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Toxins in Dental Plastic Plates

The Cost of Dental Treatment:  Are Dentures a Good Option?

My, oh my, how I wish I had listened to Walter Last when I began following his dietary and detoxification measures:  This was when  I was very young, in my mid 20’s, and I had only just found Walter and his diet.  At that stage, I was simply following his advice in the hope that the diet would help me to recover from 245T poisoning which had resulted in a breakdown of health, especially after my daughter, who was exposed to the chemical in the womb, had died.

I had not read anything at all, at this stage, about  the possible  remarkable effects of the diet which Walter Last proposed,  on teeth.

I told Walter that I was thinking of having all my teeth removed, because we could not afford treatment.

What I know now was that an inadequate diet, with no dental care, and chemical poisoning to boot,  had caused my teeth to suffer badly.  Excessive alcohol abuse in my teens had also not helped the condition of my teeth.

Walter said I should just continue with the diet, and use herbs such as prickly ash on the teeth in the meantime.  He assured me that things would get better.

But I did not listen:  I had all my teeth extracted within several months of having my third child, just after beginning Walter’s treatment,  mainly to save expense.

I have paid dearly for this mad move.  Since this time, I have read a lot more and have learned about the successes of people like Jaqui Davison, who grew new teeth as she strived to beat cancer through diet and detoxification.  I have used a similar programme to Dr Gerson’s and Walter Last’s to cure myself of a breast lump, and someone else of serious gum disease, which would have otherwise cost her the price of her house to fix, had she followed her dental specialist’s advice, which was to subject herself to a removal and scraping operation on each tooth.

New Dentures Have Only Lasted a Year

Dentures, for me, have a limited life. There has been no obvious external need to have a new denture at all these past few years:  there has been no problem with the way they fit, the way they look, or the way they work in chewing food.  The problem for me is the poisons in the plastic.  Toxins in the plastic begin to be released as the plastic becomes older, and this causes major health problems, simply because the physical body is being ‘fed’ a constant supply of denture toxins.  Consequently,  I have needed new dentures every three years or so.

Taking antioxidants such as Vitamin C, or ginger, cinnamon, or garlic, are not so good to take when you have plastic in your mouth, because these items, which all work to help remove poisons from the body, also have an effect on the plastic fabric of the denture.  They cause poisons in the plastic to be released more readily, so you end up with toxic poisoning from the plastic if you use these products often.

Herbicides, Pesticides, Parabens, Affect Denture Plastic:

Coming into contact with herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals such as those parabens and propyl  “things” in cosmetics,  cause the teeth to behave in an extremely toxic way, as these chemicals get absorbed into the plastic, where they intensify the already toxic nature of the denture plastic.

Apple Moth Eradication Programme in Auckland:  When MAF were spraying Aucklanders with their ‘apple moth’ spray around the years 2001-2005, I was more ill than most people, because this spray accumulated in the plastic of the dentures, and I simply could not get rid of it.  This affected my whole health, including memory and even the ability to speak.

Just how and why the Labour Government could justify using this spray all over the city for such an extended period beats me.  I am still curious as to their motives for using this spray which had an extremely deleterious effect on the health of so many people:  I am sure there had to be some manipulation of facts by chemical and drug companies, and monetary gain to be had by these companies.   The spraying programme did not eradicate the apple moth anyway.  It had the effect of getting large amounts of the population going to the doctor for all sorts of mysterious illnesses.  Around this time, I had to throw away the current dentures which were only two or three years old, because they became toxic due to toxicity resulting from the apple moth spraying programme.  This is just one cost which was not reimbursed by MAF and their doctors:  The other was that I had to suddenly quit living in the city, give away my piano teaching business and all household appliances like fridge, washing machine, etc, and escape to the countryside.

About six or seven years ago, I found a new dental technician whom I thought had the answer for me. I paid $2,500 and a bit more at the time to get a fantastic new set of dentures which looked really good and were almost as good as my original teeth in their chewing function.  An expensive type of clear nylon fabric was used, with porcelain teeth, to minimize the amount of plastic in the mouth.

However, these teeth only lasted about three years before the health issues began again.  By the time two more years had passed, there was no doubt at all that the dentures were undermining my health dramatically:  Suddenly, one day, I could not stand them in the mouth any longer, as they were causing erosion of the mouth and lip tissues.  My digestion was affected equally badly – it felt as if the same bleeding was occurring throughout the body.  I took the teeth out, and recovered within a few days.  I could not wear those teeth again, as every time I used them, the same symptoms would occur.

Health Problems From Dentures

Poisoning Symptoms which I experience from these dental plate toxins are:

Breathing difficulty, breathlessness when walking quickly, amnesia, loss of memory similar to alzheimer’s, pains in the joints which develop into a weakness and paralysis if I continue to wear the denture, ear ache, sinusitis, eczema, and poor vision.

Now – I have just turned 61.  People, and doctors too, will say “You can expect these things to happen when you get older’.  But – I have been experiencing the same symptoms because of denture plastic all my life.  Every time, when the dentures are done away with, my health gets better.  New dentures then, except for one lot which were made of especially toxic plastic, work well for several years before they begin to break down and cause problems with health again.

New Dentures This Time Have Only Lasted One Year:

A year ago, the same old thing happened with the previous denture:  suddenly, there was no doubt at all about the bad effect of the denture on my health.  So I got a new set made at the cost of $3,000.

Unfortunately, I think the life of this plate was reduced dramatically because the dentist mucked up the first moulding of the teeth.  I had to return a few months later to get the matter put right:  This meant that the teeth had to be heated up to be remoulded again, and I am sure that it was this heating process which has caused the leeching of plastic chemicals into my stomach.  This ability to reuse this modern plastic by heating it up is exactly why dentists use this material:  If they get the first moulding wrong, then they do not need to throw away the teeth to make a new one, they simply heat the plastic up and remould the teeth.  This, I believe, is very bad for the health, and the reason why I have had to throw these dentures away:………..

Alas, 13 months later, the teeth have suddenly become toxic.  The taste of glue with what I guess must be formaldehyde, or similar, is very strong.  No amount of cleaning, or leaving them out for several days, changes anything.  The taste of glue through my mouth is unbearable.  It now causes terrible stomach pains, has killed off the ‘good’ bacteria in my digestive system, causes blurred vision, earache, dizziness, depression, chronic eczema, and pains in the joints and arms with a feeling of imminent paralysis.

I think that the denture plastic, apart from having been ruined by being heated up at the dentists to be remoulded, also reacted to my using a quantity of tea tree oil which I put on my hair and on my skin recently. Ironically, this was used to try and clear a sudden attack of eczema, which most probably was caused by formaldehyde, parabens or whatever, which was coming from the denture plastic.

I have found that tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and other such strong embrocations get absorbed into the denture plastic which cause it to erode more quickly.  I have noticed this other years – that the teeth, which I was already becoming doubtful about  with regard to their effect on my health, were made infinitely worse once tea tree or eucalyptus oil had been used.

So – let this be a warning to all those people who consider that having false teeth might be a cheaper way to go:  It has not been cheaper for me having dentures.  If several sets only were needed during a life time, and they were not made of toxic material, then dentures would be a fine thing.

But dentures, I believe, are VERY BAD for the health.  The plastic in dentures could be one reason why so many people suffer alzheimer’s at an early age.  We absorb too much plastic poison from other products in our environment, like having milk in plastic, plastic wrapping over meats and cheese, etc – but having plastic in your mouth has to be the very worst thing, because you are constantly absorbing a certain amount of poisons from the plastic into your system.

What I want to now is – why can I not get a plate made which is not made of plastic – something like the hard old thing which the soldiers in the second world war were fitted with?  My Dad had this plate for years – he might still be wearing the same one. I think that the material  in these old plates was better for the health because it  was made of a material which did not break down easily.  Even if it WAS plastic, it was certainly a harder type than the soft malleable plastic which is used today by dental technicians.  They use this soft plastic because it is easy to mould:  It can be heated and reshaped if the first imprint is not a good fit.  But this soft plastic is a hazard to the health.

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  1. I agree totally with you how ever i have found a natural dentist in Manukau who may be able to help you so leave me a message to respond

  2. If you have any more information about Jaqui Davison i would be keen to know I do remember reading a book about this 30 years ago when i had cancer and i followed the Ann Wigmore Protocol with wonderful sucess

  3. Hi Robert, Thanks for your comments. Let us know who that natural dentist is in Manukau. I am sure that many people, including myself, will be very interested.

  4. Hi Robert -You were asking about Jacqui Davison: I am unpacking some books soon – hopefully Jacqui’s book is amongst these. But I have been delighted to find Jacqui’s name mentioned in a couple of recent New Zealand books. One is called ‘Breast Cancer: Why Are Women Still Dying Needlessly?’, by Pam Stevens. Will put the details of these up tomorrow. Cheers Merrilyn

  5. I wanted to ask You about the nylon denture with porcelain teeth. What kind of porcelain was it? I’m asking as some porcelain teeth are strenghtened with metals, were You using metal-free porcelain?

  6. Thanks for that information. Unfortunately, I have no idea as the dentist I was seeing has not divulged this information to me. They are annoyed that I do not like the product they have used. The porcelain teeth themselves may have something to do with the reaction I have – but I think the lining material is certainly part to blame. What I am looking for is a non-porous material which will not absorb poisons so readily. These teeth have only lasted a year this time, whereas normally I get roughly three years life out of a set before they become toxic, and I think their short life is due to the fact that the teeth were HEATED to remould them after they were first made. This was because the teeth were a terrible fit initially, so the dentist had to rework them. The heat has begun the somewhat early release of chemicals into the system.
    Thanks again – if you have any information on harder plastics – such as the type used in the second world war period,, which are less toxic than modern day soft denture plastic, – please let me know.
    Regards, Merrilyn
    PS I am still without teeth and will be toothless until I can find another material and a dentist who is happy to oblige. This dentist I have been using has not been helpful in exploring possiblities.

  7. According to the lining material, the pink ones are toxic as they include amongs others cadmium. It’s better to use clear types.
    Removing teeth often causes cavitations (dead area of bones) in places where there used to be teeth.
    If I were you I would make sure I have no cavitations and no metal in my mouth (you would need for it at least one panoramic X-ray). Then I’d try once again with CLEAR nylon fabric and metal-free porcelain teeth.
    Unfortunately I don’t know what type of platic there was used in dentures while 2nd world war.
    PS. It’s a pity that nowadays there ared materials convenient for dentist and not for the patient.

  8. It’s me again… I’ve just accidentally come across some information about some material that was used since 1920s. That material was exemined by US army under direction of T. Nagy and A. Nagy. That tests were also assisted by a group of dentists of which the leader was Nathanian Walsh and M. Sterna (expert in dental materials). That material was called nylon N110 and was patented as VALPLAST. Maybe it’s what your father used to use. VALPLAST is still in use, yet I’m not sure if it’s really so safe, it absorbs some water while eg. (some) Flexite products don’t. I think it is of some meaning, yet I can be wrong… I hope you will recover soon 😉

  9. Hello Jim, Thanks so much for this information. This could be VERY helpful, not only to myself, but to other readers with a similar sensitivity. Thanks again. Merrilyn

  10. I noticed you mentioned a diet that could be used to help heal your teeth. I have bottom teeth that need some healing, and they have been getting a lot better with less decay, since I no longer take chemical medicine, flouride, or any GMO foods-includng sugars. Although I often wonder if your teeth can regrow or fix its own cavities, and sometimes I wonder if maybe after the cavity has reached a certain point, that it might possibly no longer be healable? Either way special diets to follow by to cure and heal my teeth would be very interesting information to me, including what material is best to use for dentures. I use the pink denture plastic in my top plate, and worry about it being toxic most of the time as well. Is it possible to e-mail me something that I can look at as far as diets and the best material in dentures to use as far as you know? Or what is the safest if there isn’t anything in particular?
    I’d like to researh these things more closely, and would appreciate your input.
    Thank you

  11. Hi Cindy, Thankyou for your letter. You are fortunate that you have kept your bottom teeth. As long as the nerve is still intact in the tooth, then the tooth is capable of healing. Of course, age, and health, and especially DIET all have a bearing on just how those cavities will heal themselves. Walter Last advised using prickly ash powder to help heal the teeth and prevent tooth decay. This is rubbed into the gums and on the tooth itself. It stimulates the blood supply to bring nutrients to the teeth, and also works as an antiseptic to keep tooth bacteria at bay.
    I have put up quite a few articles on teeth – have a look at those – you may glean something from these posts. The Gerson diet for cancer has cured cancer and regrown tooth enamel where the nerve still is intact. But my own family experience was of a diet abundant in raw vegetables and proteins, devoid of milk, wheat and sugar and food additives – I think, like you, that food additives and other chemicals are probably more to blame than any specific food item, for the general bad teeth which most people have in Westernized countries.
    It was announced this week in New Zealand that dentists can fix teeth cavities with minerals – but many dentists ‘in the know’ have been using this method for healing the teeth instead of drilling, for many years now. Still – it is good that the dental association has finally acknowledged this much. The very best thing would be if the dental association AND the cancer foundation, would acknowledge how much food additives and other poisons used in our environment affect the health, causing cancer, tooth decay, depression, etc.
    Thanks again – Let us know if you find out anything more.Regards, Merrilyn

  12. The chemicals in the acrylic dentures I acquired a year ago caused damage to the mucosa nerve endings in mouth and tongue causing continous burning in my mouth. Its call BMS…Burning Mouth Syndrome. I just have to live with it. Any info on this, please forward to me. Thanks

  13. Hi Sharon. Thanks for your comment on chemicals in plastic dentures. You have given us a bit more information here. The chemicals used in acrylic dentures are very toxic. There is nothing that is good for you in the make-up of a plastic or acrylic denture. My dentist told me with confidence that these chemicals do not cause ill health to people. He claimed that although the denture plate is made up of toxic substances, that these poisons do not leach into the body. But this is plain nonsense, an outright lie. He is, like the marketers of toxic drugs who claim there is no bad effect worth noting in their drugs, maintaining this stance of innocence because he profits so much from the product. Anyone with half a brain could deduce that, since all plastics break down eventually, that there will be SOME toxic effect when a plastic denture is worn indefinitely in the mouth.
    He tried to tell me that I needed a stronger cleaner to kill the bacteria in the teeth, and that it was bacteria which was causing my ill health, not poisons from the plastic. But the cleaner itself was very toxic, and was absorbed into the plastic – Using his recommended cleaning product only made my health worse. I had to remove the dentures for a few days, soaking them in water to try to purify the dental cleaner out – it took weeks for the taste of the cleaner to disappear, even after I stopped using it.
    The mouth provides an excellent environment for the leaching of poisons from the plastic or acrylic denture – The mouth is warm, and has saliva, which is strong enough to help digest food, and strong enough to have some effect on the stability of the plastic chemicals. Plus we daily eat hot food, have hot drinks, and use substances such as coffee, tea, acid fruits such as lemons and oranges, Vitamin C, Garlic and other spices, which all precipitate the gradual breakdown of the plastic denture. Basically, anything which helps to break down and eliminate poisons in the body – the cancer preventatives – will also break down the chemicals in your plastic teeth.
    So – unfortunately, there is no way to make a plastic or acrylic denture non-toxic to the body. My final solution, after years of suffering ill-health caused by denture toxins, is to do away with the denture completely. I am still looking for another product which would not be so toxic – even the hard plastic which they used in the 2nd world war would be better, as this was very stable, and a bit like concrete. But dentists do not use this kind of hard plastic any more. They use the very soft plastics because these are easy to work with – If they make a mistake, they just heat it up again and remould it.
    But the softer the plastic, the less stable it is. So poisons leaching from the modern soft plastic denture is a sure thing.
    Also – soft plastic ABSORB chemicals from anything which comes into conatact with them. So you end up with an extremely poisonous cocktail of many things in your denture plastic which was toxic to begin with. When MAF were spraying their toxic apple moth spray over Auckland several years ago, I found I suffered on-going effects from the spray, because the stuff was stored in my teeth. This caused severe loss of memory, as well as a myriad of physical health problems. I was at the student health clinic every week, with urinary infections and nerve problems. Once MAF stopped the spraying, and I threw away those dentures to get a new set, the health problems disappeared overnight.
    My last dental technician ruined the life of the denture for me, because he mucked up the first moulding, and had to heat up the plastic to remould the teeth again. This heating up of the plastic meant that poisons began leaching into my system right away, and I did not have the benefit of a new denture. So, just before a year was up, I threw the $3000 set of dentures away, and have been without teeth ever since. My health is much better than it was previously, although I am still highly sensitive to poisons such as toxic herbicides, pesticides, latex, parabens and chemicals often found in cosmetics.
    At least with not wearing plastic or acrylic in the mouth, I am not subject to continual poisoning as I would be if I were still wearing a plastic or acrylic denture in my head, which retains poisons of all kinds.

  14. Hi Merrilyn

    Ive been following your blog for some time. Ive been researching into dentures for over 6 months and paid for a few quotes and am so perplexed about it all that I have put it on hold.

    I had teeth removed last year due to infection. (Ive had CFS for some time but got very ill with epstien barr) I had decided to get my amalgams out and found out a crown put in 2 yrs ago on top of an accessed tooth was what was putting such a load on my already compromised immune system.

    I found a lady who has been very sick from making dentures and working with the materials. (I gave her this link some time ago and hoped she would comment but alas she has not.)

    Her recommendations to me were to get a normal methacrylite denture which has to be boiled for several days to get the toxicity out. She makes them and does this to them and has good success with her clients..

    My problem was I need anchors to hold the denture in. These are made from stainless steel which has nickel in it (highly toxic and carcinogenic)

    Ive looked into Valplast at several places. My holistic dentist uses it. It is regarded as the best they have for not causing issues.

    I found out that whilst it is non allergenic and supposed not to be toxic. The teeth they put in it are made from Methacrylite!! For goodness SAKE!!

    I found a guy who would put porcelain in the valplast base. He makes dentures for all the holistic dentists here. I have not gone down that avenue yet as he was very cheap and so I’m a tad suspicious. But I also read that there is something in the porcelain that is toxic. This is one thing I have not researched on yet.

    My front teeth are getting badly worn from chewing on them now after removing 2 back teeth on one side. (Ive 2 missing as well on the other side for many years)

    I really need to do something, but have put it in the too hard basket.

    I have a pretty good diet. Green smoothies lots of salad etc, but I’m in my 50’s and find my body is not functioning as well as Id like even with a good diet.

    I’m going to try coconut oil for a while and see if that improves my health. It has very good feedback.

    But as for my teeth and my denture I’m stuck.

    I have some very good articles and links on heavy metals toxicity and the problems with plastics if you or your readers need them.

    Pub med and Corrosion Doctors is a very good site for these things too!

    Hope this helps, and nice to finally make a comment here and say hello to you! 🙂

  15. Hi Michele – Thanks for your valuable information on denture options and problems. Lots of ideas here for readers.
    I think I tried the Valplast material – it was the most expensive option – a clear fabric – and I had porcelain teeth, also the most expensive option, put into the denture plate to reduce the toxic effect. However, the same problem occurred after only less than a year – dizziness, pains and pins and needles in the arms and feet, nervous twitches, loss of memory, alienation, palpitations, etc etc.
    I remember the dentist saying that if you had porcelain teeth, they had to use glue to adhere the porcelain teeth to the plate. So the glue could negate the good effect of using porcelain in the first place. He also wrecked the teeth by shortening their life-span for me, because he had to heat up the teeth to remould them after his first effort proved faulty. Whereas they might have lasted a couple of years or three, as the previous ones had, these ones only lasted less than a year because of his heating up the denture. Heat is the worst thing for beginning the leaching process of chemicals from artificial fabrics such as dental plastic or acrylic. Valplast is still not 100% stable, and is affected by heat and other substances, I have found.
    For me, I find there is no solution as to improving my appearance and the ability to eat using any of these plastics or acrylics. I have to grin and bear it, rather strangely all the same, but doing without these toxic materials in my mouth is doing wonders for my health, my memory and the ability to think clearly. Not making so many friends, perhaps – but that is the least of my worries.
    Thanks again for your thoughts. Good to meet other people who have similar problems with their dentures.
    Kind regards,

  16. Merrilyn I am wondering if you have any old dentures made of pure methacrylite? (most of them are) …Maybe you could find someone who could boil them up for you. It might be worth a try if you havent tossed them that is.

    The reason I suggest it is because I also met another dental technician who said when he had a lady with a problem with hers and he boiled them for 24 hours (I think he said) and it fixed it for her.

    Also your right in that they use Methacrylite in the glue as well for the porcelain teeth. (One thing defeats the other, huh!) plus I was told the porcelain teeth can fall out easily so not great from that point of view either!.

    So getting back to the other dental technician I mentioned who boils them. She told me in her opinion they need much longer than 24hrs. Either way I guess it would be an improvement and worth a try. She uses the German Lucitone product.

    She was so ill for such a long time from just working with the materials that she lost her business and is now very concientious about it all and I think she feels she has found a good solution for people in what she does. But I don’t know how she does it. She does talk to people online though if anyone is interested. But she is in Sydney.

    Also some dental labs I talked to use a German brand Palidon product which is already heat treated in the factory, but I don’t know how long for? It is used for people with sensitivities.

    Food for thought..

    Kind regards Michele

  17. Hi Michele – Thanks again for your information. Feedback sounds a bit ironic when we are talking about dentures – or lack of them, eh?
    Yes – Maybe it is worth a try. Depends on how much the procedure is, really, and how much I want to risk having this toxic stuff in my mouth at all.
    The only 100% sure way to avoid contamination from denture materials is not to have them, but I will consider this option.
    If I had believed Walter Last all those years ago, when he was trying to save my teeth through diet, prickly ash and slippery elm, I could have been spared much ill health over the years because of wearing poisonous dentures. I was only in my mid 20’s and had plenty of vitality left to tackle the dental health with diet. – Unfortunately, I had not heard or read any reports such as those from Jacqui Davison, who had regrown their tooth enamel and restored the health of their teeth while they were following a diet to cure them of cancer. I hardly believed that I would get well at all from 245T related sickness, and from losing a child after this experience, let alone get my gums and teeth healed. Walter was very angry with me when I saw him again minus the teeth. His diet and cleansing methods proved to be effective and I finally regained my health after a year or two under his guidance.
    However, it is all for the good, as I can help other people through my own experience, hopefully.
    Kind regards,

  18. Yes he sounds great and I have been hoping to get his weight loss book some day. Im not good at reading much but I read your articles on him and Jaqui a while back and was amazed and I must go back and refresh that info one day.

    Some times it is like putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to get what fits right for you. In the mean time you can spend a fortune on numerous things. I had a naturopath feeding me up with every adrenal tonic and potion she could muster then thyroid products as well as live blood analysis.

    In the end after no improvement, she told me I was “resisting” the medication (like it was MY fault.)

    When I found out I had this infected tooth for so long I found the main root to all my problems. The dentist knew it was bad yet put a crown on it!

    There is so much to learn!

    Blessings to you.

    ps i dont think the boiling procedure would cost much, but you just have to find a person who knows what they are doing. I wouldnt want to risk doing it at home due to the release of the toxic chemicals etc. I think they must have a special machine or a way to do it.

    Maybe you can look into that if you have old dentures you dont mind playing with to try.

  19. MMMMmmmmm Some unscrupulous people in all professions, aren’t there? But there are some very good pracitioners of natural medicine about, as I am sure you realize, and I have been lucky enough to have met several of them, or to have read their books. Walter Last is one of these natural practitioners who has always worked in the best interests of his patients. Making profit is the ‘last’ thing on Walter’s mind, I am sure. Walter Last had no vested interest in the illnesses of his patients. He did not capitalize on the situation of being advisor to some very sick people. Apart from the cost of the consultation, there were no expensive supplements which you had to purchase in order to get well. He did recommend digestive enzymes for myself, if I could afford them from a chemist shop, and insisted upon my purchasing an enema from his clinic, quite cheaply, but apart from that, the healing regime was extremely simple and cost no more than it would to have eaten a so-called ‘normal’ diet.
    Walter believed my teeth would recover if I followed his dietary advice. But I did not believe him, and, since I did not expect to live too long as I was so ill, I had all the teeth removed. I was new to natural medicine at the time, and had not yet come across those marvellous books by Dr Max Gerson, Dr Ann Wigmore, Jacqui Davison, and others, which convinced me in later years that the teeth can indeed recover when people follow a strict and intense health-promoting diet and cleansing regime.
    Thanks again Michele
    Best Regards,

  20. Hi Sharon,
    Since your comment on BMS, another reader has sent in some interesting information. I also have put up a new post entitled ‘Burning Mouth Syndrome From Dentures’ which you may find interesting.

    You might like to read the comments from Michele, above your comments. It is possible that her suggestion of having the dentures treated professionally by boiling may help you. For me, I have decided that my health is better without having toxic dentures in my mouth at all, unless I can get something made from a non-toxic material such as silver or gold……(yes, that will be the day) But some people have found the boiling method to be successful, I take it. Michele says that there is a dental technician who was made very sick from making dentures for people. She had to give up her practice as a result of her sensitivity to dental materials, and now she helps people by boiling up their dentures to remove much of the poisons contained in them. I think she lives in Sydney. Michele’s comments have quite a bit of information. This might be worth a try for you.
    Best regards,

  21. I have stacks more info on all things dental. To be honest I would avoid anything metal in my mouth. We might be able to tolerate it, but this is even more toxic and carcinogenic to our bodies.

    You can chelate heavy metals though. But if they get trapped in the brain through this process it can be a problem. Chelation can make you very ill as well, which I encountered even though I was on a strict regime from the specialists.

    There is no easy solution in dentures Im afraid. Im happy to advise with links on anything I can. I have a scientific mind and have kept a journal over the past 12 months on all my research. I was even lead down the wrong garden path by holistic practitioners!!

    You have to check everthing!

    The truth is they really dont have anything non toxic for our mouths, as the saliva breaks it down.

    It is just up to what we can tolerate and what is the least toxic risk to take.

    Im still trying to find exact answers to that, so I have no denture and my TMJ’s are hurting from incorrect bite now as the dentist aligned them to fit in with the new denture I was supposed to have which I found out was incompatible.

    If you have an Electro Dermal Screening done (mine was Orion) it will tell you what is compatible to your body. This type of testing I found very helpfull. Also the “Proton Resonance therapy” is good, but only there is one practioner in Australia who has helped a friend of mine.

    Not sure about NZ.??

    Hope this helps too. !!

    Kind regards,

  22. Yes – the silver or gold idea for dentures was a joke, really. Good info again Michele – thanks a million. Good to have this online for readers to see and make their own minds up.
    But for myself – I do not want to deal with any unstable and toxic material in my mouth at all, at all, again, again. Any amount of evil will do damage in the end, even a small amount. So even if the dentures made of these porous plastic or acrylic materials are processed, so that the damage to the body is minimal, they will still leach toxins into the mouth, after which they will be taken up by the liver. So, unless I can find a dentist who is willing to make me up a plate of war-time hard and stable plastic, I will be going without dentures. My brain power, verbal skills, and memory have all been increasing steadily since I stopped wearing the dentures around 18 months ago.
    Kind Regards,
    Looking forward to some more comments

  23. I rmight be wrong, but I really think those hard plastic war time dentures were just heat treated methacrylite. Methyl Methacrylite has been the plastic used for a long time.

    Perhaps it caused less problem then due to the fact people had stronger immune systems.

    Our modern day immune systems are worn down by all the chemicals we have to tolerate now. It is what you call “an overload”….we cant take anymore!

    The soft acrlyic dentures are made of a monomer free thermoplastic like Flexite. These are perported to be allergy free and less toxic due to having no monomer.

    Also did you know that the pink tone used in hard dentures had cadmium in it. This is highly toxic.

    The modern soft dentures are supposed to be cadmium free.

    Also, some an interesting reading here….

    You must find it hard eating Merrlyn. Im lucky I have a few front teeth, but not sure how long they will last as front teeth arent meant to be used for full time chewing!

  24. All true – thanks again – Although not perfect, the war-time denture was more stable because it was non-porous, and therefore did not attract poisons – ie it was not hydroscopic, which modern soft plastics are.
    Also, the tougher the plastic, the more durable it is, and the longer it will take to begin breaking down. Which is why a hard, tough plastic is always going to be a better option than using soft, unstable, hydroscopic materials which begin leaching much sooner.

    Also, it is not realistic to blame a sensitivity to dental toxins on age – Sure, our immune systems can become weaker with age – but I have been experiencing the SAME problems with denture plastics since I was in my mid-20’s and was still a young woman.
    I just wish that dentists would use hard, stable materials instead of the modern soft stuff = They MUST be able to invent a hard, non-porous plastic and improve on the old, hard plastic – remove the cadmium, for a start.

    There are several reasons why dentists like to use these soft, more hazardous plastics and acrylics, the main one being that it is convenient and cheap for the dental technician. If he makes a mistake with the initial fitting, he can go right on and heat the denture up to correct it, without wasting the materials or taking other time-consuming steps to save the denture. Only trouble is, for the patient, that each time the denture gets heated up, it spoils its life-time because heat causes the denture to begin leaching toxins.

    The other reason they like to use the soft plastics is because patients themselves generally prefer it. The modern, soft-plasticked, hydroscopic dentures do not ‘clack’ when you are talking or eating, which the old, hard, non-porous dentures do – a clear give-away to your company that you are wearing artificial teeth…….

    However – be warned – Hydroscopic plastics are very bad to have in the mouth, as they have the ability to attract water, being porous, and with the water, any chemicals and bacteria which are around at the same time. This poses an unsolvable problem – a build up of poisons which have a synergistic effect on one another.

    Could be deadly, as these poisons which are attracted into the fabric of the softer-materialed hydroscopic denture also have the ability to exit the denture and wreak havoc with the living organism, the body.
    Of course I have no way of knowing whether any type of hard plastic would be any good to me until I try it, but it is most likely to be less problematic because it is not hydroscopic. I think I am happiest without anyway. Nothing like having your own teeth. Thanks for the info on cadmium.

  25. I have had ill health most of my adult life and breast cancer twice. I also have upper and lower partials. There is no way to illiminate ALL toxins from our lives, as we live in a very toxic world. Toxins are everywhere and unavoidable. I was dealing with all of the symptoms you all have had and a few you haven’t mentioned. What HAS changed my health and life was meeting my doctors at Bandana Chiropratic and Wellness Center in Roseville, MN. The 5 Essentials they teach has changed not only my health but my life. Most of my symptoms are gone, and the rest have improved by 75 to 90% in a matter of weeks. Our toxic born illnesses are not corrected by any one thing, but a combination of 5. It’s simple, easy, inexpensive and IT WORKS! Please, please check them out! They have clinics all over the country and can absolutly help you. Guarenteed! I know what you may be thinking…chiropratic? The nervous system is the key to your health. Without it, you will fail. Check them out.
    I am proof. When all the other doctors told me it was over, they said I had hope. I’m still alive, partials in place and have the health and energy of a 29 year old. I am 54.

  26. Thankyou Diane – all true. However, the symptoms I have identified have ALL disappeared with the removal of the plastic-acrylic dentures. No dentures for me means no on-going problems with the health. Overnight, my health restored itself to normal. I did not need to see a chiropractor, nor anyone else to make this dramatic recovery. All I did was take the poisonous material out of my mouth, and all the distressing symptoms disappeared.

    I put this miraculous disappearance of all the alarming memory and nerve problems, etc, etc, down to the absence of denture chemicals and toxic glue in my mouth. The glue, I think, is especially bad. It tastes like apoxy resin to me, and it leaches from the denture into the body over time.
    As well, with the plastic-acrylic being porous, chemicals and bacteria from the environment, and from the food we eat, get absorbed into the fabric of the denture, and this results in an extremely toxic cocktail of poisons being withheld in the denture.

    Of course, even without the dentures, I experience similar allergic reactions and temporary ill health if I am subjected to large amounts of toxic herbicides or pesticides – and this is normal – but that is another story. Exposure to pesticides, etc, is often something over which I have no control, and the effect is generally not an on-going problem.

    But – Having toxic materials in the mouth day in, day out, is an on-going problem which can cause serious diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s, I believe, and this IS something I can do something about. Poisons from the plastic-acrylic-glue- denture are being released into the body all the time, whether you are sensitive to these or not.

    I found that the toxic denture plastic, as well as the glue, was simply unbearable. Wearing these dentures was having an ongoing bad effect on my health.
    All symptoms of nervous disorder, pins and needles in the arms, poor speech, bad co-ordination, and memory problems, all disappeared almost immediately I removed the dentures. Eye-sight recovered as well.

    No doubt that this plastic is toxic to me, and that I am better off without it. Doesn’t matter what ‘remedies’ people suggest – if you KNOW that something poisonous is affecting your health adversely to such an extreme, then you are more wise to get rid of the cause, rather than take ‘remedial’ measures so that you can carry on regardless.
    The chemicals in modern dentures are very toxic – of that there is no doubt.
    Yes – there are many toxic things about our environment which we are powerless to control. But this means that we should be MORE careful over what toxic materials we deliberately expose ourselves to. Whether or not I wear dentures, and whether or not I will be exposed to the slow release of chemicals from artificial teeth, is entirely up to me. I say ‘NO’ to modern, porous, plastic-acrylic dentures and their toxic glue.

    PS you might like to read my post entitled ‘Burning Mouth Syndrome From Dentures’ – the dentures seem to be OK for the first year or so, but then they begin to leach poisons, which is when the trouble starts. My dentures were ruined by the dentist, as he had to heat them up to remould them, as he had made such a bad job of the first moulding. They only lasted a year, instead of the normal three-five year period, because of damage done to the plastics and glue due to a second heating of the materials.
    I have decided that the whole expensive experience is a message for me from Divine Power to forfeit the dentures entirely. So Be It.

  27. Thanks Jenifer. Other people might be interested in this detox process. But for myself, I simply do not want any toxic plastic in my mouth. Dentures are made of toxic material, and if you are sensitive to chemicals at all, then dentures themselves will most likely be problematic.

    “Detoxifying” can only work to a degree. Whatever process they use, it will only draw a certain amount of toxins out, and probably kill any bacteria contained in the denture. But the fact is that this soft denture plastic is porous, and so toxins will build up in the dentures again, over and beyond what chemicals are already contained in the fabric of the denture.

    But I appreciate this information. I will certainly look at the site to see what process they use. But nothing can negate the toxic nature of the modern plastic denture, so I choose to do without them.
    Kind Regards,

  28. I see Merrilyn. This is certainly a sobering topic. When I saw a dentist in March after a long hiatus, she wanted to do planing and scaling, pull five of my teeth and give me dentures. I refused the treatment plan and am working on healing my mouth issues through natural methods.

    We really need a new breed of dentists that will help patients regenerate their teeth. As it is, most dental work leads to the eventual loss of teeth and dentures are the end of the road. Anyway, I certainly understand your choice to live without them.

    Thanks for your great and informative blog!

  29. Thankyou for your letter Jenifer.

    Great that you refused that drastic treatment for your teeth. I would recommend that you keep your own teeth and do everything you can to improve your general health. I just sent a comment to Parthas, just before yours, about some easy ways to help the teeth – neem tree leaf tea and sesame seeds for starters.

    I helped a lady keep her teeth around 15 years ago whose dentist threatened her with similar treatments. I think she must have had the same problem as what you have been diagnosed with. It was going to cost $5000 per tooth to have each tooth scraped, etc and replaced. The dentist said she would lose all her teeth if she didn’t follow his advice.
    She decided to come and see me before going ahead with the treatment plan which, if I remember correctly, was due to start the following week.

    Anyway – this is one of my few success stories where I actually managed to convince the person to try a radical natural healing treatment. Roughly, this is how her diet went:

    It began with a juice diet only for the first week or so. Carrots, apple, beetroot, celery, etc. Then we added other things to the healing programme – Several large raw salads were to take up the bulk of her meals. Raw celery, carrot, grated beetroot, lettuce, cabbage, kale – any raw foods.
    Castor oil and enemas as were introduced to speed up detoxification. The dose was 2 tablespoons of castor oil taken every SECOND morning at 10 AM, followed by a cup of freshly made black coffee. No other coffee or tea was allowed during the three months she was on the programme.

    No wheat was taken, and no milk or dairy foods except for butter, and no sugar. Porridge was taken every morning in line with Dr Gerson’s treatment for cancer. This was accompanied with a grated apple and either a lump of butter or olive oil. Cooked porridge was the only cooked food for the first month or two as I remember.

    Two raw egg yolks were taken each day, as per Walter Last’s recommendation for all people curing debilitating illness. Almonds, apricot kernels (around 4 to 9 per day – average 6), sunflower seeds and sesame were allowed. Juices on the hour continued.
    Then I think she began including a little cooked vegetables as well. After three months there was no trace of any sickness in her gums. She went back to the dentist who told her she couldn’t have had that illness if she had cured herself by diet, as it was impossible to cure. But it was HE who said she had this particular ailment of the gums in the first place.

    My son has just been told he has thyroid cancer – he was also told that he had cancer of the tongue as well. Now they tell him that the tongue lump is not cancerous, but that he still needs his thyroid out. I have been trying to get him interested in taking intravenous vitamin c and doing a diet etc for this, instead of taking the surgery this coming Monday.

    If he would only give the Vitamin C and remedial diet a month, I am sure that he would see an improvement. Then he would also be made aware that if he continued this treatment, he could cure himself. Having no thyroid poses a lot of problems for the health and means a life-time of dependency upon pharmaceuticals. He would have to have thyroxin every day for the rest of his life.
    And he may get very fat which would spoil his wonderful film-star looks for sure.

    The orthodox treatment of his thyroid cancer equates to thousands of dollars for the specialists and drug companies concerned. This is why they are not forth-coming with natural healing alternatives.

    Anyway – the most recent story I have to tell is one my sister told me yesterday. Her friend, who works in a natural health store, has been diagnosed with cancer of the optic nerve. The specialist at Auckland hospital told her she would need to have her eye out in a month. She refused. After two months of being on her health diet with supplements, and giving up work temporarily, she has just been back to the same surgeon who cannot believe that the cancer has reduced almost by half. It was measured as 5.2mm when she saw him 3 months ago. Now, after doing her own therapy for 2 mponths, the cancer has been measured as 3.6mm.

    If she had gone along with this doctor’s recommendation, she would have only one eye by now.

    Thanks so much for your feedback. It all helps to make people think about those drastic methods taken by many in the orthodox medical and dental professions which can so often be treated by diet, vitamin C megadoses, castor oil, herbs and homeopathy. Many operations which take away vital organs could be avoided. And a life-time of dependency on drugs can also be avoided, if only people would look outside the square.
    Thanks again.
    Kind Regards

  30. Hi again Merrilyn, would like to share some more.

    I didn’t make the decision to refuse the proposed treatment plan right away. It is not easy to challenge the authority of the dentist who seems to know so much more than we do. But the more I thought about it, I came to realize that this wasn’t for me.

    Fortunately I was in contact with a dentist, Mark Manhart, who heads the Calcium Therapy Institute
    ( Dr. Manhart has developed calcium/zinc materials for treating gum disease, and sells the products online. He is absolutely opposed to the root planing etc. and has treated many patients successfully with calcium therapy materials, including those with advanced gum disease. His support and encouragement (through emails) along with the use of the products, has been invaluable.

    I also addressed my diet, of course. I don’t do the Gerson approach but I do make green smoothies regularly and include a number of the foods you mention. I’ve started taking mega doses of vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbate, along with MSM (which is supposed to ramp up the absorption of the C a huge amount) in water, a couple of times a day. I take castor oil as you recommend. I still do eat bread in small amounts, usually sourdough which is supposed to be much better for you. I did swear off coffee, and alcohol except for a glass with a special meal on occasion. I take several herbs: comfrey, black walnut tincture and (especially) alfalfa. With all this, I can see and feel my teeth and gums improving. I do have five root canals and other issues, so it seems doubtful that my teeth will ever be perfect, but hopefully I’ll at least be able to avoid dentures, and keep smiling.

    That’s a great story about the improvement in the woman you were helping. And it’s very telling that the dentist didn’t believe she ever had the gum disease in the first place, even though he was the one who diagnosed it!

    It’s very common for dentists to use scare tactics as he did in saying she’d lose all her teeth if she didn’t do what he advised. Dr. Manhart said we should stay away from those who give us no options for our dental health and that some of the major causes of dental problems is excessive, scary dental work. I totally agree! A site you may be interested in, which covers many of these issues, is

    I sure hope your son will think twice about having his thyroid out. Of course we need our thyroid gland. And mega doses of vitamin C have a proven track record in healing cancer and just about any other disease. I would recommend the sodium ascorbate/MSM in water that I am taking now. The health consultant who told me about this said that it was so powerful it would make anyone a superman or superwoman! I just started with it so we’ll see!

    Whew, that is quite a story about the woman who was told she needed to have her eye out. And she healed it in just a couple of months! Thanks for sharing that, it gives me some convincing ammunition with those who believe in following the doctor’s orders without question. Yes indeed…if only people would look outside the square!

    You might suggest to your son that he check out a Google document titled:
    “Effect of Vitamin C and anti-oxidative nutrition on radiation-induced gene expression in Fukushima nuclear plant workers” by Atsuo Yanagisawa, M.D., Ph.D., of the Japanese College of IV Therapy. At the bottom of the page there are two photos, before and after, of a woman who was treated for stage IV (supposedly end-stage) stomach cancer, with intravenous vitamin C. She recovered, and the second photo, taken a few years ago, shows her transformed, much healthier and younger-looking. It’s astonishing!


    P.S. Just so you know, I’m not being notified of follow-up comments even though I subscribed to this entry. Fortunately I checked anyway, on a hunch.

  31. Thankyou for all this wonderful information Jenifer. Much appreciated.

    You are so right about Vitamin C megadoses having a proven record for curing cancer. Unfortunately, I we haven’t been successful in persuading my son to do anything alternative. His brother managed to get him to a cancer clinic which treats people intravenously with megadoses of Vitamin C, and was prepared to pay for him to begin treatment right there and then. But – you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. He declined to accept the suggestion of a Vitamin C shot. At least he knows about this clinic now – but alas he won’t have his thyroid after tomorrow, unless a miracle happens.
    I have heaps of information on the subject of cancer on this website, and wrote a couple of books years ago. He kept asking about those books, but never made the trip up here to get them, or to talk about it.
    It is difficult for people who are already seeing orthodox specialists to consider alternative options. As you have found with your dental man, these specialists are usually so persuasive, and take advantage of their poor frightened patients to convince them that their treatments are the only ones that will work.

    Yes – that story of my sister’s friend reducing her eye cancer by almost half in two months just goes to show……Natural cures can and do work, if you apply them properly. If she had believed the specialist, she would now have only one eye, as they would have removed the one with the cancer. Her cancer was 5.2mm and is now 3.6mm – she is not out of the woods yet, but is halfway to curing herself of the optic nerve cancer which was otherwise headed for the surgeon’s knife.

    Thanks again. Really good to have so much information coming in to be shared.
    I will look at those sites you give.
    Best Regards,

  32. Wow – Thanks again Jenifer. I have been promoting this calcium/mineral treatment for teeth as an alternative to drilling. People could explore calcium therapy as an alternative to orthodox dentistry.
    Best Regards,

  33. Glad you appreciate the site Merrilyn. Yes, I’m sure it can help many.

    Must be worrying to you about your son’s decision. At an online forum they were discussing someone’s critical health condition and someone remarked: “No matter how much we care, it can be hard to get people to really listen, in these situations.”

    It’s times like these when it is helpful to simply “let go and let God.”

    All best wishes to you and your son,

  34. i have used dentures for the last 2 and 1/2 years, i used to wear a partial denture with one front tooth, but after some unnatennded cavities, and trying to save money i decided to use have all my upper teeth removed and wear dentures, i notice after 1 year that my health started to decline with several simptom as the ones you mentioned, i,m now im a very bad shape
    im only 41, and i feel like im dying, mi jaws hurts, my eyes are full of blood, mi arms and back hurt, have panic atacks, depression, earache,bad vission, joint pain, weakness, at some point i noticed that my dentures, were pretty pink, and they leaved in my mouse a sweet savor, after a year or so my dentures were a pretty pale pink color and have a sour taste in my mouth, i wondered what hapenned with all the materials in my dentures that have faded away, i suspected that they were going to mi stomach, i uggeted to my doctors about poisoning, none of the 3 doctors i was seeing pay attention to my suggestiion.
    i will try to reduce the time i use my dentures to eating and being in public, i hope this will reduce the symptoms and i will start filling better, i went to a very cheap place to get my dentures, so i guess material’s quality was not very importat to them, now i have that burning sensation y my mouth and lips.

  35. I think you need to see a naturopath or another alternative health practitioner right away, just in case your symptoms are because of a degenerative disease. But your poor condition of health, plus the fact that your denture plastic has changed in colour, suggests very strongly to me that the poisons within the denture fabric, and the glue, are poisoning your system.
    Just for a couple of weeks, try going without the dentures to see if this will take away those symptoms. This is the only way that I could prove the denture plastic was the cause of the problem.

    It is a very hard decision to make. Going without teeth in public takes a bit of getting used to. But look at it this way:
    If it IS your dentures which are making you ill, then you will only get worse if you continue to wear them. You may end up with a serious condition. I believe that unknown chemicals present in some denture plastics (maybe all of them to some degree) are extremely hazardous to the health and, along with other environmental poisons such as insecticides, food additives, etc, help to cause cancer and arthritis. I had arthritic symptoms and memory loss when I continued to wear the teeth, but these symptoms disappeared ENTIRELY once I stopped wearing the plastic in my mouth. It is therefore worth a try to see if doing without them helps your health in any way.

    Of course these dental technicians do not want to listen to any theories about their denture plastic being toxic, or the fact that the hydroscopic nature of the denture plastic means that the teeth become little storehouses of absolutely everything you eat, and chemicals you are exposed to.
    They want you to swallow the idea that all your health problems, if they are related to the plastic teeth, are because of candida or other germs which may breed in the teeth. My argument was that even when I used their recommended product to kill the germs, the symptoms remained, and in fact grew worse, because the dentures also stored the chemicals in the denture cleaner. So ‘germs’ or ‘uncleanliness’ were not the inherent cause of the sickness which derived from the wearing of these plastic teeth. Germs were just another by-product, another contaminating force which resulted from the plastic being hydroscopic, soft, and absorbent.
    My last technician got extremely angry with me when I said I was sure that the plastic was causing ill health, and that it was not simply ‘germs’ which were making me ill. He punished me for my comments, giving me the very worst fit imaginable, saying angily “There. You’ve got teeth now”, as he thrust the teeth into my mouth. These teeth were so ill-fitting, and looked so awful, I had to go and get them remoulded, which meant heating up the plastic. This heating of the plastic ruined the life of the teeth for me and I could not wear them at all after the refit, because of the toxic taste which would not go away. Like apoxy resin. Maybe the glue which holds the teeth in the mould.
    I had what was supposed to be the least toxic of all denture materials – a clear plastic, but with colouring around the teeth. And the glue, of course. Enough for me to get sick, especially after the whole lot was reheated to remake them.
    Hope you try this suggestion. Keep in touch. But do try to see an alternative healer as well.
    Best Regards,

  36. Hi Merrilyn,
    Is amazing i found this site because i have the same problem and nobody believes me.
    All people that i know with dentures are very healthy and they can’t understand why i say dentures are very toxic.
    I lost all my teeth when i was 25 years old and i used dentures for 8 month.After 8 month i was very sick and i realized the only cause can be the dentures and i was right.After i stoped wearing them my health was better and better every day.After few years the simptoms disapeared.Then i begin to use them again the the simptom appeared again.
    I looked for an explanation and i found a book where says everything dentists didnt want to tell me.The dentures contain many toxic substances but the most toxic and the one responsable for my symptoms was the plastic used to make dentures,the acrylic.
    Imagine my horror when i understood i have to live without teeth all my life,specially in a country like mine where people with handicaps are not accepted.
    My symptoms where similar with yours and you are right-most of the old people are sick because of the dentures ,not because of the age.I had the same symptoms at 25 years old.I was a med student then,but i couldn’t finish my studies because my brain was badly affected by dentures,also my stomach and my esophagus.
    I got an idea : to make dentures completly from porcelain,not only the teeth.Of course,dentists say is impossible.
    I hope i can talk to you more,maybe we can find a solution to this problem,because i’m sure dentures can be made from a non-toxic material.
    Hope to hear from you soon,

  37. Hi Sandra,
    Thanks so much for your comment about denture toxins affecting the health. Great to have your endorsement. As you know, once you have tried living without the dentures, and those nasty symptoms all disappear, then there is no doubt about them affecting the health.
    Porcelain teeth and supporting plate would be the answer. But like you – I have not found a dentist who is interested in this idea. They will not acknowledge the extent of the problem, since their lucrative livlihoods might be affected. This news, that denture plastics are so poisonous – probably just as toxic as mercury fillings, in my opinion – is the last thing they want to hear about.
    Keep in touch. If you hear of anyone who can make up an entirely plastic and glue free denture with no other toxins in it, I will be glad of the news. Meanwhile, I do without any teeth. This is infinitely better than suffering alzheimer-like symptoms and arthritis.
    Kind Regards and Thanks,

  38. Hi merrilyn and readers searching for non toxic dentristry and dentures!

    I’ve only just begun my research today into non toxic dentures as I’m needing them soon.Firstly it seems highly unlikely that the materials used in world war 2 for dentures can’t be found with serious research in a short time if the right websites or library or dental books/dental records are seriously scoped so I would be curious to know exactly how far you’ve gone down these roads and what the major roadblocks have been specificly.Another road might be to hire a sculpturist/artist to copy shape of conventional dentures made previously for your particular mouth and to exctract false teeth portions of previous dentures(which contain but a fraction of the toxics of the base) and secure them into non /toxic hard art material of some sort.Or the artist could mold new teeth portions as well perhaps with some attempt on non toxic hard white teeth color.May not be easy to get these to look good in public but could be used for eating I would think quite certainly,perhaps even doing oneself utilizing a local art shop after researching materials!Anyway a clear concessus needs to be reached on the top 3 non toxic(somewhat holistic type dentures and what the pros and cons are of these top 3,including particular toxics involved,predicted life and breakdown of these plastics,if they are made less or more toxic by boiling method and how long and often boiling should be utilized if at all,and non toxic cleaning method alternatives to prevent toxic porous buildup of cleaners.Europe,especially Germany usually excels in these areas,problem is often the products and websites are not offered in English but there are translation programs,etc.Please merrilyn /readers focus on these areas of possible progression and lets take this problem out of this rut quick!Also may help to cite specific websites/sources,etc.Get back to you guys later as I attempt these roads myself,again ,just started!

  39. Merrilyn,
    Further I’d think if one were to call dozens of holistic dentists and or their labs one would find a cooperative dentist or 2 looking to be a hero in this denture area and experiment if the patient was to sign special release of liability forms,etc but first it needs to be determined if the soft plastic molds can be safely used for harder plastic or non plastic material even in theory because if new molds must be used that would increase the price exponentially and likely beyond possible cooperation barring a much deeper /expensive research project.It may be that one would have to be willing to pay the replacement cost for the mold if need be again in prior special liability form or deposit,etc.However this may turn out to be the fastest road to a new,harder,less toxic denture once the material is decided on…I also suggest asking for donations from the dozens of people reading this and other sites to create a fund for such experimentation because if one or 2 have success on the road a highway to it can quickly be created for all!

  40. Hi Merilyn,final idea for tonight would be to research a non-toxic thin/ hard encasing material for ones present dentures.Perhaps something the entire denture can be dipped into along the lines of what they are using presently for cellphones and the like or perhaps something more easiliy available in arts and crafts stores.I just sense theres something out there that could accomplish such a sealing either with or without retaining the visual good looks.Or it may be that the answer lies in doing the denture mold while leaving room for later space needed for such encapsulation and losing perhaps a bit of the nice appearance factor…So readers research encapsulation materials that are either non toxic or simply don’t break down(glass or ceramic are examples but is there a hard/thin tech version out there that could fit the bill?Again the point I’m making here is we can create an alternative here with mere research and a bit of help from the art community and or a cooperative dentist or lab for very little extra money and perhaps even less money then a regular dentist/lab!

  41. Thanks for your comments, Cameron.
    Good luck with your experiments. I have finished with the costly business of experimenting with denture materials. I have thrown away the dentures and am now very happy in the knowledge that at least I have NO toxic materials in my mouth, and that my health is much better for it – but I would be interested to learn whether or not you have any success in your quest for a non-toxic denture.

  42. Hello Merrilyn;
    This site has the most amazing information I have been fighting so hard ,for a long time, to find. The truth.
    Thank you is pretty darn small for the gratefulness I have in obtaining this valued information.
    I am a survivor of stage IV pancreatic cancer. Diagnosed in 2010. I refused conventional standard of treatment and went on natural only. My recovery has been great however with many roller coaster rides in the past 3 years. The upper teeth are almost all gone, fallen out or pulled without proper clean up. Cavitations have been/ are an issue. The local “biological Dentist wishes to pull the remaining upper front teeth to fit a full denture but no care regarding materials.
    I, like yourself, am allergic to the parabens and most toxic materials they wish to use. I also feel strongly about having no teeth and few friends as my choice of what to do. Is one really allergic ? It’s toxic chemicals ????
    DNA testing shows me to be impaired in liver detox abilities.
    I choose to live without teeth if the only option is toxic porous materials. To chew food again would indeed be nice, but not worth getting sicker over.
    I will continue reading further posts in-case some one discovers something. Unless its wood or some other , truly natural substance, I doubt it will happen. The allergy free garbage affects me worse than the regular.
    Most gratefully
    J. H

  43. Dear Janet,
    Thankyou for your message. Plastic teeth can be problematic for sure. I feel the same way as you do, choosing to do without toxic chemicals in my mouth, which means I have thrown away those artificial teeth. But if some truly non-toxic denture product turns up then I would consider it.
    Let me know if you discover anything good.
    Kind Regards,

  44. Just wondering whether the lack of follow up comments to my last couple of posts is due to disbelief (that the dentures are nontoxic) or disinterest. FYI, I’m not affiliated with that company. I was told I needed teeth pulled/dentures and my research led me there. I still haven’t opted for that, but would be great if they worked for others. I was informed of their non-toxicity by Alison Adams.

  45. Hi Jennifer,
    No – not disinterested – Just that research is one thing, experience is another. My experience is that wearing dentures made of porous plastic causes multiple health problems. But I am very sensitive – people who are not sensitive may not ever be aware of the altering effect on health from the wearing of porous plastic dentures

  46. I am in San Diego, CA USA. I am 75 and got my first dentures about 3 months ago. Two months in I had to get a soft reline and a week later I ended up with dry, burning mouth and the only taste I have left is bitter! Even water is bitter. I am working with a new dentist on Nylon dentures. What I am most worried about is how long (if ever) these awful symptoms will last.
    AAny ideas or suggested treatment would be most welcome..

  47. Hi Merrilyn, just now saw your reply to my q, thanks. I was wondering what makes Flexite different and reading their brochure, found: “Conventional partial dentures are made with acrylic powder and a liquid chemical known as a monomer. Flexite is pure and non toxic.” It goes on to say no chemicals are added during manufacture. So maybe it’s not the plastic per se, but the monomer and chemicals in most dentures. John, maybe you can ask your dentist to give you Flexite, and report back on your experience?

  48. Hello,
    What is the treatment that your dr. suggested for teeth? Can you tell me about the diet, and which herbs )such as prickly ash) should be used on the teeth? Is there a utube on the treatment?

    Thank you for your wisdom and prayers with you.

  49. Finally found a way to detox dentures. First, buy a $10 wide mouth thermos bottle. All plastic. Found at Walmart. Put one tsp of baking soda in it and fill with hot tap water. Microwave for 1 minute. Drop in denture and close it. Let stand overnight. Do this every night. Once two weeks I don’t even notice any of the symptoms.

  50. Hi Lee,
    Apologies for not replying sooner.
    Perhaps the comment I have just posted up for Annie, regarding restoring tooth enamel with Black Walnut, etc, might be helpful to you.
    The suggestions I have made for her are similar to the advice given by Walter Last who tried to help me keep my teeth.
    I helped a woman keep her teeth years ago – she followed this treatment on my advice and saved her teeth, as well as recovering her health.
    Her dentist wanted to take each tooth out individually to clean and scrape – and probably remove the roots – at a cost of $5000 per tooth, which was a huge fortune in those days.
    Comment of mine with this info in it is for Annie, under the post about using Black Walnut for restoring tooth enamel – with more specifics about diet and cleansing.
    Kind Regards,

  51. I had the same problem some of my dentures were cooked for 48 hours. Until I discovered a strong 1180 a great product for me for dentures.

  52. Everyone’s comments have been so helpful, ty. I was severely mercury poisoned by amalgams. My dental history not only almost caused my death but of course left me with other imbalances…..neurological, MCS etc. I have used an array of methods to include diet, zapper, herbs, oils, vitamins amino acids etc. Recently I started taking food grade diatomaceous earth….the results are amazing! If you have time look up the benefits….nature’s intelligence for sure. I bought my at the local feed store cheap. Used for 1000’s of purposes and non-toxic. An excellent chelator and antinflammatory. Also puts enamel back into least the nine i have left. Thanks again.

  53. Hi Penelope,
    Really great to hear your story on tooth regeneration. I have not had any experience with the diatomaceous earth method, but it sounds like an effective method for removing toxins, restoring tooth enamel, and bringing back vital health. Thankyou for sharing this with our readers.
    Best Wishes,

  54. Thanks Penelope.
    I have a good supply of diatomaceous earth here but I had stopped taking it some time ago. Your post reminded me to start up with it again!

  55. Hi again! would like to respond to Jennifer Ransom’s comment regarding Flexite. I as well had extensively researched this material and the dentist I was using agreed to make me a full upper denture and bottom partial. I had given him the name of the most recommended lab to send them to be made as the teeth are connected using diatorics which is a physical bonding not chemical.

    He did not use the lab I requested and at this point not even sure if these are pure flexite. I am unable to wear them with an immediate and progressive burning in my mouth that extends into my throat causing dysphagia. My gums have lesions and became so soft and painful and the thermoplastic has a strange chemical taste and I felt very dizzy with instant headaches.

    I am going to find out exactly what materials were used, what the teeth are made of and if any disinfectant or cleanser was used on them. I did find out from the flexite company but this dentist did not use them so this material may be an imitation.

    Whatever the case, another $2,750 down the drain which i do not have and once again in the process of re balancing my health.

    I feel so much empathy for all of us and those who are not even aware these materials are deadly. So it seems I too shall remain toothless except the nine left in front bottoms which do not help eating and grind into my top toothless gums.

  56. Oh, brother. That makes me mad, Penelope. If he agreed to your stipulations and then ignored them, this may be grounds for a malpractice suit. $2,750 is a lot of money! I hope you can get to the bottom of this and get compensation. Maybe you can get the Flexite company to work with you on this? If they can testify that the denture is in fact not flexite, you ought to have a good case in court.You may want to look for a reputable biological dentist
    when you are ready to go forward with dentures again.

  57. Thankyou, Penelope. I have just read your comment about your experience with dentures, which is very similar to my own.
    As you say, there are some deadly chemicals being used in dentures right now. My dental technician was really mad with me for complaining about the old denture plate, which I had said had become toxic. Anyhow, he made an extremely bad set of dentures for me because I had dared to challenge him on the safety of the denture plastic. I believe that the reheating of the plates to get a better fitting caused the chemicals to leach chemicals at a greater rate than that of the old dentures.
    I have been without dentures since that last experience, which is over 5 years ago now.
    Instead of me accusing them,and getting compensation as Jenifer suggests in her comment, the second dentist I saw said that they would sue me if I said anything on my website which would affect their sales.
    I have been careful not to mention the name of their practice, but I think they behaved in a corrupt fashion.
    I hope you have better luck with sorting this out than I did.

  58. I am so sorry to read about your pain and hardship. Your story is touching. I wish you peace and hope you can inspire a cure or solution. I wonder why silicon isn’t used in place of plastic. It seems to be a common substitute and supposed to be non toxic.

  59. Hi there, Deidre,
    It is not clear whether you are addressing your comment to myself, or to Penelope, who had a similar experience as my own with denture plastic.
    Do not be concerned on my account. It is five years now since I threw away those toxic dentures, and really, I have absolutely no regrets.
    Health is good, my memory has recovered, and I do not have to deal with any more arrogant and mercenary denture technicians.
    The social challenge of doing without teeth has been very illuminating and good for my personal development.

  60. It was an interesting read, definitely. I can relate to these posts. I got 3 teeth removed all in a row when I was 35.
    My trigeminal nerve is sensitive now and I wonder if the denture has anything to do with it. My sister is in a worse situation than me having to wear bigger denture since in her 20s.
    I really like the idea of not wearing the dentures at all.
    The question is what do you do with the shifting of the remaining teeth etc? Also do you have any suggestions for me for the jaw bone loss due to teeth extractions? My sinuses on both sides have also “receded.” Any suggestions, personal experience and much needed wisdom is helpful. Thank you for this wonderfully informative website.

  61. Hi again folks!

    Well it was 2012 when I was here last and now it 2016 and I am having to research again on the topic of toxic dentures.

    I have done nothing about getting dentures. I put it all in the “too hard basket”

    But now I am struggling with worn out front teeth. Poor digestion and stomach pain, due I assume to not being able to chew my food adequately. I dont have smoothies much these days as I got sick of them especially in winter

    My front teeth need to be treated with an aloa vera product to help with pain & sensitivity. (I try to avoid using the chemical based products for worn enamel) . I was taking some mineral drops for my teeth, but that became complex and so I gave up with that regime.

    i was thinking of getting a denture. But after re-reading this site Im perplexed again what to do.!

    Will have to look into the calcium therapy I guess. .. along with taking digestive enzymes. They seem to help a bit for the digestive issues, but are not the total answer and I am unsure if you can stay on them long term.

  62. Hello,
    I have been following this thread for quite some time and am actually surprised that more people do not write. Are we the only ones struggling with reactions to dentures? Are others just popping their “toxic dentures” in their mouths and going merrily on their way? I, like Michelle, am constantly revisiting this site to figure out what to do. I react to so many things that I am quite certain that having my few remaining teeth out and going for dentures will not be a positive health experience. I’ve interviewed dentists, denturists, ect. and none of them are willing to admit to the toxicity of dentures. One actually said to me when I brought up my concern of a reaction to the acrylic and plastics was, “Well, you wear plastic glasses and you don’t react to those DO YOU? Well, gee, no……but I also don’t have them in my mouth or eat with them. It is extremely discouraging and frightening how “clueless” most of these people are. So, my questions I guess to all of you are…..has anyone yet found dentures that are at least somewhat doable? Has anyone tried Flexite, or Ivoclar? Also, there is a denture soak called Pure Clear or something like that that is supposed to remove many of the chemicals. Has anyone tried this? I would love to hear any thoughts or comments you might have. I am very much where Michelle is pondering what to do. Also, very close to just following Merrilyn and just doing without.

  63. Hi Merrilyn,
    I wrote a post to this blog as I wanted to participate in this discussion. It said it was “awaiting” to see if it would be accepted. Then it all disappeared and I have not seen it posted. I am wondering if it reached you. Thank you.

  64. Hi Sophie,
    Thankyou very much for your comment. It is important to keep this discussion alive, as you point out. I have just checked my comments, thanks to youir reminder.
    Best wishes,

  65. I had my dentures made in Mexico. The material is Valplast. I have had no problems with it at all.

  66. Sophie, I think Flexite would be good, if it’s the real thing.
    Penelope who posted above, shelled out the bucks to get Flexite, but it seems the dentist got an imitation product instead. Bummer! The Flexite company has warned about inferior knockoff products at their site:

    It looks like there is a way to be sure you are getting the real thing: “To be sure you are receiving genuine Flexite please contact The Flexite Company for the name of a distributor in your area.

    Call Toll Free 1-866-FLEXITE.”

    Good luck and keep us posted!

  67. I think by accident I became unsubscribed or something because I had not heard from here for ages. It was only when I searched I found the blog again and this topic which I had forgotten about.

    Ive tried to live a less toxic lifestyle for a number of years, but am not as careful as I used to be, and where I live now the air quality is very poor. My issue I believe is partly due to being covered in a strong solution of Roundup about 9 yrs ago. The wind blew the spray all over me on several occasions and I was not able to wash it off. I was unaware just how toxic it was. Even now is coming out more new evidence on that.

    The GP says it passes through your system quite quickly. The Naturopath says I would likely have mitochondrial damage (only found this out 12 mths ago) I am taking supplements to help with this. I still suffer with CFS, though I dont blame that totally on toxicity.

    I read about that soak the other day Sophie. It sounds a simple solution to detox plastic. Wouldn’t that be great if it is possible. When you think about water bottles your told not to re-use them as they continually release BPA. I used to re-use them for my filtered water. It was frustrating to find out it was unsafe to do so. It does not make sense to me they are safe when new yet they continue to release toxins if re-used. Anyway, I dont mean to take this off topic. But the issue is that plastic seems to have a life where is never exhausts is potential to release toxins.

    Sophie, about Flexite and such. Just to re fresh something I mentioned back in 2012. At the time two of the denture makers I talked to who knew about and admitted to issues of toxicity, both mentioned to me to have a hard denture made and boiled. One of them found results by boiling for 24 hrs. One of his his patients who had had problem did find relief from that.

    The other technician I talked to was actually sick from working with the products and had to close down for some time. They ended up boiling the hard dentures for 3 days to deal with the problem for their patients.

    I looked up about remineralising my front teeth and found I would have to be careful with some supplements as I have calcified arteries and calcium additives such as egg shells for hardening teeth can be a problem.

    So again, I dont mean to take it off topic. But this is where I’m at if I am to avoid toxic dentures. It is just that I find it hard to digest my food and concerns of worn teeth becoming painful if I dont do something soon like have partial denture to prevent this. So Im between a rock and a hard place!. 😉 😉

  68. Jennifer posted before I saw her comment on Flexite. I’ll just add this also, if your after a soft denture I was told recently to look into Dentacast in Australia for less toxic dentures. I have as yet not done this, but will let you know if I find out anything hopeful. 🙂

  69. Hello Everyone,
    Thank you all for your comments. As Merrilyn said….this is an important discussion to have. I feel so frustrated as I have been vegetarian for almost 40 years, try to eat all organic food and avoid toxic chemicals as much as is possible these days. So the thought of wearing a “toxic” denture wears heavily on me. I truly am almost to the point of following Merrilyn and just not wear any dentures at all. I mean really, what is my whole body health worth? Well, a lot! I also agree with what Merrilyn said about at least she is not being poisoned on a daily basis from something she is putting into her mouth. I will be checking into Flexite today. I did see on the Pure Clear site that their soak is only for hard acrylic dentures and I don’t think that is what Flexite dentures are. As I wrote before it is extremely frustrating to try and have these “professionals” understand the toxicity of these dentures. Of course they can’t admit it because they are putting them into people’s mouths on a daily basis. I doubt they are ever going to say, “Yes, we know they are toxic and causing heath issues for people, but oh well.” Thank you all again for responding to my questions. I will report any new findings that might help those of us who actually see this as being a problem.

  70. I am considering having caps on my front teeth for chewing. The only concern is I know they will take off a large portion of tooth to secure the caps and the material used will at some level be toxic.

    Remineralising my teeth seems to be hard as they are constantly being worn down. I eat a lot of salad as I dont do too well on cooked food only.

    Can I ask anyone how they manage without a full set of teeth. Do you eat mainly mashed up and blended food?


  71. I still have enough teeth that I can chew OK. Love salads! I’ve been at a site for denture wearers, and one of the members who has full dentures, told me she is able to eat anything without them.

    As far as having crowns…I think they can work well, better than dentures for sure! The important thing is to keep the jawbone strong. “Oil pulling” with olive oil is helpful for one thing. Olive oil has been shown to have bone-healing properties.

  72. Hello all,
    Gosh I appreciate all of you writing your comments. I am finding that the more I research all of this, the more confused I become. First, I will say that I do find eating a bit of a challenge. I have 6 teeth remaining on top, 6 on the bottom. Meal time is interesting. I will stay like this until these too fail and I am forced to do something. I drove past the oral surgeon’s office yesterday and my heart just sank. I am finding all of this a tad depressing. As far as food choices, soft or blended mostly. I continue to research and have found Dr. Jerome Frank’s book, “Tooth Truth” helpful. He recommends Flexite I believe but is against crowning teeth. He says it ruins too much of the truth structure. I agree with him. Every tooth I had crowned is no longer in my mouth. There is nickle in the crowns and my body rejected them and my gums pulled away which allowed decay to set in and alas, bye bye tooth.
    All my remaining teeth have no crowns or root canals and I think that is why they are still around. I have been checking out Ivoclar and Flexite both and still considering acrylic but each one has it’s flaws. I google their names and add the word reviews and do find some input but I don’t think the modern world has too much interest in dentures so I am not finding a lot. My concern is how costly they are and if you end up making the wrong choice you are left with dentures that you don’t like and don’t serve you well. One article said about 98% of denture wearers are not happy with their dentures. Now, isn’t that an uplifting comment. I will continue to research and write if I learn more. Again, I so appreciate all your feedback.

  73. Well,
    I just saw that I spelled my own name wrong and realized it is not Dr. Jerome Frank, but Dr. Frank Jerome as the author of “Tooth Truth”. I found his book very easy to read and very on point with much of his research.

  74. I’ve just found this site&read thru all the comments,&am grateful for the info about this important subject.I am 45,have been dealing with dental issues for 30+yrs.I have 12 remaining teeth(6lower,(no molars),1has cavity,1next to it needs r.c.,or extraction)(not concerned about them,so much,but,the 6 on upper(which,for last year&1/2,have worn partials,&metal brackets touch 3 with large mercury fillings,1next to a root canaled/capped tooth,&I have 1(next to missing front teeth)so loose&gum recession exposing tooth fully…I have put off getting these removed(out of those 6,only 1worth saving,has filling &pain)Medicaid will pay for 1set of dentures,per lifetime (can get upper,lower,at separate times)I want these mercury amalgams out&the poisonous root canaled tooth(but am concerned about toxic exposure in process,&if r.c.tooth is not “properly removed”,&then having toxic dentures,because my “options”are limited, because I have no $,only Medicaid)I haven’t known what to do for last 7months with this decision,feel like I’m poisoned either way,just been stalling what to do…I do oil pull w/coconut oil,don’t use toothpaste,no chemical denture soak,just clean w/hydrogen peroxide,or brush w/baking soda…I would appreciate opinion/advice…which is worse?having mercury w/metal brackets touching,having 4-5teeth removed at once&having only 1painful tooth left, &dentures (which that 1tooth might not be able to stay,to do so,meaning all 6 removed at once&full upper denture…Idk?I’m sick &stressed over this…

  75. Hi everyone,
    I’m back again as I have still found no answers. Merrilyn, I posted something on March 15 but misspelled my name and it never appeared. I then added the above comment about “Tooth Truth”. Did my first comment on March 15 reach you? I am still looking into the Flexite denture as it does seem the “least” toxic and yet……………I know others have found it to be quite toxic. I am so discouraged about all of this and cannot figure out for the life of me with all the denture wearers in the world that the powers that be cannot or I should say will not come up with something the will not poison us. And what about all the denture wearers that are skipping merrily through life doing very well with dentures? Are the few of us commenting on this blog just “too sensitive”? I would love to hear if anybody has tried the Flexite with success.

  76. I am a year and a half wearing Valplast upper denture. I have nothing bad to say about it. I went back to Mexico and had a spare made, just in case.. Total cost was $300. I have zero travel cost as I live in San Diego. I write this so all will know, there is hope!

  77. John,
    I want to thank you for your comment. It does give me hope. I am in the process of looking into Flexite and now I will research Valplast as well. As I wrote before I find it so frustrating with all that is out there in the world that “they” cannot come up with a denture that will not poison us. Thank you again for giving us a sense of hope!

  78. If you check back in this thread to March 23rd of last year, “sandy” made a bit of a cryptic comment about “1180” dentures working for her. I thought it was worth Googling, and they do sound good.


    The Astron 1180 Denture offers the following advantages over traditional acrylic dentures:

    1. Non-allergenic and color stable. Astron 1180 Dentures are non-allergenic and color stable. The Astron 1180 Vinyl denture is an ideal alternative for patients who have demonstrated sensitivities to traditional acrylic dentures, specifically methyl methacrylate necessary in the fabrication of acrylic dentures.
    2. Tougher and more resilient. Astron 1180 Dentures possess the properties of a pure vinyl, resulting in a toughness and resiliency not possible in acrylic dentures, which are very hard and brittle. The Astron 1180 Denture is therefore ideal for patients with a history of cracking or breaking dentures linearly down the palate.
    3. Dimensionally stable, better fit. Astron 1180 Dentures are formulated with a vinyl resin that has less porosity and a lower water and alcohol absorption rate (when compared to acrylic dentures). The Astron 1180 Denture is the ONLY denture that may be left out of water without warpage.

  79. Jen and All,
    MY dentist wanted me to try the Astron 1180 material….when I asked for the MSDS on it one of major ingredients was methylmethacrylate. He said that it would not leach from the nylon….yet I refused due to this ingredient. Thus, I do not know if it would be toxic. I did not want to be a trial rat again.

    Well, update on my Flexite experience. I did confront and reason with my dentist regarding the material used for the Flexite. He made me another upper and I did my homework again and the lab he used ordered it from the FLexite company in New York (Pure flexite). However, Carl at the flexite company highly recommends only two labs in the US who are skilled to work with this material….one in VIrginia (best) and one in Arizona.

    Due to unskilled technique from the lab, I did get pure flexite which does not seem to bother me at this point, yet the lab he used mis-aligned them so they are basically not functional to chew. Thus, on my way again this Friday to either get another pair made or a refund which neither of which will he be pleased. So be it.

    Again, if you get the clear flexite without the pink (Methymethacrylate) they are not aesthetic….yet functional.

    Most biological dentists use valplast that i have researched. I have had difficulty in finding information other from the Valplast company itself. Here is the MSDS from valplast which I find very vague. What is the ingredient they use for the coloring agent? In my experience everything eventually leaches as nothing is permanent in life.

    This has been a lifelong journey….and advocating for ourselves is paramount in changing the practices within dentistry. I empathize how exasperating this can become with sometimes wanting to just give up.

    MY dentist I imagine wishes I would just go away as we have been doing this now for 2 1/2 years with the flexite route. I offered this, too, as a learning experience for him to deepen the knowledge beyond the dollar that toxic dental materials are an insidious and major etiology of chronic illness and one of which will be highly exposed during his career. I also told him I hoped that he and his staff down the road would not have to live with MCS as I have..

    May we all have the courage and strength to continue pioneering in this most important endeavor to awaken the ignorance that permeates our society in many ways. We live in a toxic world for sure in every direction. Amidst the struggle my we still see the beauty that exists before our species totally extinguishes and mutates it.

  80. P.S. I also wanted to add from my post above…..I had called the Astron company. The person I spoke with was truly not all there and very contradictory….they mainly specialize in night guards. I suppose when researching a material call the company who manufactures them, talk to the head tech and ask very specific and detailed questions.

  81. Hi everyone,
    Thank you all for keeping this conversation going. I am so curious Penelope how your dentist handles this situation. Will you be using another lab? Also, from what I have read it is not only the dentures that are toxic but it is all the relining that is done. Apparently, that too, is toxic. Does the Flexite denture need relining? When a dentist “pops” it into your mouth for the first time does it need further tweaking and if so, how is that done. I cannot bear to nor afford to keep buying denture after denture only to pitch them in the trash when they don’t work for me. Also, do all of you dealing with this use your dentist or a denturist? Please keep us posted on this Penelope. You are right, if we don’t advocate for ourselves I am afraid no one else will.

  82. My comment did not get through. Basically—I was in a car wreck and dentist thinks i will lose three front teeth. I am 34. I am so upset because I feel my life will be over.

    I have MSC (multiple chemical sensitivity) so I cannot do any of the things like implants or paritals.

    I looked into Snap on Smiles. Does anyone know what they are made of? Are they safe?

    For those who use nothing… do you smile? I am very upset because I will not be able even to smile.

    No school, nothing. I cannot go around without front teeth and yet that is what I will have to do.

    Nerve is intact because they do hurt. Is there anything I can do? I heard oil pulling on damaged teeth may not be good.

    Any hope would be welcomed.

  83. Hi Rachel,
    From my research, snap on smiles is a crystalized acetyl resin formed by the polymerization of formaldehyde. With this process paraformaldhyde is formed. Some sites stated it was ‘non’toxic’ others said fairly bio-compatible for heart valve and hip replacements and such. Who knows how those patients are feeling long term.

    Perhaps further research would be wise. As for me, I do not think I would put this in my mouth.

    My heart goes out to your current challenges. Are your teeth loose from the accident? broken? Don’t give up on them quite yet. Nature has an amazing way to heal with help.

    Keep us updated.

  84. On using olive oil for oil pulling

    The late erudite father Thomas Häberle, an eminent but little known Swiss naturopath, used olive oil massages to great effect in a number of illnesses. He stressed that he reaped great successes using olive oil for diseases of the bones and head, writing that olive oil is able to penetrate even the hardest bones and bring healing where it is needed. For this reason it seems ideal to use for oil pulling.


    1 One person actually reported that swishing with olive oil straightened his teeth! And a 57-year-old female who had been swishing with organic extra virgin olive oil for 15-20 minutes for six months not only experienced her toothache disappearing and her mouth feeling “dentist-clean” but also saw further amazing benefits: two teeth that had been injured when she was eight and had subsequently darkened were beginning to get lighter (after she had tried bleaching and veneering to no avail since the veneers had worn off again). Additionally her jawline benefitted, taking on a firmer contour8 (reported on Christmas 2014).
    It’s truly amazing that teeth that have started to darken (where the pulp typically is considered to be “dead” or at least dying) apparently can be revitalized by (olive) oil pulling.

  85. Ive heard people with hip or knee replacements can have a bad reaction to whatever they use.

    Rachel can I ask how you found out you have MSC or if it recognised by Doctors?

    I have not heard about it, but it sounds like what I may have. I know I am chemical sensitive, but did not know it had a name. My GP does not recognise it.

  86. Rachel, taking ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in high doses would likely help as well, since C heals connective tissue among other things. Members of the Facebook group, Vitamin C For Optimal Health, report their teeth feel more solid in their mouths.

    Also boost your mineral intake. Zinc, copper, calcium, phosphorus, silicon. Vitamin D for calcium absorption. Powdered eggshell is a good source of calcium and other factors. I soak a half tsp. powdered eggshell in kefir that I make myself. The acidity helps make it more bioavailable.

  87. This post seems to have faded away. Is anyone still commenting? Has anyone found a “safe” denture material. I am so very close to getting mine and yet have not found a denture material that will not poison me. I have researched Valplast and Flexite and from what I have gleaned is that most dentists do not like to use them because they do not know how to deal with them. They would rather use their old “poison acrylic” dentures, add more poison when they need to reline and send you on your way. I cannot poison my body like that. The Valplast and Flexite have their own issues. Has anyone found any answers? What are people doing so they are not being poisoned by what is in their mouth. Please, can we revive this thread? Thank you!

  88. I became very ill from the toxins in acrylic dentures.
    New dentures need to be soaked post curing for several days in warm water before they are inserted into your mouth. (All of the scientific literature recommend this step). This will help get rid of a large portion of any unreacted monomer.
    After this you could try coating the denture with a beeswax, olive oil and coconut-oil salve. Rub this thoroughly all over the denture and wipe off any excess. The beeswax will waterproof the denture, inhibiting toxins from leaching out and bacteria from colonising the denture and your oral tissues.(Dentures are porous). It also keeps the denture fresh and odour free.
    I used 1 part organic beeswax, 2 parts olive oil, 2 parts coconut oil. You wont need to soak the dentures anymore, just rinse in warm water, lightly brush, dry, then rub some salve on each day or when necessary. If allergic to honey or beeswax then this is not for you. Since I began using this method I have had no more issues.
    Never sleep in your dentures.

  89. Thanks Merrilyn.
    you may need to tweak the ratio of beeswax to oils, if too oily add a bit more beeswax. Its quite easy to make. Just melt the coconut oil over low heat, add beeswax stirring until melted, add olive oil and remove from heat. (Its important to keep the heat low). Pour into small jars.

  90. Merrilyn,
    So glad to see this topic revisited. I have been wondering about your situation and choosing to remain denture free. I am assuming you are and that you have not found anything to use that would result in a positive denture-wearing experience. Thank you!

  91. I just found this site and have had dentures for about 6 month. Yes they are making me sick and causing weird swallowing issues. I don’t know what to do now. I’ve considered implants with titanium and trying to find a material that won’t poison me. Dentist have caused so many health issues for me since I had my first mercury filling at age 12. Now my teeth are gone, and the dental l materials have gotten so much more toxic, I don’t know what to do as an option. Anyone have any suggestions?

  92. Today someone posted at a dentures forum on Facebook about cobalt dentures.

    “Can I give you guys some advice from someone who had half his teeth removed at the age of 18 by an unscrupulous UK dentist. That was back in 1973 when dentists here in the UK got paid more by our NHS for extractions and dentures than rather than doing fillings.
    I feel my youth was ruined as I was always so conscious about my teeth. As soon as I could afford it I had cobalt metal dentures which are so much nicer, smaller and hardly noticeable…where you need a denture go for a cobalt one. They cost more but they really are so much better.”

    I’m amazed I never even heard of cobalt dentures before. I don’t know what material the prosthetic teeth are, but at least the metal frame reduces the toxins. So perhaps this is the answer?

    Would you try this yourself Merrilyn? I know you ditched dentures because of all the problems.

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