Hawthorne Wine Or Beer Recipe For Hypertension

Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure

The Hawthorne has been proven as an effective remedy for hypertension – high blood pressure.

John Heinerman says in his book, ‘Miracle Healing Herbs’ that a Scottish doctor in 1939 ran some tests with a hawthorne remedy on 10 patients who had high blood pressure.  This doctor was Dr. James Graham of Glasgow University.

Dr Graham’s experiment with his home made remedy was successful in improving the health of all 10 patients in his study.

Here is my version of the recipe which Dr Graham is said to have used:

Recipe For Hawthorne Wine Or Beer:

Take 4 tablespoonsful of dried hawthorne berries.

Crush the berries well.

Add these to one pint of either dark honey mead, or a dark, rich beer.

Alternatively, you could use a sweet sherry, which will keep well.

You could also use vodka to make your remedy.  I use vodka to make up homeopathic remedies.  It keeps well, is inexpensive, and the flavour is so mild as to not impair any remedies.

Put the mixture in a bottle with the cap loosely screwed on, so as to let any gasses out as the mixture works.

Leave your hawthorne preparation for 15 days, shaking well each day.

After 15 days, strain the mixture into another clean, dry bottle and cork or screw down the lid.

Dr Graham’s reported dosage for each patient was 25 drops taken for one dose, twice a day.  The drops were put under the tongue, which aids in quick absorption of the remedy.

After only one week, apparently, all his patients had fully recovered.

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