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If you have celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity, or suspect that you might, then it could be very worth your while going to visit a reputable homeopath.

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Homeopathy has helped many people who have digestive problems, including wheat sensitivity and gluten sensitivity.

Vaccinations have, and still do, cause allergic reactions in some people, with on-going sensitivity to certain foods as the result.  Vaccinations are problematic for many people.  They are thought to be responsible, in part, for the problem of obesity in the young, for arthritis and cancer conditions in some people, and alzheimer’s in the elderly and the not-so-young.

These are very good reasons to explore the alternatives to vaccination, such as homeopathic and herbal remedies.  For example – Homeopathic Thuja is one very good medicine which can help reduce or negate the bad effects of vaccinations.  This might be one remedy to try if you are suffering allergies, and gluten sensitivity.  Best to consult with your homeopath about this.

While homeopathic self diagnosis is ok for common complaints such as colds and flu, where you can safely administer your own medicine in most cases, you  do really need to see a professional homeopath for complex conditions such as gluten sensitivity,  as it is important to have just the right remedy if you wish to effect a cure.

I would like to point interested readers to a fairly new book on homeopathic medicine entitled “The New Materia Medica’.  This is by Dr Colin Griffith, MCH, RSHom., published by Watkins Publishing, London, 2007. Dr  Colin Griffith studied at the College of Homeopathy and is a founding member of the Guild of Homeopaths.  He has lectured in America, Canada, Japan and Greece and lectures on a regular basis at the Centre for Homeopathic Education, Regent’s College, London.

His books ‘Companion to Homeopathy’ and ‘The Practical handbook of Homeopathy’ are highly regarded in the profession.

In ‘The New Materia Medica’, “The Future of Homeopathy”,  Colin discusses many new remedies for many different health complaints and temperaments.  There is a small section which mentions several remedies which might be useful in treating gluten sensitivity. Of course, not everybody with gluten sensitivity can be ‘cured’ or even helped with homeopathy, but some people have made a full recovery with professional homeopathic help.

Dr Griffith has done much research into the new remedy ‘Okoubaka‘.  In his book, he compares Okoubaka  to other known remedies and gives some combinations which he has found successful.

I include these suggested remedies in this post with the idea that they might be of interest to practitioners, if they are not already aware of their potential in helping gluten sensitive people. Page 414 gives the following information:

Lycopodium:  This can be useful when allergy symptoms are manifested in the intestines, liver, nasal passages and the lungs.  Depression resulting from gluten toxicity can also benefit from Lycopodium.

Kali-bich:  Dr Griffith says that this remedy rivals Okaubaka in that it has ‘yellowness and stickiness of its discharges’, except that the symptoms of wheat and gluten aaggravation is not so severe, and the patient is not so ‘ungrounded and agitated’ as is the Okoubaka patient.

Med-am:  This remedy can support the progress of Okoubaka when the patient has succumbed to the ‘sycotic miasm’.  Med-am covers a similar range of mental and emotional symptoms, but it is not usually associated with toxicity from chemical poisoning or gluten reaction.

Pulsatilla:  This is more for patients with no thirst and for warmer blooded individuals than Okoubaka. Okoubaka and Pulsatilla people tend to lack motivation, but Pulsatilla is characterized by meekness.

Thuja:  This can have discharges and also have poor motivation.  Insecurity and putting on a brave act go with this remedy.

Sulphur:  Okoubaka could be used after Sulphur when indicated.

16 thoughts on “Homeopathics for Gluten Sensitivity”

  1. Hi Marilyn,
    Just curious about how to advertise here and to make contact. I was delighted to see Colin Griffith referenced above. He and I were classmates in London in the 1980s.

    Susanna Shelton
    Principal Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy
    Director of Operations NZ for Endeavour College of Natural Health and
    Co-President New Zealand Council of Homeopaths

  2. Hi Susanna,
    You know Colin Griffith…..That’s pretty exciting. Great books of his. I sent info on the advertising separately – hope you got this.
    Regards, and thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi Afzal – Thankyou for your question. The best thing is really to avoid any foods which have gluten in them: Check out my gluten free foods page. Sometimes people do outgrow gluten sensitivity simply by avoiding all foods which contain gluten, and by strengthening the immunity. You could try one of the homeopathic remedies – I will consult with my friend Bernhard to see if there is one which he recommends. I will reply in a couple of days. Kind regards, Merrilyn

  4. Hi

    My son who is 14 months old now had been diagnosed with allergies with wheat, milk, soy, egg, corn and peanuts.

    He had the worst eczema when he was 6 months old which got controlled with homeopathy medicines prescribed by doctor in India. Now we are in US and are in no touch with him.

    Would appreciate if you could suggest any.


  5. Hello Ram – Thankyou for your question regarding homeopathic treatment for your son and his gluten sensitivity. You should really see a professional homeopath – one who has successfully treated other people you know. Many naturopathy students learn homeopathy as part of their course, but it really takes quite a bit of experience before someone becomes really skiled in the art of homeopathy. If you give me some more details about your son, I can give you a short list of recommendations which might be useful. But you do need to see a professional for the best results. Alternatively, try to seek out an Ayurvedic practitioner. Ayurvedic medicine is thousands of years old. Many Ayurvedic practitioners are also skilled in homeopathic treatment. I am sure you could find an Ayurvedic practitioner in your area.
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  6. Dear Merrilyn
    My Wife is 27 years old. She has recently been diagnosed with Gluten allergy. For the past 10 days or so, she has consumed only gluten free food. After every meal, she complains of stomach aches. Her mood swings are terrible these days and she is either sad or irritated. I understand this is a result of this allergy and try to motivate her & be strong. But as her Doctor is maintaing that there is no cure for this, she is losing all hope of getting cured ever. Please help me to know if there is a way to get her cured through homeopathy. I shall be truly obliged.



  7. Dear Rohit,
    I would recommend going to see an Ayurvedic practitioner, or a professional homeopath, or a naturopath. There could be another, more serious, reason for your wife’s stomach aches, and so she must be examined by a professional health expert.
    Ayurvedic pracititioners often use homeopathy, and may be able to help you also with sorting out an appropriate diet.
    It might be simply that the intestines are clogged, and so a herbal remedy, or a homeopathic remedy, could be given. But an assessment should be done by an experienced practitioner.
    You could ask about some remedies given for constipation: Nux vomica might help her condition, as might Sulphur, or Bryonia. But she still needs to see a professional to get the correct remedy for her condition, and a therapeutic dietary programme.
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  8. Hi Merrilyn

    My 4 year old son had been diagnosed with allergies with wheat, milk, soy, egg, corn and peanuts.

    He gets badly congested if he eats any gluten food and starts wheezing. Could you please recommend any good Dr. In Bay Area? Or otherwise if you could prescribe anything which cures his allergies.

    Thanks so much in advance!

    Best regards

  9. My daughter is glutin sensitive. she was tested in 2011 on the complaints of lose stools with mucusa & blood as follow:-

    ttg 1Gg :- 21.8 ( > 17 positive)
    serum anti gladian1gA11.7 ( 18 positive
    serum anti gladian1Gg21.6( 24 positive

    since then she had been taking gf diet. lateron she was also unable to tolerate milk even milk like “ensure”. By the passage of time she also complained about pain in her legs, headache and abdominal pain. But now she is able to take milk, but not very regularly.

    Now in 2014 again tested as under :-

    ttg 1GA 1.66 ( 18 positive)
    ttg 1Gg 13.30 ( 18 positive)

    She is getting homeopathy medicine here in Pakistan, some of the homeopathy medicine in packed condition she has used upto now are as follows, besides some of the medicines which were in lose condition and droped in powder & tablets are not known to me. However, her legs pain, headache and abdominal pain have decreased with the homeopathy medicine since last two months.

    Vermitigo drops (20+20+20) a day for 15 days.
    Angiotico drops (20+20+20) a day for 15 days.
    Scrofloso drops (20+20+20) a day for 15 days

    Treatment is continuing.

    Just want to ask,
    1. is it glutin sensitivity which was diagnosed in 2011?
    2. What about the treatment going on for my daughter here in Pakistan, is it on correct lines?
    3. Are there any chances to outgrow it.

  10. Hi merrilyin

    my daughter is glutin sensitive. She was diagnosed in 2011 with the following values with the complaints of loose stools mucusa+blood.

    ttg 1Gg. 21.8 (> 17 positive)
    Serum antigladian 1gA 11.7 (>18 positive)
    Serum antigladian 1Gg 21.6 (> 24 positive)

    With the passage of time she developed complaints of leg pain, headache and abdominal pain. She ws unable to take milk even gf milk “Ensure”. She has been taking gf diet since 2011, her hight and weight is ok, she is of 11 years age.

    In 2014 she was tested as under :-

    ttg 1gA 1.66 (18 positive)
    ttg 1Gg 13.30 (> 18 positive)

    She has been taking homeopathy treatment here in Pakistan. Following medicines have been prescribed by the doctor here. However, some of the medicines which were mix in the tablets or the the icing sugar are not known to me. Her legs pain, headache and abdominal pain complaints are getting settled. However, still she has two stools daily, Medicines used and known to me are as under :-

    Vermitigo drops (20+20+20) for 15 days
    Angiotico drops (20+20+20) for 15 days
    Scrofoloso drops (20+20+20) for 15 days.

    Her treatment is continue. We haven’t started glutin contained diet yet.

    Your recommendations and valuable comments are required

  11. Thankyou for your letter. Good to know some of the homeopathic remedies which are being used by professional homeopaths. I am sure people will be interested in these. My knowledge of homeopathy is very basic indeed, although I know enough to have treated my children and my own ailments successfully for many years.
    I believe that gluten sensitivity could be cured in many people, although the main problem these days is that commercial wheat for flour has been genetically modified.
    Today’s variety contains more gluten than old varieties, and then, gluten is often added to commercial breads to make them rise more readily.
    Our systems are not designed to process such large quantities of gluten. So, even though you could improve the health of a person with homeopathy, so that they can take gluten without bad side effect, they might very well have the problem recur if they continue to eat commercial bread every day.

  12. Halo
    I am Jyoti Yadav from India my daughter has gluten allergy from last 6 years but according to dr it will be permanent but I am seeing many articles and dr of homeopathy that they can treat this problem well. I want to ask if world’s best dr are saying there is no treatment so should I believe in homeopathy ?
    Is there any solution in homeopathy for this pr

  13. Hello, Jyoti,
    Thankyou for your comment. No guarantee that the gluten problem will be solved at all by homeopathy. However, the vitality and general health can often be improved, which can help overall sensitivity, but some people will always be gluten sensitive.
    It is important to remember that commercial flours and breads usually have extra gluten added, and a lot of yeast, and this, I think, is the major reason why so many people have become allergic to wheat bread. The yeast factor is another reason why many people cannot digest wheat bread – too much bread, too much yeast and gluten in the diet, and not enough greens and proteins. Yeast and gluten combined are a deadly mix for the digestion.
    Other major factors in the gluten/ wheat allergy epidemic are toxic agricultural sprays, and the devitalized nature of commercial wheat, which is often genetically engineered to withstand herbicides such as glyphosate in RoundUp. Deficient soils which have only superphosphate applied is another factor in people’s declining health.
    Along with homeopathic treatment, once you see some improvement in general health, you could try making your own wholemeal bread at home, with organic flour, and baking powder instead of yeast, and using pea flour or besan flour in the bread, which gives the bread more protein value. Then, it is important not to overdo the bread eating if you are wheat sensitive. Just one or two slices a day of homemade bread without yeast or added gluten. Best to eat a salad or something raw with it.
    I find that I can happily digest this homemade, yeast free bread, if I do not have too much.
    Ask your doctor before you try the homemade bread, and ask for advice on homeopathy too.
    Thanks again.

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