Iodine Protects Against Radiation Damage

Cancer Prevention:  Protect Your Health From Radiation Damage

Radiation is One Cause Of Cancer

The Fukushima nuclear disaster is an International concern.  The whole world will be affected by the leakage of radioactive materials, including radioactive iodine, caesium, and other contaminants, into the atmosphere.  The sea water is already polluted around Fukushima.  A Russian cargo ship has been reported as being very high in radiation after visiting Japan.  Food and water has been contaminated with high levels of radiation, not only in Fukushima, but in Tokyo, which is about 150-200 kilometres away from the nuclear crisis at Fukushima.

And the situation is not looking very promising as far as reducing radiation levels in the immediate future.

Risk of Cancer:  There is a risk of succumbing to cancer and other degenerative disease because of the dangerous levels of radiation emitted from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.  There is a risk, especially to the people of Japan, but to people in many other countries as well.  Here in New Zealand, I can detect this poison in our air, only two weeks or more after the terrible Japan  earthquake/tsunami disaster, which was immediately followed by the melt down crisis at the Fukushima nuclear reactors.

Genetic Defects are caused by radiation.  Children exposed to radioactive elements may suffer genetic damage, which means that they could produce children with physical  abnormalities:  Exposure to radiation when children are developing can also render children infertile, resulting in sterility in adulthood.  This means that expectant mothers should avoid radiation affected areas, and most certainly, they should be taking extra iodine to help prevent absorption of the radioactive stuff.  Babies under a year are especially at risk of getting cancer at a later date if their iodine levels are low.  A little dab of iodine on the soles of the feet once a week will help to protect your baby from cancer.

Ways You Can Protect Your Health From Radiation Fall Out:

Thyroid Function and Iodine:

1) Number One item is IODINE: If your iodine levels are low, then your thyroid gland will draw in as much of the radioactive iodine as it needs to replenish its supplies.  High amounts of  radioactive iodine have been belched into the air  from the Fukushima Nuclear Reactors, and this is what your thyroid gland will absorb unless you make sure that you have enough GOOD iodine, which is dietary iodine.   This radioactive  iodine which is now in our air is poisonous and  accumulative. ACCUMULATIVE means that it will continue to build up, and this will increase your risk of getting cancer, especially thyroid cancer.

Note:  Dietary Iodine is NOT ACCUMULATIVE, which is why you need to keep iodine-rich foods in your diet, or to take a daily dose of an Iodine supplement, such as that given by Dr Maud Frere, below.

Important Functions of the Thyroid Gland:  The thyroid gland is a very important organ of the body.  It controls many functions, including the secretion of hormones.  It helps to keep your body  temperature stable, and  it controls our weight to a certain extent.  Iodine helps the immune system and  thus it protects against infection.  So you can see just how important it is for your iodine levels to be maintained properly, by taking dietary iodine.

We need this dietary iodine under any circumstances, but we need it even more,  after this nuclear disaster in Japan.  All this radiation in the air, food and water,  means that now that there is a risk our bodies will absorb this radioactive iodine from the air and from foods and water, if these things are contaminated with the fallout.

Take Dietary Iodine To Help Prevent Absorption of Radioactive Elemental Iodine.

Kelp and Spirulina For Iodine:  But you can prevent this happening, to a certain extent, if you take organic iodine, such as that found in kelp, or spirulina, or from dabbing a couple of dabs of liquid iodine on your skin twice a week.

Deep sea fish is also a good source, provided that the fish is not already contaminated from this radioactive nuclear fallout.

Lugol’s Solution is another way you can take your dietary iodine.

Home Made  Iodine  Solution: This is a recipe which Dr Maud Frere gives as part of her treatment for cancer:   This would, I think, be a good preventative for cancer as well:

Mix 1 Drachm of liquid Iodine into 2 ounces of pure water.  Of this, take one teaspoon every day.  The time of the dosage is not important, but Dr Maud Frere recommends that just one teaspoonful  is taken once a day.

By ‘uppng’ your intake of food iodine, your natural  iodine levels will become higher, and you will not absorb so much of the poisonous, radioactive iodine which is now in our environment.

Vitamin C – Calcium Ascorbate or Ester C

These types of Vitamin C are non-acidic and are very gentle on the stomach.  Vitamin C i n large doses will help to rid your body of radiation and other harmful elements.  Take between 1000mg and 3000mg per day, only 1000mg at a time, to help with detoxification.  Doses larger than this can be administered by a physician:  There are some alternative doctors in Auckland, NZ, and in other New Zealand localities, who will administer intravenous Vitamin C, but this kind of measure is only necessary when you either have cancer, or another degenerative disease, or you have been exposed to large amounts of radiation, such as by the people working in the Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

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Iodine Vitamin C To Protect Against Radioactive Fallout

Protect Against Radiation Damage

Iodine, Vitamin C, and Chlorophyll  will all help to protect you against absorbing radioactive elements from the nuclear fall-out at Fukushima.

The dire situation in Japan, where all six of the nuclear reactors at Fukushima’s Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant have heated to dangerous levels,  now  means that everybody all over the world should be mindful of the effects of the radioactive fallout which has belched from these reactors into the air.

Some ‘experts’ have said that the radiation will stay in the immediate area.  But common sense tells most of us that this is not so – The same air we breathe moves about, across the seas, all over the world. So while the people who live closest to the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant will suffer the most,  there will still be an effect on people and the general environment at an international level.

Iodine Helps Prevent Damage From Radiation: The USA government have recognized this.  They have issued out free IODINE TABLETS to people along the USA  coast, in line with Japan, and the winds which will bring across the radioactive poison.

There is not a lot around on what you can do to prevent radiation from destroying your health. Most people have not had to deal with the situation on such a grave level before.

Causes of Cancer:Radiation

However, it IS a fact that IODINE will help in preventing cancer from radiation.  That is, unless you have been unfortunate enough to be so close to a nuclear explosion that the radiation causes severe burning of your whole nervous system, and  dried out your bone marrow.

Even  X rays cause radiation damage, which is why they should  be avoided: Although X rays have a small amount of radiation, compared to the levels being emitted from the Fukushima Nuclear Plants,  X rays are radioactive. Each time you have an X ray, you absorb radiation, and this can lead to cancer and other degenerative disease, in time.

Iodine is a good preventative for cancer because:

If your iodine levels are low, then your thyroid gland will take in, and retain, the radioactive material.  If you have a high iodine level in your body, then the thyroid gland will not take in radioactive iodine.  Radioactive iodine builds up in the body and is not eliminated very easily.  This is what causes cancer:  When you are exposed to radioactive material such as that which comes from a nuclear power reactor, you run the risk of getting cancer and other disease.

The amounts of radiation at Fukushima, around the plant where workers have been doing their best to contain the situation, has been 10,000 times greater than that you would receive from one small X ray.  This is why the workers were taken out a few days ago.  However, many of them have since gone back in, for periods of up to only 15 minutes at a time, to try and get the cooling systems working so that a terrible disaster may be stopped.  These workers have been likened to Samarai Warriors, working for the good of their country at the expense of their lives.

These courageous workers, who have described their job as a ‘suicide mission’, might benefit from taking IODINE – and also LARGE AMOUNTS OF VITAMIN C, to help counteract the effects of absorbed radiation.

Here is a suggestion for a home-made IODINE SOLUTION which comes from the cancer treatment used by Dr Maud Frere.  Whilst this is a specific of Dr Frere’s cancer treatment, the dose gives you an idea of how much you might take to prevent absorption of radioactive material from the air and food.

IODINE SOLUTION: Mix One Drachm of iodine tincture with four ounces of water.

Keep in the fridge, or in a cool place.  Take one teaspoon every day, at any time of the day.

Alternatively, you could use Lugol’s solution, which is an Iodine preparation.  Follow the instructions.  I will post up  more information on Dr Gerson’s use of Lugol’s solution at a later date.

Kelp and Spirulina Combat radiation: These seaweeds are exceptionally high in Iodine, chlorophyll,  and other minerals.  One reader commented yesterday (read their comment) that they would need to have half a cup of kelp per day to get the recommended amount of iodine in order to prevent radiation being absorbed.  I thought that this could be done, if you could not buy liquid iodine, or tablets, or lugol’s solution.  If I had to take kelp for my precautionary Iodine intake in the event of exposure to nuclear fall out, then I would take a tablespoon three times a day in something like a banana smoothie – presuming that you could still buy these things.

I read years ago of a person who had been near Hiroshima at the time of the WW II bombing.  This person had been very ill from radiation sickness and had used large doses of spirulina to get well.

Spirulina is very high in Chlorophyll, which also helps to eliminate poisons from the body.

I think that IODINE alone is not enough to prevent damage from radioactive fallout.  To prevent disease taking hold because of radiation, you need iodine, for a start.  But you also should be taking large amounts of non-acidic Vitamin C

Chlorophyll, which exists in all green vegetables, is also effective in helping to combat the effects of radiation.  Wheat grass juice, made from your own home-grown wheat grass, is a wonderful source of chlorophyll and Vitamin C, iron and other nutrietns, and would be an excellent addition to the diet of anyone who suspects they may be exposed to radiation fall-out.  Wheat grass juice is a great antioxidant, and helps to remove poisons from the body.

NON ACIDIC VITAMIN C is an essential thing to take if you have been exposed to radiation, or think that there is a danger of exposure occurring. The dose should be, for an adult, anything from 1000 mg a day to around 5000 mg. Some therapist use massive amounts intravenously for treating serious cases of cancer, and things like swine flu, where it has proved to be exceptional in its healing ability.  These doses can be as high as 75 grammes per day.  Of course, you would need to see a professional to have this kind of treatment.  But if I had been exposed to large amount of radiation and was very sick because of it, then I would go for the intravenous injections of Vitamin C.

For most people, the best way of self treating for expected or already experienced radiation poisoning is to get calcium ascorbate powder, or tablets, or some other form of non acidic Vitamin C such as Ester C. A common dose is between 1000 and 3000 mg per day.  Take 1000 mg at a time, 2 or 3 times a day.

It is a good thing to take this at meal times, as the vitamin will help you to digest your food.  If you are suffering radiation sickness, then your ability to digest food will be impaired, and Vitamin C in its non-acidic form will help you with this.

You will experience loose bowel motions at first.  This is a good thing, as it means poisons in your body are being released.  But then reduce the amount a little so that you are not running to the toilet too often.

Depending on the severity of the radiation poisoning, you would vary the dose.  Many cancer treatments use large amounts of Vitamin C in treating cancer and other degenerative disease.  It will also act as a powerful agent in helping to rid your body of radiation poisons.

Vitamin A Beta Carotene:  I would also take 25,000 I.U. four times daily if I had been exposed to severe radiation. This is the dose recommended by DrEdward Wagner, an Australian doctor, for the treatment of cancer.

Vitamin A beta carotene stimulates the immune system and helps the body to get fid of free radicals.

Juices and Minerals for Cancer

Minerals for Cancer.

Green Juices and Calf Liver Juice are used in some alternative cancer therapies.
Iodine,calcium, potassium and phosphorous are important minerals in any diet which is aimed at beating cancer.
Green juices, such as the famous wheat grass juice which is rich in the life-giving chlorophyl, contain high amounts of these minerals.  Green juices help to restore the healthy balance of minerals in the liver.
The liver normally should be potassium rich, but when it is malfunctioning through cancer, it stores too much sodium and impurities. Normally, the tissues are higher in sodium and the liver and other organs higher in potassium.  When this balance gets upset, we get sick. So – one easy but important strategy to help the body get well, is to restore this balance. It is important to leave out salt whilst you are on a programme designed to beat cancer or arthritis or other disease:  This is because salt is sodium.  It upsets the healthy balance of potassium/sodium and depletes potassium in the liver.  Raising those potassium levels is imperative if you want to overcome disease.
Green juice, and calf liver juice, can do so much in helping the body to beat cancer and any other disease. Green juices are antiseptic and disease-repellant. Apart from helping to remove toxins from the liver and neutralize them for their safe exit, green juices are potassium rich and contain important digestive enzymes which also help to counteract cancer and heal the body. They are vitamin rich and mineral rich.
Just about all the nutrients you need to live are contained in fresh wheat grass juice which is prepared from home grown wheat grass. Supplementing this green juice programme with calf liver juice ensures that you have ample supplies of iron, and the important Vitamin B complex such as B 6 and B 12 which are sometimes deficient in vegetarian diets. See my post on how to make calf liver juice:  Basically, it is chopped up, put into a glass jar, and cooked gently in a saucepan of water for several hours.  It is important to put a tea towel or other piece of thick cotton onto the bottom of your saucepan for your glass jar of liver to sit on.  Otherwise it will crack.
However:  Many soils are deficient in iodine, which means that vegetables grown there will be deficient in this mineral. So painting a little iodine onto the soles of the feet, or onto the scalp, is a good idea to prevent iodine deficiency.  This should be done twice a week if you are treating cancer – just a couple of dabs painted onto the skin and left there is all that is necessary.  Alternatively, you could use Lugol’s solution daily – this is a very weak preparation of iodine, designed to be taken orally.
Dr Ann Wigmore, a medical doctor who cured herself of cancer by using mainly wheat grass juice, went on to cure many people in her cancer clinics using her wheat grass method.
After an initial cleansing period of several weeks on wheat grass or other vegetable juices, other foods such as raw egg yolk can be introduced.
Walter Last used two raw egg yolks per day on his almost all raw food, fresh juice regime. His diet was basically wheat free, yeast free, dairy free (except for butter), sugar free and yeast free. It was almost meat free too, except for fresh calf liver juice which was taken in small amounts, a teaspoon or two at a time, through the day. Most food should be taken uncooked, in salads and juices, with only moderate amounts of vegetables being cooked.
One favourite cooked item of Dr Gerson’s diet was a large plate of oatmeal porridge, eaten every morning.  This was introduced after the initial cleansing using juices, raw food and castor oil and enemas.
Dr Gerson believed that having a large bowl of porridge which was ALWAYS accompanied with a grated raw apple, helped the digestion to function normally.  Eating a really good breakfast such as this, combined with raw apple, provided excellent bulk of high fiber which cleansed the intestines.  This regular high fiber breakfast trains the intestines to become efficient in their job of assimilation and elimination.

Iodine Heart Palpitations

Iodine Can Cause Heart Palpitations: Iodine is very necessary for good health and for the function of the thyroid gland.

Too much iodine, though, can result in heart palpitations if you use it too often or too much at a time. Heart palpitations are often a sign that you have too much of a chemical in your body, unless you are unfortunate enough to have some serious illness.

Sensitive people often get heart palpitations when they get within close proximity to any strong chemical.  Even being near a quantity of homeopathic preparations, or herbal infusions, can give some people heart palpitations.  Some people may be sensitive enough to experience heart palpitations by simply coming into contact with iodine.  These people who are extremely sensitive will probably experience heart palpitations by getting  too close to electricity power transformers or cell phones and other sources of electro magnetic energy and radiation.  If you are one of these sensitive people, then it is probably best to avoid using liquid iodine.

Iodine sensitive people should not use iodine to regrow hair. Use kelp in your food instead, and eat more fish to get your daily iodine  requirements.  You need iodine to maintain a healthy thyroid, keep glandular functions normal, and to prevent goitre.

For Sensitive People Wishing To Regrow Hair:  Drink oat straw tea to help  hair growth, and have oatmeal porridge daily. These are both rich in silica, which helps hair growth.  You can use oat straw tea as a rinse for your hair after washing.  This combines well with using apple cider vinegar, which is  a nutrient rich tonic for the hair.

Having candida, or yeast infection, can also cause heart palpitations,  make you more sensitive to chemicals, and produce allergy reactions to some foods.

This is why, when using iodine to improve hair growth and treat hair loss and other conditions, we only need one or two dabs of the iodine on the scalp or the soles of the feet.  Iodine is absorbed through the  pores of the skin, which is why you do not need to paint iodine onto the skin every day.  Once a week is probably enough for most people, especially for small children, who will only need one dab.

After two or three weeks of treatment for your hair loss,  you could leave the iodine alone for a few weeks before doing another few weeks of iodine treatment.

Avoid using liquid iodine if you are having reactions to it.

Can Iodine Cause Heart Palpitations

Heart Palpitations.

Can Iodine cause heart palpitations? Yes, it can, if you use too much at a time.

Iodine For Hair Growth: Iodine, of course, is great for stimulating  hair growth.  But you must not over-do the Iodine.

Heart Palpitations From Iodine: You may  get heart palpitations from iodine if you are very sensitive to chemicals, or you have candida albicans, a yeast infection, or you have  a weakened immune system. In any of these cases  you might experience  a slight toxic reaction, with  heart palpitations, from using even  moderate amounts of iodine on your skin.

Allergy to Iodine:  Avoid Using Iodine if you are getting heart palpitations, and see your health professional.

For most people, using Iodine on the skin is not a problem. A dab or two of iodine applied to the skin is healthy for most people, as this helps prevent iodine deficiency. When iodine  is applied to the skin, it is absorbed into the skin, into the blood, and benefits the thyroid gland so that you do not get goitre and other malfunctions of the glands, and hormone imbalances.

Many Other Things  Can  Cause Heart Palpitations:  The heart has finely tuned electrical impulses all of its own, as does the brain, and so people can get heart palpitations from being too close to electrical appliances when they are going,  or sitting next to an electicity extension cord even while an appliance is not switched on: Alternating currents still  go back and forth along a cord to an appliance even if it is not switched on.

Heart palpitations, therefore,  can result from being in the close proximity of an electrical generator, transformer, or high tension wires, or being too close to other electro-magnetic forces.  These things also affect your brain function, and nervous impulses.

Poor memory can result from exposure to high-level electrical impulses, and even  to being exposed to  low-level radiation over the long term. Radio waves and electromagnetic vibrations from electrical sources seriously do undermine the health.

Cell phones can cause heart palpitations, as can and do  cell phone transmitters.  If you spend too much time being close to these energy fields, then your own electrical impulses will be disrupted, and this will have an effect on the whole nervous system, including the brain, the heart and nervous impulses.

Herbicides and pesticides, even in microscopic amounts on the breeze, can cause heart palpitations.  Being near hidden sites of rat poison can cause heart palpitations.

Potted indoor orchids,  tropical indoor plants, and even vases of flowers, especially if the plants  contain alkaloids as in the case with magnolias, can cause heart palpitations. This is because thewater in the vase leaches out some of the poisons in the plant:  As this water starts to ferment, the potency of the poisons are increased. Bingo.  You have a recipe for causing  migraine and heart palpitations.

Heart Palpitations are a Barometer:  Getting heart palpitations, for myself, is always a warning that something is not right in my environment. Getting palpitations gives you time to reassess your environment and the poisons around you, and gives you an opportunity to correct things before you get sick. This is how I avoid getting sick from poisonous chemicals and electro-magnetic interference – by listening to my heart.  I do not go to the doctor to get something to stop the palpitations, as that will only make the matter worse, and will not address the CAUSE OF THE TROUBLE.  Heart palpitations will cease in a healthy body when the cause is removed.  Having said that – again,  don’t use Iodine if it makes your heart flutter.

So – heart palpitations for me are a good thing, as they alert me to hidden dangers. From there, I have to work out exactly what the contaminant is. Then I can remove the cause.

Using some drugs such as Voltarin, or Warfarin, can cause heart palpitations.  I get heart palpitations if I spend too long in the kitchen, cooking,  near to where a relative of mine keeps his warfarin on the sink bench.

And did you hear the latest about Voltarin?  On the news just last night, Channel One, TVNZ, we heard that you have an  80%  chance of suffering a stroke if you take Voltarin.

These drugs should never be prescribed, in my opinion:  There are plenty of proven natural and herbal remedies available, to use as alternatives.  These alternatives  are safe and are better options than orthodox medications  to prevent stroke and heart attack.  Warfarin and Voltarin, which seem to be prescribed for many people over the age of 55, are very risky medicines indeed, and actually cause a degeration of the vital organs, instead of rejuvenating them.

Avoid Using Iodine If You Get Heart Palpitations: Getting back to the use of Iodine on the skin:  If you experience heart palpitations from using iodine directly on the skin, then you should avoid using it. It could be that a candida infection is the problem, or  that toxic bowels are making you super-sensitive, or that you are using too much Iodine.

However – if in doubt, then don’t use it.  Instead, you should get your iodine straight from the sea-bed, in the way of oysters, mussels, sardines, tuna, and mackerel.  Kelp is another  excellent source of Iodine.