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Candida Outbreak NZ May Relate Fukushima Nuclear Contamination

March 29th, 2012

Cancica Albicans can be caused by Chemicals, Radiation, and Electromagnetic forces. I have had several interesting letters of late to do with radiation from Fukushima and how it might be affecting health here in New Zealand.  You can read these letters in the COMMENTS under  my post entitled  'What foods can I eat to avoid radiation'.  Ange has submitted several letters worth reading, as they contain good information. Funnily enough, this week I have had a sudden attack of Candida, which manifests itself in my stomach.  Stomach aches and cramps and skin problems are the early signs of Candida for me.  I ...

Celery and Tuna Detox Diet

January 28th, 2011

Detoxification using Celery I have first hand experience with asbestos, heavy metal, and formaldehyde poisoning. This diet worked for myself when I was so seriously ill with asbestos and heavy metal poisoning that I almost died. I don't know anyone else at all who has done this diet:  I don''t think it would be advisable for cancer. Chemical poisoning had occurred in my body so suddenly, that there was not time for cancer to develop.  The situation was a matter of life and death: There was not time to muck about with specialists, and so I had to quickly devise some diet which would ...

Regrow Your Tooth Enamel

November 13th, 2010

The Key Points Of The Diet To Regrow Teeth: I have just had a comment from Becca who is attempting to improve her teeth with diet.  Here is a summary for Becca and for anyone else interested in working on diet to help the condition of the teeth. It takes a while to regrow tooth enamel, so you have to be prepared to follow the programme for at least 6 months.  My child's tooth enamel repaired itself after 9 months on such a programme. My friend who came for advice about her diseased gums recovered completely after only 3 months on the diet.  ...

Help Irritable Bowels

November 12th, 2010

How To  Help Irritable Bowel Syndrome A Gluten Free Diet: Avoid all wheat such as bread and pasta, and all foods which contain gluten. Avoid barley and rye also, as these contain gluten. Avoiding gluten means avoiding many commercially prepared products such as baked beans and cornflakes, unless the product specifically tells you that it is gluten free. Wheat is used to thicken baked beans, and corn flakes are often flavoured with malt which contains gluten. Omit dairy foods from the diet as well, except for butter, unless you have a reason for avoiding butter. Instead of using dairy products, use coconut milk ...

Iodine Heart Palpitations

November 6th, 2010

Iodine Can Cause Heart Palpitations: Iodine is very necessary for good health and for the function of the thyroid gland. Too much iodine, though, can result in heart palpitations if you use it too often or too much at a time. Heart palpitations are often a sign that you have too much of a chemical in your body, unless you are unfortunate enough to have some serious illness. Sensitive people often get heart palpitations when they get within close proximity to any strong chemical.  Even being near a quantity of homeopathic preparations, or herbal infusions, can give some people heart palpitations.  Some ...
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