How Does Homeopathy Work?

Homeopathic Medicine:

“Like-Treats-Like” and “The Minimum Dose”:  These are the two main principles of Homeopathic Medicine.

A Few Facts About Homeopathy In Britain: In 1977 there were six Homeopathic HOSPITALS operating in the United Kingdom under the auspices of the National Health Service.  These hospitals all ran out-patient departments where people could get homeopathic treatment.  The Royal Family have their own Homeopathic Physician and do not use allopathic medicine if they can avoid it.  The Queen Mother, who lived beyond a 100 years, used Homeopathic medicine all her life.

Homeopathy has a long tradition in India, where it has been incorporated into treatments by many Ayurvedic medicine practitioners.  Much new research into homeopathic medicine is done in India, and many of the best text-books,  used in Homeopathy Colleges throughout the world, are printed and published in India.

Homeopathy works.  It is a wonder-medicine. Around 200 years ago, a  physician from Leipzig, Dr Samuel Hahnemann, discovered the principles of  homeopathy, and the secret of ‘the minimum dose’.   He observed how a dose of  Cinchona bark GAVE him the symptoms of Malaria, and that these symptoms were negated when he gave himself the minimum dose of Cinchona bark in a homeopathic, specially diluted, preparation. Actually,  Quinine is derived from Cinchona bark, the same substance  used in allopathic medicine to treat malaria.  But the interesting thing about the homeopathic medicine for malaria, is that the same substance used in allopathic medicine, Cinchona, will work in homeopathic dilution, both to prevent and treat malaria.

These dilutions of the original substance mean that the body does not have to process the original raw material, which can sometimes be harmful to the body:  but it can benefit from the properties of the plant which remain behind in the dilution, and which are easily assimilated by the body.

So – Homeopathy can heal diseases.  It can also prevent them.  Here is an example:  Dr Hahnemann discovered that homeopathic  Belladonna, in the minimum dose,  worked specifically as a preventative of Scarlet Fever, as well as a treatment.  Belladonna is poisonous in its original plant state, and will bring on symptoms similar to scarlet fever:  But in the homeopathic dilutions, this very same plant will REVERSE the symptoms of scarlet fever. There are many other homeopathic remedies  which can be used to counteract and prevent infectious diseases:  Thus homeopathy can substitute vaccination.

There are  Homeopathic remedies which can heal bruises, and which will act as pain relievers for emotional and physical complaints,  specific homeopathic remedies for specific infectious diseases,  specific homeopathic remedies  which act as prophylactics, to prevent illnesses occurring, remedies which can be taken to counteract the bad effects of prescription medicines and vaccinations, and remedies to negate the effect of  environmental pollutants.

Childhood Infectious Diseases and Other Complaints: There are  Homeopathic remedies  for each of  all the childhood diseases, such as mumps, chicken pox, scarlet fever, and many more.  Homeopathic Ledum is one  remedy to counteract tetanus, to save your child from having yet another vaccination .

Each homeopathic remedy is capable  also of fixing a multitude of complaints which often seem unrelated to the main health complaint.  There are general  emotional and physical symptoms which go with each remedy, and if you have several of these general symptoms which belong to a  particular remedy, that will be the remedy to take for your condition.  That remedy, if it has been chosen correctly,  will also cure the other side issues which accompany the main complaint, such as irritability, intolerance of other people,  or anger, depression, or crying for no reason,  or not sleeping, or sleeping too much, or lack of appetite,  or too much appetite, and many more.   The right remedy will fix any symptoms such as these, whilst it will cure the main condition.

So Homeopathy is a wholistic medicine – It looks at the whole body to assess all the  physical and emotional symptoms, not just the apparent disease.  Generally speaking, after the condition and the accompanying symptoms have been alleviated or cured, there is no need for on-going treatment, a situation which allopathic medicine seems to thrive on.

Now most antibiotics and allopathic medicines are not capable of doing this, of fixing all the complaints together, with one medicine.  These unique qualities of Homeopathic prescribing make it a real threat to many doctors and to drug companies, who fear that, if Homeopathy ‘takes off’, that it might impact on their pharmaceutical sales, and the amount of visits a doctor might expect from his patients.

So just how does a Homeopathic remedy work?   One concept put forward by the British Homeopathy Association  comes close to explaining the phenomenon of how homeopathy can possibly work in microscopic doses, so small, that the original element cannot be detected in many cases.  This concept is that water has memory – It remembers the influences of the past, and can remember the influences of the substances which have infused it, such as are used in the original substances of  homeopathic medicine.

Modern science, I think because of ulterior motives,  has resisted explaining the workings of Homeopathy.  True, it is  difficult to explain just how  it works, since Homeopathy contains such tiny  amounts of the original healing substance.  This healing substance often cannot be detected at all  in the final potency.  This is one point which opponents of Homeopathy  use in their attempts to discredit Homeopathy.  The other is that Homeopathy uses ‘like to treat like’, which is said to confound the medical profession. Yet, they already know about these principles, as we shall see.

Why not accept the phenomena as fact?  There are instances in allopathic medicine of ‘like treating like’, and also of ‘the minimum dose.  “What are those examples”, you may ask.  Well – X-ray ‘therapy’ is one instance of the  ‘like treating like’  principle.   The radiation in X-rays is known to cause cancer, yet,  this treatment is used to TREAT people with cancer in conventional allopathic medicine.   Another example is the instance of using Digitalis as a heart medicine – This remedy,  in allopathic medicine, incorporates the ‘like treats like’ principle, as well as ‘the minimum dose’ principle, just as in Homeopathic medicine:   Digitalis will kill you of heart attack if it is taken fresh from the plant, yet in a minimum dose, the digitalis  in microscopic amount will help to prevent heart attack.  This is the same principle which  explains the workings of Homeopathic medicine, the ‘principle of the minimum dose’.

People accept X-rays as a fact, yet we cannot see them.  It takes a leap of the imagination to accept that an X-ray zapp, which we cannot see,  might cure you of thyroid cancer, or breast cancer, or cancer of the testicles, yet people put their faith in the doctor’s hands every day and line up for this treatment.  Which often does not work.  People very often die just the same.  But nevertheless, X-ray treatment, which we know will kill good healthy cells at the same time  that it kills cancer cells, is widely accepted as a treatment for cancer.  Surely this defies logic?  Yet Homeopathic medicine is shoved behind the door because some doctors say that it is not logical.

So why this ‘set’ against Homeopathy?  There is one doctor in New Zealand right now who really hates his colleagues using Homeopathy at all.  He has written articles for the paper about it, probably egged on by the drug companies,  and is trying to get these Homepathic-friendly doctors banned from prescribing Homeopathic medicines.  This surely is a crime, because Homeopathy is a safer alternative to using most prescription medicines.  There are never any cases of ‘medical misadventure’ which are reported daily in allopathic medicine, where wrong medicines have been given, some resulting in death.

Homeopathy is a far safer option to antibiotics, vaccinations and many other prescription medicines.   It is wrong to deprive people of safe alternative treatments which DO work, such as Vitamin C therapy, and Homeopathy.


Swine Flu Vaccine Dangers and Alternative Treatments

Antibiotics and Vaccinations Weaken The Immune System. One should examine the SAFE ALTERNATIVES, which will be mentioned in this article, before heading in for those flu shots, or the ‘Tamiflu’.

There is a huge push for people to be vaccinated for flu, and a huge push to have children vaccinated, not just for flu, but for measles, mumps, whooping cough and other childhood illnesses.  This is a worry.

Question Those Vaccination Programmes: Mass Vaccination Programmes mean big profits for the multi-national drug-making giants.  So, pharmaceutical companies welcome the so-called epidemics, especially when vaccination is made mandatory because of the scare of an epidemic, as this creates a massive demand for their products, and generates billions of dollars for these drug firms.

Next thing those drug-company business geniuses must ask themselves is:  If there isn’t an epidemic, why not create one?  If you can convince the public that there is a scare of epidemic, then they will all run to the doctor’s to get their vaccination shots anyway.

So – Make some propaganda for vaccination: All you need is one or two unfortunate people to have died from Swine Flu, or another rather obscure disease, such as the ‘Avian’ flu, and you can convince people that there is an epidemic threatening the country. Put an article about it in a few papers, advertise on television, and people will go in their droves to buy those vaccines.

This is propaganda for vaccination:  This is how it worked in 1976, when a flu epidemic was declared in the USA:  Only one person actually died from this  flu, so reports say,  but the authorities jumped on the band-wagon, and a national emergency was declared which saw millions of people being vaccinated for the flu.  Only thing was – this vaccine hadn’t been tested properly.  This experiment had disastrous consequences:  Hundreds of people died as a result of taking this flu vaccine in 1976, and many more were made paralyzed for life. THIS information has been conveniently ignored by the drug companies, and governmental authorities, who use fear-mongering tactics to get people vaccinated.

There is presently a similar situation going on: There is no swine flu epidemic – more people die of regular flu in the states  each week, than of swine flu.   More  deaths were recorded in a week from regular flu in the USA, in 2009,  than deaths from swine flu over a period of 3 months.  Yet people fear swine flu more than they do the regular flu, because publicity is engineered to have this effect. We fear the new, so new diseases and epidemics are highlighted to get the desired reaction from the public – trotting in for a vaccine is the average response.

The other important point is that, for the average healthy person, there need be no deaths from swine flu, because it has been proven that  Vitamin C kills the Swine  the flu virus.  Professor Ian Brighthope at the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine has done much research into the use of Vitamin C to treat infectious diseases.

So why the panic for vaccination? Because the public are not informed about the alternatives to vaccination:   Drug companies, with the support of the media, see to it that their products dominate the market, and that information on vaccine alternatives is conveniently swept under the carpet.

But wait – there’s more: It has been proven that intravenous Vitamin C, given once a month, has acted as a prophylactic against flu.  After over a year’s clinical experiments at the Hale healing institute in America, no patients who had been having the vitamin C therapy succumbed to the flu, despite there being an ‘epidemic’.

The public are deliberately kept ignorant about the successes of Vitamin C therapy, and Homeopathy, and other treatments.  The conspiracy gets more evil when you consider that, even when people are dying from Swine Flu in hospital, they are STILL denied Vitamin C therapy. Even though  clinical studies prove that Vitamin C kills the Swine Flu virus,  these poor patients are persuaded, while in hospital, to take chemotherapy instead.  Chemotherapy usually ends the life of a  weakened Swine-flu victim pretty quickly.

Barbara Loe Fisher who was President of the National Vaccine Information Centre (she might still be) discusses how a so-called epidemic of flu was created in 1976. Only 1 person died, yet this was called a national epidemic.  Mass vaccinations occurred, and hundreds of people died as a result.  Many more were left paralyzed because of the bad effects of the vaccination.

Vaccines, including the swine flu vaccine,  always pose a danger to the public, because the total sum of their side effects  cannot be assessed until years after the vaccination event.  “Investigate Before You Vaccinate”, as the famous  book suggests:  Even if people have not died after being vaccinated recently, the alternatives to Vaccines, such as Homeopathy, and Vitamin C, are far safer. Vaccinations are very damaging to the auto-immune system.  Vaccinations contain antibiotics, and all antibiotics interfere with the normal healthy functioning of the immune system.

Vaccinations increase your risk of suffering alzheimer’s, cancer.  Vaccinations increase the risk of autism in children, and many other conditions.  Vaccinations very often bring on the flu, instead of preventing it.  This can be a big health issue for elderly people.  Flu vaccines often bring on flu-like symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, swollen neck glands, sore ears, and the like.

Many people who were healthy before taking a vaccine, have suddenly become unhealthy after having taken a vaccine, with eczema, tiredness, and bone pain developing as permanent conditions.  Vaccinations for flu, and other antibiotics,  degenerate the nervous system, which could cause diseases such as parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis in some people.  In some people, damage is done to the brain cells, causing memory loss.  Heart, lungs, kidneys and liver are all affected.  The blood pressure can rise after vaccinations.

“But how do I protect myself against serious diseases, such as ‘Swine Flu”? you might ask.  Many people think that they cannot survive illnesses such as “Swine Flu” unless they take vaccines, yet they feel uncomfortable about vaccination:  A damned if you do, and doomed if you don’t situation.

The good news is that there are some very good alternatives to vaccinations:  Swine flu has been scientifically proven to respond to Vitamin C therapy:  Vitamin C is capable of killing viruses, and even the tenacious swine flu virus finds it hard to battle with Vitamin C.  People have recovered from Swine Flu, when they were expected to die, after being given intravenous doses of Vitamin C, anywhere from 50 grams per day to a 100 gms, depending on body weight.  Some doctors have documented their findings, also, that Vitamin C, when given in a regular monthly large dose intravenously, can protect against flu viruses in times of an epidemic.

SO – Research Shows That Vitamin C is a Preventative For Swine Flu, as well as a Treatment For Swine Flu:  Vitamin C will act as a prophylactic when it is taken in a large enough dose before you get the flu, and will minimize the effects of flu if the virus has infected your system already.  People have recovered from Swine Flu after they have been given intravenous Vitamin C in large doses

Homeopathic medicine, Vitamin C Therapy, and herbal medicine are  safe  alternatives to vaccinations.  There is a Homeopathic Remedy for almost every illness you can think of.  There are Homeopathic Prophylactics, or Preventatives, for flu and many other diseases. Vitamin C works as a Prophylactic and as a treatment for many infectious diseases, but the Homeopathic alternatives are also effective.   See my other recent posts on Vaccination alternatives:  In some of these you will find many Homeopathic Remedies for flu and other illnesses.

Note:  If you choose to use Homeopathy, it is advisable to seek professional advice for successful treatments, unless you know your remedies.

Homeopathic Thuja is a good remedy for the bad effects of vaccination:  Where illness, eczema and the like have come about AFTER being vaccinated, Homeopathic Thuja 30C is often of benefit.


List Of Common Childhood Illnesses and Vaccination Alternatives

Common Childhood Infectious Diseases

These listed childhood illnesses are common amongst children under the age of ten.  In fact, the earlier that children get these infectious diseases, the less likely they are to suffer complications and adverse side effects.  My mother always thought that it was best if we were exposed to these illnesses at an early age, and she made no effort to protect us against getting them, as we were never so sick if we had them young.  And, once you had the virus, your immune system was made strong naturally, through combatting the disease, and so we never had a recurrence.

The common childhood illnesses came just once.  We welcomed getting the common infections  such as Mumps, Chicken Pox and Measles as a child,  because if you escaped getting these diseases as a youngster, then you could expect to have an incredibly strong and debilitating dose of the disease if you got it when you were an adult.

Should I Vaccinate My Child Or Not? This is a serious question, and it should be carefully considered before charging ahead with vaccination.  One good alternative is Homeopathy.  Consult your Doctor, your Homeopath, your Ayurvedic medicine practitioner, or another health professional to help you decide.

These days, vaccinations, or immunisations,  have complicated things.  Children’s immune systems are weakened by having these innoculations, and immune systems become lazy  when they are repeatedly bombarded with vaccination bugs.  Also, having the vaccination does not necessarily mean that your child will be protected from the disease.  I have heard of many instances, where the child has had a severe infection straight after having the vaccination for it:  The vaccination actually brings on the condition in some people.

The List of Common Childhood Diseases is as Follows. I have listed some Homeopathic alternatives which are worth consideration in the treatment of these illnesses.  Homeopathy is a safe, more natural method  of combatting these illness than vaccination.  Homeopathic Treatment will not cause long-lasting damage to the immune system.

Chicken Pox:  This has red spots which turn to blisters.  The ‘pox’ begins on the trunk, like Scarlet Fever, and then spreads to the face and limbs.  Its incubation period is between 17-21 days after coming into contact with the virus.  Isolation is recommended for around two or three weeks after the onset of the infection, which is when you can expect the scabs to come off the sores, and the skin to heal.  The Chicken Pox is an itchy infection, and children should be discouraged from scratching themselves, as this will make things worse.

Diphtheria:  This is characterized by a sore throat, like Scarlet Fever.  It also has a coated tongue, like Scarlet Fever in its early development.  Bad breath, sickness and choking, and difficulty breathing are symptoms of Diphtheria.  Its incubation period is between 1-5 days after contact.  The isolation period recommended in the old household medical books is about 6 weeks.   Your doctor will advise you on this.

‘German’ Measles:  This is characterized initially by a cold in the nose with a sore throat.  After two days of these symptoms, an irregular rash appears over the body.  Swollen glands, sore neck, and conjunctivitis may be present.  The incubation period for German measles is anything between 2 to 4 weeks.  The isolation period for German Measles is given as  3 weeks in the old text books.  It is important to prevent expectant mothers from coming into contact with the German Measles, as it could have serious consequences.

‘English’ Measles: This type of Measles was more mild than the German variety.  It is characterized by  a rash which appears in small areas of pink patches, after about the 4th or 5th day of being exposed to the disease.   The pink patches grow gradually larger and spread over the body.   Other characteristics are a feverish cold with a runny nose, which usually develops after the rash has appeared.   The eyes become irritated and red.  Small white spots appear inside the mouth on the cheeks.  Isolation should be for about two weeks after the onset of Measles.

Mumps: This condition also affects the throat to begin with.  The throat is sore and there will be difficulty in chewing and swallowing, resulting in loss of appetite.   Other symptoms are likely to be:  Swollen neck glands, pain under the ear, and sore inner ear. The Incubation Period may be between two to four weeks after coming into contact with the disease.  A period of around 4 weeks isolation for Mumps is recommended

Scarlet Fever: Of course you should see your doctor.  But  Homeopathic Belladonna has been proven to be effective in preventing Scarlet Fever in times of an epidemic.  It can also help alleviate the symptoms, and quicken the recovery,  if your child should succumb to this disease.  This illness is characterized by a sore throat in the initial stages.  The tongue starts off white and furry, but changes to a bright red after a couple of days.   Temperature, fever, vomiting, pains in the stomach are symptoms of this disease.  The red rash, which appears within 24 hours of the onset of the disease,  appears first on the trunk of the body, then spreads to the limbs, and finally, to the face.  This rash is made up of tiny red spots.  The Incubation period is between 2 to 5 days.  Isolation is recommended for around 2 weeks after the rash first appears.

Whooping Cough:  This is another of the Childhood infectious diseases.  It often begins like flu,  with a head cold and running nose with the eyes red and streaming.  Loss of appetite and vomiting may accompany the condition   However, the condition is much more serious than simple flu.  Young children, and babies especially, can ‘go down’ very quickly with whooping cough. Babies can easily die of Whooping Cough, so it is important to have treatment handy, and to head for the doctor if you suspect Whooping Cough.   Whooping Cough can come on very suddenly, in the wee small hours of the night when most doctors surgeries are closed.   Your child suddenly finds it difficult to breathe, and makes a wheezing, whooping sound as he or she fights to breath in, and this frightens the life out of you. Of course, you MUST see a doctor, or another health professional such as a homeopathic doctor, or get to the hospital immediately.  But as soon as the alarm has been set off, and you realize that your child has whooping cough, then you can immediately start giving them Homeopathic Drosera. By the time you get to the hospital, you might find that the Drosera has already worked, and that there is no need for further medication. The disease often ends as quickly as it began, with Drosera.   I used the Homeopathic Remedy Drosera for these occasions, and it never failed me.  Drosera is one of those magic Prophylactic remedies for Whooping Cough, which means that it is a preventative of the disease.  Because it is a Prophylactic, you can give your child several doses of this, over several days, the minute that you realize there is a Whooping Cough epidemic around.  Taking Homeopathic Drosera as a preventative can mean that your children may avoid getting Whooping Cough in times of an epidemic.  Keep it in your medicine cupboard, to use in times of emergency, and for the periods when the Whooping Cough virus is going around the schools.

What Are The Symptoms Of Scarlet Fever?

How To Identify Scarlet Fever:

Scarlet Fever is an acute infectious disease which is mainly spread by coughing and sneezing.  The germ Streptococcus scarlatinae, which first affects the throat, is carried from the infected person, in air-borne droplets of water as they talk, sneeze or cough.  The germ is in the saliva, and this can be passed on, not just through coughing and sneezing, but through the sick person touching other people, or by touching books, clothes, eating and drinking vessels,  and food, and toys which have been handled by the patient.

The outbreak of Scarlet Fever in Hong Kong recently has caused people to wonder about the symptoms of the disease, and how best to treat it.

The Hong Kong variety of Scarlet Fever is not responding to the usual orthodox methods of treatment, such as penicillin and other antibiotics:  I have put up several posts on alternative treatment for Scarlet Fever, which may prove to be useful for some people. These posts appear directly before this one.  The most important preventative treatment to have handy is the Homeopathic Belladonna Remedy.

If You Think That Your Child May Have Scarlet Fever: Of course, it is best to have a Doctor or some other health professional look at your child, rather than make a diagnosis yourself.  Always take your child to a health professional if they are sick.  Children are vulnerable to the infection up to the age of about 15.  Children seem more vulnerable around the age of four or five.

Learn Now About Scarlet Fever: However, being forewarned can often mean that you are forearmed, and so it is sensible to learn something about the illness, and its treatments, before the actual event occurs.  Then, you can rush your child off to the doctor if you have assessed the infection is serious.  If there is Scarlet Fever in the area, then you would begin Preventative treatment immediately,  with that famous Prophylactic, the Homeopathic  Belladonna  Remedy.  You would begin taking this preventative medicine BEFORE your child gets sick.

The Common Symptoms Of Scarlet Fever:  How To Identify Scarlet Fever:  The following are the common symptoms.

Sore Throat – This is one of the first symptoms to appear.  The throat is sore well before the rash comes out.  The child finds it difficult to swallow and refuses food.

Temperature Will Rise

There may be Fever – Perhaps delirium as well.

Vomiting– Perhaps with pain in the stomach.

Tongue – White-coated tongue to begin with.   This changes to bright red after a day or two, known as ‘the strawberry tongue”.

Rash and Red Spots Fine red spots develop on the trunk of the body within 24 hours of the sore throat developing. This rash of fine red spots then moves to the limbs – legs and arms.  The rash moves to the face last, after the chest area and limbs are affected.

Pallor around the mouth – very white, perhaps grey-blue colour.  This may be evident at the beginning of the illness, but the pallor becomes more distinct when the rash on the body appears.

Peeling Of Skin Shows That The Infection Is Over: These symptoms of Scarlet Fever all start to abate after a few days.  The fever goes down, the rash turns from red to a brown colour, and it starts to fade. The skin affected by  rash begins to peel off, like sunburn, and at this stage the child is nolonger infectious.

Incubation Time: The common type of Scarlet Fever was thought to have had an incubation period of from 2 to 5 days after contact with an infected person.  The new strain of Hong Kong Scarlet Fever may vary a little in its incubation time.

Isolation Period Recommended: In the old family medical books, an isolation period of from 12 to 14 days was recommended, taken from the time the rash first appeared on the body.

Treatment: It is good to do everything possible to get your child better quickly.  It is important to bring the fever down with plenty of fluids, as there is a possibility that the heart could be affected from the Scarlet Fever toxins if the child is delicate.  A speedy recovery is important.  This is where your Vitamin C, Halibut oil capsules, and Belladonna, or some other Homeopathic Remedy, will help to speed up recovery.  Blue lighting while the patient is in fever, will help to bring the fever down, along with those lemon and ginger drinks.

Plenty of Hot Lemon and Ginger Drinks are helpful, perhaps with honey if you have it.  Fluids will help to dilute the toxins and prevent the kidneys and heart  from suffering.  Nephritis may develop in the kidneys if not enough liquids are taken.  A  light but nourishing diet while recovering from Scarlet Fever will help the kidneys to recover.

Plenty of Bed Rest is recommended.  Convalescence should not be hurried, as the patient will need time to recover strength again.  The patient should be kept warm.


Alternatives To Vaccination In New Zealand

The Pressure Is On For Children To Be Vaccinated in New Zealand.

Vaccination in New Zealand should not become compulsory.

Recently, many children were banned from Oratia Primary School because they had not been vaccinated. Around a fifth of the school children have not have vaccinations, because their parents believe that vaccinations may be harmful. The fact that the children were not vaccinated was described as a ‘life-style choice’, which I think is a bit derogatory, since it implies that the parents might be lazy, or might be doing absolutely nothing to substitute the vaccine.  This is not the case, I am sure that you will find.  Many of these parents will be using the Homeopathic alternatives. Many  of these parents will have seriously examined the statistics on drug and vaccine use, and these statistics are not always convincing in the favour of vaccines and other medications.

These children at Oratia, who have not had vaccinations, have been forbidden to return to school until some time in July, which means they will have had around 6 weeks off school because of the school ruling.

Vaccination, called ‘Immunisation’, is something which really should be questioned. (Read merrilyn’s later posts – one entitled Vaccination Linked To Obesity New Study Suggests)

Personally, I  think that vaccination or immunisation of any kind seriously undermines the immune system, giving the individual a higher risk of chronic disease later in life.  I decided to avoid all innoculations, vaccines, and immunisations for my four children, because my eldest became suddenly very sick after being given the standard measles mumps whooping cough innoculations. He was also exposed to 245T, but that was at a later date, after the adverse reaction to the immunisation injection.  After having an injection at 3 months old, he experienced general swelling, eczema, digestive problems, and spent days, if not weeks, crying from the discomfort.  He became very restless at night.  By the time he seemed to have recovered, he was almost 6 months old – time for the second shot of vaccination.  The same problems occurred all over again.  After the second dose, at 6 months, I decided I would not be bullied any more into giving any of my children innoculations or vaccinations of any kind.  I would use Homeopathic medicine, and Vitamins and Minerals, and Colour Therapy, and Diet, to combat all ills instead.

Find Out About The Alternatives To Vaccination:  Homeopathy offers alternatives to vaccination. Personally, I found Homeopathic Remedies to be very effective in combatting childhood illnesses and infections.  I did not even use Tetanus shots for my children, as I discovered that there are several good remedies for Tetanus.  The remedy which I used instead of a Tetanus shot was homeopathic Ledum.  And I discovered several homeopathic remedies which were effective for Whooping cough: Sometimes we had Whooping Cough epidemics, and it was necessary to have some remedy to counteract this.  The Homeopathic remedy which I found most effective in preventing Whooping Cough was  Homeopathic Drosera.

I recommend people to read Susan K. Claridge’s book “Investigate Before You Vaccinate:  Making an informed decision about vaccination in New Zealand”. This well researched manual is by  Susan K. Claridge.  This book is published by “The Immunisation Awareness Society Inc.”, P.O. Box 56-048, Dominion Road, Auckland, New Zealand.

Vaccination is NOT Immunisation:  Just because you have had a vaccination for a disease, you are not necessarily going to be protected from succumbing to that disease.  Sometimes people get an exceptionally strong dose of the disease soon after they have had the ‘immunisation’, or vaccination shot.

Vaccinations Weaken Your Immunity:

Vaccinations, or ‘Immunisations’ may give you a higher risk of getting cancer, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, arthritis, and other serious chronic afflictions in later life.

Vaccinations May Cause Brain Damage In Some Cases: Many parents believe that their children have been brain damaged after having had vaccinations. Asperges Syndrome has presented itself in some children, after they have had vaccinations.  A leading doctor in America wrote papers on his findings in the 1990’s, which the Lancet, and other medical journals published.  However, just lately, there has been a big push by drug companies, and many doctors, for vaccinations to become accepted world wide.  And so a new study  which supports immunisation has been done, most likely by doctors working for the drug companies who want their drug and immunisation sales to increase, and this study has been published by the Lancet. This recent ‘research’  refutes the claims of the 1990’s  doctors who reported that immunisation was a danger to children’s health.

The Fact Is That If You Suppress The Common Infections, Such As Mumps, Measles, and Chicken Pox, Other Diseases Will Rise Up To Take Their Place.

Measles and Mumps Have a Purpose:

It is a natural course of events for children to succumb to the common infections such as measles and mumps and chicken pox when they are little.  My Mum always used to say that these infections were never as bad if a child caught them under the age of five., whereas after the age of five, the children were often quite sick.

Most children survive these illnesses without any complications or adverse effects, however, a few children do suffer complications because of measles, chicken pox or mumps.  But for most children, their immune systems became stronger through having these illnesses, and so their  strengthened immune systems are made strong enough to prevent them from ever having these illnesses again in the life.

Do not accept what the Drug Companies and Most Doctors Tell You Without Question: How many times have things been promoted by drug companies, given out willy nilly by doctors, only to have it revealed later that the product has been found to be harmful in some way?  At this stage, these harmful  drugs are removed from the market.  The same thing happens with chemicals.  Ivan Watkins Dow happily told us in New Zealand that there was no proof that 245T was harmful to people, and so they continued to make it here in New Zealand, and sold to farmers here,  even after the rest of the world had banned the stuff.

While there is money to be made from selling chemicals, drugs, including vaccination or innoculation material, you simply cannot believe that what the medical authorities tell us about immunisation.  So called research is being done every day by drug companies, in an attempt to sell their stuff to the world.  Drug companies would just love to have vaccination made compulsory all over the world, as this would mean huge riches for them.

I believe that the drive for Immunisation, for people to be vaccinated world-wide, is not so much because drug companies really believe that all illnesses will be eradicated by vaccination, but because they see the potential profit in having world-wide sales.

Immunisation is an easy thing to sell. Only, you cannot wipe out all illnesses through vaccination: By eradicating the common childhood infections, other, even worse conditions will  probably arise.  So  while people continue to believe that vaccination is the answer to illness, the drug companies will still have a ready market, because even if they succeed in making their vaccinations mandatory,  there will be plenty of cancer victims around for them to sell their cancer products to in the years to come.