Chlordine Causes Cancer

Chlordine and other Toxic Pesticides Cause Cancer

I urge you to see the movie ‘Erin Brockovich’, which is a true story of a conspiracy by manufacturers of a chlordine poison, and the devastating effects which its use had on people’s health, affecting families and communities.  Erin Brockovich fought and won the case against the makers of the poison, and got reparation to help some of the families involved.

The important message of this post is to promote awareness of the many  dangerous and harmful  new poisons which are being manufactured all the time for general use. Just remember that anything which kills insects, hedgehogs, or weeds, will also have the potential to harm you and your pets and environment.

Old, harmful poisons are often marketed with a fresh new name, to dupe the user into believing, for a while, that the new poison is better, and safer.  One such example is ‘RoundUp’, which WHO have declared is a probable cause of cancer:  The new name for glyphosate weedkiller is now, in October, 2017, is G360.  But G360 has the same health-destroying poison in it as ‘RoundUp’, which is  glyphosate.

We can’t say for sure exactly how any poison is going to affect a human life, or an animal’s, however,  anything which is classified as a poison has the potential to kill life, and will affect all insects, animals, fish, and people, to some extent.

All man-made toxic pesticides and herbicides should be banned. Of course, chemical companies who manufacture these poisons will say that they are safe, that is, until it is proven otherwise for a fact.  But why wait for the proof?

I know women of New Zealand who have suffered miscarriages within a short time after having houses fumigated professionally by insect exterminators. One family got back the exterminators to do another round of spraying because the first application of poison had not quite killed off all the insects: and this is when the first miscarriage occurred.

My uncle in Australia suffered a paralysis which doctors could not diagnose, and from which he never recovered.  He, too, had requested that the house be fumigated for the second time because he had spotted an insect or two still alive after the first spraying event.

This mysterious paralysis struck him down, literally, whilst the spray man was physically  ‘treating’ the house for the second time. My uncle spent weeks recovering in hospital, while doctors tried to diagnose the illness he had. Nobody questioned the possiblity that he had had the house fumigated with the most potent of insecticedes, one which was guaranteed to last for three years.  This happened well after the time of chlordine being banned, but this poison, whatever it was, was obviously just as bad in its harmful effects on the physical body.

My aunt had a serious decline in mental health at the same time, and was diagnosed later with alzheimer’s. Her sudden mental decline occurred at the same time as my uncle’s parylisis, with the spraying event.  She has never recovered.

I had visited the family on an earlier occasion,  about three weeks after insecticide had been professionally sprayed about the house. It was so toxic that I had to sleep out on the lawn on a camp bed during the whole time of my visit.  Fortunately this was Queensland in the summer time, so there was no rain.

So, while I have no ‘research’ to confirm  facts about the type of spray used in  my uncle’s poisoning, my aunt’s alzheimer’s, and the miscarriages of my friends, my own experience and my observations cause me to pronouce the  judgement that  it was definitely the pesticide  that did it.

The case with Chlordine, DDT, and 245T is a different story:  it is now proven that these chemicals are extremely harmful to health. The consequences were such that, eventually, these seriously dangerous chemicals were banned.  I wonder how many people have  had to suffer serious disease, or death, as a consequence of chlordine, or DDT, or 245T use over the years before  they were  finally banned?

Chlordine is not used any more as a pesticide.  It was banned in April 1988 in America.  However:

Chemical Exposure to Chlordine is still occurring in many households in New Zealand, in America, and in other countries where chlordine ‘bombs’ were once used to rid houses of unwanted insects such as ants and cockroaches.

This is because chlordine still remains in the woodwork, in the drapes, and in the furnishings.

Dr Toni Jeffreys has much to say about Chlordine contamination which has resulted in people getting cancer well after the event of Chlordine being banned. She cites a case where a young family bought a villa and used chlordane  as a pesticide to kill all the insects hiding in the woodwork.

This family grew most of their food organically, but they were breathing in the fumes from the pesticide daily.  This was thought to be the cause of the husband’s death ten or so years after the initial use of the pesticide.  He suffered kidney cancer, which developed into a widely disseminated cancer.

Dr Toni Jeffrey’s  book is The Cancer Conspiracy, which was published in 2000 by Crows Nest Books, P.O. Box 607 Warkworth New Zealand 1241.