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Three Easy Yoga Floor Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

March 17th, 2015

Natural Remedies Three Easy Yoga Exercises For Losing Tummy Fat And Losing Weight Fat stomachs can be a problem for many. Women after childbirth often need to do stomach-firming exercises to flatten their tums.  Others, because of poor diet and not enough exercise, may also develop unwanted belly fat. Even men, both young and old, often develop flabby bellies from consuming too much sugar, farrinaceous foods and dairy products, or over-indulging in beer or fizzy drinks. With the right kind of exercise, and sensible eating, belly fat can easily be reduced. Here are some very easy and straight-forward exercises which you can do to firm ...

NZ Manuka Tea Bush Remedy Diuretic For Dropsy And Arthritis

March 11th, 2015

Natural Herbal Remedies Here is another great New Zealand remedy which is made from the well-known New Zealand Manuka Bush. I quote again that piece of wisdom coined by the famous NZ herbalist healer who published a book on herbal medicine in 1889: 'It is no use denying the existence of the form of folly which despises things because they are cheap and easily got'.  Doctor Neil believes that this is the reason the Manuka remedy has not been more widely used. Most people have heard of the therapeutic qualities of Manuka Honey, which is very expensive and exported the world over now.  It ...

NZ Flax Herbal Recipe For Constipation And Cleansing

March 10th, 2015

Natural Remedies New Zealand Flax:  Phormium Tenax Note:  NZ Flax is totally different and not related to the type of flax which linseed comes from. I have just begun studying an old herbal from 1889, 'The New Zealand Herb Doctor - A Book On The Botanic Eclectic System Of Medicine', by James F. Neil, MD, USA. 'It is no use denying the existence of the form of folly which despises things because they are cheap and easily got.'  Thus spake James F. Neil, MD., USA., on page 71 of his book, 'The New Zealand Herb Doctor'. James Neil was a graduate of the Eclectic College ...

Apple Tree Bark Remedy For Gall Stones Kidneys and Fever

March 9th, 2015

Natural Remedies Apples are a wonderful cleansing food.  Three days on the raw apple diet is an easy method to rid the body of toxins and freshen up the blood. Drinking apple juice at meal-times can remove acidity and be a help to digestion.  But what about Apple Tree Bark as a medicine? Jethro Kloss, the famous Seventh Day Adventist herbalist who wrote 'Back To Eden' in 1939, apparently used the apple tree bark remedy to cure many people of different ailments. This book was reprinted in 1981 by Loma Linda, CA: Back To Eden Publishing. Tree barks have been commonly used in healing ...

Cider Vinegar Socks And Onion Pack For Coughs Fever And Flu

March 7th, 2015

Natural Remedies For Fever And Coughs Apple Cider Vinegar Socks Applied to the Feet To Reduce Fever Of course you should see your doctor or natural health practitioner in the case of a fever, especially with a child.  But here is a simple remedy you can try in conjunction with their advice. The idea of  reducing a fever by soaking socks with cider vinegar is taken from International Masters Publishers 'Nature's Medicine Chest' - sorry, no date on this publication here. I have not personally tried this remedy, but it sounds like a good one to me.  'Nature's Medicine Chest' say that it works ...
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