to travel freely to other parts of the body. When the body is invaded by candida yeast, the condition is known as systemic candidiasis.

It takes time to reverse the train of events which have led to the undermining of health through candida infection. In my experience, allopathic medicine on its own is not effective in the long term, if at all. It really is a good idea to get the help of an acupuncturist, a naturopath or chinese herbalist, an ayurvedic specialist,  or another health professional, to assist you in speeding up your recovery.

It is important that your candida yeast infection treatment be one which is going to restore you to health. It is necessary  to take all those measures to ensure that the candida infection does not return. You must work at getting your health restored so that your body is strong and able to counteract infection, and you are feeling great again.

In my experience, environmental contaminants were the main reason that my immune system was  severely undermined. Chemical poisoning  led to a rampant candida infection, or systemic candidiasis, on more than one occasion. These chronic candida infections  took more than a year to cure.

However, most people, hopefully, have not been exposed to aerial spraying of 245T, or to asbestos and heavy metal poisoning, do not have cancer, or AIDS, and do not have the chronic type of candida known as systemic candidiasis which might accompany these conditions. Recovery, then, should be only a matter of weeks for mild candida infection, given the right treatment.

If you do systemic candidiasis, then it will take some time to become well. Even with the supplementation of  beneficial bacteria, such as acidophilus, it takes time for the immune system to recover from chemical, or radiation damage. You really have to pull out all stops and be vigilant in following your candida yeast infection treatment to fully recover.

If you have an on-going mild infection and you have not been exposed to chemical sprays, or radiation, and you do not work in a hazardous toxic environment, then your system should respond more quickly to anti-candida treatments.

Many people have candida yeast infection as a result from using antibiotics and other medications. Using probiotics such as L. acidophilus and B. bifidum will help to restore your intestinal flora if this is the case.

Even if you do not use antibiotics very often, chances are that you will be ingesting them through the animal products, or dairy foods and eggs, which you eat. Unless these foods are specified as certified organic, then these foods will be contaminated with hormones, cortizones and antibiotics which will affect the functioning of your body and its immune system.

Herbicides, insecticides, antibiotics, preservatives in food, and radiation all harm the cultures of healthy organisms which we have in our intestines.  Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of the main ones which is destroyed by harmful environmental pollutants, radiation,  overuse of antibiotics, and antibiotics in our food.  Bifidobacterium bifidum is the other main one which is affected similarly.

These  beneficial organisms, known as probiotics because they assist life, are very sensitive to unusual environmental influences. Chemicals affect them, but even living near high electromagnetic forces, such as cell phone towers, or electricity transformers, or high tension electricity wires, will upset these beneficial organisms in your intestinal flora. When these two beneficial organisms become depleted in the body, then candida albicans takes over. The candida albicans organism is found naturally in the intestines, but in only in small numbers in a healthy body.

Candida yeast infection really does cause so much harm: the ‘good’ bacteria on their own will help you to digest fats and proteins, will help lower your cholesterol level, and manufacture several vitamins and enzymes in the bowel, including B vitamins. When the ratio of organisms gets upset and candida is allowed to predominate, then you do not get all these wonderful benefits which the lactobacteria normally provide for you.

SoHow To Get Well From Candida Yeast Infection:

The length of your recovery time really depends on how toxic your body is, and how damaged your immune system has become as a result of accumulated poisons.

A detoxification programme is important to begin your candida yeast infection treatment. It is essential to rid the body of all those acculmulated toxins as quickly as possible, if you want to get your health and vitality back soon. Unfortunately, all those lovely sweet  fruit fasts such as the apple diet, or the grape diet, or the carrot juice fast, are often not the best to use in the early stages, as the high sugar content in fruit feeds the candida. If your infection is not too severe and you have not been exposed to chemicals, then these could still be effective, but generally, it is best to avoid all foods high in sugar, and this includes all fruits.

Detox with a High Fiber Cleanse: Do this high fiber cleanse for three days in a row. Use as necessary after that. You might find benefit in continuing the treatment every morning. The recipe: Take a teaspoon of psyllium husks, a teaspoon of flaxseed, and a teaspoon of cranberry seed or pectin. Put into two cups of water. Stir.  Take in the morning on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before breakfast. Repeat  with one more dose 20 minutes before the evening meal.

Going for a colonic irrigation at a clinic is a good idea, as this will clear all the effecte matter out of your bowel, leaving it clean so that the candida can’t proliferate so readily. This will give you a jump start in combatting the infection, and improve your digestion immediately.

Home enemas can be effective also, and if you cannot afford the professional colonic irrigation, then a home enema is recommended.

Benefits of Castor Oil on Treating  Candida: However, the most effective home treatment for quickly cleaning the intestines, and reducing candida infection, is  that old remedy – castor oil. This works extremely well, as it not only rids the intestines of the pollutants, it attacks the candida as well. Candida albicans do not like oils in the diet, especially castor oil, which has an antimicrobial effect in the intestines.  At the same time, the castor oil does not seem to affect the beneficial bacteria adversely, as they can readily multiply after the rubbish has been eliminated from the bowel.

Incidentally, a specific anti-fungus agent called Undecylenic acid can be bought at some health food shops. So -can you guess what this is derived from? – Yes – Castor Oil. The dose for treating candida is, according to one source, 200 mg three times a day. But I still think you cannot go past the original, old-fashioned, Castor oil in treating serious illness, and in treating candida infections.

So – Now you are working on revitalising your immune system. Already, the infection will be dramatically  reduced after cleansing, so that you can better digest your food. While you have a rampant candida infection, those busy candida organisms will be taking the best out of your food. They will leave you malnourished, tired, and create a whole lot of candida toxins which further poison your system.

Taking supplements of probiotics such as L. acidophilus and B. bifidum can boost the intestinal flora which helps to keep the candida yeast in check. After the initial stages of cleansing, you might try using these in a sugar-free and allergen-free supplement. If you are not sensitive to dairy products, then using a yogurt with these supplements will help to allay another candida attack, once you have first cleansed the candida overgrowth from the intestines.

Lactobacillus acidophilus has been used successfully to treat cases of candida yeast infection in the urinary tract.  It has also been used successfully, both internally and externally, to treat yeast infection of the female parts. This is because the Lactobacillus acidophilus occurs naturally in the bladder and reproductive parts, where it helps maintain the health of these organs. When antibiotics, or some other chemical or environmental factor causes the probiotic organisms to get out of balance in the bowel, this also affects their growth in other parts of the body where they are needed.

What Can I Eat? The best diet whilst on the candida yeast infection treatment is on which implements the following strategies:

  • Eat more good quality protein in the diet. Beef, chicken, fish, eggs are just great. Almonds nuts and sunflower seeds are good too, but these are best left for a week or two until your condition has improved, as these foods sometimes have yeast on them which may not be helpful in combatting the candida.
  • Eating oily fish is very good. Of the tinned varieties, canned tuna fish in olive oil is helpful, I have found. Sardines in oil are also good, and provide extra calium in the bones, as well as iodine: both calcium and iodine are necessary supplements for the  recovery from candida infection
  • Make sure you eat good quality fats and oils in the diet. Candida thrives in diets which exclude these items, and protein. Olive oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil and other cold pressed oils inhibit the growth of candida, and also give you Vitamin E and other nutrients which are helpful in restoring health and improving your immune system.
  • Eat plenty of green vegetables in the diet.
  • Plenty of fiber is essential. Not fruit, or carrots, initially, – but green vegetables.
  • Add garlic to everything. Garlic works well as an anti-fungal, anti-yeast, antimicrobial agent in the body.
  • Avoid all sugar. This means any kind of sugar, cane sugar, maple syrup, golden syrup, honey, malt sugars and fruit sugars.
  • Avoid all fruit in the meantime, until you are better.
  • Avoid all alcohol completely. Beer, wines, cider, spirits – all of these help destroy the beneficial bacteria in the bowel.
  • Avoid wheat products for now. Wheat turns to sugar too quickly in the gut, and these sugars help to feed candida albicans. Avoid other processed grains.
  • Eat brown rice instead of wheat products. Use a little olive oil or some other good oil on your rice, to help slow down the absorption of sugars. Eat protein and green vegetables with your rice. Have some brown rice cooked each day and left in the fridge, so that you can eat this instead of going for that wheat pastry, cookie, or bread.
  • Avoid all products which have been fermented. This includes all alcohol, vinegars, and sauces such as soya sauce, tomato sauce because it contains vinegar, tempeh and tofu and miso – and breads.
  • Avoid dairy products for the meantime, until you are better. Then, you might experiment with acidophilus yogurt if you do not have a sensitivity to dairy products. Some people who are lactose intolerant find that they can use moderate amounts of probiotic yogurt once they have conquered the candida infection. Some people find that, after recovery, using probiotic yogurt actually helps them digest other dairy products. Some people cannot abide it at all.
  • Supplements which might be  helpful  are:    Caprylic acid. This is a fatty acid which has definite anti-candida properties. 1000mg of Caprylic acid can be taken daily; 1000mg morning and night can be taken over a brief period for people who have systemic candida infection. It is best not to take caprylic acid for long periods, though, as it can put a strain on the kidneys. If you have kidney weakness, then you might be best to avoid it, or use it for only several days.  Ask your doctor or naturopath about taking Caprylic Acid for candida.
  • Benefits of Probiotics:   L. acidophilus and B. bifidum taken half an hour before each meal may prove beneficial. These probiotics are available in a non-dairy, non-gluten form in some specific health products. If you are not lactose intolerant, then yogurt enhanced with these probiotics may work for you.
  • Non-acidic Vitamin C is an inhibitor of the candida yeast. This helps to detoxify the body as well, and will aid your sleep if you take a dose last thing at night. 1000mg of Ester C, or Calcium Ascorbate can be taken once, or up to four times a day in cases of chronic candidiasis. Reduce the dose once the toxins have been initially cleared.

Read merrilyn’s post entitled Probiotic Advantage for more information on the use of probiotics in treating candida and improving the immune system. Also see Foods to Eat On a Candida Cleanse Diet and Curing Candida/Chronic Poisoning.