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Two Week Cleansing Detox Herbal Recipe

November 2nd, 2014

Natural Herbal Remedy And Cleansing Tonic Simple to make, and simple to use, here is a two-week cleansing formula to help start the spring with more vitality. This is a silica-rich herbal tonic which uses  comfrey, dandelion, birch leaves, nettles and rose hips.  These herbs, in combination,  can improve the digestive system and improve the hair. This herbal remedy works as a cleanser by encouraging the elimination of harmful toxins from the liver and intestines.  It can also be effective in helping to reduce fat deposits. This formula can help constipation. It can help to purify the blood.  It can also help  reduce the ...

Home Made Lavender Lotion Insecticide

October 15th, 2014

Lavender Natural Flea Repellant, Head Lice Repellant, Hair Conditioner. Grow some lovely lavender.  It has many uses, apart from being a valuable natural insecticide. Lavender is beneficial for the bees and for the health of your garden.  It will help to discourage pests, whilst attracting the bees. Attracting bees into your garden will benefit the pollination of your other plants. Lavender is good for the hair, making it shine and encouraging new growth. Purple lavender is beautiful to behold, and its sight will have a calming influence on all who visit you and your garden. Making Home Made Lavender Lotion is a very satisfying process.  Nothing ...

Castor Oil and Protein Treatment To Stimulate Hair Growth

July 27th, 2011

This is a conditioner which uses castor oil, olive oil,  eggs, herbs, and other riches to help stimulate hair growth, and give lustre to the hair.  It is also a good recipe to use if the hair is damaged. The original recipe comes from the book 'Herbs for Health and Beauty' by Margaret Roberts, which is a great little herbal recipe book, published by Lowry Publishers, Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1986.  I give you here a rewrite of the ingredients she uses. This conditioning treatment could be used regularly once or twice a week if your hair is thinning or is ...

Nourishing Oils and Herbal Treatment For Hair Growth and Gloss

July 27th, 2011

Warm Oil Treatment with Herbs For Damaged Hair: This nourishing Oil  treatment, combined with herbs,  is a good one to stimulate hair growth and to add lustre to the hair.  It can be applied once or twice every month to give your hair a boost. This  warm oil treatment takes a little time, but it is well worth the effort.  Any of these vegetable oils may be used in your warm oil hair treatment:  Avocado oil, grape-seed oil, wheatgerm oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, or almond oil. First of all, wash the hair.  Towel dry.  Now take one cup ...

Birch Tree Leaves for Kidney Stones

October 5th, 2010

Herbal Remedies For Kidney Stones The common Birch Tree is a very versatile and useful herb.  It has many medicinal uses, as well as being a common additive in various parts of Europe to certain types of beers, wines and ciders and vinegars.  (see 'Herbal Remedies and Homeopathy', published by Geddes and Grosset.) The Birch Family are native to Europe and Canada, but now are common in New Zealand and parts of Australia. The much renowned herbalist John Lust gives several medicinal uses of various types of birch tree in his little herbal entitled ''The Herb Book'. There are many different species of birch ...
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