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Hawthorne Wine Or Beer Recipe For Hypertension

November 22nd, 2014

Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure The Hawthorne has been proven as an effective remedy for hypertension - high blood pressure. John Heinerman says in his book, 'Miracle Healing Herbs' that a Scottish doctor in 1939 ran some tests with a hawthorne remedy on 10 patients who had high blood pressure.  This doctor was Dr. James Graham of Glasgow University. Dr Graham's experiment with his home made remedy was successful in improving the health of all 10 patients in his study. Here is my version of the recipe which Dr Graham is said to have used: Recipe For Hawthorne Wine Or Beer: Take 4 tablespoonsful of ...

Breathing Method To Help Reduce High Blood Pressure

June 13th, 2014

The Yoga Cooling Breath - Sheetali Pranayama Yoga Technique To Enhance Vitality, Induce Mental Calmness And Normalize Blood Pressure Sheetali Pranayama is an age-old practice which is included in the teachings of Satyananda. Sheetali Pranayama will noticeably reduce high blood pressure even after one or two practices of the method.  Over time, if you practice it regularly on a daily basis, you will find that your general health will improve, and that your blood pressure will also improve. Of course, attention to the diet and minimizing any activities which cause your blood pressure to rise are also important in achieving a balanced state. Basically, ...

Flu Vaccination Brought On Asthma And High Blood Pressure

January 9th, 2013

On The Bad Effects Of  Vaccination For a start, the flu vaccination, in this case, brought about a bad dose of flu the very next day - the very thing the flu vaccination was meant to prevent! Immunization  Has Debilitating Effects For Some People:  This is a story about how vaccination caused influenza, asthma and high blood pressure in a person immediately after she had a flu injection.  If only she had known about the effectiveness of Homeopathic Arsen Alb., she may have been spared the consequences of the flu jab.  Read: There is much literature around on the bad effects of ...

Olive Leaf Tea

November 22nd, 2010

Olive Leaf Benefits Health: The value of olive oil in treating gall bladder and liver disfunction and in strengthening the heart is discussed on several other posts on this site. Olive oil is well known as having value as a detoxifier of these organs  and as a laxative. Olive oil is a natural liver cleanser. But today, let's look at the benefits to the health in using olive leaves as an infusion and as a tea. Olive Leaf Is a Natural Antiseptic Olive leaves are a natural antiseptic. Leaves of the species olea europaea, from the Oleaceae family, can be infused in ...

Help Stop Smoking With Baking Soda

November 11th, 2010

Baking Soda is Alkaline. It can help to neutralize toxins in the body and reduce acidity.  However, if you are on medications, or low sodium diet, then you should ask your doctor or naturopath before using baking soda. It is good to be a non-smoker.  Give it up and become more healthy.  Enjoy the fresh air and those lovely walks again, without getting puffed-out. Addicts of tobacco and alcohol and other drugs notoriously favour acid-forming foods such as  red meats, pork, coffee, and dairy foods, sugar and wheat-foods such as pasta and bread. The Best Dietary Measure To help Yourself Stop Smoking ...
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