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Acupressure Tone-up for Anthony

January 20th, 2010

Acupressure To Help Reverse Cancer:  Hi Anthony. Here is a very simple tone-up routine  which you can add to your self-help recovery plan to beat cancer.  It is designed to help reactivate your immune system by stimulating various points which are related to the chakra system. Do this routine for the next week. With this treatment, you need only press each point three times. No more, otherwise the nervous system might get upset. Just enough to tone things up a tad. Very top of skull Either side of each eye, about  an inch away Just behind ear, level with bottom of ear lobe, at base of ...

Curing Candida

December 7th, 2009

Candida albicans is a naturally occuring organism which lives in the intestines. When the body becomes too acid, or becomes toxic because of effete matter congested in the bowel, candida albicans can overgrow. This tips the delicate balance of intestinal flora so that the favourable organisms get outnumbered, with candida albicans dominating the field. See Merrilyn's post: Candida can also take over when the immune system has been shocked. Emotional shock, or environmental shock such as sudden exposure to harmful chemicals, or radiation from  X rays, can weaken the immune system drastically and kill off the organisms which we need in order to digest food properly. On-going ...

Detox Diets

December 2nd, 2009

Fasting and Cleansing:  It is very important to regularly cleanse the body by a fast of some kind, especially in this modern age, when so many people die of cancer and other degenerative disease. These diseases can be helped, or even cured, by different diets which are really types of cleansing diets to help the body  eliminate  the toxins which are causing the disease. In the case of treating cancer, arthritis, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, or even conditions like irritable bowel syndrome,  cleansing diets are adapted to become maintenance diets. These diets give maximum  nutrition to sustain the body and build the ...
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