Homeopathy Articles In NZ Sunday Star Times Ill-Informed By Ignorant Doctors

‘Kiwis Big Believers in Homeopathy’ reads the head-line of the Sunday Star Times. January 22nd, 2012.

But Homeopathy Has Been Proven.  It is not just a belief.  I will explain further on, how Homeopathy has been subjected to suppressive laws which have meant that research findings are not published in regular medical journals.

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Many medical doctors use Homeopathy in their practices in New Zealand, yet one NZ doctor has been trying to get doctors banned from using Homeopathy. This is the doctor who the Sunday Star Times quote in the first of two articles on Homeopathy.  Both these articles attempt to discredit Homeopathy.  The  doctor quoted in the first article, Shaun Holt, has stated in other newspaper articles, that the reason that Homeopathy works for some people, is because of a placebo effect, and not because the chosen Homeopathic remedy has any innate power to reverse certain conditions.

But his point of view simply shows his ignorance, as does the view of the university researcher who derides Homeopathy in the second article.

In these two separate articles on Homeopathy which appear on the same page, The Sunday Star Times has come out on the side of two medical people, one a doctor, the other a university researcher, who,  in the second article, objects to the use of Homeopathic principles in a flea collar for pets.  Both these medical people  illustrate their ignorance about how Homeopathy works, and  are obviouslyignorant about the many thousands of success stories which Homeopathic science can claim.  Both these articles  in the Sunday Star Times appear at first glance to be giving Homeopathy a ‘fair go’, but on reading further, one discovers that they damn Homeopathy with faint praise.

The first article reads:  ‘Kiwis big believers in homeopathy’ –  as if homeopathy is only a placebo, something which the patient believes will help him, without there being any physiological effect from taking a Homeopathic medicine.  This, of course, is what Shaun Holt would have us believe. He has stated in previous articles that he thinks Homeopathy is ‘quackery’ and that, in the cases where it has worked, it is only because the patient has believed that it will help him.  He is one who promotes pharmacuetical drugs above all other treatments, and would,  if he could, make sure that all alternatives are banned.  Only last year, an article was published in a NZ paper which quoted Shaun Holt as saying that he thought doctors should be prohibited from using Homeopathy in their clinics.

You can bet your bottom dollar that neither Dr Shaun Holt, nor the university researcher who is quoted on the same page, will have tried a  professional Homeopathic treatment for any ailment, and nor will they have watched the progress of a patient who has been successfully treated by an experienced Homeopath over the course of an illness.  These are ‘book learned’ people who really have NO  idea what they are talking about when it comes to the effectiveness of  Homeopathy.

One has to wonder what the pay-off is for these two medical people, if any, from pharmaceutical companies behind the scenes.  Perhaps their ‘research’ is funded by the pharmaceutical companies.  This is how the big drug companies maintain their control of the health scene.  They  manage to get herbs banned, and Homeopathy and other alternative medicines discredited, through paying doctors and certain researchers  to say what they want them to say.

Some doctors are as corrupt as some people  are in any walk of life, and will take on a fight which they know is amoral just to get at the money.  Others may take on the fight unwittingly, because they are nit-wits, and not very intelligent, except that they once had the ability to learn their craft by rote, to pass their exams.  This type of doctor lacks the ability for real,  unbiased, critical analysis, and they are easily influenced by drug companies who indoctrinate them with the results of their research, which is always designed to make the pharmaceutical product look good, even when it turns out to be extremely harmful and damaging to people’s health.

Time and Time Again,  Homeopathy has cured infectious diseases, and been of great benefit to people with ailing health.  Homeopathy does not have the risk of negative side effects which pharmaceutical drugs do.  The very fact that Homeopathy is a safer alternative to drugs drives the drug companies, and many doctors, to distraction in their attempts to find fault with it.

People like Dr Shaun Holt, who are agin Homeopathic medicine, are forever coming up with the argument that ‘Homeopathy has not been proven’, but this is plain nonsense.

The reason that the value of homeopathy is kept silent, and the reason that ignorant people like Shaun Holt claim that ‘no papers have been written to validate the use of Homeopathy’, is because the drug companies in America made it illegal to publish any research on Homeopathy in medical journals, a long time ago. Homeopathy has a long history of suppression.  The result is, as these two latest articles in The Sunday Star Times illustrate, that the media generally are STILL perpetuating the myth that Homeopathy ‘does not have anything in it, and is just a belief, just quackery’.  The media is still working on the side of big business in opposing Homeopathy without allowing an expert in the field to have his say, and without divulging the results of research into Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is NOT quackery.  There are still reputable Homeopathic hospitals functioning in the UK today.  The Royal Homeopathic Hospital in London is one of them.

This movement to kill Homeopathy began after Homeopathy ‘took on’ in Europe.  The Royal family and their elite friends converted to Homeopathic medicine after its success was illustrated in Europe, when an epidemic of cholera  in the 1890’s was treated effectively with Homeopathic medicine.  Drug giants, who, in the early part of the 1900’s  were already beginning to exert their power and influence over the medical profession in the USA, and on the government via the FDA, began to vehemently oppose Homeopathic medicine, which they obviously saw as being a threat to their ever-growing empires.  A legislation was passed in the 1920’s which effectively silenced the researchers of Homeopathy, and those practitioners of the science.  This silencing of the Homeopathic fraternity occurred because the medical authorities decided that no research would be allowed to be published.

This has effectively kept the public from being properly informed about the efficacy of Homeopathy and how it works.  The effect of this censorship has been to keep Homeopathy under wraps and for it to be perceived by many as ‘quackery’.  All to the financial benefit of the pharmaceutical companies, of course.

These Sunday Star Times articles are following the patterns of old.  They discredit Homeopathy without making any attempt to explain the science of Homeopathy, and without using any of the learned articles by doctors which have been published in alternative health journals and books over the years.

The writers of these articles in last Sunday’s ‘Sunday Star Times’ are content to use the ill-informed judgement of ignorant people who portray  Homeopathy as a belief, no better than a quackery instead of a science, which only goes to serve the interests of the pharmaceutical companies yet again.

Mercury Thimerosal In Vaccines Is A Danger To Children’s Health

Dangers Of Childhood Immunization

Dr Rebecca Carley has stated that children will receive around 2370 times the allowable safe dosage of mercury, if they were to receive every recommended vaccine for the first two years of life.  This is a serious concern if you are considering, or have gone along with, a vaccination programme for your child.

Congressman Dan Burton apparently instigated an investigation by the FDA  into the use of mercury in childhood vaccinations, after his own grandchild became autistic following the administering of vaccinations  This FDA investigation resulted in a recommendation that mercury be avoided by drug manufacturers.  However, an outright ban was not implemented, and so mercury is still  used in many pharmaceuticals, including some childhoold vaccines.

This is alarming, that substances known to be harmful to man, and especially to children, are still allowed to be used in the making of antibiotic vaccinations.  In the hearing on the issue of Thimerosal/Mercury and its dangers to health, Congressman Dan Burton questioned pharmaceutical representatives about it.  He high-lighted the fact that Mercury/Thimerosal has been known to be a dangerous substance since 1929, yet it has continued to be used in pharmaceuticals including vaccinations. The only known test of mercury/thimerosal was in 1929, and all the people involved in the test died soon after of meningitis.

Congressman Dan Burton is pushing to have criminal charges brought against any agencies, including drug manufacturers and government departments, who  knew about this 1929 research-result which proved the imminent dangers of ingesting mercury/thimerosal, yet never-the-less, still condoned its use in vaccinations.  He is reported as having said, at the hearing:

“You mean to tell me that since 1929 we have been using Thimerosal and the only test that you know of is from 1929, and every one of those people had meningitis, and they all died?”

Mercury is a heavy metal which is very toxic to the body, and especially to the growing brain and body of a child.  Mercury has a profound effect on the nervous system and on brain development.  Mercury  poisoning in adults can cause nervous system diseases such as Parkinson’s, or Multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s.  In children, Mercury poisoning would be more likely to result in impaired brain and motor function development, making the child less bright, and with slow co-ordination and speech development.  Even if  your child  does not have obvious Autistic symptoms, he or she still could be affected by the Mercury, and other poisons, being present in vaccines.

More than 50% of parents in America, whose children have become Autistic, relate the onset of the condition to vaccination.

Mercury is just one of the many reasons why vaccinations should be avoided, and why homeopathic preventatives should be used instead.  There is a prophylactic, or preventative,  homeopathic treatment for every infectious disease.  Childhood illnesses respond very well to homeopathic treatment, especially if the child has not had its immune system  impaired with vaccinations, medications, and environmental poisons such as insecticides and pesticides.

Did you know that vaccinations were halted in Japan last year, on March 8th 2011, after four children died following immunization?  This is just ONE instance of vaccinations having a proven negative effect on the health of children.  Because of these children dying,  Pfizer and Sanofi brands of vaccines were stopped  in Japan, while an investigation was carried out.  But many children die all over the world because of immunization drugs.

In 2010 Australia halted its vaccination programme after many children were reported suffering side effects from the treatment.  Nausea, vomitting, dizziness and seizures were some of the symptoms.  But this is only the tip of the ice-berg, the part that we can see.  Vaccination antibiotics have a far-reaching, on-going, negative effect on the nervous system, the brain, and the body than these immediate side-effects we perceive.

Some researchers believe that the rising incidence of crime, of violence and social unrest, has much to do with childhood vaccinations.

Childhood vaccines are marketed as if they are safe.  But generally speaking, they are not safe, because of the pollutants they may contain, and because of the fact that the negative side effects of using these vaccinations may not even be known for several years.

Vaccinations are very strong anti-biotics.  Many adults are known to have suffered very bad reactions from having strong anti-biotics.  I know of one case which happened to a friend of mine about a year ago.  She was bitten by a dog in the course of her work.  She was rushed by her bosses to the doctor.  The doctor immediately gave her an anti-biotic injection to prevent rabies.  It might have also been a vaccination for tetanus.  Anyhow, the antibiotic she had was aureomycin, which she had taken on occasion in the past without any obvious ill-effects.   Within hours, her face had swollen up, and the skin had gone a bright red.  I saw her about six months after the incident.  Her face was still swollen and red, and  looked to be permanently scarred as a result of the toxic reation from the antibiotic.  She says, a year later, that the scarring has not gone away.

Yet I bet that no action was taken in this case to make the pharmaceutical company accountable for whatever was in this anti-biotic preparation. Cases like this are numerous.  The statistics on ‘medical misadventure’ most surely would not indicate the true numbers of people affected, or anything like the  real  and on-going negative effects suffered by many  people as a result of taking anti-biotics and vaccinations.

It is just such a pity that my friend did not go to see a homeopath on the day she got the dog-bite. If she had not been in such a panic, she might have thought of this.  Homeopathic medicine does work, and does not pose the dangers to health which immunization or vaccinations and antibiotics of any kind do.   Homeopathic Ledum is the one which I used to sugstitute  Tetanus vaccinations.  For rabies, there are many good homeopathic remedies which could have been used instead of the aureomycin vaccination.  Hydrophobia, Belladonna, Stramonium, Lachesis, Agave, Cantharis and Fagus are some of the remedies which Dr John Clark lists  in his “The Prescriber’, as potential treatments for rabies.

Drug giants have been on the war-path of natural healers and  homeopaths since the early 1920’s, when the pharmaceutical companies began to gain ground in America.  These big companies managed to get all literature and research results about homeopathic medicine banned from being published in  American medical journals.  This was to prevent homeopathy from ‘taking off’ in America – It was already immensely popular in Britain and Europe, and even the Royal family were converted to using homeopathic medicine.  So the drug giants decided to retain their monopoly of the health trade by keeping the public ignorant about homeopathy, and forbidding proper research and test results to be put into the public domain.  This has had a bad effect on the reputation of homeopathy. But on the other hand, the pharmaceutical companies have carried on using  potentially dangerous chemicals and substances such as mercury in their own pharmaceuticals, despite research showing them to be  decidedly harmful.

Save Homeopathy – Brief History And A Royal Horse Called Hypericum

Royal Patronage of Homeopathy: King George VI and Queen Mary  were great patrons of Homeopathy.  They named one of their horses Hypericum, which is the name of a well known homeopathic remedy.  King George VI’s  ‘Hypericum’ hit the headlines by winning the ‘1000 Guinea Race’ in 1946. The Royals are still great patrons of homeopathy, to which they owe their good health and longevity:   Queen Elizabeth II has her own homeopathic physician.

DSCO 1662

Homeopathic medicine became accepted in Britain soon after Dr Samuel Hahnemann founded it in 1799.   Homeopathic medicine  there became very popular due to the work of one eminent physician who came from the upper class.  This was Dr Florian Quin:  He introduced homeopathy to many of his colleagues, and to his society friends, which included the Royal family.  Although Queen Victoria did not use homeopathy, the Royals before her, and after her reign, have all endorsed the use of homeopathy as a safe alternative medicine.

Dr Quin  met Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathic medicine,  after he had graduated from his medical studies.  He became converted to Homeopathic medicine in the early 1820’s,  and studied Hahnemann’s theories and remedies in depth.  He worked as a physician  in Moravia, a geographical region of Czechoslovakia, where he had success using Camphor for a cholera epidemic.  His successes inspired him to return to Britain, to introduce homeopathy to the upper classes, and to the King and Queen of Great Britain.

Note:  Read Merrilyn’s later post from 23 February 2013, entitled:  UN Refuses Compensation To Haiti For Cholera.  The cholera epidemic of 2012 could have been prevented and treated largely with the use of Homeopathic Camphor.  This is a safe and inexpensive alternative to giving people vaccinations for Cholera.

Drug companies fear homeopathy: Homeopathy was never given a chance to gain ground in America, despite there being plenty of interest:  The American Institute of Homeopathy was founded in 1844, but the New York State Medical Society immediately reacted by calling homeopathy ‘quackery’, and they set out to undermine it.  Drug companies collaborated with the American Medical Association to have the teachings of Hahnemann discredited, just when homeopathic medicine was becoming very popular.  They manipulated the press to prevent homeopathic medicine from competing with their pharmaceuticals.  They achieved this by banning any literature on homeopathic treatments and research, which had the effect of keeping the public ignorant about homeopathic successes.  No research documents were allowed to be published in any medical journals. Doesn’t that sound familiar?   In the USA, in 1910, Homeopathy was pronounced to be legally unprofessional and unscientific.  Many homeopathic institutions closed down, and homeopathy there fell into decline.

This pressure from the drug companies and the American Medical Association,  forced the  Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia to abandon homeopathic medicine and adopt the ways of allopathic treatment instead. This happened in the 1920’s, when pharmaceutical companies were gaining much power, with a stronghold on the medical and drug-watch organizations.

Homeopathy is not the only modality to  suffer from the pressures of the medical associations and the drug giants.  Many other alternative therapists have been driven out of America, or had their practices closed down, because their brand of therapy is declared to be ‘quackery’ by the jealous drug giants.  Dr Max Gerson, who formulated a successful alternative treatment for cancer, was closed down by the American medical authorities, with the backing of the drug companies.  He escaped to Mexico, where he established a very successful clinic, despite the attempts of the AMA to stop him from practicing his alternative therapies.  His treatments have cured many people of cancer, and are still used today in many health practices.

Homeopathy Opponents Getting Stroppy Now:  There is a very worrying movement at the present time to restrict  or ban homeopathic medicine  in Britain, where homeopathy has been used and widely accepted for over 170 years now.  This movement to discredit and ban homeopathy has its proponents also in New Zealand, Australia, and other more remote places of the world.

I have just read about a demonstration which took place outside Booth’s the chemist, in London, on 30th January, 2010,  which was supposed ‘to bring awareness that homeopathic medicines have nothing in them’. This statement in itself is highly suggestive of ‘quackery’ and the placebo, those words ‘nothing in them’ having been carefully chosen deliberately, to draw a negative emotional response from the uneducated of the public.

Homeopathic ‘nothing in them’ remedies effect cures in animals, as well as people.  This is fact, and an argument which explodes  the myth that homeopathy is effective only as a placebo. Homeopathy is NOT a placebo:  The correct remedy will cure even infectious diseases, in animals, or people.  And it is quite certain that these medical and drug people who oppose homeopathy have never ever seen an experienced  homeopath to have their case taken, and the correct remedy applied.  They will never have followed a case through from beginning to end, to see what progress has been made.  They do not want homeopathy to be given a fair trial at all, as a fair trial might convert people to homeopathy from allopathic medicine, once they were enlightened as to the  astounding healing qualities of homeopathy. And so they conveniently brand it ‘quackery’, or ‘totally crazy’, as one such uneducated and closed-minded doctor in New Zealand has voiced.

This movement against homeopathy wants to see doctors banned from prescribing homeopathic medicines, and Booth’s, and all other homeopathic chemists,  prohibited from  issuing homeopathic medicines.

This demonstration against homeopathy which took place outside Booth’s the chemist in London, is, no doubt, part of a very well-organized movement which is  driven by the drug companies.  The pharmaceutical giants see homeopathy as competition for their prescription drugs.  If they succeed in getting homeopathic pharmacies stopped from issuing homeopathic medicines, then homeopathic medicine will cease to exist, as without the chemists, we will have no remedies to use.

Homeopathy has been used successfully by homeopathic physicians to treat illnesses of many kinds, including infectious epidemics.  Dr Quin used the homeopathic remedy Camphor to treat an outbreak of Cholera.  Homeopathic remedies can counteract tetanus.  Homeopathic Belladonna can counteract, and prevent, Scarlet fever.  Homeopathic remedies can counteract and prevent many other infectious diseases, removing any need to vaccinate. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of recorded successes from the use of Homeopathic prescribing, but these successes are not reported to the public.  In America, any writing on homeopathic research, or  writings on how homeopathy could be used effectively, were banned from medical magazines and papers.

Homeopathy is under threat today, as is Herbal medicine, and Vitamin therapy, by the same powers which tried to discredit it a century ago.  Now, the suffocating and tenacious arms of the drug giants and their collaborating doctors are reaching out, not just all over America:  they are extending to Britain and the rest of the world  to devour the likes of Booth’s, the homeopathic chemist, so that they have a world-wide monopoly on all medicines.

The reason they wish to discredit homeopathy is not that they believe homeopathy to be a placebo with ‘nothing in it’.  No, the reason they want to have homeopathy banned is because Homeopathy is a threat to their empire, especially now that we have the internet.  Controversial  topics  such as ‘does homeopathy work?’ , and the answer: YES HOMEOPATHY DOES WORK,  cannot be kept secret any more.  The drug giants and their collaborating doctors are now desperate to have homeopathy banned,  because it is such a good, safe, cheap, and readily available  alternative to allopathic medicine, and the world is finding out about it as fast as the internet can convey the message.

Sources:  ‘Australian Sourcebook of Natural Health’ by Nevill Drury, 1981 and 1985, published by Pitman’s,  Wellington,  New Zealand.

‘History of Homeopathy in Britain’, by Peter Morrell. Online document.


How Does Homeopathy Work?

Homeopathic Medicine:

“Like-Treats-Like” and “The Minimum Dose”:  These are the two main principles of Homeopathic Medicine.

A Few Facts About Homeopathy In Britain: In 1977 there were six Homeopathic HOSPITALS operating in the United Kingdom under the auspices of the National Health Service.  These hospitals all ran out-patient departments where people could get homeopathic treatment.  The Royal Family have their own Homeopathic Physician and do not use allopathic medicine if they can avoid it.  The Queen Mother, who lived beyond a 100 years, used Homeopathic medicine all her life.

Homeopathy has a long tradition in India, where it has been incorporated into treatments by many Ayurvedic medicine practitioners.  Much new research into homeopathic medicine is done in India, and many of the best text-books,  used in Homeopathy Colleges throughout the world, are printed and published in India.

Homeopathy works.  It is a wonder-medicine. Around 200 years ago, a  physician from Leipzig, Dr Samuel Hahnemann, discovered the principles of  homeopathy, and the secret of ‘the minimum dose’.   He observed how a dose of  Cinchona bark GAVE him the symptoms of Malaria, and that these symptoms were negated when he gave himself the minimum dose of Cinchona bark in a homeopathic, specially diluted, preparation. Actually,  Quinine is derived from Cinchona bark, the same substance  used in allopathic medicine to treat malaria.  But the interesting thing about the homeopathic medicine for malaria, is that the same substance used in allopathic medicine, Cinchona, will work in homeopathic dilution, both to prevent and treat malaria.

These dilutions of the original substance mean that the body does not have to process the original raw material, which can sometimes be harmful to the body:  but it can benefit from the properties of the plant which remain behind in the dilution, and which are easily assimilated by the body.

So – Homeopathy can heal diseases.  It can also prevent them.  Here is an example:  Dr Hahnemann discovered that homeopathic  Belladonna, in the minimum dose,  worked specifically as a preventative of Scarlet Fever, as well as a treatment.  Belladonna is poisonous in its original plant state, and will bring on symptoms similar to scarlet fever:  But in the homeopathic dilutions, this very same plant will REVERSE the symptoms of scarlet fever. There are many other homeopathic remedies  which can be used to counteract and prevent infectious diseases:  Thus homeopathy can substitute vaccination.

There are  Homeopathic remedies which can heal bruises, and which will act as pain relievers for emotional and physical complaints,  specific homeopathic remedies for specific infectious diseases,  specific homeopathic remedies  which act as prophylactics, to prevent illnesses occurring, remedies which can be taken to counteract the bad effects of prescription medicines and vaccinations, and remedies to negate the effect of  environmental pollutants.

Childhood Infectious Diseases and Other Complaints: There are  Homeopathic remedies  for each of  all the childhood diseases, such as mumps, chicken pox, scarlet fever, and many more.  Homeopathic Ledum is one  remedy to counteract tetanus, to save your child from having yet another vaccination .

Each homeopathic remedy is capable  also of fixing a multitude of complaints which often seem unrelated to the main health complaint.  There are general  emotional and physical symptoms which go with each remedy, and if you have several of these general symptoms which belong to a  particular remedy, that will be the remedy to take for your condition.  That remedy, if it has been chosen correctly,  will also cure the other side issues which accompany the main complaint, such as irritability, intolerance of other people,  or anger, depression, or crying for no reason,  or not sleeping, or sleeping too much, or lack of appetite,  or too much appetite, and many more.   The right remedy will fix any symptoms such as these, whilst it will cure the main condition.

So Homeopathy is a wholistic medicine – It looks at the whole body to assess all the  physical and emotional symptoms, not just the apparent disease.  Generally speaking, after the condition and the accompanying symptoms have been alleviated or cured, there is no need for on-going treatment, a situation which allopathic medicine seems to thrive on.

Now most antibiotics and allopathic medicines are not capable of doing this, of fixing all the complaints together, with one medicine.  These unique qualities of Homeopathic prescribing make it a real threat to many doctors and to drug companies, who fear that, if Homeopathy ‘takes off’, that it might impact on their pharmaceutical sales, and the amount of visits a doctor might expect from his patients.

So just how does a Homeopathic remedy work?   One concept put forward by the British Homeopathy Association  comes close to explaining the phenomenon of how homeopathy can possibly work in microscopic doses, so small, that the original element cannot be detected in many cases.  This concept is that water has memory – It remembers the influences of the past, and can remember the influences of the substances which have infused it, such as are used in the original substances of  homeopathic medicine.

Modern science, I think because of ulterior motives,  has resisted explaining the workings of Homeopathy.  True, it is  difficult to explain just how  it works, since Homeopathy contains such tiny  amounts of the original healing substance.  This healing substance often cannot be detected at all  in the final potency.  This is one point which opponents of Homeopathy  use in their attempts to discredit Homeopathy.  The other is that Homeopathy uses ‘like to treat like’, which is said to confound the medical profession. Yet, they already know about these principles, as we shall see.

Why not accept the phenomena as fact?  There are instances in allopathic medicine of ‘like treating like’, and also of ‘the minimum dose.  “What are those examples”, you may ask.  Well – X-ray ‘therapy’ is one instance of the  ‘like treating like’  principle.   The radiation in X-rays is known to cause cancer, yet,  this treatment is used to TREAT people with cancer in conventional allopathic medicine.   Another example is the instance of using Digitalis as a heart medicine – This remedy,  in allopathic medicine, incorporates the ‘like treats like’ principle, as well as ‘the minimum dose’ principle, just as in Homeopathic medicine:   Digitalis will kill you of heart attack if it is taken fresh from the plant, yet in a minimum dose, the digitalis  in microscopic amount will help to prevent heart attack.  This is the same principle which  explains the workings of Homeopathic medicine, the ‘principle of the minimum dose’.

People accept X-rays as a fact, yet we cannot see them.  It takes a leap of the imagination to accept that an X-ray zapp, which we cannot see,  might cure you of thyroid cancer, or breast cancer, or cancer of the testicles, yet people put their faith in the doctor’s hands every day and line up for this treatment.  Which often does not work.  People very often die just the same.  But nevertheless, X-ray treatment, which we know will kill good healthy cells at the same time  that it kills cancer cells, is widely accepted as a treatment for cancer.  Surely this defies logic?  Yet Homeopathic medicine is shoved behind the door because some doctors say that it is not logical.

So why this ‘set’ against Homeopathy?  There is one doctor in New Zealand right now who really hates his colleagues using Homeopathy at all.  He has written articles for the paper about it, probably egged on by the drug companies,  and is trying to get these Homepathic-friendly doctors banned from prescribing Homeopathic medicines.  This surely is a crime, because Homeopathy is a safer alternative to using most prescription medicines.  There are never any cases of ‘medical misadventure’ which are reported daily in allopathic medicine, where wrong medicines have been given, some resulting in death.

Homeopathy is a far safer option to antibiotics, vaccinations and many other prescription medicines.   It is wrong to deprive people of safe alternative treatments which DO work, such as Vitamin C therapy, and Homeopathy.


Swine Flu Vaccine Dangers and Alternative Treatments

Antibiotics and Vaccinations Weaken The Immune System. One should examine the SAFE ALTERNATIVES, which will be mentioned in this article, before heading in for those flu shots, or the ‘Tamiflu’.

There is a huge push for people to be vaccinated for flu, and a huge push to have children vaccinated, not just for flu, but for measles, mumps, whooping cough and other childhood illnesses.  This is a worry.

Question Those Vaccination Programmes: Mass Vaccination Programmes mean big profits for the multi-national drug-making giants.  So, pharmaceutical companies welcome the so-called epidemics, especially when vaccination is made mandatory because of the scare of an epidemic, as this creates a massive demand for their products, and generates billions of dollars for these drug firms.

Next thing those drug-company business geniuses must ask themselves is:  If there isn’t an epidemic, why not create one?  If you can convince the public that there is a scare of epidemic, then they will all run to the doctor’s to get their vaccination shots anyway.

So – Make some propaganda for vaccination: All you need is one or two unfortunate people to have died from Swine Flu, or another rather obscure disease, such as the ‘Avian’ flu, and you can convince people that there is an epidemic threatening the country. Put an article about it in a few papers, advertise on television, and people will go in their droves to buy those vaccines.

This is propaganda for vaccination:  This is how it worked in 1976, when a flu epidemic was declared in the USA:  Only one person actually died from this  flu, so reports say,  but the authorities jumped on the band-wagon, and a national emergency was declared which saw millions of people being vaccinated for the flu.  Only thing was – this vaccine hadn’t been tested properly.  This experiment had disastrous consequences:  Hundreds of people died as a result of taking this flu vaccine in 1976, and many more were made paralyzed for life. THIS information has been conveniently ignored by the drug companies, and governmental authorities, who use fear-mongering tactics to get people vaccinated.

There is presently a similar situation going on: There is no swine flu epidemic – more people die of regular flu in the states  each week, than of swine flu.   More  deaths were recorded in a week from regular flu in the USA, in 2009,  than deaths from swine flu over a period of 3 months.  Yet people fear swine flu more than they do the regular flu, because publicity is engineered to have this effect. We fear the new, so new diseases and epidemics are highlighted to get the desired reaction from the public – trotting in for a vaccine is the average response.

The other important point is that, for the average healthy person, there need be no deaths from swine flu, because it has been proven that  Vitamin C kills the Swine  the flu virus.  Professor Ian Brighthope at the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine has done much research into the use of Vitamin C to treat infectious diseases.

So why the panic for vaccination? Because the public are not informed about the alternatives to vaccination:   Drug companies, with the support of the media, see to it that their products dominate the market, and that information on vaccine alternatives is conveniently swept under the carpet.

But wait – there’s more: It has been proven that intravenous Vitamin C, given once a month, has acted as a prophylactic against flu.  After over a year’s clinical experiments at the Hale healing institute in America, no patients who had been having the vitamin C therapy succumbed to the flu, despite there being an ‘epidemic’.

The public are deliberately kept ignorant about the successes of Vitamin C therapy, and Homeopathy, and other treatments.  The conspiracy gets more evil when you consider that, even when people are dying from Swine Flu in hospital, they are STILL denied Vitamin C therapy. Even though  clinical studies prove that Vitamin C kills the Swine Flu virus,  these poor patients are persuaded, while in hospital, to take chemotherapy instead.  Chemotherapy usually ends the life of a  weakened Swine-flu victim pretty quickly.

Barbara Loe Fisher who was President of the National Vaccine Information Centre (she might still be) discusses how a so-called epidemic of flu was created in 1976. Only 1 person died, yet this was called a national epidemic.  Mass vaccinations occurred, and hundreds of people died as a result.  Many more were left paralyzed because of the bad effects of the vaccination.

Vaccines, including the swine flu vaccine,  always pose a danger to the public, because the total sum of their side effects  cannot be assessed until years after the vaccination event.  “Investigate Before You Vaccinate”, as the famous  book suggests:  Even if people have not died after being vaccinated recently, the alternatives to Vaccines, such as Homeopathy, and Vitamin C, are far safer. Vaccinations are very damaging to the auto-immune system.  Vaccinations contain antibiotics, and all antibiotics interfere with the normal healthy functioning of the immune system.

Vaccinations increase your risk of suffering alzheimer’s, cancer.  Vaccinations increase the risk of autism in children, and many other conditions.  Vaccinations very often bring on the flu, instead of preventing it.  This can be a big health issue for elderly people.  Flu vaccines often bring on flu-like symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, swollen neck glands, sore ears, and the like.

Many people who were healthy before taking a vaccine, have suddenly become unhealthy after having taken a vaccine, with eczema, tiredness, and bone pain developing as permanent conditions.  Vaccinations for flu, and other antibiotics,  degenerate the nervous system, which could cause diseases such as parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis in some people.  In some people, damage is done to the brain cells, causing memory loss.  Heart, lungs, kidneys and liver are all affected.  The blood pressure can rise after vaccinations.

“But how do I protect myself against serious diseases, such as ‘Swine Flu”? you might ask.  Many people think that they cannot survive illnesses such as “Swine Flu” unless they take vaccines, yet they feel uncomfortable about vaccination:  A damned if you do, and doomed if you don’t situation.

The good news is that there are some very good alternatives to vaccinations:  Swine flu has been scientifically proven to respond to Vitamin C therapy:  Vitamin C is capable of killing viruses, and even the tenacious swine flu virus finds it hard to battle with Vitamin C.  People have recovered from Swine Flu, when they were expected to die, after being given intravenous doses of Vitamin C, anywhere from 50 grams per day to a 100 gms, depending on body weight.  Some doctors have documented their findings, also, that Vitamin C, when given in a regular monthly large dose intravenously, can protect against flu viruses in times of an epidemic.

SO – Research Shows That Vitamin C is a Preventative For Swine Flu, as well as a Treatment For Swine Flu:  Vitamin C will act as a prophylactic when it is taken in a large enough dose before you get the flu, and will minimize the effects of flu if the virus has infected your system already.  People have recovered from Swine Flu after they have been given intravenous Vitamin C in large doses

Homeopathic medicine, Vitamin C Therapy, and herbal medicine are  safe  alternatives to vaccinations.  There is a Homeopathic Remedy for almost every illness you can think of.  There are Homeopathic Prophylactics, or Preventatives, for flu and many other diseases. Vitamin C works as a Prophylactic and as a treatment for many infectious diseases, but the Homeopathic alternatives are also effective.   See my other recent posts on Vaccination alternatives:  In some of these you will find many Homeopathic Remedies for flu and other illnesses.

Note:  If you choose to use Homeopathy, it is advisable to seek professional advice for successful treatments, unless you know your remedies.

Homeopathic Thuja is a good remedy for the bad effects of vaccination:  Where illness, eczema and the like have come about AFTER being vaccinated, Homeopathic Thuja 30C is often of benefit.