Spiritual Healing

The Power of Prayer

Spiritual Healing, which is virtually healing done with the power of prayer, and good intention,  is something we are all capable of doing, or learning how to do.

All that is required, really, is an openness to the power of the Creator and the Holy Spirit, the Angelic forces, and our Guides.  Then we allow this wonderful power of Spirit  to flow through us, the vehicle, so that this healing energy may be absorbed to heal our own  physical and spiritual condition.

This great healing power which comes from Spirit can be  transmitted to another person who requires healing, whether that person is present, or far away.

It is good practice to set aside the same time each day for meditation and prayer and reflection on spiritual matters.  This increases our ability to perform spiritual healing, and enhances our own spiritual progress.

It helps our Angel friends and Guides if we can set a specific time for our prayer and meditation, as they know we will be receptive to them at the time we have allocated. Our connection to the Heavenly forces becomes stronger with regular meditation and prayer practice.

How our ability to help others is increased by meditation and prayer: These things help us to become more focussed, give us a sense of good purpose and direction, and increase our vitality so that we have something to impart to others in need.

Simple Spiritual Healing Routine

It is a good idea, before beginning any healing, to tune up your own vital force with prayer and appropriate breathing exercise.  Here is a simple exercise for increasing Prana, or vital energy.  This routine tones up the meridians which helps to increase vital healing energy. It was formulated by a medical doctor who also used  spiritual healing and acupressure as healing forces.

Healing Exercise For Increasing Prana

  • 1) Stand facing the sun.  Put the hands on the solar plexus and breathe in deeply, imagining that you are taking in the vital energy from the sun into your solar plexus.
  • 2) Do ten long, deep breaths, inhaling through the nose, keeping the hands gently pressed into the solar plexus. Breathe out slowly each time, feeling the air as it moves through the chest, throat and nasal passages.  Count each breath in to yourself, and say OM to yourself mentally, as you breathe out.
  • 3) The Kow Tow:  After ten long inhalations, clasp the hands together and place the clasped hands over the solar plexus.
  • Breathe in a deep breath as you bend forward, performing  a Kow Tow movement.  Bend forward towards the sun until you are  looking to the ground in the full Kow Tow.  Hold for a second, then breath in as you come up to the erect position again.  Keep the hands, which remain clasped during all the Kow Tow movements, over the solar plexus.
  • Do three Kow Tow movements, breathing IN each time you bend forward, and out as you come up.
  • 4) Next, put the thumbs under the armpit, between the join of the arm and the chest.  A meridian line runs through here which is energized by this exercise. Breathe in a deep breath as you press the thumbs under the armpits.  Stand up on the toes as you breath in, and exhale as you come down on the toes again.  Do three times.
  • 5) Next, put the right thumb over the indent to the side of the right eye.  Put your left thumb at the back of the neck, just ot the left side of the base of the scull.  Hold the thumbs in these postitions for half a minute, then release.
  • 6)  Put the clasped hands back over the solar plexus and stand quietly as you breathe in three more slow breaths, exhaling slowly and fully each time.

That’s it.  You are ready for your healing session, or to go about your day.  Ideally, this exercise should be performed regularly in the morning, at noon, and in the evening.  Even if you are not performing a healing, this exercise does wonders for improving the function of all the vital organs, increasing Prana, and relaxing the mind.

Giving Spiritual Healing  To Another Person: There are many different techniques for  giving spiritual healing to  help a person. Here is just one simple method:

After doing the special breathing exercises for Increasing Prana above,  say a prayer for the person you are helping.  If the person is with you, have the person sit in a chair in front of you, relaxed and with eyes closed.

After a short prayer, put your hands gently on the shoulders.  Leave them there for a minute while you feel the healing power from Spirit coming from your hands and into the person you are helping.

Bring to mind the condition which needs help, if you know it.

I find it is especially helpful to stand at the side of a person who is seated on a chair, the recipient of the healing.  Put your right hand on the temples, stretching the thumb out to one side of the brow, and the little finger on the other side of the brow.  Put your left hand at the nape of the neck, holding it gently.

You can keep this position for a few minutes, as you concentrate on sending healing energy into the person through your hands.

When you feel that the time is right, start slowly  drawing your hands away from the person.  You can hold the hands out several inches from the brow for several more minutes, sending healing, but not touching the brow at this stage.