Two Week Cleansing Detox Herbal Recipe

Natural Herbal Remedy And Cleansing Tonic

Simple to make, and simple to use, here is a two-week cleansing formula to help start the spring with more vitality.

This is a silica-rich herbal tonic which uses  comfrey, dandelion, birch leaves, nettles and rose hips.  These herbs, in combination,  can improve the digestive system and improve the hair.

This herbal remedy works as a cleanser by encouraging the elimination of harmful toxins from the liver and intestines.  It can also be effective in helping to reduce fat deposits.

This formula can help constipation. It can help to purify the blood.  It can also help  reduce the pain of arthritic and rheumatoid conditions.

This herbal tonic will also help to improve the digestion by removing mucous from the bowel and toning up the liver, so that nutrients from food can be absorbed more easily.

The herbs used in this recipe are rich in iron, potassium, silica, enzymes, vitamins, serotonin and other nutrients which will help build good blood and nourish the body cells, bones, hair and nails.

Nettles and Comfrey are famous for their silica content which builds strong bones, helps encourage hair growth, and to form strong healthy nails.

Recipe For Herbal Cleansing Tonic:

Mix together equal quantities of dried birch leaves, comfrey leaves, dandelion leaves, nettle leaves and dried rosehips. Use around 2 tablespoons of each dried herb.  Mix, and store in an air-tight container.

To Use The Herbal Cleansing Tonic;

Take one rounded teaspoon of the herbal mixture  and pour over a cup of boiling water.  Let the tea infuse for 10 minutes before drinking.

Take the tea twice a day for two weeks only.

Cease taking the cleansing tea after two weeks.  Wait for at least a month before you use the two-week herbal cleanse again.

Enema or Colonic Cleansing: It is helpful, though not imperative,  to take an enema or two during this period of cleansing.  Washing out the bowel of toxic residues lessens the chance of getting headaches or other unpleasant symptoms which sometimes arise when toxins are released through fasting and cleansing.

Avoid Wheat Bread, Cakes, Sugar and Dairy Milk :  If you can, for best results, avoid these foods whilst you are on your two-week herbal detox.

Breakfast: Have a large bowl of oatmeal porridge in the mornings with a grated apple and olive oil or a little butter,

Lunch or Dinner: Eat plenty of cooked and raw greens,  rice or potatoes, and good quality protein in the dinner meal, such as free-range chicken, free-range eggs,  and fish.

Snack on fruit, nuts, seeds, and soya milk, if it is tolerated. Almonds, sunflower seeds and ground sesame seed are very nutritious, rich in calcium and iron, and make good snacks or accompaniments to healthy desserts.

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