How Does Homeopathy Work?

Homeopathic Medicine:

“Like-Treats-Like” and “The Minimum Dose”:  These are the two main principles of Homeopathic Medicine.

A Few Facts About Homeopathy In Britain: In 1977 there were six Homeopathic HOSPITALS operating in the United Kingdom under the auspices of the National Health Service.  These hospitals all ran out-patient departments where people could get homeopathic treatment.  The Royal Family have their own Homeopathic Physician and do not use allopathic medicine if they can avoid it.  The Queen Mother, who lived beyond a 100 years, used Homeopathic medicine all her life.

Homeopathy has a long tradition in India, where it has been incorporated into treatments by many Ayurvedic medicine practitioners.  Much new research into homeopathic medicine is done in India, and many of the best text-books,  used in Homeopathy Colleges throughout the world, are printed and published in India.

Homeopathy works.  It is a wonder-medicine. Around 200 years ago, a  physician from Leipzig, Dr Samuel Hahnemann, discovered the principles of  homeopathy, and the secret of ‘the minimum dose’.   He observed how a dose of  Cinchona bark GAVE him the symptoms of Malaria, and that these symptoms were negated when he gave himself the minimum dose of Cinchona bark in a homeopathic, specially diluted, preparation. Actually,  Quinine is derived from Cinchona bark, the same substance  used in allopathic medicine to treat malaria.  But the interesting thing about the homeopathic medicine for malaria, is that the same substance used in allopathic medicine, Cinchona, will work in homeopathic dilution, both to prevent and treat malaria.

These dilutions of the original substance mean that the body does not have to process the original raw material, which can sometimes be harmful to the body:  but it can benefit from the properties of the plant which remain behind in the dilution, and which are easily assimilated by the body.

So – Homeopathy can heal diseases.  It can also prevent them.  Here is an example:  Dr Hahnemann discovered that homeopathic  Belladonna, in the minimum dose,  worked specifically as a preventative of Scarlet Fever, as well as a treatment.  Belladonna is poisonous in its original plant state, and will bring on symptoms similar to scarlet fever:  But in the homeopathic dilutions, this very same plant will REVERSE the symptoms of scarlet fever. There are many other homeopathic remedies  which can be used to counteract and prevent infectious diseases:  Thus homeopathy can substitute vaccination.

There are  Homeopathic remedies which can heal bruises, and which will act as pain relievers for emotional and physical complaints,  specific homeopathic remedies for specific infectious diseases,  specific homeopathic remedies  which act as prophylactics, to prevent illnesses occurring, remedies which can be taken to counteract the bad effects of prescription medicines and vaccinations, and remedies to negate the effect of  environmental pollutants.

Childhood Infectious Diseases and Other Complaints: There are  Homeopathic remedies  for each of  all the childhood diseases, such as mumps, chicken pox, scarlet fever, and many more.  Homeopathic Ledum is one  remedy to counteract tetanus, to save your child from having yet another vaccination .

Each homeopathic remedy is capable  also of fixing a multitude of complaints which often seem unrelated to the main health complaint.  There are general  emotional and physical symptoms which go with each remedy, and if you have several of these general symptoms which belong to a  particular remedy, that will be the remedy to take for your condition.  That remedy, if it has been chosen correctly,  will also cure the other side issues which accompany the main complaint, such as irritability, intolerance of other people,  or anger, depression, or crying for no reason,  or not sleeping, or sleeping too much, or lack of appetite,  or too much appetite, and many more.   The right remedy will fix any symptoms such as these, whilst it will cure the main condition.

So Homeopathy is a wholistic medicine – It looks at the whole body to assess all the  physical and emotional symptoms, not just the apparent disease.  Generally speaking, after the condition and the accompanying symptoms have been alleviated or cured, there is no need for on-going treatment, a situation which allopathic medicine seems to thrive on.

Now most antibiotics and allopathic medicines are not capable of doing this, of fixing all the complaints together, with one medicine.  These unique qualities of Homeopathic prescribing make it a real threat to many doctors and to drug companies, who fear that, if Homeopathy ‘takes off’, that it might impact on their pharmaceutical sales, and the amount of visits a doctor might expect from his patients.

So just how does a Homeopathic remedy work?   One concept put forward by the British Homeopathy Association  comes close to explaining the phenomenon of how homeopathy can possibly work in microscopic doses, so small, that the original element cannot be detected in many cases.  This concept is that water has memory – It remembers the influences of the past, and can remember the influences of the substances which have infused it, such as are used in the original substances of  homeopathic medicine.

Modern science, I think because of ulterior motives,  has resisted explaining the workings of Homeopathy.  True, it is  difficult to explain just how  it works, since Homeopathy contains such tiny  amounts of the original healing substance.  This healing substance often cannot be detected at all  in the final potency.  This is one point which opponents of Homeopathy  use in their attempts to discredit Homeopathy.  The other is that Homeopathy uses ‘like to treat like’, which is said to confound the medical profession. Yet, they already know about these principles, as we shall see.

Why not accept the phenomena as fact?  There are instances in allopathic medicine of ‘like treating like’, and also of ‘the minimum dose.  “What are those examples”, you may ask.  Well – X-ray ‘therapy’ is one instance of the  ‘like treating like’  principle.   The radiation in X-rays is known to cause cancer, yet,  this treatment is used to TREAT people with cancer in conventional allopathic medicine.   Another example is the instance of using Digitalis as a heart medicine – This remedy,  in allopathic medicine, incorporates the ‘like treats like’ principle, as well as ‘the minimum dose’ principle, just as in Homeopathic medicine:   Digitalis will kill you of heart attack if it is taken fresh from the plant, yet in a minimum dose, the digitalis  in microscopic amount will help to prevent heart attack.  This is the same principle which  explains the workings of Homeopathic medicine, the ‘principle of the minimum dose’.

People accept X-rays as a fact, yet we cannot see them.  It takes a leap of the imagination to accept that an X-ray zapp, which we cannot see,  might cure you of thyroid cancer, or breast cancer, or cancer of the testicles, yet people put their faith in the doctor’s hands every day and line up for this treatment.  Which often does not work.  People very often die just the same.  But nevertheless, X-ray treatment, which we know will kill good healthy cells at the same time  that it kills cancer cells, is widely accepted as a treatment for cancer.  Surely this defies logic?  Yet Homeopathic medicine is shoved behind the door because some doctors say that it is not logical.

So why this ‘set’ against Homeopathy?  There is one doctor in New Zealand right now who really hates his colleagues using Homeopathy at all.  He has written articles for the paper about it, probably egged on by the drug companies,  and is trying to get these Homepathic-friendly doctors banned from prescribing Homeopathic medicines.  This surely is a crime, because Homeopathy is a safer alternative to using most prescription medicines.  There are never any cases of ‘medical misadventure’ which are reported daily in allopathic medicine, where wrong medicines have been given, some resulting in death.

Homeopathy is a far safer option to antibiotics, vaccinations and many other prescription medicines.   It is wrong to deprive people of safe alternative treatments which DO work, such as Vitamin C therapy, and Homeopathy.


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