Max Gerson’s Cancer Book Effects of Radiation on Health

Biological Effects of Atomic Radiation

A Cancer Therapy – Results of Fifty Cases, by Dr Max Gerson, M.D.

This book was first published in 1958. My edition is the 3rd edition, published in 1977, Copyright by Charlotte Gerson Straus, who is the daughter of Dr Max Gerson.

I have only recently unpacked this book. It has been boxed up with most of my books for several years, for the period of my stay and study in Wellington, at Victoria University, where I completed a B.A. in art history and music.

It is really good to have this book on hand again, so that I can quote from one of the masters of alternative cancer therapy.

This book is one everybody interested in avoiding cancer should read. It gives the details of how Dr Max Gerson healed many people of terminal cancer with his alternative methods. In reading his accounts, and his reasons for the treatments he gives, one gains insights into how cancer develops, as well as an understanding of what has to be done in order to prevent cancer.

Radiation Is A Peril To Man: We are all worried about the effects of the radiation coming from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. This will affect the environment world wide. People’s health will suffer as a consequence of this radioactive fall-out coming from Fukushima.

Chapter XIII of Max Gerson’s book is especially relevant to our topic. This chapter is entitled: Scientists Term Radiation A Peril To Future Of Man.

Radiation Has A Cumulative Effect: Dr Max Gerson tells us that American people were, at the time of writing this book, using up a third of their ‘safe’ dose of radiation with the X Rays that they were getting at their dentist’s and doctor’s surgeries. This was announced by the American Committee on Genetics, who, after discovering this fact, urged the medical profession to reduce the X Rays given, unless they were of absolute necessity. They also asked for medical records to be kept, so that radiation levels could be monitored. This is because RADIATION IS CUMULATIVE.

Every time you have an X Ray, you are adding to the radiation stored in your body……….:The effect of radiation is cumulative, it is said, no matter how long the period over which it is experienced”, says Max Gerson.

The American Committee on Genetics had six committees which “studied the radiation problem in the fields of genetics, pathology, meteorology, oceanography, fisheries-agriculture and food supplies, and disposal and dispersal of radio-active wastes……”……And this latter item, ‘the disposal and dispersal of radio-active wastes” is another matter of very grave and serious concern, with all the numerous nuclear power stations cropping up all over the world.

In Pathological Effects: The committee on pathology, chaired by Dr Shields Warren, “concluded in agreement with geneticists that RADIATION, NO MATTER HOW SMALL THE DOSE, SHORTENS LIFE IN SOME DEGREE”.

This information was published on June 13, 1956, in ‘The New York Times’. The author of the article was Anthony Leviero, and its subject is the survey of a report held in the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C., entitled “Biological Effects Of Atomic Radiation”.

In simple terms, the crucial finding was that RADIATION DAMAGE INEVITABLY RESULTS FROM EXPOSURE, NO MATTER HOW SMALL THE DOSE” – page 86 Gerson.

Max Gerson goes on to quote the report , saying that “Radiation causes mutation or harmful changes in the genes or germ cells of the reproductive organs. Damage manifests itself in shortening of the life span, reduces ability to produce children, and sometimes, but not often”, he says, “produces deformed or freakish children”.

The report states something else which is quite worrying: …Thus for the general population, and in the long run, a little radiation to a lot of people is as harmful as a lot of radiation to a few, since the total number of mutant genes can abe the same in the two cases”.

The report says that it will be difficult to identify radiation damage in future generations, meaning that it could be difficult to prove in some cases. However, genetic studies were made in the populations of Hiroshima and Nagasake, after these Japanese cities were destroyed by the American atomic bombs which were dropped there in World War II.

We now know that tremendous suffering was caused in these areas, not just by the bombs going off and killing people, and destroying these cities, but because of the slow deaths which many suffered afterward. Cancers of many types, especially bone cancers, lung cancers, and other mysterious degenerative diseases, infertility, and birth defects, have all resulted in Hiroshima and Nagasake.

Now the poor people near the nuclear power plant at Fukushima, and all people down wind of this plant, will suffer long term ill health, with shortened life expectancy, on top of the trauma they have already experienced as a result of these devastating earthquakes and tsunamis.

Grape Diet For Cancer

Grapes As Part of Cancer Treatment:

My friend Bernhard Petersen, who left his physical body less than a month ago, is still working here on earth as a healer. He has just given me some advice for another friend who has cancer.  Bernhard himself used grapes for healing.  He grew an abundance of them which even came inside his house at Waiheke Island.

This friend has had his pancreas removed, only a few months ago. He has just had scans done, and has been told that he has cancer in other parts of his body. Well, with the medical profession about to give up, as there is not much more they can do to help my friend using orthodox treatment, it really is about time to get cracking on detoxifying and maximizing nutrition so that the body may stand a chance of recovering.

Having organs removed from the body is not considered the best thing in alternative therapies: There almost always is cancer in other parts of the body, and so removing one part of it is not going to cure the condition. Far better to aim at clearing the vital organs of cancer so that you have these organs for the benefit of your health when you recover. Nevertheless, there is much that can be done to detoxify the body and prevent the cancer from growing. Cancer CAN be reversed.

Using castor oil, as in the Gerson method for treating cancer, would be the quickest, most efficient way to get those poisons eliminated very quickly.

However, when the body is so toxic, as it always is with developed cancers, one needs to be careful when you are detoxifying without the ongoing help of a professional therapist. Ideally, one would go to a cancer clinic, such as an Ann Wigmore clinic, or a Max Gerson clinic, but this live-in therapy, where one would have expert attention almost 100% of the time, is very costly. So we have to prepare a method and a programme which is manageable and do-able at home.


Another message came through from another friend: H …..WILL RECOVER WITH.. CLEANSING. CASTOR OIL IS VERY IMPORTANT

The Grape Diet:

Note: You MUST find organic, unsprayed grapes. Look around for an unsprayed source in someone’s back garden. There will be a friend of a friend around somewhere who will be able to help you out. Alternatively, you could buy organic grapes from a health food store, but these will be costly, considering the amount you will need to eat.

So – Bernhard recommends doing a grape diet for ten days to begin with: Eat as many grapes as you like. Whenever hungry, eat grapes. Eating just grapes, without any other food, and without doing anything else at this stage, apart from using enemas daily. I would take an enema whenever I felt nauseous, or was experiencing any other kind of physical upset. I found, when treating a breast lump with a raw food diet, castor oil and enemas, that using an enema really helped to alleviate pain or nausea or dizzyness, as these symptoms were usually the result of toxins overloading the intestines as they were released from the liver. Using water enemas, with just a quarter of a teaspoon of sea salt each time, flushed away these poisons very quickly, which had the immediate effect of dissipating any feelings of sickness. Make sure you use natural sea salt, and just a pinch or two.  Do not use table salt, as this has additives in it which will get absorbed through the bowel walls.

More about this tomorrow:  Ten days initially on the grape diet.  Eat as many as you like.  Use enemas daily – does not have to be a coffee enema.  Just warm, purified water with a pinch of sea salt will do the trick. Then we can look at other procedures.

Alternative Therapies on 60 Minutes With Mike McRoberts

Alternative Medicine: Does It Work?

22nd September, 2010.  Last night, on ‘Close-Up’, Channel One TVNZ, we were given what I consider to be a very unfair  and misleading representation of alternative therapies in a documentary presented by Mark Sainsbury.

I really think that the more recent documentaries on  Channel 3: 60 Minutes with Mike McRoberts have given us more valuable information on alternative therapies than any of the recent ‘Close-Up’ docos, but then, 60 Minutes perhaps has more time to prepare, with  only one whole hour of screening  once a week, compared to ‘Close-Up’s half an hour, week-days.

Hocus Pocus: The whole of the  “Close-Up” documentary was very quickly put together, by the look of it, without giving us any examples of people who  have been cured of disease by natural means. The emphasis really lay on the side of orthodox medicine.

The reason why our government is NOT RAISING the drinking age in New Zealand, when, with so many drinking-related car accidents amongst youth,  it obviously would be sensible to do so, was questioned:

“Is our government being held to ransom by liquor barons? we were asked in  the same programme:  Good question.  Great coverage here.

But regarding alternative therapies, and their being dismissed as ‘ridiculous’, I wonder who is being held to ransom on this issue?  Drug companies and the conditioning of doctors were not discussed in this programme.

The documentary  looked briefly at only  three therapies which were administered by ‘alternative’ practitioners.  These were  Reiki healing, Reflexology, and the cupping technique used in Chinese medicine.  It overlooked the fact that many health practitioners will use not just one of these techniques, but several techniques for treatment depending on what the ailment or the sickness is. Diet and detoxification are generally two high on the list.

Combined modalities such as homeopathy, acupuncture, and macrobiotic diets have many successes in treating disease, including cancer.

The Royal Homeopath: The Queen and all the Royal family have  their own  family homeopathic doctor, who has kept them all well for years.   How old was the Queen Mother when she died?  100? 101? She was a fan of homeopathic medicine. No doubt, there would have been occasions when allopathic medicine was used in the Royal household, but homeopathy is the preferred medicine of the Royals.

There are, in fact, six homeopathic hospitals within the National Health Service, and of these, at least one is in London.  This information is to be found in  Dr Andrew Stanway’s book entitled ‘Alternative Medicine’:

  • ‘The Faculty of Homeopathy in London is recognised in law just like all the other learned medical faculties”…….. yet Victoria University  doctor Shaun Holt says homeopathic medicine is not valid because he says there’s nothing to prove that it works.

Just how a doctor from a university such as Victoria Uni in Wellington can remain so ignorant about alternative treatments beats me:  There is  heap of literature on well-documented cases of people who have recovered from degenerative disease, like cancer, using alternative therapies.

Dr Ann Wigmore wrote a book on how she  healed herself of cancer by natural means.  She then proceeded to help thousands of people over the years, healing many of them, in her cancer clinics which she ran in several places – America, and Sydney, Australia.

There is the famous cancer therapy of Dr Max Gerson:  He also wrote extensively about his ‘alternative’ treatments, about 50 odd years ago.

Hocus Pocus was the signage, written in bold red type,  at the top right of the documentary when the alternative therapies were “on”. Is that impartial? Definitely not.  Dr Shaun Holt,  who works at Victoria University, Wellington,  which is hard to believe, considering his  prosaic turn of phrase and his profound ignorance on the subject of alternative therapies,  told us that alternative therapies were ‘a waste of time’, that they were ‘ridiculous’, and that they are ‘wishy washy’.

This Dr Shaun Holt appeared on a programme just two nights ago, on TV One’s “Sunday’ programme.  It is a bit of a worry that TV One drags this uninformed man up twice  in the same week, to damn the use of natural therapies.  Of course, he was against the use of Vitamin C in hopitals, on the ‘Sunday’ programme, and claimed that ‘there is no compelling evidence’ for the use of vitamin C in treating people with cancer.

Wrong, Dr Holt.  I suggest you talk to Dr Goodhope in Melbourne, Australia:  he is a vitamin C specialist who might enlighten you. Dr Goodhope said, on an earlier programme, that he considers it  ” is absolute neglect to refuse Vitamin C for an acute illness,  like swine flu, in the early stages.” I am sure that he would also consider Vitamin C to be  useful in the treatment of cancer.

Get hold of some books by Dr Max Gerson, Dr Ann Wigmore, Walter Last: there are hundreds to choose from, written by qualified people, which recount their successes using ‘alternative’ therapies such as diet and detoxification.

So Shaun Holt says alternative therapies are “just nonsense” and ‘ridiculous’. He dismissed the idea of ‘energy’ being utilized in Reiki healing and said there was no evidence that this type of energy exists.

Dr Holt does not seem to have heard about the ancient Chinese/Tibetan methods of healing – these are recognised by many doctors in the profession today as being totally valid:  the twelve main meridian lines can be equated with the modern nervous system of an individual. Yoga, acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu and other reflexology techniques are based on the science of these meridian lines, which most surely do have a foundation. So Dr Holt’s claim that there is no science behind reflexology is either an outright lie, or just plain ignorance.

People die of cancer and other disease every week, after having gone through the orthodox channels of treatment in the hospitals.   Sadly, Dr John Pollock, a very well-loved and respected man and physician, died this week from cancer. He was only 61 years old.  Orthodox medicine did not save him.

It was encouraging to hear Dr Sue Levin stating on an earlier programme  that Vitamin C  reduces pain, which was one good reason for its use in hospitals.  She said that intravenous Vitamin C has a strong role to play in treating cancer, but that it was not a ‘stand-alone’ treatment.  Combining ‘alternatives’ with orthodox treatment could prove to be interesting.

Of course there is a place for orthodox medicine, but let’s face it:  It does not work for everybody and for every condition.  People still die of cancer under treatment given by the hospital doctors.

To be fair, we should acknowledge that natural therapies do not always work either, but at least they should be given an equal chance as that of orthodox medicine, and not dismissed as ‘just nonsense’ by the likes of Shaun Holt, or as ‘Hocus Pocus’ by ‘Close-Up’.

Natural Ways to Regrow Hair in Children

How To  Regrow Hair in Children: Basically, the condition of the hair is an indicator for the health of the whole body.  In promoting hair regrowth, we have to work on improving the whole body vitality.

1) Regrow Hair Through Diet

If your child has thin hair, or hair which has fallen because of an illness, you really should check with your doctor or naturopath or other health professional as to the cause and possible remedies.

Meanwhile, you can begin a programme of diet which will include many of the foods which help hair growth.

Oatmeal Porridge:  Make porridge every morning.  Porridge is very high in silica and other minerals which are utilized for hair and bone growth, not to mention teeth. Eating oatmeal porridge regularly really helps your skin too.  You will notice the skin becomes smooth and silky when oatmeal porridge is eaten every day.

I like to use pure oat bran, which contains most of the natural goodies in the outer part of the grain.

Add Extra Nourishment: Make your oatmeal porridge up using enough water to make it smooth and not stodgy.  Cook it gently for five minutes or so, depending on what type of oats you are using.

Serve the porridge out – we will assume that we are serving one adult-sized plate here, which you can use part of, or all of, depending on the size and age of your child: Grate one whole apple over the adult sized plate of oatmeal porridge.  Of course, you will use a smaller quantity of everything for a yound child.

Eating raw apple with the porridge helps the digestion of the grain, and provides more roughage to the bowel as well as extra potassiumPotassium in apples,  and other nutrients, will  help with hair growth. Walter Last, a famous healer, was adamant that you eat some raw food with EVERY meal, as this provides enzymes and vitamin C, etc, to help digest the cooked food. The raw apple will aid digestion so that you gain the optimum nutrient value from the food – this will benefit hair growth.

Add one good tablespoon of sesame seeds onto the porridge.

Add one tablespoon of ground sunflower seeds. Grind these up in your blender.  You can make a couple of cupfuls up to last a week or so.

Almonds: If you have some almonds, you can grind three or four of  these up in your blender with the sunflower seeds.

Linseed, or flaxseed is also excellent for the hair.

Sesame seeds alone contain high amounts of calcium and magnesium:  one handful is supposed to contain about 1200mg of calcium and magnesium, which is about as much as you would get in a glass of unadulterated milk.  They contain protein, which is needed for hair growth. They also contain omega 3 fatty acids which help hair growth, brain function, eyesight, the nervous system, and help create a sense of well being.

Sunflower seeds are also high in fatty acids, protein,  vitamin E and other goodies.

Almonds, of course, are a rich source of protein, vitamin E, magnesium and other minerals.

These foods – sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, linseed/flaxseed, and almonds are high octane foods.  They are ideal supplements for the vegeraian diet, or in helping people recover health.

Don’t make the porridge too rich by using too much of these wonderful foods at once.  The amount you use will vary according to the body weight of the child and the state of his or her appetite.

Milk, or just a knob of butter, or some ghee, with a dollop of honey or dark brown sugar, makes this porridge just delectable.  You can use dairy or soy milk if you want, but the sesame, almonds and sunflowers can substitute milk protein if milk is not tolerated.

Green Vegetables. The high calcium greens are the best for hair growth: boccoli,  brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, are all excellent.  Carrots help hair growth as well, and some should be eaten every day for good general health.

If you have access to comfrey, then using a little of this mixed in with your silverbeet or spinach or cabbage will give extra nourishment to the nerves and hair follicles.  Comfrey is very high in silica, which is why it has been called ‘knitbone’ for centuries – it was used to help heal broken bones, which gives you something of an idea as to its healing qualities.

Organic free range meats and poultry and eggs should all be sought, for the sake of the animal as well as for the health of your child. The same applies to dairy milk, if that is what you use.  Organic and freerange – it is worth paying the little bit extra to get the quality and a  kinder product.

Oily Fish such as sardines, mackerel, salmon and tuna are all rich in omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients, including iodine, which aid the growth of healthy hair.

Egg yolk is high in nutrients which help general good health, including hair growth. Egg yolk contains lecithin which helps your liver and gall bladder to process fats so that your body can use them.  Egg yolks on their own are used in some cancer therapies, when meat is avoided.  Dr Gerson used raw egg yolk in his clinics.  Walter Last used raw egg yolk as a substitute for flesh protein in his treatments for cancer and other disease.

Banana Smoothies for Hair Health: You might try using an egg yolk in your blender to make those banana smoothies. These can be  enriched with a little sesame seeds or sunflower seeds.  You can make these smoothies up using your favourite milk, or, instead, add a few almonds instead of milk.  Fresh orange juice goes will with a dairy-free banana smoothie, although some people would dislike combining an acid fruit with a sweet one.

Pure orange juice is another food which is good for the health including hair regrowth.  It is high in riboflavin, iron, vitamin C and other nutrients.

2) Massage with Olive Oil or Castor Oil. Massaging the scalp regularly with either olive oil or castor oil really helps hair regrowth.  Leaving it on overnight is just the best thing.  But even leaving on for several hours before washing it out with soap and warm water will benefit the hair.

3) Iodine dabbed onto the scalp once or twice a week helps hair growth.  Note:  Use only a very small amount for young children.  One drop every two weeks should be enough for those under five years old.  Check with your naturopath or ayurvedic practitioner or other health professional.

4) Apple Cider Vinegar is just the best thing for helping the hair to grow.  It contains many nutrients which feed the hair follicles, and your nervous system, and the cider vinegar works to keep your scalp at a nice acidic level.  Soaps and shampoos are alkaline, and an alkaline scalp tends to make the hair fall out.

Put apple cider vinegar onto the scalp straight after you have towel dried your child’s  hair.  Massage it well into the damp hair and scalp.  Do not use your iodine treatment on the same day as you apply the cider vinegar.  Put the iodine onto the scalp 8 hours later, or on the following day after washing the hair.

Castor Oil Laxative

Castor Oil  is the best laxative, in my opinion. Castor Oil which is used as a Laxative has a beneficial effect on the health, because castor oil has the ability to draw harmful toxins out of the liver, the gall bladder and other organs and tissues.

Whilst the Castor Oil Laxative  is busy clearing the  bowel of toxins, it is also acting as a healing agent on those weaker parts of the body.  If you use the castor oil laxative regularly, in combination with a sensible and nutritious diet, minimise your stress and anxiety, and avoid exposure to chemicals, then I believe your immune system will benefit to help prevent your getting cancer and other disease.

Castor Oil when taken internally as a laxative treatment  can help the eyesight. Castor oil can also be applied nightly to the eyes to help conditions like cataract and macular degeneration:  just one drop of the oil is put into each eye before you go to sleep.

But here is the best way to use Castor Oil as a Laxative:

Breakfast First: Dr Max Gerson, who formulated a treatment for cancer using the castor oil laxative,  believed that the treatment worked best when a good breakfast was eaten daily..  This was a large plate of oatmeal porridge, eaten with one large raw grated apple.  No sugar or milk was added to this breakfast cereal:  sugar and milk weaken the cleansing effect of the porridge which is followed two hours later, roughly, with the castor oil laxative.  I add dates for extra sweetening, sesame seeds for calcium, and a knob of butter or a dash of ghee or olive oil to the porridge once it has been served.

At 10 AM you are ready to take the Castor Oil Laxative:

Take two tablespoons of Castor Oil, followed by a cup of black coffee which has been brewed.  Do not use instant coffee, as this has preservatives and other unhealthy things in it.  Real coffee grounds must be used either  by making percolated coffee, or  to make coffee which has been boiled on the stove.  Do not add milk or sugar to the coffee – it is purely for medicinal purposes.  If you have a bit of a coffee addiction, then  the Castor Oil Laxative, followed by a cup of pure black coffee will surely put you off drinking so much coffee.

It is best to take this in the morning, although castor oil can be taken with good effect in the evening.   Dr Gerson, who formulated a cancer treatment which used castor oil as an integral part of detoxifiction, recommended that castor oil be taken every second day at ten o’clock.

Enemas: Within five hours of taking the castor oil laxative, you must have an enema, or a colonic irrigation.  Dr Gerson recommended this, and Walter Last who healed many people in Whangarei, New Zealand, also swore by the use of the enema in detoxifying.  If you decide to skip the enema, you might feel very, very bad, as the castor oil attracts poisons from the liver which then have to travel through the bowel.  If you don’t hurry up the process of elimination and wash away all these poisons, you can suffer from auto-intoxication, which can be very unpleasant and even dangerous, if your body is harbouring a life time of chemicals.