Breast Swelling Linked To Glyphosate Helped By Mustard Poultice

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Caution:  This remedy, which uses food-grade ‘Hot English’ mustard, may not work for some people and in fact may cause blistering.  Ask your doctor or health practitioner before trying it.

I have found this remedy to be hugely effective in reducing pain and swelling in the breast, which I think has recurred because of glyphosate overload in my system.  Many years ago, after being sprayed with 2,4,5,T,  I had a lump in the same spot as that which has been bothering me again recently.  I got rid of the problem 35 or so years ago by following the Gerson therapy which uses castor oil, enemas and copious quantities of raw foods and juices.

This time, to reduce swelling and pain, I took between 6000-10,000mg of Vitamin C over a few days as well as Homeopathic Phytolacca, which is a marvellous remedy made from the common ‘Pokeroot’.  I will continue to take Phytolacca for the next three months.

But the thing I found brought immediate relief from the pain was a poultice made from ‘Pams’ ‘Hot English Mustard’ paste.  This has a combination of mustard flour, turmeric, cardamon, white pepper, sugar, vinegar, salt, worcester sauce, water and a stabilizer, 415.

I spread around a tablespoon of the paste over a small piece of pure cotton cloth.  I used a liberal amount of paste.  Then I placed the cotton with the mustard paste on it directly over the sore spot on the breast.  This was held in place by putting a bra over the top.

The poultice was left on for around three hours the first day.  This produced a redness on the outside of the breast.  But the relief from pain was incredible. I washed off any residue of mustard on the skin with cold water and applied Hypercal lotion to the skin.  This has a cooling effect.

Next day, I again used the poultice, rinsing off the old mustard and applying plenty of fresh mustard paste to the damp cotton cloth.  This time, I left it on for a longer perioed – around five hours.  It had dried a little by the time I took it off, so it peeled off a little like a plaster, seemingly taking a lot of the pain and swelling away with it.  There was not so much redness on the skin the second time.  Again, I bathed the skin with cool water.

This treatment was followed for one more day, then I gave it a rest for a day or two.  However, I will resume the poultices for a few consecutive days each week, and continue with the poultice treatment, the Vitamin C in maintenance doses, and the homeopathic Phytolacca for as long as it takes to completely cure the problem.  I expect that this will take around three months or so.

As well as the above treatments, I have eliminated even organic dairy products from my diet, with the exception of butter, cut out all yeast foods such as bread, and am limiting grains.  More sprouted grains, raw and cooked apples, sardines, carrots and greens for me.

I am also aiming at buying 90% organic foods from now on.  I am sure this breast lump has recurred because of glyphosate (and other chemicals too) which seems to be increasing in all unorganic fruits, vegetables, and grains too.

The ‘RoundUp Ready’, genetically engineered Monsanto crops are causing major havoc with our health, in my experience.  The trouble is that these GE plants, of which we now have wheat, corn, and God knows what else, are designed to withstand any amount of spraying with toxic glyphosate combinations such as Monsanto’s ‘RoundUp’ – which, incidentally, is now being marketed under a new name in New Zealand.

That these GE crops are sprayed regularly with glyphosate sprays means that our food contains ever-increasing amounts of glyphosate, along with other chemicals.  Glyphosate is poisoning the soil itself, so foods grown in contaminated soil will absorb quantities of glyphosate, even without more applications of glyphosate sprays.  We are now being poisoned to a degree which cannot be fathomed.

Root vegetables, such as potatoes, are very problematic for the health, because they absorb glyphosate and other sprays put on the soil from above.  So even if you have a heritage potato, it will be poisoned if glyphosate, etc, is sprayed anywhere near it.  I bought 10kg of potatoes recently.  I cannot eat these, as they have high amounts of chemicals in them.  They made me feel ill after eating several meals which incorporated them.  Perhaps one meal of them might have been OK, but to eat up 10kg of contaminated potatoes over the next few months would have spelt disaster for my health.  So I shared them out with my neighbours who do not believe my assertion that we should be eating only organic potatoes.

I am sure that glyphosate, especially, is to blame for my intolerance to the sun these days.  I have noticed that when I get sunstroke, which is several times each summer, I have  either walked down country lanes or even city streets which have been heavily sprayed with glyphosate weedkiller,  or gardened in soil which has, at some time, had weedkiller poured around it,  or eaten unorganic foods which I have felt had unacceptable amounts of toxins in them.


3 thoughts on “Breast Swelling Linked To Glyphosate Helped By Mustard Poultice”

  1. Could I ask which potency of Phytolacca you used and whether your lump has now gone?
    Wishing you good health and thanking you for your insights and sharing

  2. Hello Dee,
    I used Phytolacca 30c. This cured the trouble for me after several weeks. I also cut out dairy milk and yeast risen bread completely, and occasionally used Arsen alb 30c, and Bryonia 3x/Ferrum phos 8x combination. The lump and sorenes has disappeared after about three weeks of using these remedies.
    The mustard poultice reduced the pain dramatically, and helped to reduce the swelling.
    This problem of lumps, swelling or soreness in the breast recurs from time to time. I can usually relate the symptoms to recent heavy spraying of glyphosate-roundup in my area, although I suspect that 1080 and other pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides could also be a factor.
    Because paddocks which cows feed on are regularly doused with roundup and other chemicals, common dairy milk has high levels of glyphosate and other toxins, since cows eat the grass which has been sprayed. Roundup glyphosate is not biodegradable, and remains in the soil for years after spraying has stopped.
    Monsanto cleverly claimed that their glyphosate in RoundUp was biodegradable, and they advertised this on the tin. Monsanto had to be taken to court in order to get them to remove the biodegradable claim, and this happened only 2 years ago. They enjoyed boosted sales for 20 or 30 years because of their false claim.

  3. Your sun sensitivity could very well be caused by the exposure to RoundUp and other things like it. Definitely so with your lump. I hope you’re feeling better.

    I live by a field that a farmer sprays with RoundUp, as well as a railroad which does, too. I developed severe sensitivity to where I would blister in the sun, feel faint, swell, and it was so painful underneath my skin… It felt like my blood was made of boiling oil! I was unable to tolerate light through a window or even some incandescent bulbs at higher wattages.

    I had a blood test for porphyria, which came back as not having it, but with elevated levels of zinc-protoporphyrin, which can be caused (in regular people) only by anemia, lead poisoning, or exposure to “organic compounds,” like anything made from petroleum and RoundUp!

    Protoporphyrin is the substance plants use to make chlorophyll and to use sunlight for food. We use it, too, to make red blood cells. It’s not supposed to leave bone marrow. RoundUp causes plants to over-produce this substance and that’s why they burn up in the sun and die.

    Obviously this happens to people, too. I think that should be common sense. It’s even known about (I had my blood checked by the Mayo Clinic in the US), but Big Pharma don’t give a damn.

    I managed to reverse most of the sensitivity by avoiding all petrochemicals as much as possible, but I also can’t ingest anything that is known to cause sun sensitivity (cilantro, lavender, etc.) anymore or some of it returns.

    Please take care, Marrilyn.

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