Vitamin C Therapy for Infectious Diseases

Common Childhood Illnesses Can be Treated With Vitamin C

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Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, Hepatitis, even Poliomyelitis, can all be treated effectively with Vitamin C therapy.  Even serious cases of Swine Flu have been cured through megadoses of Vitamin C having being given.  Read the post on how a Swine Flu victim had been given up to die by an Auckland hospital, but how he recovered because his family insisted he be given Vitamin C

When you think about it, if life-threatening illnesses such as Swine Flu can be healed with Vitamin C, then just about any infectious disease can be, if enough of it is given.

Vitamin A is also a powerful healer in the case of infectious diseases.  Read about how UNICEF have been giving out Vitamin A to treat measles in Syria

And of course, Homeopathic remedies are another stand-by in the case of infectious diseases.  See the list below for more information on using Homeopathy and other alternative therapies.

Practitioners of Natural Health have been fans of Vitamin C therapy for a long time.  But – so have many doctors, including  the  New Zealand doctor Eva Hill,  the early doctors,  Dr Max Gerson and Dr Zenner, Dr Ann Wigmore,   Dr Brighthope, and Dr Thomas E. Levy.  The last two doctors are modern-day doctors.  Dr Levy wrote a fairly recent book, in 2002, on the aspects of Healing with Vitamin C.  This book is called “Curing The Incurable:  Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins”. It is published by LivOn Books, Henderson, NV 89052, USA.

The post previous to this one has more information on Dr Ian Brighthope, who is the President of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, and also the work of Dr Levy.   Dr Brighthope has proved Vitamin C useful in treating many infectious diseases, and has successfully treated Swine Flu with Vitamin C injections.  He has written many articles and books about healing with Vitamin C, and you can see some of his writings on line. Read

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Max Gerson’s Cancer Book Effects of Radiation on Health

Biological Effects of Atomic Radiation

A Cancer Therapy – Results of Fifty Cases, by Dr Max Gerson, M.D.

This book was first published in 1958. My edition is the 3rd edition, published in 1977, Copyright by Charlotte Gerson Straus, who is the daughter of Dr Max Gerson.

I have only recently unpacked this book. It has been boxed up with most of my books for several years, for the period of my stay and study in Wellington, at Victoria University, where I completed a B.A. in art history and music.

It is really good to have this book on hand again, so that I can quote from one of the masters of alternative cancer therapy.

This book is one everybody interested in avoiding cancer should read. It gives the details of how Dr Max Gerson healed many people of terminal cancer with his alternative methods. In reading his accounts, and his reasons for the treatments he gives, one gains insights into how cancer develops, as well as an understanding of what has to be done in order to prevent cancer.

Radiation Is A Peril To Man: We are all worried about the effects of the radiation coming from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. This will affect the environment world wide. People’s health will suffer as a consequence of this radioactive fall-out coming from Fukushima.

Chapter XIII of Max Gerson’s book is especially relevant to our topic. This chapter is entitled: Scientists Term Radiation A Peril To Future Of Man.

Radiation Has A Cumulative Effect: Dr Max Gerson tells us that American people were, at the time of writing this book, using up a third of their ‘safe’ dose of radiation with the X Rays that they were getting at their dentist’s and doctor’s surgeries. This was announced by the American Committee on Genetics, who, after discovering this fact, urged the medical profession to reduce the X Rays given, unless they were of absolute necessity. They also asked for medical records to be kept, so that radiation levels could be monitored. This is because RADIATION IS CUMULATIVE.

Every time you have an X Ray, you are adding to the radiation stored in your body……….:The effect of radiation is cumulative, it is said, no matter how long the period over which it is experienced”, says Max Gerson.

The American Committee on Genetics had six committees which “studied the radiation problem in the fields of genetics, pathology, meteorology, oceanography, fisheries-agriculture and food supplies, and disposal and dispersal of radio-active wastes……”……And this latter item, ‘the disposal and dispersal of radio-active wastes” is another matter of very grave and serious concern, with all the numerous nuclear power stations cropping up all over the world.

In Pathological Effects: The committee on pathology, chaired by Dr Shields Warren, “concluded in agreement with geneticists that RADIATION, NO MATTER HOW SMALL THE DOSE, SHORTENS LIFE IN SOME DEGREE”.

This information was published on June 13, 1956, in ‘The New York Times’. The author of the article was Anthony Leviero, and its subject is the survey of a report held in the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C., entitled “Biological Effects Of Atomic Radiation”.

In simple terms, the crucial finding was that RADIATION DAMAGE INEVITABLY RESULTS FROM EXPOSURE, NO MATTER HOW SMALL THE DOSE” – page 86 Gerson.

Max Gerson goes on to quote the report , saying that “Radiation causes mutation or harmful changes in the genes or germ cells of the reproductive organs. Damage manifests itself in shortening of the life span, reduces ability to produce children, and sometimes, but not often”, he says, “produces deformed or freakish children”.

The report states something else which is quite worrying: …Thus for the general population, and in the long run, a little radiation to a lot of people is as harmful as a lot of radiation to a few, since the total number of mutant genes can abe the same in the two cases”.

The report says that it will be difficult to identify radiation damage in future generations, meaning that it could be difficult to prove in some cases. However, genetic studies were made in the populations of Hiroshima and Nagasake, after these Japanese cities were destroyed by the American atomic bombs which were dropped there in World War II.

We now know that tremendous suffering was caused in these areas, not just by the bombs going off and killing people, and destroying these cities, but because of the slow deaths which many suffered afterward. Cancers of many types, especially bone cancers, lung cancers, and other mysterious degenerative diseases, infertility, and birth defects, have all resulted in Hiroshima and Nagasake.

Now the poor people near the nuclear power plant at Fukushima, and all people down wind of this plant, will suffer long term ill health, with shortened life expectancy, on top of the trauma they have already experienced as a result of these devastating earthquakes and tsunamis.

Dr Eva Hill’s Natural Cancer Therapy

Raw Food, A Natural Remedy For Cancer

‘Why Be Scared Of Cancer?’ This is the title of Dr Eva Hill’s famous healing book which was published in New Zealand in 1979 by G.K. Moore. Her other book is ‘A Simple Guide To Natural Health’.

Dr Eva Hill, who was born Eva Day,  is a famous New Zealand doctor who promoted a ‘natural’ cure for cancer.  She helped save many lives through her alternative cancer therapy, and was convicted because of it, ironically enough, at the court in Christchurch where her father worked as a magistrate.

The famous cricketer W.G. Grace, who was a doctor, was her uncle.

She was outstanding for her time, being one of the first women, and one of the youngest students, to graduate from the Otago University Medical School, in New Zealand.

Dr Hill worked as a GP for many years, and entered politics in 1954.  However, she developed cancer in an old wound in her cheek which changed the direction of her career.

Surgery on the cancer was not successful, and so she decided to follow a naturopathic treatment at the famous Hoxsey naturopathic clinic in Dallas, Texas. This treatment cured her cancer entirely

Dr Eva Hill came back to New Zealand in 1956 and began to treat people using the ‘natural’ cure for all ills. She was convinced that raw foods would work to cure all degenerative disease, and all cancers, including malignant melanoma.

Dr Eva Hill promoted organic food, and encouraged people to grow their own. She gave talks on the subject of growing organic food and how good nutrition was the key to cancer prevention and good health. She was a foundation member of the Soil and Health Foundation.

Dr Eva Hill campaigned against the fluoridation of water, as she believed that this practice contributed to diseases like cancer.

The well-publicized success of her own cure, as well as the successes she was having with her patients, brought her under the spot-light of the medical profession and the powerful multi-national drug companies, who did their best to stop her practising.  Dr Max Gerson was another one of the many doctors around this time who was punished by the medical profession for using unorthodox methods of treatment. He was forced to stop practicing medicine in America, and so he set up his cancer clinic in Mexico, where the American authorities had no sway.

She was charged under the Health Act, N.Z., and was virtually convicted in court because of not using drugs in her treatments.

Dr Hill appealed with the help of her supporters, and won her case.

She continued with her natural healing methods, curing and helping untold people during the course of her career.

As a general rule for maintaining good health, she advised avoiding all animal proteins, all cereals, white sugar and salt.  This is the  same advice given by Walter Last, a healer who worked in New Zealand a little later than Dr Eva Hill.  Walter also cured many people of so-called terminal illnesses using natural remedies.





Grape Diet For Cancer

Grapes As Part of Cancer Treatment:

My friend Bernhard Petersen, who left his physical body less than a month ago, is still working here on earth as a healer. He has just given me some advice for another friend who has cancer.  Bernhard himself used grapes for healing.  He grew an abundance of them which even came inside his house at Waiheke Island.

This friend has had his pancreas removed, only a few months ago. He has just had scans done, and has been told that he has cancer in other parts of his body. Well, with the medical profession about to give up, as there is not much more they can do to help my friend using orthodox treatment, it really is about time to get cracking on detoxifying and maximizing nutrition so that the body may stand a chance of recovering.

Having organs removed from the body is not considered the best thing in alternative therapies: There almost always is cancer in other parts of the body, and so removing one part of it is not going to cure the condition. Far better to aim at clearing the vital organs of cancer so that you have these organs for the benefit of your health when you recover. Nevertheless, there is much that can be done to detoxify the body and prevent the cancer from growing. Cancer CAN be reversed.

Using castor oil, as in the Gerson method for treating cancer, would be the quickest, most efficient way to get those poisons eliminated very quickly.

However, when the body is so toxic, as it always is with developed cancers, one needs to be careful when you are detoxifying without the ongoing help of a professional therapist. Ideally, one would go to a cancer clinic, such as an Ann Wigmore clinic, or a Max Gerson clinic, but this live-in therapy, where one would have expert attention almost 100% of the time, is very costly. So we have to prepare a method and a programme which is manageable and do-able at home.


Another message came through from another friend: H …..WILL RECOVER WITH.. CLEANSING. CASTOR OIL IS VERY IMPORTANT

The Grape Diet:

Note: You MUST find organic, unsprayed grapes. Look around for an unsprayed source in someone’s back garden. There will be a friend of a friend around somewhere who will be able to help you out. Alternatively, you could buy organic grapes from a health food store, but these will be costly, considering the amount you will need to eat.

So – Bernhard recommends doing a grape diet for ten days to begin with: Eat as many grapes as you like. Whenever hungry, eat grapes. Eating just grapes, without any other food, and without doing anything else at this stage, apart from using enemas daily. I would take an enema whenever I felt nauseous, or was experiencing any other kind of physical upset. I found, when treating a breast lump with a raw food diet, castor oil and enemas, that using an enema really helped to alleviate pain or nausea or dizzyness, as these symptoms were usually the result of toxins overloading the intestines as they were released from the liver. Using water enemas, with just a quarter of a teaspoon of sea salt each time, flushed away these poisons very quickly, which had the immediate effect of dissipating any feelings of sickness. Make sure you use natural sea salt, and just a pinch or two.  Do not use table salt, as this has additives in it which will get absorbed through the bowel walls.

More about this tomorrow:  Ten days initially on the grape diet.  Eat as many as you like.  Use enemas daily – does not have to be a coffee enema.  Just warm, purified water with a pinch of sea salt will do the trick. Then we can look at other procedures.

Cancer And Dr Eva Hill Holistic Treatment

Cancer/Alternative Approaches

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Treating Cancer Holistically

Dr Eva Hill, who practiced natural medicine in curing cancer in New Zealand, wrote a wonderful little book entitled “Why Be Scared Of Cancer? (1979, G.W. Moore Ltd, Auckland, N.Z.)

This title, “WHY BE SCARED OF CANCER’, says it all: It IS possible to cure yourself of cancer using alternative and natural methods, just as Dr Eva Hill, Dr Max Gerson, Dr Ann Wigmore, Walter Last, and many other doctors have affirmed.

If you have cancer, and you want to recover, it is important to understand that a lifestyle change is going to be in order. Cancer does not develop in people without a cause. Degenerative diseases such as cancer usually take many years to develop to the stage where they can be diagnosed.

Merrilyn’s new book is available on Amazon:

If you have cancer, or any other degenerative disease, it can sometimes be very difficult to find a practitioner who will help you to treat the disease by alternative methods. This is one of many posts I have put up on the possible alternative treatments for cancer, the aim being to disseminate as much information as possible, so that people might get some idea about the different therapies which have worked for some people. Of course, you must judge for yourself, with the help of a qualified health practitioner, what course of action you need to take.

First and foremost, a positive attitude is necessary in order to beat any disease. Destructive habits must all be ruled out with the decision made that you will do everything necessary to bring your body back to a state of health. This means time for meditation and reflection, and light exercise too.

Your whole lifestyle must be examined: It is very important to have enough relaxation time, yoga nidra practice, meditation time, to rejuvenate the body’s defence systems and to give you the time to reflect on the positive aspects of getting well, and the value of your life.

Doctors are generally not allowed to use natural methods for treating cancer: They often feel that they might be targeted by their piers, and the drug companies, if they try anything unorthodox. If they try anything that is not approved by the drug companies or the FDA and their equivalents, then they can get into deep trouble. Max Finkel says “Yet in the face of continued failure on the part of orthodox medicine in the area of cancer, great efforts are made to insure that no medical doctor or natural therapist is able to use any treatment which is not approved by the medical hierarchy.”

Drug companies who profit from selling their drugs are at the top of the pecking order, unfortunately.

Just look at the recent controversy over using Intravenous Vitamin C Treatment for Swine Flu: There are some wonderful medical specialists in the field, but these doctors are given a very low profile. Vitamin C is a PROVEN remedy for swine flu, yet our hospitals here in New Zealand will not endorse the use of simple Vitamin C therapy, which has CURED people of swine flu. Why such resistance? Because the drug companies do not want Vitamin C, a relatively cheap and uncomplicated remedy, to interfere with their monopoly on their costly medicines. Vitamin C therapy is known to inhibiit cancer and other degenerative disease as well, so it is a threat to drug companies. There will be no money in Vitamin C therapy – unless they manage to patent Vitamin C and claim it for their own, when it will become another costly treatment.

Naturopaths and other alternative healers are at the bottom of this pecking order: By law, they are not supposed to treat people with cancer, along with people suffering transmittable diseases and a few other conditions. They are meant to refer people to doctors if they have cancer. Naturopaths and other alternative healers will be damned for life with the possible threat of a law suit if they are treating a patient and the patient dies. This is simply not fair: Doctors treat people every day, every week, who die because of failed orthodox treatments. Which they have authorized. Yet they get off scott free, at least in New Zealand. People simply accept that you might die while undergoing orthodox treatment for cancer.

Even in America, doctors are protected to a greater extent, when their treatments fail, whereas natural practitioners have a history of being hounded by the FDA and the drug companies, even when they are obviously having a great deal of success. But God forbid if someone dies whilst under the care of a holistic healer. He will be blamed, for sure.

Dr Max Gerson, who treated people in America originally, was forced out of America by the FDA and drug companies. These authorities did not like his practice of healing people naturally, without the use of the expensive drugs and treatments which the drug companies produced for sale. Dr Max Gerson went, eventually, to Mexico, where he set up a clinic which successfully treated hundreds of people over the time he operated there. Of course, not everybody recovered, but many did. He maintained that the quality of life was improved for many of his patients, because they had not been subjected to damaging and debilitating radiation and chemotherapy: Even if they did not recover, they were spared the extra suffering often caused by these ‘therapies’.

Max Gerson’s book tells about 50 cases which he outlines for the benefit of the reader. The book by Maurice Finkel, published by Health Science Press, Bradford, Holsworthy, N. Devon, England, 1978, gives a precis of the Gerson therapy and therapies of other famous practitioners.

There are many different alternative approaches to curing cancer. Usually, a combination of different techniques will be used to combat the cancer. For instance, the Gerson therapy does not just use diet alone: It uses an intensive detoxification method which includes castor oil taken every second day, with enemas taken on a daily basis. This is so that the poisons in the body, all those things which have accumulated and brought about a cancerous condition, can be eliminated very quickly.

Generally speaking, people who have developed secondary growths do not have a good prognosis using orthodox treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Maurice Finkel says in his preface to his book “Fresh Hope In Cancer”:

“Once internal metastes become established, there is little traditional medicine can do to prevent death by cancer within a five year period. In America, fantastic sums of money are spent in cancer research and have been spent for many years not with no real hope evolving for cancer victims as a result of such expenditure. In America it costs a fabulous amount of money each year for cancer victims to die from this disease.”

So what can you do?…….First, understand that It is important to detoxify as QUICKLY as you can, – One has to try to beat the cancer, and stop it growing for a start. This is why DETOXIFICATION is so essential. One must hurry up the elimination of poisons from the body so that the cancer, which thrives on toxic material, gets stunted and starved.

This is why castor oil is used in many cancer therapies, why enemas are used on a daily basis to begin with, and why large amounts of raw food and juices are taken: These all have a cleansing effect on the body and help to eliminate poisons quickly. Two tablespoons of castor oil are taken every second day in the Gerson method for treating cancer and other degenerative disease.

A special cleansing diet must be adopted: The other important reason for eating huge amounts of raw food is that the body requires large amounts of nutrients and enzymes in order to overcome the cancer and stop it growing. A large salad should be eaten at every meal, plus the juices of fruits and vegetables. A glass of vegetable juice, freshly pressed, should be taken every hour through the day.


Diet And Detox For Cancer Programme for Anthony

Vitamin C and Cancer