Causes of Candida

What Causes Candida?

The causes of candida are easy to define:  Mainly, it is the chemicals in our environment which cause candida overgrowth. But lack of exercise, poor diet, and emotional trauma often play a part in people succumbing to candida infection.

Exposure to chemicals can weaken the immune system dramatically, so that candida albicans can flouish unheeded in the intestines. These organisms take off like an army, killing off the ‘goodies’ in the bowel, that is, the acidophilus bacteria.

Unfortunately, there are chemicals in many foods which we imagine to be chemical-free.  Toxic herbicides and pesticides are used in the growing of our fruit and vegetables, unless they are certified as organic.  Hormones are added to grains which are  fed to cattle and poultry to fatten them.  Cortisones and antibiotics are given to these poor creatures to prevent or cure illness. We ingest unimagineable quantities of poisons in our food, which all contribute to a weakening of  our precious immune systems.

Weakening of the immune system, which happens with exposure to chemicals, can also result  because of  poor diet and  inadequate nutrition, and this can also cause candida overgrowth.

Lack of fiber in the diet can cause candida overgrowth, as lack of fiber means that all your food will pass through your digestive tract too slowly.  Lack of fiber in the way of fresh vegetables and fruit means that the food in your digestive tract will have a polluting effect on your body, because it will encourage ‘bad’ bacteria such as candida albicans to proliferate in the bowel.

Emotional causes, with the help of a weakened immune system, can cause candida overgrowth.

Radiation and electromagnetic disturbances, which weaken the immune system,  can cause candida overgrowth.

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