Pesticides Cause Cancer

Causes Of Cancer
Most pesticides are carcenogenic, which means that they cause cancer.   These chemicals damage the environment and other animals as well as ourselves.   They are damaging to plant life and the health of the ocean.

Look for an alternative to using these harmful chemicals.Unless your product is a natural organic one such as Weleda put out, then chances are that it will contain very  harmful carcenogenic chemicals.

Most pesticides are fat soluble, which means that they can be stored easily in fatty tissues in the body, such as the breasts.  Many pesticides are known to be carcenogenic.  They are also known to interfere with the balance of  hormones and their production.
The plain old fly spray which people spray around the house is damaging to the health.  These sprays  contain poisons which are generally cumulative.  This means that they will build up in your liver and fatty tissues. As they build up in your body, the danger of getting cancer becomes more likely.
Get Rid Of Toxic Household Products: No pesticides  should be used at any time.  There are homeopathic and organic products which will help deter insects.  It is really far better to put up with the insects than risk your health and that of your family by using chemical poisons.
Chemical Scarves Used On Field Workers:  I was alarmed to see on BBC news several weeks ago- late October, 2010 if you want to search BBC news for it –  that a new  chemical, and a new method for deterring mosquitoes has been discovered.  This new method is being trialled in– was it Sri Lanka or Africa –, where the poor field workers are the subjects of the experiment.  Scarves have been soaked in a chemical which will kill mosquitoes and help to repel them.  These scarves are being worn by these poor field workers, who are happy that they will be spared the diseases which are carried by mosquitoes. Unfortunately,  this experiment will most surely result in these poor people succumbing to disease such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and other degenerative disease.

WHO is Sponsoring These Pesticide Scarves: It is an outrage that WHO – World Health Organization – is sponsoring the use of these chemical scarves.  Some chemical company somewhere, who is  ALREADY AWARE  about the toxic side effects of wearing such a toxic scarf,, will be benefitting financially from the sale of these chemical scarves to  WHO.
Harmful chemicals  which can cause cancer and other disease are also found in air fresheners, oven cleaners, and many cosmetics.  Even baby products, such as talcum powder, has added chemicals which can potentially cause cancer.
Read:  Darbre ‘Concentrations of parabens in humen breast tumours.  Journal of Applied Toxicology, 2004;  Vol 24 (1): pp. 5-13

Why Dogs Get Cancer

Natural Remedies:

Some Clues On Cancer In Pets

It is not an uncommon thing these days for animals to get cancer.  Our household pets often succumb to cancer.

Even animals in the wild are suffering this disease.  Soon after I first published the gist of this article on my website,  Channel 3 TVNZ featured a nature programme which showed a koala being treated for cancer in Queensland, Australia. The vets on the programme said that they often treated koalas for cancer.This was around 25th September, 2010.

Agricultural chemicals and industial pollution surely must be the reason that koalas living in the bush of  Queensland, are getting cancer. Glyphosphates found in the common weedkiller RoundUp have been linked to cancer. This herbicide is used widely in New Zealand, and probably Australia too. The World Health Organization has announced that glyphosphates ‘probably cause cancer’. Gobal warming and the erosion of the ozone layer might be a factor too.

There is almost always a catalyst, a toxic chemical which can be identified as the cause of cancer.  If it isn’t toxic chemicals in the air and on the land, it could very well be some poisonous product we are using or putting on our bodies.  Jacqui Davison, who famously recovered from terminal cancer and regrew her hair and teeth in the process, had her cancer analysed. Results showed that her cancer had developed from her toe nail.  She had kept her nails permanently painted with nail polish, which is loaded with formaldehyde, one known cause of cancer.

Well, nail polish won’t be the reason for cancer in those koalas, or our household pets, but there are some obvious ways in which dogs and cats can get poisoned. Here are the main ones:

  • Herbicide such as RoundUp, a glyphosphate, sprayed onto grass verges where dogs and cats may walk.
  • Chemicals in food, such as agricultural herbicides, growth hormones, and antibiotics in animal feed which is  given to chickens, sheep and cows.   Preservatives, artificial flavourings and flavour enhancers in dog and cat food  are also bad.
  • A diet high in processed food which is deficient in important life-giving minerals and vitamins.
  • Toxic flea killers and de-wormers.  The poisonous flea collar is one of the worst culprits.  The  poor animal has to continually absorb the chemicals from such, all the day and night long.

Most insecticides which are used to deflea cats and dogs are incredibly toxic. Harmful chemicals should never be used anywhere in our environment, but toxic flea collars and potions have an added hazard. You have to remember that every time you pat your pet you get some of the poison from its coat or flea collar on your hands.  These flea killers are made to be absorbed readily through the dog’s skin, and they are just as readily absorbed through your own skin too.

A seemingly harmless thing such as a flea killer will have ongoing negative effects on you and your pet which cannot really be measured.  The harmful effects of a simple little flea killer are big.  Cancer and arthritis, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, are some of the serious degenerative  diseases which can be caused from chemicals found in many poisonous flea killers.

It might take several years for sickness to develop in your dog, or yourself, because of a poisonous insecticide which you use regularly on your pet.  But it is inevitable that your pet will eventually suffer with the use of harmful pesticides on his or her skin.

Toxic Pesticides Can Cause Depression: Pesticide use also affects the emotional and physical states  of your pet.   Your pet is affected immediately upon  coming into contact with flea poisons.  Flea  usuallymake an animal feel sick for a start. Have you noticed your dog getting depressed, losing the appetite, looking sad and moping around,  or getting hyperactive after applying flea killing chemiclals to its coat, or giving it a pill for the eradication of fleas?

You see the same effect on cats, who often get jittery after having flea killers put on them. You often see dogs and cats in a frenzy, trying to rub this stuff off on the grass immediately after they have been dosed.

The two main long term effects of using toxic chemicals on your pets, or giving them poisons internally, are arthritis and cancer.  Types of muscular dystrophy are also not uncommon in dogs and cats. Depression, hyperactivity and diseases of the nervous system can also develop when toxic chemicals are used regularly on your pets.

The answer is ‘no’ to  poisonous chemicals. We must stop using harmful chemicals on our pets, or anywhere in our environment.  There are organic products which will do the job of getting rid of fleas.  There are home-made remedies which we can make to kill fleas or to deter them.  These remedies may not be quite as effective as the harmful commercial poisons, but it is far better to have the odd flea about than risk getting cancer or arthritis yourself, or have your dog or cat suffer these diseases.

Poisoning From Unknown Herbicides: The legal spraying of poisonous herbicides such as glyphosphate around the place is a serious problem.  While people are still allowed to use toxic chemicals wherever they choose, we have no control over our exposure or the exposure of our pets to these toxic chemicals.

But dogs and cats are especially at risk, because they absorb the chemicals which are sprayed on the grass straight into their little paws. They have DIRECT contact with these harmful chemicals which are sprayed about the place. Herbicide use around parks and grass verges in the city pose a real threat to all dogs and cats living in the area.  On farms, dogs are at risk when paddocks are sprayed with chemicals, as are the animals who will eventually get to eat the grass. All toxic herbicides and insecticides should be banned.  Only natural organic, or herbal, or homeopathic herbicides and pesticides should be allowed, especially where food is produced, or in the cities where people, and dogs and cats roam.  That means there is  no suitable  and safe place for the use of any toxic chemicals.

Chlordine Causes Cancer

Chlordine and other Toxic Pesticides Cause Cancer

I urge you to see the movie ‘Erin Brockovich’, which is a true story of a conspiracy by manufacturers of a chlordine poison, and the devastating effects which its use had on people’s health, affecting families and communities.  Erin Brockovich fought and won the case against the makers of the poison, and got reparation to help some of the families involved.

The important message of this post is to promote awareness of the many  dangerous and harmful  new poisons which are being manufactured all the time for general use. Just remember that anything which kills insects, hedgehogs, or weeds, will also have the potential to harm you and your pets and environment.

Old, harmful poisons are often marketed with a fresh new name, to dupe the user into believing, for a while, that the new poison is better, and safer.  One such example is ‘RoundUp’, which WHO have declared is a probable cause of cancer:  The new name for glyphosate weedkiller is now, in October, 2017, is G360.  But G360 has the same health-destroying poison in it as ‘RoundUp’, which is  glyphosate.

We can’t say for sure exactly how any poison is going to affect a human life, or an animal’s, however,  anything which is classified as a poison has the potential to kill life, and will affect all insects, animals, fish, and people, to some extent.

All man-made toxic pesticides and herbicides should be banned. Of course, chemical companies who manufacture these poisons will say that they are safe, that is, until it is proven otherwise for a fact.  But why wait for the proof?

I know women of New Zealand who have suffered miscarriages within a short time after having houses fumigated professionally by insect exterminators. One family got back the exterminators to do another round of spraying because the first application of poison had not quite killed off all the insects: and this is when the first miscarriage occurred.

My uncle in Australia suffered a paralysis which doctors could not diagnose, and from which he never recovered.  He, too, had requested that the house be fumigated for the second time because he had spotted an insect or two still alive after the first spraying event.

This mysterious paralysis struck him down, literally, whilst the spray man was physically  ‘treating’ the house for the second time. My uncle spent weeks recovering in hospital, while doctors tried to diagnose the illness he had. Nobody questioned the possiblity that he had had the house fumigated with the most potent of insecticedes, one which was guaranteed to last for three years.  This happened well after the time of chlordine being banned, but this poison, whatever it was, was obviously just as bad in its harmful effects on the physical body.

My aunt had a serious decline in mental health at the same time, and was diagnosed later with alzheimer’s. Her sudden mental decline occurred at the same time as my uncle’s parylisis, with the spraying event.  She has never recovered.

I had visited the family on an earlier occasion,  about three weeks after insecticide had been professionally sprayed about the house. It was so toxic that I had to sleep out on the lawn on a camp bed during the whole time of my visit.  Fortunately this was Queensland in the summer time, so there was no rain.

So, while I have no ‘research’ to confirm  facts about the type of spray used in  my uncle’s poisoning, my aunt’s alzheimer’s, and the miscarriages of my friends, my own experience and my observations cause me to pronouce the  judgement that  it was definitely the pesticide  that did it.

The case with Chlordine, DDT, and 245T is a different story:  it is now proven that these chemicals are extremely harmful to health. The consequences were such that, eventually, these seriously dangerous chemicals were banned.  I wonder how many people have  had to suffer serious disease, or death, as a consequence of chlordine, or DDT, or 245T use over the years before  they were  finally banned?

Chlordine is not used any more as a pesticide.  It was banned in April 1988 in America.  However:

Chemical Exposure to Chlordine is still occurring in many households in New Zealand, in America, and in other countries where chlordine ‘bombs’ were once used to rid houses of unwanted insects such as ants and cockroaches.

This is because chlordine still remains in the woodwork, in the drapes, and in the furnishings.

Dr Toni Jeffreys has much to say about Chlordine contamination which has resulted in people getting cancer well after the event of Chlordine being banned. She cites a case where a young family bought a villa and used chlordane  as a pesticide to kill all the insects hiding in the woodwork.

This family grew most of their food organically, but they were breathing in the fumes from the pesticide daily.  This was thought to be the cause of the husband’s death ten or so years after the initial use of the pesticide.  He suffered kidney cancer, which developed into a widely disseminated cancer.

Dr Toni Jeffrey’s  book is The Cancer Conspiracy, which was published in 2000 by Crows Nest Books, P.O. Box 607 Warkworth New Zealand 1241.