Acupressure Tone-up for Anthony

Acupressure To Help Reverse Cancer:  Hi Anthony. Here is a very simple tone-up routine  which you can add to your self-help recovery plan to beat cancer.  It is designed to help reactivate your immune system by stimulating various points which are related to the chakra system.

Do this routine for the next week.

With this treatment, you need only press each point three times. No more, otherwise the nervous system might get upset. Just enough to tone things up a tad.

Very top of skull

Either side of each eye, about  an inch away

Just behind ear, level with bottom of ear lobe, at base of skull

Centre of chin

Top of throat just above adam’s apple

Between arm and trunk just by the top of the arm pit

Breastbone centre

Underside of rib cage, on the lower side of the bone near the liver area

Both hands over the solar plexus. Press fingers in lightly and take a breath in and out.

On the back in the centre of the muscle area covering the area just behing the hip bone. Kidney area.

Either side of spine, 2″ above the spine base.

Top of thigh, at centre, in the groin area.

Halfway down thigh at centre.

On the inner side of leg, level with the top of the kneecap and about an inch away.

To outer side of kneecap, outisde of leg at the midpoint of kneecap area

Move down 2″ from this last point. Again – three presses.

Now knead down calf muscle, squeezing calf muscle just once at each spot as you move down.

Move to inner leg, about 6″ up from ankle. Press thumbs in as you move down towards the ankle joint

Top of foot towards the inner side of centre of foot – between the big toe tendon and the first toe tendon

Move to ankle bone area – squeeze the soft area either side and just below ankle bone.

Turn the feet up and press the thumbs into the very centre of the sole of the foot, in the arch area.

Hands to solar plexus. Hold. Breathe in. Hands to brow. Breathe out.

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